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Key Collector Comics FREE mobile app is the world’s first database and price guide to focus exclusively on key issues. Everything you need as a collector of valuable comics or highly-sought after issues including speculation books is combined into one resource.

Catalog your inventory or build a wish list of key issues. Select what condition your comic is by using the CGC and CBCS grading scale. Get key issue notifications sent directly to your phone to know what’s new and hot or spiking in value in the comic book world.

Key Collector Comics has been endorsed by Neal Adams, Alex Ross, Stanley Artgerm Lau, Brian Pulido and Valiant Entertainment

Here are some examples of what makes a comic book a valuable “key” issue:
* Character First Appearances
* Death & Origin Stories
* Variant Covers
* Iconic Cover Art
* Rare & Recalled Issues
* Classic Stories

Key Collector Comics simplifies the hobby of collecting. In the past, if one wanted to hunt for a character or title’s key issues, they would have to access four different apps:

App 1 – Search for information on a comic book title or character
App 2 – Determine a value and consider what you should pay
App 3 – Inventory what you own to a personal database
App 4 – Consult your notes app or carry around a piece of paper with your wish list on it

Sound familiar? Do any of the aforementioned headaches apply to you? Key Collector Comics has combined everything a collector needs into one, simple to use, FREE mobile app in the most intuitive environment available that requires absolutely no learning-curve. Now, with this one resource you can:

* Search by Title, Title and Issue #, Character, Writer, Artist or Publisher

* Browse by a changing list of categories like 100 Iconic Superhero Covers or Batman’s Greatest Arch-Enemies

* Catalog what you own with one tap

* Build a wish list of priority comics you’d like to own

* Select the grade of your book and notate if it has been professionally graded or not

* Choose to use our price guide or elect to input your own dollar value

* Record the amount you paid for a comic to accurately view the sum total of your investment as it fluctuates based on comic book market conditions

Key Collector Comics was created by a comic book collector for comic book collectors and the #1 priority is to make your experience more fun. How? By giving you the assurance that no key issue will ever slip through your fingers again and drastically cutting down the amount of time you spend looking through a box of comics. Just flip through issues with one hand and scroll through the app with the other. If anything on the app matches what’s at your fingertips then you just found yourself a key issue.

The database is updated at least once a week to include new character debuts that have been announced. You can add these comic books to your “wanted” list before they even hit the shelves so when Wednesday rolls around (when new comics are released) you leave the store or check-out online without missing a thing.

There are well over 7,000 individual issues organized in the database that have some instance of significance attached to it. You can search for over 2,500 characters in 1,700 titles from major publishers like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Valiant, Image and many independents producers from the Golden Age of comics (1935) to today. Key Collector Comics is your guide through the history of comics told through the key issues that defined the landscape.

More Features:
o A simplified price guide and grading assessment for new and experienced collectors to determine if a comic book appropriate for purchase

o The ability to expand displayed comic covers for a more detailed view

o The ability to collapse covers for faster scrolling through listed keys

o A filtering option that lets you search in a specific comic book age (Golden Age 1935-1950 approx. , Silver Age, Bronze etc.)


- Potential fix for users who are having issues with the application not loading.


40 comentarios en "Key Collector Comics Database MODDED 2022"

  1. Ja Ca dice:

    app looks and layout are great. search function is straightforward with different options but hard to find the comic you’re looking for even with accurate info. can’t find half of what I’m looking for to add to my collection. I don’t know if paying for the subscription would make it any better, maybe. needs a barcode scanner or cover scanner for manual input.

