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Learn to play the piano or keyboard with the songs you love & become a piano pro
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With flowkey, you learn to play beautiful piano music from the very beginning. Choose your favorite piano pieces from over 1500 songs and learn all about notes, chords, reading sheet music and the proper technique. Works with your real piano or keyboard, acoustic as well as digital. Ideal for beginners and advanced pianists.

Discover the new way to learn piano:
🎤Play the most popular songs from all genres including classical, pop, rock, and jazz. You can even
choose from the latest game & movie soundtracks
🔝Practice more effectively with direct feedback: flowkey will let you know instantly whether you’re
playing the right notes
🎼Reach your goals: interactive step-by-step courses about notes, chords, rhythm, playing with both
hands, & much more
👁Learn the right technique with high-quality video tutorials recorded by professional pianists
🎹Works with your real piano & keyboard (acoustic as well as digital)

How does it work? 🔍
– Place your smartphone, tablet, or laptop on your instrument
– Choose a song you would like to learn that matches your playing level (beginner,
intermediate, advanced, or pro)
– Take an introductory course for learning the basics, if you are a beginner
– Receive instant feedback on your playing: the app listens to your playing via microphone or MIDI
– Practice individual song sections with the loop function
– Start playing along with the video slowly and then speed it up until you reach the original tempo
– Complete courses and improve your skills step-by-step
– Check your achievements in the learning progress indicator

Your benefits with flowkey 🧡
✔️You don’t need any previous knowledge
✔️You receive new piano songs and exercises regularly
✔️You learn at your own pace and according to your playing level
✔️You have access to unique arrangements by professional pianists
✔️You can test 8 songs & selected tutorials for free
✔️You can start right away: the flowkey app and your piano is all you need


Please note:

You need a flowkey Premium membership 💎 to gain unrestricted access to all songs and course content. Your subscription options are:

1 month for $19.99
6 months for $83.99
12 months for $119.99
(These are US prices. Pricing in other countries may vary.)

Your membership renews itself automatically unless you cancel no later than 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. If you cancel your subscription, your access to the full library of flowkey content will expire at the end of the subscription period. You can use your Premium account across all your devices.✌🏼

Achieve your goal and learn how to play piano! flowkey is endorsed by some of the most famous YouTube pianists as well as recommended by music teachers and musicians. Join the movement of over 1 million piano players worldwide and improve your skills on your real piano from beginner to pro 🚀Start your piano lessons with flowkey now! 🎓

We look forward to your feedback! Contact us with your questions, comments, or concerns through: [email protected] or directly within the app under “Support & Feedback”.

Have fun learning piano! 🎵

Your flowkey team


Now is the best time to learn something new! We have improved the learning experience and added inspiring new songs for you. This version also contains bug fixes and improves the app performance.

Your flowkey team


40 comentarios en "flowkey: Learn piano MODDED 2022"

  1. Bob Jones dice:

    Flowkey is simply an amazing value for the cost. The app is easy to use and gives you a lot of options on how to learn songs like complexity level and speed. I really love the option where the app will wait until you play the correct key before moving on, something not possible if you’re just following a video.

  2. I have never tried to learn the piano. It seems like a frustrating endeavor to say the least. I made a new years resolution to play. I bought a piano and was so committe that I paid for the year outright. The video parts are smooth, but the actual parts that you play and are sensed by the app are not. This has made my experience completely frustrating! If I am a sitting trying to figure out a note the app will just move on like I hit the appropriate key! I would love for this to be more accurate!

  3. The lessons are broken into parts, and they can be repeat as many times as needed to learn the part. I tried to jump straight to a free song, which was overwhelming, but the features I got to play around with are amazing! The features that I found were hand selection of focusing on hand or right or left and speed of play. Both seems like a game changer, but I’m just a newbie.

  4. Wonderful app. Great selection of songs and lessons. We use a MIDI connection and have zero issues with ‘wait mode’ as it seems many others have had. I wish there was a feature where the user is able to toggle whether or not the visual keyboard with the pianists’ hands/fingers are visible. I find my daughter, and myself frankly, using this as a crutch and not learning to read the music on the staff. Please add this feature!

