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So many great fantasy and romance webnovels here!
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1) Massive Exclusive Comics and Novels
Discover our library of exclusive novels such as The Supreme Magus, Young Master Damien’s Pet, Nanomance Reborn, and tremendous translated novels like Library of heaven’s path, Lord of the Mysteries, Full Marks Hidden Marriage, as well as numerous adapted comics.

Read scenes from your favorite Webnovels, such as The King’s Avatar, Release that witch, and Battle Frenzy. Come to life as you jump into a wonderous world full-filed with comic and novel.

2)Quick Daily Updates
Join our millions of readers, looking forward to the Webnovel daily-updated chapters. The Webnovel brings you an unequal and immersive comic-reading and novel-reading atmosphere.

3) Active community That Loves To Read
Webnovel attracts over a million readers and authors who dedicate all passions of reading and writing. No matter you like reading translated Webnovel or the original one, a romance novel, or Fantasy novel, with sharing common interests of reading, readers and authors come together, regardless of genre. Download Webnovel now. Start your reading or writing journey and be part of a fun-loving and active community.

4) Share Your Story and Gather Your Fans
Join with thousands of aspiring authors. Start you journey, telling your stories on the Webnovel. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Join our bi-weekly writing prompt contest and publish your novel with our matchmaking system to millions of readers who share a similar interest in your genre. Find your voice and share you message with the world.

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1. Interactive system optimization


52 comentarios en "Webnovel MODDED 2022"

  1. Great selection of books with great content. I would love to see a universal setting for auto unlocking chapters. Like if I have a fast pass specific to that book fine. But I want to be able to set it so that any new book I read asks to use coins to unlock new chapters. Spending a week’s worth of coins in 30 minutes of reading while thinking you are still in the free chapters is extremely frustrating.

  2. App looks and feels great, plenty of stories and comics to look at as well. Unfortunately once you find a story that must be read, the purchased coins fly out the window before you know it. Can get extremely expensive fast. To catch up with an 800 chapter book is nearly 200 dollars, can only buy one fast pass a day with 2k points so aside from spending more you can only wait a couple days to build up FP. As cool as webnovel is, it also feels pretty money hungry

  3. Fixed an issue with the app 2 weeks after being notified. Decent app, a bit expensive, but worthwhile for some stories, although it is becoming painfully obvious that they’ve upped the use of machine translations and have not had editors go through the translations before posting. But, it is easier to read a machine translation than something in a language I don’t speak.

  4. Olea Gibb dice:

    I love the app. Lots of good book options. Customer service is TERRIBLE. I have had the app for more than 4 years now. Occasionally,I will read and unlock a book then go back to reread it and it will be relocked even though I know I have unlocked it. When asking customer service, they demand proof of the coin expenditures which you can’t access if it has been long. They then end the chat because you can’t provide it. I have spent > 10,000$ on the app I love it but also feel like they don’t care.

  5. Cara T dice:

    Love the stories. Lots of options. Easy to navigate. But I wish it had features like bookmarking a passage or highlighting or the ability to attach a note to a story (not publicly, but just part of your library). Cause I read a lot of stories at the same time and sometimes I need to leave myself notes. Or I want to reread my favorite part.

  6. choco ! dice:

    Overall, it’s fine. Coins are expensive and free passes aren’t worth a lot, but unlocking in bulk is an option I love, which it has. My main issue is the downloading feature, which doesn’t really… work? You download a novel once, reopen the app only a couple hours later and it isn’t downloaded anymore. There also isn’t a specific page for downloaded works, so you need to wait a pretty long time for the app to launch, then to log in, then for your library to load if you have low connection.

  7. I like the stories, I am a bit annoyed, however, that after a certain point you have to use passes to advance on reading many stories. It helps that there are ways to get passes, it would be nice if they were all across the board. I am not interested in all types of genre and feel it is wasteful to get a pass for something I will not read by reading the stories I like. It started charging 3 passes for my comics that were only one pass a few days ago.

