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Guided meditation, cycling, yoga, running, strength, HIIT & stretching workouts
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Transform your fitness routine at home or on-the-go with thousands of live and on-demand classes taught by one of our 30+ world-class instructors who encourage you along the way.

Discover all the workouts you need to fulfill your personal fitness goals, including strength training, indoor and outdoor running, cycling, yoga, HIIT, meditation, stretching and more via your Android phone, tablet, or TV. Get our App on compatible Android TVs or cast workouts to your TV via Chromecast to easily follow along to every class from the biggest screen in your home. With new content and killer music to inspire you, Peloton can turn any space or any equipment into your own private fitness studio with our guided workouts.


1. New to Peloton? Download the app and get started with a 30-day free trial. Afterward, subscribe to our App Membership for at $12.99/mo (exclusive of taxes), which will auto-renew monthly until you cancel.

2. Already a Peloton Member? Access to the Peloton App is free with your membership. Just log in to your account on the app for access.
From HIIT to stretching, stream classes, work toward your own fitness goals and get access to game-changing studio-quality workouts.


A DIVERSE RANGE OF LIVE AND ON-DEMAND FITNESS CLASSES: Stream classes from Peloton’s NYC and London studios, including our most popular classes:
Strength Training & Toning
Treadmill Running
Outdoor Running (audio)
Indoor Cycling
Treadmill and Indoor Bike Bootcamps
Cardio Workout

WORLD-CLASS INSTRUCTORS: Get motivation from our instructor team, bringing unique teaching styles and killer playlists to every class to motivate you to get the most from your workout.

LIVE AND ON-DEMAND CLASSES: Join our live classes for a studio fitness experience wherever you are. Or, explore our library of thousands of instructor-led workouts to get moving whenever you’re ready to sweat.

VARIETY TO STAY INSPIRED: Get the mix of cardio and strength you need to hit your fitness goals, at any skill level. Pick the best fitness classes for you by filtering for length, time and your favorite music.

TREADMILL & OUTDOOR RUNNING: Go farther than you would on your own by running with guided outdoor running classes led by our expert instructors to help you build speed and endurance.

MUSIC THAT MOVES YOU: Move to the music with our library of thousands of songs, classes dedicated to your favorite artists and curated playlists for every class. Filter classes to your favorite genre so you never have to queue songs for your workouts again.

YOUR FITNESS PROFILE: Track your active days and workouts in your profile to stay on top of your progress.

HEART RATE MONITOR SUPPORT: Connect your Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor to view your live metrics whenever you are in class.

ON MOBILE AND TV: Work out with our App on compatible Android TVs or cast using Chromecast. Take your strength and yoga classes to the biggest screen in your home for an immersive workout experience.

WEAR OS: Use the Peloton app for Wear OS to get more detailed metrics from your workouts and get you closer to your goals.

Download Peloton to run, cycle or stretch, and get the thrill of a live workout class in the comfort of your own home.

By completing your purchase, you certify that you are at least 18 years old and that you understand and agree to the Terms of Service ( and Privacy Policy ( By subscribing to our App Membership at $12.99/mo (exclusive of taxes), you will be automatically charged monthly until you cancel. Auto-renewal may be turned off in your Account Setting in Play store after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during an active subscription period. A user that cancels during a subscription month will not be charged for the following month.


This release includes under-the-hood improvements to make the Peloton App faster, more reliable, and power future features.


40 comentarios en "Peloton – Fitness & Workouts MOD"

  1. I’ve had a lot of issues with connecting the app to my Samsung watch 5 for heart rate monitoring. Sometimes it’s dead on. Sometimes it’s off by almost 30 beats a minute. Sometimes it won’t connect at all. Dropping connection to my watch mid workout is exhausting. It requires ending the working, resetting the app, resetting the workout and I’m tired of it. Please fix this.

  2. For content this app is a 5 for me, but recent updates have dropped it to a 2. I’m tempted to make it a 1 because the updates are so annoying. First issue is the app no longer casts from my Android device to my Chromecast. This worked for years but the ‘cast’ button no longer appears. Second issue is that the ‘just workout’ function recently broke. The timer stops running if the device screen shuts off. Both features worked before a recent update. Please fix them!

  3. Cindy B dice:

    It’s ok. The app itself can’t organize favorites. So I have a hard time remembering which ones are the ones I tried and whether I liked vs loved it. Wish they had a separate area for new ones saved that I haven’t watched yet. The peleton program itself is geared towards healthy people without any ailments. If you struggle with chronic pain, and want to keep moving, some of the beginner-level videos are still difficult to do.

