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Musical education & ear training! The ultimate Ear trainer/ educational app!
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The Ear Gym -Ear Trainer The most complete ear trainer on the market. Ear training for musicians

The Ear Gym -Ear Trainer is an efficient ear training app that lets the users learn about chords, harmony and intervals. This ear trainer offers the users music training and various exercises for intervals, scales, chords, perfect pitch, harmony, analysis etc..!

If you need a music learning app to get ear training for music, this is the right music learning app for you. Using this ear trainer app, you can learn everything about intervals ranging from the perfect unison to the double octave, ascending or descending intervals and harmonic or melodic intervals. Also, this ear training app offers 29 different types of chords and over 40 types of scales. You can learn about music harmony through analysis, chords and cadences identification.

There are many educational apps for music, but by using this app to learn music you will be able to get more than theoretical musical knowledge. This ear trainer offers you many different ear training exercises such as interval ear training and includes interval reading, comparison, construction, identification, inversion and singing. Also, this music learning app offers chords exercises for reading, comparison, identification, construction and inversion of chords as well as scales recognition, scales reading, scales singing, chord progressions, analysis etc..

The ear training for music on the app is quite easy to learn, offering you simple and fun ways to get your musical education fast. On this ear training app, you can also get clef reading and key identification training . The ear training exercises also include perfect pitch ear training.

Try this ear trainer and improve your music skills!

✔ Interval ear training and exercises
✔ Chords ear training and exercises
✔ Rhythm exercises
✔ 29 different types of chords
✔ Harmonic or melodic intervals and chords
✔ Scale ear training and exercises
✔ Analysis ear training and exercises
✔ Perfect pitch and clef reading training
✔ Scales training
✔ Free for download
Train your ear and get your musical education through fun and easy exercises!
Improve your musical skills with our ear training app! Develop perfect pitch, improve your singing and instrumental abilities, and enhance your overall musical understanding. With a variety of exercises and customizable difficulty levels, our app is suitable for all skill levels. Download now on the Google Play Store and start your journey to becoming a better musician!
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- Added new activity: Rhythm Identification
- Added various bugfixes


40 comentarios en "The Ear Gym – Ear training 2022"

  1. This is a very good app if you want to learn music or how to identify chords and intervals. But there is a glitch. When you’re trying to identify two notes, like a perfect fifth, sometimes the note you need to hit on the piano keys goes into the next octave and you really don’t have much of a way to get there because if you use the arrows it leads you to the wrong octave and it’s listed as wrong

  2. I recently posted a positive review of Eargym and stand by it, but I have noticed that in the scale exercise section of the app, there does seem to be a small glitch; where instead of hearing the ascending/descending scales, you occasionally hear chords being played instead of the scales; and some some very dissonant. It doesn’t happen all the time, but enough to be noticeable and a bit disruptive. There are no glitches that I’ve noticed, in any other section of the app. Great app otherwise. 👌

  3. easy to use, lots of great features. I downloaded several ear training apps but couldn’t really figure out how to use them. This one was really easy to get started with. and the more I use it the more features I see that I like.. enhancements suggestions: add option to automatically proceed only on correct answer. respond to answers by voice to make it easier to do ear training with instrument in hand

  4. Huge number of easy to use training drills. Ability to self define practice routines is the best feature. Recorded playback sounds are a bit low quality BUT THAT IS GOOD! To be able to ear transcribe music in the real world one must listen through all kinds of interference, but some of the playback has annoying crackling. Please fix. This is one of only 4 good ear training apps.

  5. Theo dice:

    Incredible aural skills training app. Lots of different exercises for intervals, scales, chords, analysis, and more. It also provides statistics after you complete an exercise to help you recognize what you are specifically having issues with. All of the exercises appear to be free. Could not recommend more.

  6. Most of the app seems fully functional, but the chord selector for the harmony/analysis exercises seems to have no effect so all chords are included in the exercises regardless of the selection. And it would be beneficial if the chord progressions followed common conventions (or if there were a setting for that). They seem to be entirely randomly generated.

  7. This app is absolutely fantastic!!! The UI is laid out well and its aesthetically pleasing. The premium is negligible for any musician wanting aural training on the go and compared to auralia (a similar subscription based software only available as software on a computer or in browser) this app is much easier to use and cheaper. This app has been a n amazing tool for me the only wish i have for in the app would be the addition back/return buttons within the app instead of utilizing the back keys on my phone simply for less motion distance and improving speed going through the app for times when im working on speed of recognition rather than simple recognition.