  8. I love the authors & books, but the cost is outrageous. Most books cost a minimum of $30 each to finish on top of my $10 monthly membership, fast passes, and daily coins. Also, with each update the amount of free things you get has been worth less, driving the cost even higher. I have a hard time believing the authors are getting paid their fair share. I will be uninstalling after I finish my current books. Also, some authors don’t finish books and then that is just money and time lost.

  9. Although this app can get expensive, I used the free version for a few months before I purchased a subscription. As for what others have said about the “cost” of some of the chapters being 3 free passes, they are FREE, the authors need reimbursement/ compensation for their work. I completely understand, if I go 3 or 4 days without using them I can have between 8 and 17 of them depending on what promotions are running. Great app and looking forward to more improvements in the future.

  10. Ann Fogg dice:

    At first this was a good app. Even though I had to pay but then I realized the writing is redundant (one paragraph repeats the same thought just rewords it), the english translation lacks essential linguistic nuisances and the novels are unnecessarily long. I put up with it until I realized there are not that many completed novels on this platform and I get tired of having to “fix” the translation as I’m reading. It’s not enjoyable and too much work. I’m going back to hard cover books.

  11. Great comics! Lots of freezing & glitches though. A lot of the comics have a lot of half white pages where the artwork/storyline doesn’t pop up for some reason. There are missing fast passes & missing coins not showing up. The other issue is that I’m never notified if a comic is no longer available even w/being in middle of reading it. Update: Much improved since updated….only wish that there were more ways to earn coins/passes towards reading! Still kinda expensive…

  12. It may be a decent platform for casual readers looking for translated works, but the systems are a boat with small holes. After using it for a year, I’ve determined: (S=system) The GUI is not optimal. The book voting S is divided. The reccomend algorithm is so bad that you will never find hidden gems. The holiday events are money grabs 50% of the time. The notification S is bad. Lastly, the author tools are simple. WN is sending useful updates, but they’re still adding planks to a leaking boat.

  13. I really love the app, lots of good stories to read. only problem I’ve encountered recently is with the subscription, Google show I still have an active subscription for the app but the app doesn’t show it or allow me to use it. Not a fan of the check in to get your subscription coins, time zone is weird in the app and sometimes you can loss out on them.

  14. Some of the stories are good but after so many chapters you have to pay to continue reading or gain passes by doing tasks. My frustration is because half of the passes that I earn are for books or genre that I’m not interested in at all so I either have to pay a lot of money to continue reading or I can only read one chapter a day, even though I have 11 passes in my inventory. Also some books become ridiculously expensive very quickly and it’s no longer worth it to finish the story.

  15. I am leaving an updated review with the changes that have been going on. I have been using this app for a long time and they are basically making it not free friendly. Charging 3 fast passes per chapter with some stories when you only get a few site wise for free and a few specific for free everyday. This basically limits the amount of books you can enjoy by a huge amount. I ended up having to drop 3 comics with the pass change. I occasionally spend coins but it isn’t really a fair trade off.

  16. Normally love the app usually have minor issues like the chapters not syncing properly but that’s an easy fix. Noticed more and more the app kept logging me out when it’s been just a couple days, but now I can’t even access my account since I initially set it up with Facebook… that makes things difficult especially when having a membership and not even be able to use the app currently….

  17. It does use a coin/max free chapter per day limit. I don’t like how you can’t choose the genre of a genre fast pass, but I get it. They also tend to have minor (in meaning), but glaring typos/grammatical errors in the platform (not referring to the stories). I also really wish they had an audio reader for their books (not necessarily audiobooks, just a text to speech option).

  18. I use this app for two things, writing my webnovels, and reading other people’s works. I don’t care for the fast passes, the coins or whatnot with all their complications, no what I care about is the ability to write and publish my own webnovels. It works when I use my phone, not great but it works. However this app has ZERO support for tablets in landscape, it just appears in portrait mode in the middle. The writing experience is so bad I have to use docs and paste it into the text editor. WHY?

