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The Opendoor app has everything you need to buy and sell your home.
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With Opendoor, you can enjoy home buying on your terms. Everything you need to buy and sell your home is right here in the Opendoor app.

Use the app to find, tour, and buy homes for sale across the U.S. — even get an offer on your current home. With an expert buying team on your side 7 days a week, and a simpler, more streamlined process, you’ll save time, hassle, and thousands in fees compared with the traditional process.

Find and tour homes
• Book private, self-guided in-person tours on your schedule.
• Take a tour over live video. Or step inside the home and virtually walk through it from anywhere, anytime in 360-degrees.
• Chat with an Opendoor Expert to ask questions about the home and get helpful info like property reports.
• Personalize your search with filters like price, property type, size, HOA, and more.
• Get notified of new homes as soon as they’re available.
• See valuable insights like neighborhood trends, school district ratings, what similar homes sold for, and more.

Buy a home
• Use our cash to back your offer on your next home, so you don’t miss out on the one you want.
• Start an offer in a few taps right from the app and save 1% when you close. Work with Opendoor Home Loans and save even more.
• Get automatically connected with a buying team that includes a top local agent to help you with your offer and guide you every step of the way through the buying process.

Sell a home
• Sell your home quickly with a competitive, all-cash offer and skip the stressful showings and exhausting prep work. Pick your own close date and avoid 2 mortgages and having to move twice.
• Or choose to list your home with an expert team. Upgrade or make repairs with a $10,000 interest-free advance.
• Use our cash to back your offer on your next home — even move into it before your current home sells.

• Get automatically connected with an Opendoor partner agent to help you make an offer, negotiate to help you win the home, and guide you throughout the entire buying process.
• Enjoy help every step of the way over chat, phone, or email 7 days a week from your dedicated buying team.
• See property reports, on-demand

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We regularly update the app to make your buyer experience even easier.

Here is what you will find in our latest update:
- Bug fixes

We’d love your feedback. Reach out anytime to [email protected].


40 comentarios en "Opendoor – Buy and Sell Homes 2022"

  1. Poor experience. Went to see a home listed by opendoor, they insisted there was a “keypad” to enter a code. No keypad. We stood outside for 30 minutes before tech support could help us (had to call them twice). They insisted there was a keypad, but nothing to be found. No wonder the listing has been sitting for so long! +2 stars because they were very friendly and understanding just incredibly slow and difficult.

  2. 李肖蓉 dice:

    The app is so broken, a lot of issues, a lot of places need optimization. For example, many times after i select one day for my tour, it suddenly jump to a different date. And the feed, it takes forever to load, and if i view something else then go back to the feed again, then i need to reload the feed, which is pretty annoying. Plz hire some solid engineers and QAs to do the work!

  3. I have used this app to view a few homes…ultimately, I have to say that it takes an incredibly long time to load and I have looked at homes on my laptop, left my home, made it to the neighborhood the homes are located in only to find that the inventory was not being reflected in the app. I have looked at the filters to make sure this was not the reason for the absence of properties. It is a very neat and innovative concept, but I am not to pleased with the overall user experience.

  4. Its not too bad. Marks house around you that you can go to and open with a touch of a button. When you are done you just close the front door and you are done. Easy to use and quick to unlock houses. The bad side is that it will only show houses in your area,(cities the app supports) i wish it was worldwide. There were some houses i found with an opendoor sign but it wasn’t on the app, wish they were faster to add/remove them or at least show that its sold on the map till they remove the sign.

  5. Json parse error keeps happening. Driving me nuts. I cant figure out a rhyme or reason to it. Additionally, scooting the slider to a different spot in one home’s profile makes the value you chose stick on the next house’s profile (as opposed to the default value i would assume would show for that next home.) As far as the rest of the app goes, cool and functional – lots of thorough info. Easy to navigate.

  6. I give it 3 star until y’all revamp the app. It worked perfect listing all the open door homes . Then when you added the other homes for sale it gets confusing. I can no longer click on just the open door tab to see only those homes and it doesn’t list them anymore. You have to been the neighborhood which is not good for people who may have never been to certain neighborhoods.