  5. it’s a good app and has a ton of potential, however it doesn’t show all of my progress as completely. Also it listens and registers well when I play with my right hand but when I play with my left on the opposite side of the keyboard it doesnt register and lags…making learning difficult and frustrating. Has a good selection of songs to play with. but doesn’t focus as much on learning the notes which could be difficult for beginners.

  6. Too many unnecessary interactions, sometimes fail to recognize notes. For the first problem, I have to frequently reach the pad to hit ok, which is disruptive to the learning process. It should be good enough to auto start after 2 seconds of pause if a new session is starting. For the second one, the app sometimes fail to recognize a note if i play a little fast, and the app will stop and force me to go back and replay.

  7. A good selection of songs for a variety of playing levels, but the intermediate and beyond levels are virtually unplayable. The app doesn’t recognize sounds very well, and struggles to recognize correct notes when played in chords, while at the same time registers notes that aren’t even played, so it’s a constant battle to play. Only works well with a MIDI cable, not acoustic instruments. EDIT: Their customer service is excellent, and helped me resolve my issues. 5 stars service, 3 stars app.

  8. Only complaint I have is that the mic doesn’t always capture the note the first time it is struck which can throw off the flow. That might be a hardware issue though. Edit* working with the amazing customer service staff, all my issues have been resolved. I can give no higher praise than a five star review. This app is wonderful for any level of piano player. It regularly adds songs and you can suggest songs that the staff will try to aquire. Simple, wonderful, incredibly useful.

  9. I am a beginner piano player. I like this app, it has a nice format and I can access on my phone AND computer. I wish it was easier to access the songs taught in the lessons, you have to push so many buttons to get back to the part where you can practice the song at the end. It would be great to control the lessons the way you can control the regular song list (looping/choosing which hand to practice/etc). Wish there were more very basic songs as the beginner songs are still way over my head.

  10. Full version. There are new songs for all levels that have been added in the past few months. I am a beginner, but look forward to progressing with these arrangements. There is a great variety of difficulties for some songs. Which helps because most beginner songs are aimed at children. It’s nice to play songs I like. However a ‘practice view’ would be nice, where I can see more then five measures at a time. The wait mode is limiting when I want to practice a section in the moment hands-free.

  11. I had to sniff around for the controls in order to find what I was looking for: a way to play along with songs while the app listened. This is called “wait mode” in flowkey. So after I found that and began a song, I sung a random note, and it acknowledged what I sang and moved on to the next note. It will accept notes in the wrong octave, and it will accept random noise (like regular speech) instead of piano sounds. This is unacceptable. I can’t really learn from this app if it can’t correct me.

  12. Great app, great for learning piano online without needing a full-on software or midi cable! Reminds me a lot of FenderPlay which I highly recommend as well. There are definitely some shortcomings with the app functionality, like I can’t favorite a song that I searched for (only the ones on the main screen). And it would be nice if the screen didnt rotate back automatically when switching from the player to the song screen, but overall this has really helped catapult my piano learning!

  13. John D dice:

    Great program to learn piano. I especially enjoy the ability to slow down songs, scroll to certain points. The best part is that you can highlight a specific section that keeps on looping to master it before continuing. Only thing I don’t like is the continuous clicking on the screen in order to proceed to the next step. Many times you have to click 3 times. This could be improved upon by allowing the user 2 options (where one option is just to start the next section). Please change this guys!

  14. The selection of free songs is completely unreasonable. There are about 3 songs to choose from per skill level that you don’t have to pay the membership fee to get, and there’s no alternative way that I could see to unlock individual desired songs. I’d be fine with playing an ad or two just to get a particular song or even unlock a random song, but even that isn’t an option.

  15. I was disappointed by the song learning in the app. The mode to learn the song is not very easy and because of that I didn’t purchase the membership. There should be an easier program to development muscle memory for songs, rather than just do it youtself. Will have to explore other apps now. Another negative is that you can not print sheet music.

  16. I love this app. I just renewed my second year and it is 100% worth it. It allows me to explore various songs at increasingly difficult skill levels. I find the wait mode very useful as it allows me to follow along and only give me credit when I hit the right note. As with most things, persistence is key. If you manage to stay strong and keep playing a song, you will get better. I find that over the past year on flowkey, my memory has become better and I am enjoying piano even more.