  19. The app functions proberly, sort of. You are bombarded my popups(not ads) with every action you do which gets annoying. You can’t change the time zone it run in, so daily checkings are all wrong and very hard to keep. When reading you have a clock in the bottom corner, which would be great if it want 24hr time and unchangeable. The story’s are good but the app needs to work on the basics

  20. Great app, the only downside is that it wants you to unlock the next chapters with coins or fast passes too much, you read like 40 chapters and can’t read the story past that without them. It’s understandable but still they should give you more opportunities to read for free. Other than that it is an amazing app.

  21. R A dice:

    The amount of ads when I am just trying to read something is horrendous. I’m already a member, I just want a clean reading experience! Every time I hit the back button a new ad pops up to entice me to read something else. If I am looking for something I’ll search for it. Worst interface out of comikey, bookwalker manga up, manga plus.

  22. So far what I’ve seen was amazing, I was able to scroll without interruptions besides when getting on the app. I Downloaded this because I can offline read and read without any ads but one problem is that the download feature is sooo confusing. You really have no idea what is downloaded or not especially once I downloaded something it doesn’t confirm nor work at times. When I try to offline read I get an error! -$100 of coins, So I can Binge! PlZ ADD A DOWNLOADED TAB!

  23. I’ve been using the app for years. on multiple phones. Its the only app I have that ever caused or is causing me problems. I do use it a lot and held off on ever complaining about it freezing or shutting down every few chapters. Lots of stories and data so i get it. It was a love hate relationship that balanced itself out. However, im unable to access my profile through Facebook anymore, just being logged off is fine but restarting a new profile? Not worth it.

  24. Every once in a while it asks you to log in again with either FB or another program. Anytime it does that, guaranteed, all my current books I’m reading are gone and replaced with previous books I’ve read, all my coin balance standing is gone, and my level had been dropped. That is annoying. Customer service can’t restore the money either.

  25. Love it. I found something to say. The missions on the website now only give points, it was the only way for me to get all site wide fast passes because it was changed to genre which doesn’t make sense, people have a book they like to read and when you limit it to genre it stops them from reading more, it’s not fun. Also I now can’t read more on the website rather than the app so I’m losing hope for where this app us headed.

  26. Some of the most addicting and immersive books I’ve ever found written by any author. And the interactive updates that keep you in the loop as a book is progressing through the storyline or a character is development allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of the entire story. Which is way more motivating in keeping your interest because you’re not stuck waiting several months or years for the release of a trilogy or the next series of a story. you get to explore as fast as it’s created.

  27. They changed the voice back so I will change my review from a 2 Star to a 3 Star. Still need some work with it closing the app when on other tabs and it keeps stopping the audio every 2 chapter so I have to click on the app and skip a chapter then click the back button to finish listening to the audio book I wish it can play even when you’re off the app.

  28. Aca Luisi dice:

    Its been great but recently I’ve noticed that the fast passes are no longer worth what they used to be with chapters need multiple instead of just one and I feel like it’s not really worth the time anymore unless you spend money. It made me disappointed that I could no longer read some of my favorite novels that I’ve supported through both fastpasses and stones. Since if the passes needed to be more then so would the stones and I feel like it would just keep scaling.

  29. Novels themselves are great as they are written by independent writers. The problem is the app/platform. Launching the app you have to go through two screens of advertising, one pop-up for daily check-in, & pop-up ads when exiting/switching Novels. It’s fine at first but gets annoying fast. Not to mention the price points, expect to shell out major cash for a handful of Novels.

  30. I like alot of the stories. The writers I have experienced are great with the exception of one. Coins bundles cost a little bit too much and the fact you can’t use some of your fast passes on the book you want to read is garbage. They changed it so that you have to use it on a specific book or genre. Which i guess is to force you to either pay more the the book you want to read… and get you to start another one that you will likely end up paying for later if you want to continue reading.