  8. Fantastic app. Has a lot of features other apps don’t like chord singing and analysis practice. I wish you could specify which inversions are allowed for which exercises. I’d like to practice analysis from a list of commonly used chords and inversions but that means specifying inversions per chord. I’d love to see chord tone practice. Play a chord then ask the user to sing its b11th or 9th or whatever. In inversion identification please add chords in open positions. Closed isn’t very useful.

  9. Excellent app without useless frills (and no ads at the time of writing) that goes straight to the point: practicing music ear skills and theoretical knowledge, at your own pace with no aggressive reminders or irritating competitions.

  10. Functional and useful. It’s gotten much better since the recent update – especially the sound quality. Bug report: One problem since the recent update is that I can’t select the “Type” or “Direction” or “Possible Root Notes” in the menus of most of the interval tests. The menus won’t drop down when tapped on. I rely on those functions to train my ear, so I’d love for it to be fixed soon. Cheers!

  11. Onkel Tem dice:

    The app is just amazing. That’s what we should actually start with in musical schools: hearing things. Just like with a human foreign language. Phonemes = intervals, words = chords. What I would really like to see in this app — more instruments! Think about distorted guitar for playing tritones/minor sixths! Oh, I can’t wait to see it added.

  12. This is probably the most complete (free) ear training app you can get, plus it’s free (it’s so annoying to download apps that make you pay whenever you wanna train with more complicated stuff). Suggestions for improvement: 1) add even more chords 2) add microtonality to scales and chords (that would be so freaking cool!) 3) make the chord identification UI more compact: comic-like dialog boxes are cool but it takes me a while to select the chord I want. I would maybe use regular list views or several buttons in the same row. 4) for chord identification, add an option to display chord buttons in jazz notation 5) MIDI keyboard support. Also, I would be very happy to contribute developing new features for the app (if you would like to, of course). I love transcribing and ear training, and I found your app so good… it’s a tool I’m using everyday now. Therefore, I think improving it would not only be benefitial for the music community, it would be like sharpening and customizing my daily working tools.

  13. I couldn’t ask more from this app, it has every interval, scale, chord, that you would ever realistically use. Like seriously, unless you’re making atonal jazz shred this is the app for you. They even have pretty fonts too.

  14. Mh Sheikh dice:

    Perfect app for training your ears

  15. Jason dice:

    Absolutely phenomenal. I can’t get over the level of quality and polish this app has. I’ve paid decent amounts of money for software, and don’t regret it, that isn’t as well made as this is. The only thing it seems to be missing, and it’s possible that I just haven’t come across it, is a way to track your progress over time. Anybody who is remotely interested in improving their aural skills as a musician or composition analyst should use this app.

  16. I’m a high school music teacher, and I’ve been teaching the piano for over 25 years. I’ve also studied these ear training exercises at a tertiary level. So I’d like to think that I’m in a fairly good position to comment on such an app. And guys, this app is pretty good. There’s a few things that I’d tweak to make this spot on (which I’ll contact the developers about) but all in all, well worth it. And people, it’s free! This is definitely worth a few bucks – and I’d happily pay it too.

  17. A lot of potential but bugs and the type of voicings used prevent this app from being useful to me right now. I bought this app primarily for the Chord Progressions ear training. I tried to go to the most basic exercise, C major Tonic chords only, no 7s no Inversions, just to get a baseline. The app never referenced the tonic and jumped straight to chords and it included 7s. When trying to do the chord progressions training, key establishment, speed, and chord voicings made it very hard to get

  18. Been playing around with this for the last 20 minutes. As a beginner player there is a lot to love here. Mostly want I want right now is a note trainer to learn the notes on the clef and an interval trainer to help my ear. Check and check. There’s also TONS of advanced features like chord progression tools, scale trainers and other stuff I don’t even understand. And the interface is great. This is seriously the best 1.50 I spent all week. Awesome dude. Thanks for your app!

  19. Konrad P dice:

    This app is fantastic! It has absolutely everything you need to train your ear with none of the excessive garbage that the other ear training apps I’ve tried have. Open it, choose what you want to train and your doing it. No pointless screens or animations or a million paid unlocks to waste your time.