  17. I like the app, and I love the song selection. However, it doesn’t hear enough, even with ny piano at max volume. I can strike the B key several times, and the app tells me to play the key on the screen (the B key). I don’t have a midi cable, so I cannot connect via midi. The app does not offer bluetooth connection.

  18. Good app for beginners especially since seeing a teacher face to face hasn’t been an option. The range of songs they had available is good (with difficulty settings to suit different skill levels). The main problem is the sound registration for certain notes doesn’t work for the lessons portion so I can’t progress past a certain point, but isn’t a problem for learning new songs. Isn’t a replacement for a real teacher but helped me get a start at playing.

  19. I want to love the app, and I hope that it can earn 5 stars from me eventually. I have it on my phone and tablet. On my tablet it has a hard time detecting d notes. On my phone it picks up d’s just fine but it doesn’t register c’s very well. I’ve tried a few other piano apps and didn’t have any issues with them. My keyboard doesn’t support midi so that isn’t an option for me. Also, this didn’t happen when I was trying the free version, it started after I subscribed.

  20. I just subscribed for 1 month a few days ago on my IPad. This app is very frustrating to use. When I have the “waiting mode” on, it sometimes does not wait for me to press a key. It just moves on to the next key without my having pressed any key. Not to mention, it does not show how to play a turn or a trill. Plus, no music sheet you can download. Unless they fix this, I doubt if I will continue my subscription beyond the 1 month.

  21. This program is ok when it works. But it doesn’t work. The program scrolls over the notes as you are playing them and gives a green checkmark to show you have played the right key. Nice feature except it stops at the first note 75% of the time. You can’t even learn a song because you can only see the first few notes. This app is atrocious.

  22. El Hays dice:

    Extremely expensive and scammy. Doesn’t teach you much and quickly tricks you into paying exorbitant amounts if you don’t cancel your trial. I didn’t get one-but the monthly price was enough to prevent me from making that mistake again. And then w/o premium, there is barely any way to learn on the app. Don’t bother. You’re better off buying a book or teaching yourself on the internet or something.

  23. My main issues; 1. You cannot view sheet music by itself when playing, it is always accompanied by the piano playing. (No full screen sheet music) 2. You cannot print out the sheet music or highlight where you stopped last session. Meaning, you will always have to find the last place you stopped every single time opening the song and fast forwarding. 3. The Android app is lack luster and you cannot favorite a song by simply typing in the song you want as no favorite option will appear.

  24. Its a great app to learn the piano. Gives great lessons too. For beginners and you ramp up to intermediate and advanced. It has what you need to learn basic piano. Has great library. Classical library needs more selection though. Wish they had more selection of songs from the greats. Preludes, Etudes could be added. Other than that its an excellent app for learning the piano.

  25. I am really enjoying the app. I had searched for someone to teach me. Couldn’t find anyone. I watched a lot of YouTube videos to decide which program to get. I decided to get this one when I seen that you can access all content with the lifetime membership the other app I looked out was a similar price but you have to buy songs on top of the membership. This app also has a great beginner course.

  26. Horrible connection, my wifi is the best available, and the videos wouldn’t play all the way through. And then the notes from my keyboard didn’t register with the app, even though my microphone works fine any other time. I guess I’ll keep looking for what I need, unless there’s some kind of improvement to your app in upcoming updates, cuz I really want to find a decent app for teaching me to play the piano efficiently, without petty technical frustrations getting in the way of my progress…

  27. I’ve been working on this for two or three weeks. Easy to use, easy to follow. Teaching all aspects of music (reading notes, sheet music, tempo) and keyboarding (finger placement, moving on keyboard). It is pretty addictive. I’m 59 years old teaching myself. I bet kids might see this as even a game so more time “practicing. “

  28. Jasmin dice:

    This app literally is everything you could want in an app, it even has classes and if you pay it has even more songs and all the classes and it’s way way less money then a piano class in real life. And if you don’t want to pay, it comes with one free basic class and 7 free songs at different dificulties. I have been looking for a good app to learn piano and i finally found this one. Its super self paced and it has an option where you can play at your own speed so you don’t have to keep pausing.