  31. Kaiser01 dice:

    It was pretty good as was said by other reviews but the fast pass changes are going to do a lot of damage if they keep it up they are going to fail. The free part of the app is pretty unbearable, now needing 3 fast passes to see a single chapter, is getting to the point of if you don’t buy coins you can’t enjoy the story, the app is going down hill and they usually don’t stop, sad that it’s days are starting to show an end.

  32. The lack of basic formatting options (bold, italic, underline) is aggravating, even if it can be worked around to an extent. But now they’ve restricted the ability to read using browsers? It’s not an issue on mobile since we have the app installed anyway, but as an author who prefers being able to switch back and forth between my browser and MS Word while typing new chapters, whoever thought hindering readers from reading stories via browser should be demoted or even fired.

  33. The stories are amazing and the collection is vary wide. Art is amazing too. But the cost of reading on single book or comic all the way through is $100 or more. The pricing is ridiculous. Instead of buying chapters of story’s there should just be an up front cost so you actually know the cost of the book. I’m basically getting blue balled reading the first chapters and then I can’t afford to purchase the rest of it

  34. I really like the stories & comics on this app. Yes, some books are similar, but it’s nice to get different variations of the same storyline. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the confusing “rewards”. The fast passes make sense, but it was hard to figure out how to redeem the coins. Plus the coins are only for frames. For the amount of money people spend, we should be able to redeem the coins for tokens or daily fast passes.

  35. The app used to be pretty good. Good stories, lots of options. But, every update makes it less and less worth your time. The fast passes are used to read for free. Without them, you have to pay. But, they’ve decreased the number of passes you get each day and now they’ve decreased the value of a pass. Each one used to unlock one chapter, but they’re now only worth 10 coins. So, it can take multiple days to gather enough passes for one chapter. It’s just not worth bothering.

  36. N M dice:

    This app does not support landscape mode for reading novels which is a big dealbreaker. It also features a lot of intrusive and annoying pop-up elements or pages which makes navigating frustrating. For example, when exiting from a novel, it’ll sometimes pop up a screen showing other recommended novels which is extremely annoying. When searching, the actual search field will sometimes be obscured by a blue text element that navigates away from the search page.

  37. The app was good and the stories are amazing. Emphasis on “Was”. Earlier today they decided to increase the number of passes needed to unlock the next chapter on many books and comics. The passes are hard to come by and usually you get 3-4 a day, so you know, not that easy to get but you could read 3-4 chapters a day. Well not they changed the number of passes needed to unlock a chapter from 1 pass to 3 passes for a single chapter. So stupid. Not worth downloading anymore.

  38. Great content even with the annoying grammar errors. However I do have issues signing into my account or lose my saved books. I understand the need to pay authors for their work, but saying that, I still feel like this app would be better with more fast passes, cheaper chapters, or longer chapters. The fast passes are great but you don’t get a lot of content and it takes months to read one book if you just use the passes. And now I’m noticing it costs 2 & 3 passes to read a chapter? Seriously?!

  39. The books are good, but the people that run the app are always changing things to make more money. Increasing chapter costs, decreasing the value of fast passes, etc. They also don’t really care about the writers very much from what I’ve seen. Probably won’t be buying any coins until they fix the fast passes. I will be the weekly, monthly, seasonally, and half year subscriptions until then as well

  40. Great stories but if you ever need to switch devices, you better not be reading a long kne. Their synchronization option doesn’t work. I was almost 2000 chapters into a story when I got a new phone. When I tried to synchronize I was able to read a single chapter before it reset back to the beginning of the story.

  41. The actual novels are fantastic and the interface is pretty easy. But, it is way to expensive. I am happy to spend money to support these authors but, when I am spending more money unlocking 1/4 of the books chapters then I would if the books were sold at an actual store…there is an issue. At the very least there should be a system in place where you can earn coins-maybe through watching ads or trading points for coins.