  7. The all day, open house idea really appeals to my needs and my free time regarding time off which has been late evenings after work. I have only had one house that didnt not unlock out of about 10 houses. I have been prompted to call-in once or twice for security purposes to get the code but that is no big deal as I am not up to “no good.” I’ve actually just taken the opportunity afforded to me to take my time & see as many houses as necessary in order to make a sound purchase. My complaint is the app having sooooo many glitches. It never works smoothly, freezes more often than not and just doesn’t respond most of the time! It’s such a good concept and that’s the only thing that keeps me coming back and trying again.

  8. I was recommended by a friend to try this app in order to self-tour some houses and get to know the area before buying. So downloaded the app, checked my local areas, saved a bunch I could self-tour with my husband, and headed out for a drive. But guess what, the app completely failed. As I attempted to check for my favorites, it told me I wasn’t logged in… So I tried to log in and it errored. Even when I did login, the app could not load anything. What a complete failure app.

  9. Looked at 4 houses in an hour, had no issues with access or the app being slow. Only thing I don’t like is not having the option to navigate directly to an address from the app. I live in a large metro area, my guess is that most people having issues with the app don’t.

  10. The app has been great up until lately. It just freezes on the map, and 2 minutes later it’ll jump to a screen with my saved homes, and then just close. This is very irritating when you’re in the middle of driving to the location!!!

  11. tried signing in but every time it tried sending a code. it always have me an error message. I’ve heard these types of apps are terrible to but through due to the fact that you never just hear from a singular person and go around in circles trying to get everything done that needs to be fixed to make the house move in ready. Interesting concept but a realtor just can’t be beat IMHO

  12. The app isn’t great, and on top of it the company is terrible to try to deal with. We attempted to purchase a house on opendoor. They priced the house incredibly high for the area and would not negotiate at all, even though the house had been on the market for 2 months in the Austin area. During the inspection we found several issues with the house (explaining why it hadn’t sold) and again they refused to negotiate. Overall the experience was terrible, and that includes the app.

  13. I live in Missouri, two houses up for me is a house for sale. I download this app and it gives me no shortage of problems just trying to get the app open. There is no draw feature and it will not let me look for anything in the state of missouri. I have six other apps and this is by far the worst one.

  14. I got scammed with this app it happened to me in Ontario California. Be careful and I’m not saying everyone is going to have the same experience. Those online agents kinda go into your very personal information. At least I learned a lot from this mistake.

  15. it’s a beautiful home. looks like it checks most of the needs for us. just curious if it ever flooded.

  16. This app was cool at first. But now when I wanna view a home it gives me a number to call and I have to give them all my info just to be told I Have to meet with an agent to view a home. Such a lie to what they say u can do. Self viewing. It’s not all by myself false advertising to be here be honest.

  17. I used to like this app a lot actually. It allowed me to tour homes on my own without bugging my realtor or having to wait for him to come out to me. Now they’ve apparently changed their policy and made it so that you HAVE to have your realtor with you to tour homes. I will not be using this app again and I will be telling everyone who asks me not to bother with them because quite frankly this is such a dumb and highly inconvenient policy.

  18. This app sucks. It won’t let me sign in, it takes forever to load. I have tried contacting support and no response.

  19. I have now tried to visit multiple properties through opendoor. Now they are saying they do not let you self tour properties even though the app says it’s a self tour. They want you with a real estate agent. If they can’t update a simple app makes you wonder if there are other things wrong.

  20. This isn’t about the app, but the company. They outsource their customer service to other countries which I don’t care but they are very uninformed. Kept telling me nonsense about why I can’t get into homes. First they said the home was being renovated, then they said it was under contract. I will not be dealing with open door anymore.

  21. OPENDOOR is STEALING my time. We received multiple pieces of SPAM snail mail from Opendoor and it requires work for me deal with the mail..they are stealing my time, theft is an underlying consequence of SPAM. A petty review for petty unsolicited mail.

  22. T L2 dice:

    Broken app. Decent idea and all, but every time I try to enter my perfectly valid email, it says invalid email, thus rendering the app unusable.