  29. Elijah dice:

    So far I’m loving it. I’ve always wanted to learn piano and I love that the software will wait for you to press the right key. My only issue is it sometimes accepts the wrong note, or no note at all. Not sure if that is intentional or a software/hardware limitation. That aside, I definitely would recommend this. Especially for beginners before shelving out huge sums of money for a physical teacher. A monthly subscription to this is waaay more cost efficient than a physical teacher early on.

  30. Luna dice:

    I knew that any good instruction wouldn’t be free – it shouldn’t be – but I’d hoped you could buy songs al la cart. NOPE. Pay expensive subscriptions to get everything, or you can have a total of 8 songs, and one lesson from SOME courses. That’s it. No in between. If they ever offer a la cart services, I’d be overjoyed to give it a try. But the ridiculously limited free access and putting 99% of the app behind an expensive subscription makes it an awful app for me.

  31. Dio- chu dice:

    Good app IF you like to waste money. This app is the definition of pay to win except its “pay to learn.” The only thing free users can watch are the intros. There are only 8 lessons and the last one you cant even watch. You may be thinking: The songs are atleast good, right? Wrong. Unless you’d like to play the same 9 songs over and over, then go ahead. You may now be thinking: Im sure its still good. If so, let me put it in a word; No. Either you only watch 7/8 intros, or play the 9 songs.

  32. Sposh dice:

    Simple to use and fun! The formation and layout of the app is wonderful with a good balance of learning sheet music, but having the guide of the videos help you along any tricky parts where looking at the fingerings really help. Haven’t used the app too much yet, but I’m definitely hooked onto how easy it is to get started as well as the process and pace the lessons are going at. Thank you Flowkey!

  33. I’ve been enjoying the app so far, I only really have one complaint. I wish that when you played a note and held it, it continued to show it up top. Sometimes it skips over the first note of a bar and I miss it so I end up starting it over to try and see what the key is better. It’s not a big deal, but it would make learning how to play with both hands simultaneously a little easier.

  34. csman75 dice:

    App continued to interupt asking for a review so here you go. I purchased the one year subscription after a trial of a week because I wanted to get serious about learning piano after putting it off for the decade. In the earliest lessons the app performed well enough, how we after you get a few hours in and it starts looking for you to play more than one note at a time, it stops being able to hear the notes even though it’s detecting them. I’m disappointed I can’t refund

  35. Joshua B dice:

    Awesome app. Helps to refresh my knowledge of notes without special coloring or letters like some other apps, thereby preventing you of gimping yourself when it comes to reading actual sheet music. Im only 4 lessons in so far, spacing is decent. Lots of clicking however. It would be better if you could automatically get rid of the pop-up instructions by playing a note. Im a bit impatient, so I might try branching off from the guided lessons and try to learn an actual piece of classical music.

  36. So far great stuff, but could def use a more modular app experience, say if you wanted to have the staff above the keyboard ( ur eyes automatically are drawn up so better put what is important up top, the notes!! Also, the lessons are good but what if u could modulate the lessons, like transpose them urself to whatever note ud like to begin with, to work on different parts of the staff more quickly. Lastly (for now) the pause and play and buttons are wonky and shouldn’t be in the way of notes.

  37. It’s a great refresher. My only challenge is that the app doesn’t hear my keys; I literally have to place my phone on the speaker portion of a roll up keyboard. Other than that, I’m enjoying the app. Update Oct 27, 2920: There are times I don’t need to place my phone on the speaker. Sometimes my mom’s iPad does better. Thanks for answering my review!

  38. It has been good except for a quick where when I play a note,correctly the app freezes up, then I have to scroll it to get it moving. Also it would be good if there were a different method to start to play, just when I’ve got my hands in position I have to take one off the keyboard to hit play. But I thoroughly enjoy learning with this app otherwise😁

  39. one of the best piano learning apps. you have the music sheet but more important for me is seeing someone play the piece. you’re able to learn finger placement so you dont have to awkwardly fumble and learn bad practices when trying to reach that next note or chord. a few things on my wishlist is if they could add more video game music and movie themes. also maybe a warm up mode to exercise dexterity and muscle memory.

  40. Love this app. I dipped my toes in learning piano when I was a kid, but didn’t get far. As an adult I’ve been able to Lear many of my favorite songs and gone from 0-60 I very little time. Very complete app. Really love the “wait mode” that uses the mic to check whether you’re playing the correct notes.

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