  4. Kim Vo dice:

    Easy to browse. Would be awesome if you could filter for “no equipment” , ” “treadmill,” “weights ” etc for even an easier way to figure out what workout to try. Latest update doesn’t allow casting on chrome cast which was one of my favorite features. The option just disappeared. Can this be brought back?

  5. The content is really great, but the app itself has been frustrating. The biggest issue is it will crash mid run for no reason. There is also no way to jump to where you left off in the workout so you’re forced to start over or go without. It also significantly under records distance when running.

  6. Em Perry dice:

    Update: workouts are still great AND the android app has been improved immensely. Mine occasionally glitches and doesn’t show me all the workouts but it’s otherwise great. The workouts are great, I highly recommend them whether you have a Peloton bike, some other bike, or no equipment at all. However, the actual Android app is pathetic compared to iOS. The features are incredibly limited. With Android, we miss out on challenges, friends, tags, and programs.

  7. Frustrating, app used to be great, but everytime I go to workout it allows me to cast but yet the screen just spins. This was not a problem until the last update. Useless unless I can cast to my tv, and yes all the IT tricks have been attempted. I used to love but now I hate. BTW everything else I cast works just fine and have tried it at multiple places.

  8. Additional Updated Review from 2 Stars to 3 Stars due to the newly added Beta version of outdoor tracking. Not quite up to the level peloton has given apple but better than before. Latest additions is another step in the right direction. Now when I go for a short walk at work I can pick one of the outdoor walks or just pick a just walk with one of my playlist

  9. Peloton workouts alone deserves 5 stars. The android app needs more work. The recent update is great but still have ways to go before catching up to iOS. Still lack the ability see chart from workout, the ability to high-five and track miles while running on the treadmill (the pic that shows pace is misleading. Improve and make the OS catch up to iOS then it would be a 5 star.

  10. I’ve never had many issues with this app but recently it’s started opening my classes with the “workout finished” label at the top and the “done” button on the bottom. When I click out of it to go back in, it’s not on my list of workouts or in my stack anymore so I have to go back through everything and try to find it again.

  11. Not so convenient when you’re on the go, it’ll either buffer or shutdown altogether. Fixed the Droid download issue, but still crashes mid run, shows workouts done before they’re started, doesn’t accurately track mileage. I keep trying and keep getting disappointed. Peloton acts like a tech company but cannot effectively troubleshoot or update it’s product. Maybe a new development team is needed?

  12. David H dice:

    Edit: love that this app syncs with my phone’s gps now, but the tracking is completely off. It undercuts my runs by about 50%. I absolutely love the content, but the functionality is lacking key features. There is no Garmin integration. There is no search feature like on the bike. I cannot share a workout directly to a friend in the app. The strive score is not an obvious feature. I was surprised to see how weak the mobile UX was on an Android while the bikes monitor is an Android tablet!

  13. Laura C. dice:

    Every update to the app seems to make it worse and worse! Recent update, the outdoor portion would no longer let you rewind if you need to…what app doesn’t let you do that?! Also, if you did 2 cycling workouts in a row, there was a bug that wouldn’t show you the elapsed time on 2nd one. I don’t know if either has been resolved in the latest update, but now the stacking feature is gone! (Update: found my stack but behind an icon – okay, there’s that. But app is more & more busy & unpleasant.)

  14. I was hesitant at first because I don’t own any machines from peloton. But their app has programs for every level for any workout. I have really enjoyed the programs you can choose from. I have used outdoor running, strength training and body strength programs. The app runs smoothly on my phone. I can share it on my t.v. too.

  15. The quality of this app has plummeted. I used this during covid lockdown and would’ve gave it 4.5 stars then. The only reason I gave it 1 star now is because I couldn’t give it a zero. You have to download workouts prior so there’s no disruption while working out. This takes up a lot of space on your device not to mention the time organizing vs just working out. There used to be a timer count down for warm-warm, workout, cool down and now on occasion there’s just the timer. Fix it, peleton!

  16. E L dice:

    I like the instructors and app, but it’s kind of expensive compared to similar options. I had a trial and wanted to have some time to think about renewing it but wasn’t given that option or the option to cancel. In Google Play subscriptions Peleton wasn’t listed. And in the app, it listed trial, and no option to cancel. So I thought I would be asked if I wanted to continue to paid membership. I had to login to peleton in a separate browser to cancel.