  20. Cal Tan dice:

    Amazing app, has everything I need to train for my exams. One thing I’d like to see added is instead of “construct a major seventh chord on D” is the root quality/chord symbol (ie. Dmaj7). But overall great app!

  21. Good exercises. However, the note names should be independent from the language of the interface. I cannot select English as the interface language and “Do, re, mi, fa, sol, …” as the note names. English should serve as a language between the cultures. Therefore, the app is not ideal for me, as I learn music in the Romanic system. I will give you five if you correct that. French is not available.

  22. I love this app very much, it has really helped my melodic interval training ascending and descending. And it is fun too.. The reason for not giving 5 stars is because with guessing harmonic intervals it will regularly mix up perfect 4th with perfect fifth intervals, which is really confusing. So your answer is right, yet it tells you it is wrong

  23. Really good so far. Can’t find any other apps that let you ear train with chord progressions. It would be nice if there were some preset ones though so you could get used to the most commonly used progressions instead of just random combinations.

  24. This is a great tool to help improve your aural ability. Students can now have their learning tool for anytime and any place. With headphones this app can now be used in almost any situation to include a noisy group. I recommend the ear gym to adults and youth who desire to improve their aural ability in music.

  25. Easiest and most flexible workflow for interval identification training of all the ear training apps I’ve found. Some sound issues on my device where the sound stutters or lags, may have to do with Bluetooth headphones, but it’s not a deal breaker.

  26. This app is so robust I haven’t even gone through all of the features. I was previously using a competitor app for interval ear training. The Ear Gym made that app immediately obsolete. I really excited for Ear Gym and recommend for any musician.

  27. Bla dice:

    Great, can arrange so you can practice certain areas you need, sounds better than most, and it’s free! No popup ads, no pestering to upgrade. Try this first, see if it’s enough, I can’t recommend enough.

  28. Great app, many options and features! Although I think it would be nice if you could customize a “home” category and personalize it with the exercises you do more often or like the most. Keep the good work!

  29. Hey, thanks for such an amazing app. The listening part of intervals , however, comes up with errors. And one suggestion: in scale section, adding a part about recognizing specific scales [ like E minor, G major, etc.]would be great.

  30. I like this app. It’s very helpful. But the chord progression section is faulty. I try to answer the whole progression but I only get to answer one chord and not the whole progression. I hope this gets fixed. Otherwise great app.

  31. Almost perfect for me. Recognition of intervals, scales, chords,…The only minors criticisms are: the tempo of first note s in intervals recognition is sloppy, andit t would be nice to have other instruments or be able to use external banks.

  32. Sora Wise dice:

    Absolutely fantastic! Seen an ad for this app on YouTube, downloaded it, and the result are visible after just two days of using the app! I’m mostly using the “perfect pitch training” function. This took my pitch hearing to a whole new level!

  33. Very nice app, although i would prefer 1) a theory how to improve, 2) user interface could be more efficient during excercises (e.g. interval identification is quite annoying to hit as you have to switch between hitting buttom and top of the screen subsequently each question)

  34. Excellent for ear training. It’s fantastic and quite comprehensive for students who need daily practice. No nagging ads, no in-app purchase, no identity or contact permission asked, it’s free. I am however curious about the reason for network permission. Otherwise, l’d like to say TY. May I ask what is the network connection for?

  35. I found the app very easy to use and the statistics fantastic. They show clearly where your weaknesses and strengths are so that you can accordingly adjust your training options to improve your overall performance.

  36. Of all the apps like this, this one seems to be the best. But it doesn’t always work. For instance, during Perfect Pitch training, often the notes don’t sound, which is very distracting.

  37. As a pianist who has played professionally, I know that music is a language that requires constant practise and revision. The Ear Gym does assume a working knowledge of theory and perhaps beginners would benefit from a tutorial explaining the basics of scales, modes, intervals, and chords. However, I purchased the full version as it pretty much fulfils all my aural training and revision requirements in a single app and costs less than a cup of coffee in a cafe.

  38. I’ve not used anywhere near all the features but for me this is the best your training for intervals because it’s so flexible and easy to use. I notice improvement!

  39. I like the app, but when several notes are played together the sound is distorted. Probably, individual sounds are too loud, so after mixing together they got clipped.

  40. The app is super useful. It includes many different types of trainings. Strictly to the point, with no bothering surroundings. Tons of thanks towards the developer team.

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