Housy: Chores, Cleaning Schedule, Motivation MODDED 2022


Your chores, our cleaning schedule. Keep your home clean, stress-free!
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Finally! Housy – your best way to manage chores. Organize home quickly using smart cleaning schedule. Stay motivated, earn points!

Chores don’t have to be complicated. With Housy you will always know exactly what to do and, even more important, when it’s the best time to do it:


✨ Automatically generated personal schedule
✨ Daily Points! Track task completion, boost your motivation!
✨ Pre-set cleaning tasks for every room. Just pick one you need!
✨ Task sharing & syncing. Seamless, fast.
✨ Works offline!
✨ Challenges! Be more consistent, try the build-in challenge.
✨ Daily reminder
✨ NO Ads.

With our visual approach you will ALWAYS know where to start and what to do. It’s the best way to turn cleaning schedule into an easier task.

Chores shall be defeated. 🙂

Best part? You will FEEL the progress.

Try now!


Our team is from Ukraine and we've been somewhat busy lately. None of the less we've pushed a fresh update. Not a lot has changed, but we are making internal improvements to push bigger things in the future.

We are safe, holding strong.

Please, remember that you can rate Housy in the store, if you feel like that.


4 comentarios en "Housy: Chores, Cleaning Schedule, Motivation MODDED 2022"

  1. Alexa Nye dice:

    Cool, but… I need it to give me dates the tasks were last complete with the task, either when you click on the task or next to it in the area menu. Visible from the menu would be preferred. I will cancel my subscription until this feature is added, and after that I will change my review.

  2. Lana dice:

    Very helpful in keeping me on track with chores, although hard to convince my boyfriend to use it. He would still rather wait for me to ask him to do something. Need a text reminder option for household members, something like “Reminder from Housy, Jane Doe would like your help with Doing the Dishes” called the passive aggressive extension lol

  3. nine noocie dice:

    After looking for a good schedule tracker app for over a year and almost giving up, I decided to try this one and see if I could adapt not only to cleaning but to other areas of my life as well. Works like a charm! Nice looking app without useless clunky features. Simple yet perfect for what I need. Genuinely hyped I found this app, hope it becomes big and thanks for the dev for making such a great addition to my daily routine! ❤️

  4. Autumn Rae dice:

    It’s good for keeping chores in order… but typing sucks. I don’t have a problem with any other apps but this one will do weird things. For example I’ll type “the” and it’ll go “thththeee” despite me only typing “the”. It also won’t allow me to organize tasks by completion date.

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