  2. EDIT #2 – Back to two stars. Keeps crashing again. Couldn’t be more annoying EDIT / UPDATE: I had this as a TWO STAR app. I was having SEVERE issues with the app freezing and running EXTREMELY slow, even after paying for a premium subscription. After posting these issues here, I received a response, and, sure enough, after the latest update, everything works GREAT. Really appreciate the customer service there. Great resource for collectors, researchers, historians, etc. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

  3. Born Game dice:

    Loads of things are listed as keys, I wish you could filter by selling over cover price, or maybe over $10. Also wish you could filter by more recent, like maybe within the last month or year, something like that. There are quite a lot of lists to look at, almost overwhelming. I agree with someone else’s comment it would be useful to be able to have favorite categories/lists at the top

  4. I wish it didn’t crash everytime I use it. It just freezes after a couple searches as I scroll through. Otherwise, it’s a valuable tool, even if it’s time consuming because of that. Wish they didn’t include “iconic image” books that have that as the only reason for being key, but others may not agree with me on that. Update 4/29/22: sorry for the delay in replying. Yes, it got better but still crashed on occasion. I see you’ve updated it again, so maybe that will help, thanks!

  5. Been collecting since 2008, always thought how cool it would be to have an app just like this. One that would send you updates on the latest trends and possible movie deals on books you might have passed on looking through the dollar bin at your local comic store. I’ve had it for a week on my phone, good app overall, I’ve had no issues with it.

  6. Using the free version. Prices for most graded comics don’t automatically update often as the quick graded comics, and have to be manually input to stay current. Would also love if the collection list page highlighted books whose values had changed, rather than just the green arrow on the book page. I end up looking through my whole collection to see where the difference in value came from.

  7. The app provides some good information for comic collectors. But it also has major stability issues. Expect slow page load times, frequent freezing, and app crashes. 2 stars since I’m paying for the service and customers may only catalog the comics that key collector decides to allow, and that’s not a lot. Currently only able to catalog a small portion of my collection. Adjusted rating to 1 star due to developers response. Blaming Google when Key Collector is the only app with any issues.

  8. Great app keeps you informed on what to buy and what’s coming out plus gives you a price point for what your collection could be worth and has all the key comics you could want to find out about and they’re constantly adding more all the time. Only down side is if you want to have all the features you have to pay a fee per year but understandable and it’s small.

  9. it is the new price guide, heralding a new age in comic collecting.

  10. Impressive but not perfect. It’s really useful when you find a comic and it shows you the price ranges from its lowest to highest price especially if (like me) you’re trying to value a collection. Unfortunately I can’t give it more than three stars as I’ve found that there are lots of comics missing, forcing me to go online to check which kind of defeats the point of the app.

  11. Great app, but crashes sooo much. I tend to only use the web version as it is stable enough. The app lags while loading a title or scrolling, and then crashes nearly 100% of the time. I’ve exhausted every method to fix it. It’s the only app of mine that does it, so it must be a bug. EDIT: Newest update has seemed to fix this issue. Changed to 5 stars now.

  12. Love the app, pretty easy to use but wish they had fuller runs major and minor keys are of course listed and prices are pretty good at what I find online but if they had a bigger library of comics I’d pay for a larger search selection if they had a option for it, for a free app it works fine just need to grow over time I guess, I’ll keep it to look up my keys but I’ll probably be getting a 2nd app from a different maker soon but I’ll pay for a wider range if they made it a option

  13. Great app super helpful!! Totally worth the annual sub. As a collector I dreamed of having something like this at my finger tips for years. I no longer have to rely on my shotty memory when diving in long boxes… Nor do I have to sort through endless news streams and spend countless hours of reaserching to figure out what the next hot book might be. This app does it for you! The developer is super helpful and holds amazing contests built right into the app frequently. Wether you’re new to collecting, hardcore collector, a flipper or somewhere in between. I promise you’ll find this extremely useful and user friendly.

  14. Fantastic app, membership is very well priced and there is so much information. I have a few suggestions (possible I don’t know how to use it and it already does this) 1. A symbol on the page of owned issues if the price of a comic increased or decreased that week like they do for individual issues. 2. Be able to categorise comics and have separate paid values for each. Specs, collection, hot etc. 3. Be able to track the value of your collection, at least a basic value each month or year.