  17. I will start by saying that the idea behind Peloton, what the program stands for, and all of its instructors — are fabulous. It pretty much ends there for me, though, as I find the functionality and navigation of the app to be absolutely abysmal. I’ve also had numerous occasions where the app crashes or fails to load videos at all whatsoever, despite restarting the app and my mobile devices. That, coupled with a cumbersome flow to get into a class can make for a very frustrating experience.

  18. Overall love the courses and instructors. Functionality of the app could definitely be better. A quick 15 second rewind button, a better way to rewind back to the start of the last exercise. The other day I got close to finishing a workout, wanted to redo the last set and found that the banner along the bottom for finishing now blocked my ability to rewind. Would love to go into my workouts and click on them and be taken back to their page to restart them (why can’t I do that?), Or share.

  19. Absolutely love all of the classes and the coaches. There is such a great variety. That being said, I would love to be able to get a notification a few minutes before the class I counted myself in for goes live so I don’t miss it. I have also experienced streaming issues with the app where the video starts to buffer in the middle of a live class and I can only fix it by ending the class and jumping back in, causing me to miss things. I love my Peloton, but would love a smoother app experience.

  20. I own the bike and I love it; the app falls short. The app looks nice but gives you no access to any of your ride data. It doesn’t connect or track any data from heartrate monitors. If you take a class with video be aware that a 45 min class will be around 2.2GB of data. It seems the app does not detect the connection type to choose lower quality stream. I’ve had a few instances of freezing or cutting out. This has resulted in strange artifacts like taking two classes at the same time.

  21. Laurie W dice:

    I like this app and the variety of workouts. I’ve always used it on an Android – based on other reviews, I apparently don’t know what I’m missing. I honestly just hate how much the trainers talk. Almost every single one. They play great music but do not stop saying meaningless words the…..entire…..time. Not training/form or here’s what’s coming up next cues. Just words. It prevents me from escaping into the music and I don’t enjoy the workout.

  22. I can’t really rate the classes because I only got to take one. Every time after that, the app gave me a “Network Error” message and wouldn’t play any classes. I have never had problems streaming other services and I am fairly tech savvy. I tried to troubleshoot but realized I was wasting my entire workout time messing with it, so I moved on to another app that did work. I was ready to subscribe, but good thing I got a trial period to see it wasn’t going to work, so I didn’t waste any money.

  23. I’m not sure that I’m comfortable with the pricing, but I really have enjoyed the experience & the app worked great. The app offers outdoor/indoor running “classes” which don’t really feel like a class. For me, it’s been helpful to have music & encouragement in the background. However, if you aren’t interested in the encouragement aspect you could simply use a music app or make your own playlist for your workout regime. I really appreciated getting to select music/coaching style.

  24. There isn’t anything inherently wrong but over all the app did not live upto my expectations based on the peloton bike. You can’t lower the music to hear the coaches better. You can’t bookmark a class to find it easier later. There is no profile view. You start the classes and the ap automatically rotates to landscape even off the phone is not. One good thing is that you can actually pause the classes on the apps which you can’t do on the bike.

  25. Unable to preload workouts which makes it frustrating because I am in a very rural area where internet service is largely unreliable. I’ve looked within the app as well as online to see why my particular app doesn’t offer this feature but unable to determine if it was an update or the fact that I’m using an Android device to view workouts and participate in the program. Other than that, I do like some of the instructors and the workouts that I choose are fast-paced and enjoyable.

  26. Are they kidding? They’ve been supposedly working on this app for at least a year (most likely more), and while it has nice UI, it’s missing even basic functionality. You can’t see your workout history in detail like you can on the bike. No Chromecast ability! Seriously? There are strength, yoga, and stretching classes on here, and there’s no way to play it on your TV? This is critical flaw. App shouldn’t have been released without this. Can’t leave feedback. What a joke.

  27. Do not listen to Sarah below. You absolutely can choose any class that’s ever happened at any time. Go to “Filter” and choose the length and type etc after you’ve chosen what type of workout you want (cycling for example.) She could have learned this with a Google search or by playing around with the app. That said, I’m very disappointed we can’t download workouts like apple and other features. Please catch up! Otherwise it’s perfect.