  42. My past review still stands. However, now, I have to completely uninstall before I can even finish a book because it keeps saying that there’s an error and won’t load. I love the books, but the issues are too much. I’m not able to update my library, I’m not able to get the coins or anything, and it will not load anything new. I even updated to the latest version. So, unfortunately, his is where my journey with the books on here ends. Update and fix the issues, and I may return.

  43. I don’t like how the fast passes work. I have earned 19 total, but can only use 7 right now on the story I installed the app for, so it feels like the rest are wasted. Some passes are sitewide, but others can ONLY be used for comics or specific genres. It feels like it’ll take forever to finish the story I’m reading.

  44. M MON dice:

    Access to unique content. This App is mostly functional with some noticeable search limitations. Seems requires review of rules and policies membership and billing c . Chapter consistency and other technicalities . But mostly a nice app ∆∆∆ Been on awhile now. Most things operate well. Especially the various methods, programs and processes to collect money. Just being a paying member is still not enough. Not to mention earned benefits can also fall off and be lost. It’s just weird.

  45. Unable to cancel downloads once started, inconvenient location for the download button to repeatly appear and be clicked. Poor user interface, low to no incentives, which are decreasing. If you touch the screen wrong after unlocking a new episode it will jump you back a chapter or if your unlucky all the way to the beginning. When brought to developer i was only told scroll slower. After 500 days with no improvements, I am deleting this app.

  46. Pretty good, all things considered. The collection of works on this site is huge, yet, the algorithm for recommending favorite topics is REALLY good at sorting out bad stories from better ones. So far, I have seen some mediocre recommendations, some GREAT ones… but I have yet to actually see “Webnobel” show be anything that I would call outright BAD. In that way it it better than many other places. Certainly better than WatPad. It’s a small file too. Like 38.00 megabytes. I’d ive it a try.

  47. S D dice:

    Overpriced. BulleTalk or whatever its called is immersion breaking. Constant popups to look at this or that when exploring the app or backing out of a book. Total lack of value. Great library of content though. ~15 coins per chapter which is about 30 cents. Chapters are generally short (approx 2-3 pages book length text). Avg LN outside of app is 15-20c per page for the physical or digital book. It literally costs very nearly if not double to use this app. Again, lack of value for the cost.

  48. K W dice:

    This has to be the greatest place to read webnovels I have came across. Tons of unique stories to read and many varieties too. The ultimate downside is the multiple ticket variations to buy off exclusive chapters of any novel for free. I wanna continue reading Reborn but I can’t get the friggin ticket to buy off that specific genre, why does they’re have to be multiple ticket varieties!? That disappoints me and because of that, I haven’t been using this app much. Lay off the ticket varieties!!

  49. Jason L dice:

    The app is a confusing mess that makes it difficult to find things, while constantly shoving things in your face. The attempt at gamifying the experience is… not good. Also, the prices for unlocking chapters is irrationally high. However, I don’t know if that is just the case for the novels at which I was looking.

  50. Pretty well designed. Has some issues with daily check in and remembering where you were. There is a lot to navigate here and it can take a bit to figure out. However! I really appreciate this app! It allows you a taste of a wide variety of web novels while actually seeming to give credit to the authors. Mind you, I wish it was free, but it does give you the ability to earn freely unlocking chapters. It’s definitely different than webnovel the website. Still, worth the stars!

  51. I’m getting really annoyed with a few aspects of the app. I love the stories I read, but fast passes are becoming ridiculous. The passes all used to be good for any story, and now half of them are only good for certain genres. On top of that, now each chapter requires multiple passes. What’s really doing it in for me right now is that I can’t get logged back in to my account. It logged itself out, and I can’t get back in, which will reset my daily count which is almost at a year.

  52. Loved the quality content, not as much trash as other sites. BUT to finish the one story I started, it makes you read other stories that I didn’t look for. OR after you top up once, and you run out of coins for 1 book, *offers* you a deal of 40% off to buy the rest of it ($150USD) with no option to break it into smaller chunks. AND I’ve already paid what I would in a major chain store for an in-print complete version. Some have hard-to-follow major translation issues. Canceled, uninstalling.

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