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Learn to play guitar from the most trusted name in music. Fender Play® makes it easy to learn how to play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, and/or ukulele. Our catalog of short guitar lessons allow you to practice whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. This guitar learning app is designed for players of all skill levels, from beginners to more seasoned musicians and from kids to adults.

With Fender Play, you’ll learn guitar from knowledgeable instructors with a robust curriculum packed into bite-sized video lessons. Learn to play hundreds of guitar chords, scales, songs, and riffs at your own pace. Fender Play has an extensive library of songs for you to play, making it the best app to learn to play guitar by trying your hand at songs you love.

How Does Fender Play Work?

• Customize your learning experience. Choose your instrument and learn guitar (acoustic or electric), bass guitar, or ukulele. Then, select your favorite genre — from rock, pop, funk, folk, country, or blues.
• Learn guitar chords and riffs in minutes! Ideal for kids and beginner players, and for helping intermediate level musicians level up.
• Get bite-sized video guitar lessons from our experienced instructors. They break down top songs, showing you chords, riffs and solos for easy guitar learning on the app.
• Play along using chord diagrams and guitar tablature — built right into the app!

Play Songs by Your Favorite Artists

Fender Play helps you to master the chords, techniques and guitar scales to play songs from your favorite artists, including:
• “Running Up That Hill” – Kate Bush
• “Californication” – Red Hot Chili Peppers
• “My Girl ” – Temptations
• “Red” – Taylor Swift
• “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” – Green Day
• “Stay” – Rihanna
• “Master of Puppets” – Metallica
• “Le Freak” – Chic

Fender Play Features

What makes Fender Play the best guitar lesson app? Tons of innovative features designed to help you customize your guitar learning experience at a pace that works for you.

Here are just a few of the features that make it easy to learn guitar with Fender Play:
• Practice Mode. A built-in metronome and tempo control help you learn timing.
• Practice Reminders. Set reminders to prioritize practicing in a way that fits your schedule.
• Streaks. Earn a streak whenever you practice in the app for at least 7 minutes, 3 times per week.
• Backing Tracks. Feel like you’re jamming with a full band, even if you’re practicing alone.
• Chord Challenge. Master chord transitions and improve finger dexterity. Beat your own high score by increasing the speed and tempo of chords from your favorite songs.
• Tone Integration. Tap into amp presets that work with select Fender amps to get the right tone to sound like your favorite artists.
• Collections. Browse through curated collections of songs to learn organized by artist, genre, difficulty and technique.

Get started learning how to play guitar today! Download the Fender Play learning app and get 14 days free. Get 10% off Fender gear (and other added perks) all year long with an Annual Plan or 10% off your next order with a Monthly Plan. Discount only applies to Fender products in the U.S., UK, and Australia.

Get 14 days of unlimited guitar lessons free. Learn more at: http://fendr.co/3EN7ih

Terms of Use: https://www.fender.com/play/pages/terms-of-use
Privacy Policy: https://www.fender.com/play/pages/privacy


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40 comentarios en "Fender Play – Guitar Lessons 2022"

  1. I really love the way the instructors get straight into songs. Nothing creates a feeling of satisfaction like accomplishing a goal and even a simple song on one string is a start. I like the lesson duration and the ability to go back and review as well as compare past progress with current ability. Whenever I feel like I’m not getting it I go back and do a self appraisal and no matter how minor the improvement I can hear and feel the difference, especially after nailing a riff.

  2. So far the app has been great. Some of the lesson seem repetive but they are just reinforcing previous those skills to use in a new way. This is not an easy instrument to learn but learning riffs and pieces of songs along the way provide the motivation and desire to keep moving forward. Plus there are all kinds of other lessons a available to try as your skill level improves.

  3. Best guitar app or website out there for learning guitar. Highly reccomend to beginners. I started out highly doubting that I would ever be able to play even the simplest chord on the guitar, and because of Fender Play, I ended up learning dozens of chords, skills, songs and a lot more. The instructors are amazing, so very kind and helpful even though you are just watching a video of them teaching. Definitely the #1 app for anyone who wants to learn the guitar! Would rate 10 stars if I could!