  28. Great service. I’ve been using the 90-day free trial to get in shape and absolutely love it. I put the workouts up on my computer monitor and feel the burn. It’s really helping me stay focused in quarantine. My only suggestions for improvement would be to be able to filter classes by equipment needed, as well as add classes to my calendar like you can on the web version.

  29. Art Gola dice:

    The app is stable, but it lacks features and is slower than just opening up the web application in Chrome. Want to control the audio mix, sign up for a challenge or perhaps delete a session from your history? You can’t do any of these in the Android app, but you can in the web app. Just pin the web application to your home screen and take a pass at the native app. You won’t regret it.

  30. Nice App. Good workouts and a good variety. It takes a while to find your favorite instructor, but when you do, it makes the workout fun. The music is overpowered by the instructor’s mike, so a lot of times you can’t even hear the songs on runs and rides. The music sounds like it’s just coming over their computer speakers and caught on the mike rather than a real soundsystem. I would also like the workouts to be filtered by equipment needed, you only find out after you click on the class.

  31. If you fast forward or rewind (because, perhaps, the app crashes and you have to restart the workout), you lose the timer bar. Oh yeah – on Android, this app isn’t exactly stable. I don’t own the bike, so I don’t actually know how that works – but apparently resistance isn’t automatically controlled. Coming from a competing application on a smart trainer, it surprised me to see the instructor calling out knob turns. Lack-luster. YMMV

  32. Overall I love having this app. It would be really helpful to be able to recommend classes to others, particularly to other users under our account. For example, I would greatly appreciate being able to recommend classes to my parents to help them more easily access classes. This way when they open their profiles they see classes I’ve recommended. I think the classes are easily accessible, but the fewer steps the better in order to help keep them moving. Thanks!

  33. While the quality of the Peloton instructors is fantastic, the quality of the app for Android is terrible. The 1 star rating is directed entirely at the functionality of the app for Android. We were ready to make the switch from a direct competitor’s app, but were unable to do so because of constant interruptions caused by neverending buffering. Over the course of our trial period, we completed 1 spin class. All other attempts were cut short by freezes and buffering death spirals.

  34. I would be happier with the Android app if it had the same functions as the iPad one, I’m not sure why finding friends is only available on the iOS version, but it’s a little disappointing. The Android version also has more trouble connecting with my Keiser bike where the iOS version does not. Otherwise, I love the classes and the tracking and the connections, it makes working out so fun and adds a ton of challenge and variety to my routine!

  35. One flaw! Unlike iOS, android version of this app doesn’t have the ability to preload On Demand classes ahead of time. I discovered this when one of my coworkers was using her app on her ipad during our business trips. Most of the time the video buffers and I would have to switch from wifi to data. This app clearly is great! it serves its purpose and very convenient when I have to travel. it would be five stars if I could download classes AND have access to some of the selective programs.

  36. Best workout app I have used. As a personal trainer I don’t always want to program my own workouts. So I enjoy being able to hop on the app and not have to think and just listen and do. I also like that every coach I have used on the app does so well at providing the progressions and regressions of each exercise making the workouts more accessible to a variety of people. I also really enjoy the programs where 2+ weeks of classes are bundled and you just follow along.

  37. I love the app as the variety and quality of classes is amazing, but I was disappointed when they removed the scenic rides. I also wish the search filter included an “older or oldest” option. I rarely start with the newer classes, as I know the older ones will eventually be purged to make room for future classes. All in all – great content and I would recommend this app to friends and family.

  38. Great workout videos and ability to cast is great however missing a lot of things you expect from an app. Not able to search for specific videos, instead have to filter and scroll through a lot of videos until you get to the one you want. You’re also not able to click on previous videos you’ve taken from your calendar. And you can save/bookmark a video but there is no where to see the videos you saved.

  39. Good not Great. I like the live stuff and some of the workouts. It drives me crazy that their are no rundowns of what excercises will all be included in the workout. Yes, you do have a brief explanation but no actual list of excercises. It would make it easier to pick which Bootcamps or Strength workouts I want to do as well as helping me be prepared to modify something if needed. Also, a way to download the workout so I can play it off line if needed. Some places I go dont have great wifi.

  40. The Android version, is an absolutely terrible experience. Having to mirror your device to get it onto a television set is ridiculous. It’s 2019. Practically every other streaming service, or video based application has a cast button. One click… boom. Perfect video. When you MIRROR your screen, the quality of the audio and video is horrendous. I would subscribe tomorrow if Peloton would fix this. There is no excuse for treating Android users as second-class citizens. Please update your app.

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