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Swipe, collect tons of cash, craft your dream team and build your sports empire!
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Ready to be a basketball millionaire? Or a billionaire, perhaps? Welcome to Idle Five!
Create your personalized basketball club, recruit the most valuable players, swipe to earn tons of cash, grow and manage your dream team and become the best sport tycoon… EVER!

▪ CREATE the basketball club of your dream (city, name, jersey, logo)
▪ RECRUIT top players in the transfer market to build your dream team
▪ COLLECT the money generated by these players (casual and easy swipe based gameplay)
▪ RECEIVE idle cash, even when you are offline
▪ TRAIN your players and upgrade their basketball skills (shooting, passing, dribbling, defense…) to multiply their value and the money they generate
▪ PARTICIPATE in business events to earn amazing amounts of cash
▪ TRAVEL through the world and challenge the best basketball teams
▪ PLAY and WIN intense tactical matches in a NBA‘s atmosphere
▪ MANAGE the formation of your dream team
▪ SHARE your unique main five with your friends and the world!
▪ PLAY ANYWHERE! – Free to play online or offline, no connection required.

If you like idle games, clicker games, tycoon games, tapping games, basketball games… you will enjoy this casual management clicker!
Idle Five is a unique, free, easy-to-play game different from all the other basketball games, where you can be both a basketball manager and an insanely rich business tycoon. Manage the recruitment and finances of your club (through a super intuitive “swipe and tap” gameplay), deal with your sponsors, find the right business strategy and turn your small team into a giant basketball empire! Time to write your success story!

💰💰💰 Become the greatest and richest basketball tycoon of all time! 💰💰💰

Believe us, you’ll love to create amazing clubs such as New York Kings, Los Angeles Bakers, Miami Pirates, Chicago Galactics, and make them legendary! Available for many smaller countries and cities too 😎

Got any problems or suggestions?

Feel free to send a message to [email protected]

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💰 Daily Rewards: get heavily rewarded for playing everyday
🌍 2 new Lands! Experienced users can now resume their adventure
⭐ New Skill Tier system
🏀 20+ new amazing Skills (from Tier D to S) to unlock!
🔧 Bug fixes & optimisations


4 comentarios en "Idle Five Basketball tycoon MODDED"

  1. Jody Fisher dice:

    It’s an idle game, I don’t understand some of these reviews. I’m not a sports fan at all, but I love idle games & thought I’d try this one. It’s one of the best idle games I’ve played, granted there are improvements that can be made, but all in all I’m happy. I had to contact support about, what started out to be an error on my end, but then an error on their end, And they emailed me very quickly & fixed the problem. It takes time to make these games, & I’m appreciative of that. Thanks

  2. Gavin Butt-Munch dice:

    As interesting as the game is, I don’t like the fact that I bought ad-free service only to be hit with ads. On top of that, some of the ads glitch and take forever to load or not load at all and then I have to close and reopen the app only to find out I have to watch the ad again or I had lost that reward. FIX THAT!!!

  3. J Williams dice:

    Game is good and all. Enough user input needed to keep it interesting. Where this game fails is when you get to white walkers/black walls stadiums. Have to play the same team over and over just to get enough coin to upgrade a player a minute amount. Can only do that three times in 15 minutes. Need to ditch the energy bar. Its stupid.

  4. Vinícius S. Zolet dice:

    I LOVED the game, the way that we can build a team with any kind of power and to combos with that… I’m only having problem with the Counter-Offensive skill (sorry if that’s not the name, my game is in PT-BR), where it says that all my team will take the ball and gain throw speed until the ball is lost… But after a brief moment (7 seconds I guess) all the team losses the bonus??? I bought a legendary for no reason aparently

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