  15. I’m curious if I’m using Most Relevant incorrectly in the collection tools. It seems to sort but just by alphanumeric order. Maybe it does something different when you are subscribed? One tool I’d love to see for the future is one that sorts and filters by recent price changes, possibly in with view by series. As far as a description of my experience with Key Collector. . . it’s golden.

  16. Decent app, wish there were more like it in the app store, but IT CRASHES EVERYTIME I USE IT. VERY FRUSTRATING. Oh well, I’m not paying for an app that crashes everytime I use it. EDIT: I’ve reinstalled it three times, I’m not wasting more time on trying to make it work properly. Oh well.

  17. Good, informative. Unsure why some modern issues seem to be missing? Biggest concern for me is the app is constantly crashing on android every couple of minutes which is really annoying!

  18. I am not personally happy with the app. I am a long time comic collector. Here is my experience. I initially subscribed for a year. I noticed that alerts may sometimes contain errors or poorly vetted info (i.e., baby Naomi, Sleeper destroyed). When things come to light, the alerts may be deleted without alert that there was an edit. Trusting the app blindly has the potential to lead to poor purchasing decisions. When I discussed an issue with the developer on social media, I got muted. YMMV.

  19. Loved the app, but now it’s almost becoming useless with the amount of crashes. Everything you do it crashes and you either have to wait or close and reopen the app. I don’t know what they did on the last update but I wish they would undo it, especially because I pay for the subscription.

  20. The base code of the app is fine but the listings are WAY too limited to be useful. You can’t add any comics to your collection that aren’t on the price list, which makes the entire thing useless. I can’t estimate the value of my collection if over 75% of the books I own can’t be listed. Maybe add a “submit to database” feature or something.

  21. As a collector, I feel it’s a must have for the smallest collectors to the fanatics (like myself). I had a few issues when 1st using the app, contacted support. One day later I received an email from the actual developer (not a typical auto response). I’ve never seen that before. Received the best cust. supp. I’ve ever gotten. Constant communication and troubleshooting while remaining extremely patient and polite. App works flawlessly now on all my devices. Thanks Key Coll. And especial Jameson!

  22. It’s a great app for keeping track of your key comics. Helps me keep a good list. I don’t mind paying the $2 a month for the convenience it gives. Only reason I rate it a 4 is the inability to make a submission, there’s a few not on here and it would be cool to have all the different variants eventually or a good amount.

  23. 6th Face dice:

    This app is a bad idea. Key Collector is complicit in comic market pump and dump schemes. Prices in app are suspiciously not accurate in many places, and there is zero transparency into how these prices are derived. There are much better price guides that skip the pumping and dumping of books. I recommend you use any of them. Note the developers last response completely ignores the accusations of being part of pump and dump schemes. That should be the only red flag you need to pass this app up.

  24. Comprehensive and detailed with frequent updates,great for tracking/buying on eBay. Only negative is you can’t maintain your full collection, only listed issues.

  25. Jumped on this app when it first came out…absolutely love it! Love the notifications and the ease of navigation. It has definitely been useful in helping me acquire comics I had been wishing for but had not gotten around to purchasing…with the notifications I was able to purchase my wish list comics at a reasonable price before they skyrocketed. Thank you!!

  26. I have used this app for a while and it’s a very good app for key collectors like me. Just the downside of the app is that you have to pay the other features in dollars. Maybe in the next update you can subscribe and pay with your own currency (like for example for me it will be £) or maybe don’t have a subscription and everyone can use all those features for free

  27. Really helped me never miss a key comic and helps when I’m out and about and need a quick reminder of what I need. Includes most variant covers which really helps. Needs a wider range of comics. Less things to subscribe to. Needs a proper way of cataloguing your collection of comics.