  23. C Bridge dice:

    Started getting a “Something went wrong” every time I try to tour a house.

  24. If you care about your neighbors DO NOT SELL TO THEM! My neighbor recently sold to them for convenience and I can’t blame them for that but then the contractors started coming in very early mornings making as much noise as humanly possible. I’ve addressed this but either they didn’t understand or don’t care. Not only that but they don’t just get all of the remodeling done in one go, they’re here for 3 days, gone for 3 days, then back again. Extremely inconsistent. DON’T USE THEM!

  25. App is useless. Had to call in to phone & rep said they needed to veify some info (again). Wasting my time. Deleting the app; didn’t view the property.

  26. It let me tour a couple of times b4 they just stopped letting me do private tours all together 😡😤🙄 It would literally say in the app if the home is available for self tour and let me set up when and i want to self tour the home but as soon as i hit submit it tells me they need more info b4 i can tour the home to call this number just for them to tell me i need an agent to tour the home like seriously DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME

  27. Why is there not an option to filter out homes that are accessible via the app? This is Opendoor, correct? Also went to one house that said it was Opendoor accessible via the app but was not.

  28. Thought this was a good app to use as I need to relocate to Michigan. Big surprise, they cover major metro areas, and that list is very short, with no Michigan. Figured since they were running TV commercials they would be bigger. Go figure…..

  29. Michael dice:

    This whole program is a scam. The tentative offer was $497,000. The final offer was $360,000. Home is valued at $515,000. Don’t waste your time

  30. Never can schedule home with app. They want you to schedule wt their agent. I gave to always call to schedule appointments for my clients.

  31. Self tour houses have lockboxes and you have to have an agent to get in anyways. Whats the point.

  32. App used to work every time – not any more. Since last update, app won’t take me past the screens soliciting me to work with an OpenDoor agent. I am a Realtor. Incredibly frustrating that they took an app that worked every time and messed it up to the point that NOBODY can get in to their homes now. Great business strategy. App deleted.

  33. The app in itself is your standard realtor app. Must admit, the Opendoor feature is very nice, however, not many properties in our area can take advantage of it. Also a fan of discarding properties. Finding difficulties in placing an offer as you must do so via the app which is very limited and does not allow for adjustments like seller consessions, etc. Also, was unable to add the cobuyer’s info as the app would not accept any email address in the required 2nd email field.

  34. The opendoor app used to display home information when you unlock, but now you need to jump through hoops to find out about the home. The bigger issue, however, is that the app now forces location data to always be available through underhanded means. I only gave you location data while using the app for a reason. If you have security reasons for needing it otherwise, make that clear, rather than forcing me to force close the app when it’s been over an hour since I left the last home.

  35. It would not let me sign up/in I put my email in my name my password 3 times it kept taking me back to the first page. I believe it was because I was trying to get a different town. It only has a few towns to look in. I was very disappointed. I fell the commercial it is very misleading unless you are in one of those towns.

  36. The app forces you to accept that you want to sell your house in order to continue to the other steps. It simply does not give you any other options to chose to go further.

  37. kimi g dice:

    Used to have no problem with this app, then today, we tried to look at a house we were interested in, and the app kept hanging up on my id. Couldn’t verify my driver license after several tries. It’s a valid TX license, not expired. Kept telling me to call, but I can’t hear well on the phone. So because the app wouldn’t let me look at the house, too bad. Not going to try again because who needs this frustration.

  38. door would not unlock on app, I had to call customer service, but it was quick and they unlocked it, good experience

  39. Some properties sold by Opendoor not shown, although in realtor listings for weeks. Not very helpful as this was reason to install app – to see the properties; also pushes notifications advertising to sell a house to them (I don’t own so why are you bothering me randomly about it… really, should get some basic info first to cater your annoying popups). Seems like they have a good strategy, but poor execution – attention to detail critical!!!

  40. Cam dice:

    This is a totally broken app that will waste your time. I was not able to access wither house I had appointments for, after trying the unlock process multiple times. Calling support was completely unhelpful. They also ask you 150 questions before they let you tour anything, and the app froze a few times when going through that process so I had to close it and restart.

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