  28. Fantastic app for finding comics and keeping track of them, and has regular updates which keeps the app relevant. Only thing that can be improved upon is the design and how certain areas are accessed/unable to be accessed easily. I’m sure this will be fixed in the future though

  29. All the comic collecting info you need at your fingertips. Whether you’re new to collecting or a seasoned veteran hunter. Practical, concise and thorough info about next week’s comics all the way back to golden age. Wish this kind of support was around in the 90’s! Highly recommended app for the comic book fan!

  30. Eh… It works when it wants too. The app needs some touching up. Constantly force closes or freezes for like 3 to 5 minutes at times. Would also like a less time consuming way to add comics to my collection. Update 4/31/22 Still don’t care for this app, prices are inaccurate and the term “Key” is thrown around very loosely.

  31. Just bought a year’s subscription a few days ago, and glad i did. This a fun and useful App. I’ve been collecting comics since the early 80s and this is way better than writing lists and carrying guides around. You can tell the developer truly loves comics and is not just some opportunist. Thanks for making this.

  32. 1st 2 series I searched for didn’t exist in the database. 3rd series did, but only half the issues were listed. I was looking for a comprehensive database and this isnt it. Responding to developer: In 1976, Marvel & DC co-published their first crossover book: Superman Vs Spider-Man. It’s not found in your database. Neither are any issues of Famous First Editions, which reprinted KEY 1ST ISSUES of some of DC’s biggest books, like Action #1. Not there either. Rating stays, especially now.

  33. Rakim J dice:

    It’s an excellent app, and does a great job of doing it’s purpose, but some comics aren’t on there, particular Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man comics made by Archie. There is no way to add comics yourself, so all I can get is volume one of Mega Man. Also, I read comics digitally, and there is no digital comic option when you add comics to your collection. Otherwise, everything is fine.

  34. It is a godsend for comicbook collectors everywhere. The best way to keep up to date on the latest hottest issues or soon to be hot. Also features from time to time great contests. So if you love comics and really who doesnt? Give it a try and if you like what you see become a subscriber and get even more comicbook information like I did.

  35. This is an amazing app. Has helped me so much with my comic book hunting and to have all the details you need right in your pocket and with all the notifications with what is happening with films, TV shows, and all other media. Can’t recommend this app enough.

  36. I seriously wanted to thank the whole team for the work, detail, and insight put into every facet of this now, indispensable collector’s tool. The none too overwhelming updates keeps me in the know and always a welcomed distraction. You, you humans of ingenuity have significantly lessened the burden and anxiety of overwhelming research and cross referencing. You have made treasure hunting so much more exciting! Best investment I have made this year. Highly recommend

  37. Incredible app that provides a wealth of useful information to all kinds of comic book readers. Key collector app has helped me on my comic book hunts, as well as kept me up to date on comic books that are keys and/or on the rise. Every single update brings fantastic new additions while improving upon the existing utilities. The app easily pays for itself with the knowledge it provides the users. Thank you Nick for your hard work, love the app.

  38. Missing alot of DC comics and plenty of variants for Marvel are not listed as well. Im sure it’s tough to add every single item and then get an accurate value on them but some of the ones missing are pretty huge and important. Not a bad app but it’s just missing waaaay too many books.

  39. Solid app and great resource. I subscribe only to support, the subscriber cont isn’t too exciting. Has a good ebay search button that will hunt down the issue you say you want,, sometimes adds stuff in the search bar that goofs it up.. Has a fine collection manager but doesn’t include pic adding and doesn’t have all issues. Customer service is great if you need it. Contacted 2x, not a problem just discussing stuff, and got really quick response.

  40. After using the app for a few months i started noticing some of the information listed in the app was inaccurate. Books on the hot list or spec list were stating false info in regards to 1st appearances etc. Seems like more thought is put into making hot list to sell books rather than factual information or to help the comic book community. Comic Tom, Key collector seem to have a partnership in driving up sales of books with false information. I even messaged him about it and still nothing.

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