  4. The app works well enough. The song selection seems to be updated regularly but for some reason when I try to search something, the app will delete a character after I type it. It happens constantly. I try to spell a word and it ends up to be about half the length and not even correct. Searching is a pain and you end up having to slowly type out each word and correct it after it deletes each character typed. Incredibly frustrating. This is the only app that does it as well…

  5. Wow I really wasn’t expecting this much from the app ! The lessons are short and easy enough to practice and challenging enough to get excited about. The instructors give a quick explanation of the exercise, demonstrate the exercise and walk you through it. The next lessons begins with a recap. Definitely the best purchase so far this year! The sheet music on practice mode is a little small to see on your phone a zoom option would be great. Also would maby like a family mode.

  6. The app has a good interface and the lessons are clear and well structured. It is more oriented towards beginners than intermediate players, but there is some content for intermediate players if you really look. I really would like the ability to filter based on “Electric” v. “Acoustic” guitar when looking at songs to learn. I also think only three levels of difficulty for the songs is too limiting (I’d prefer 5).

  7. I really love the app. My daughter & I both use it to learn guitar, bass & ukulele. The content is immediately engaging and keeps me coming back to learn more almost every day. I’d give it a 5/5, but it’s pretty difficult to use practice mode on my phone. It is stuck in portrait so the tabs are too small to see and really difficult to follow. It seems to be an issue for a lot of people and I don’t get why that little item hasn’t been fixed. Outside of that, it’s an awesome app/service.

  8. I have been trying on and off to learn to play guitar for decades. This is the most progress I have ever made. The reminders to practice are subtle, the progression through the lessons present the right amounts of challenge, and the teachers are very skilled players with easy going attitudes. This is a wonderful way to learn to play.

  9. As a beginner, I absolutely love this app! I’ve watched several videos on YouTube and tried to learn and play along with a bunch of different videos from artists and I admit, I got absolutely lost sometimes. With this app,you can always change the tempo of the certain notes, chords, songs you are trying to learn and so much more. I’m only on level 1 now and I think I found what is right for me as far as learning how to play guitar without finding an instructor near me and without an appointment.

  10. T Kers dice:

    This is a good app for beginner’s to intermediate. My one issue is that there are no lyrics included with the songs. The app gives you certain sections of the song, intro, verse, etc., but you have to figure out how to play along with the entire song on your own.

  11. It’s okay. It was nearly worth the $50 per year they were charging. However, they are now charging $150 per year (even for current loyal subscribers), and it’s just not worth that at all. I’ll continue to use the app while my current subscription is active, but there’s no way I’ll be paying triple my current price. There are hundreds of alternatives that are either free or fairly priced. I would recommend against Fender Play at their current pricing.

  12. Ethan dice:

    Fender Tune offers ‘free’ lessons that are almost completely locked down, except for a short video you can watch. There is also only a hand full of songs you can access short videos from at one time. You also can’t preview lessons or browse around without signing up with a card on your account on Fender play. There’s no way to see what they offer, how the lessons are structured, or if it even works for me. Guess I’ll stick to Songsterr and YouTube videos.

  13. Aiden Yan dice:

    It’s a fantastic app overall, and I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone that has the time and money to get an annual subscription, especially because that gives you 10% off ALL Fender gear (guitars, amps, etc.). The only thing that it could do better is have more adaptive lessons to the instrument you are playing. For example, I play an acoustic, and a lot of the rock course pertains to techniques that can only work (as intended) on electric. Other than that, this is the best thing I’ve found.

  14. A very useful app to learn how to play guitar. Lessons are short but informative with practice exercises following lessons. Biggest problem I’ve run into with the app is that camera angles aren’t always the best to show for finger placement on the fret board and without an actual instructor to make any corrections, I’m not sure if I’m starting/reinforcing bad habits or not. However, if you’re like me and don’t have a lot of free time to schedule an hour lesson with an teacher, it works great.

  15. I recently lost my guitar teacher, so I thought I would give this a try, used it for a month, thought I chose the month to month pay plan(ended up doing the year by mistake). But the videos are pretty good if you are brand new, super basic if you have any actual experience. But the main reason I am giving one star, is the videos take forever to load…I tried to skip a head and it took five minutes to load…and then buffered every five seconds…and I have really good internet speeds…so it is basically useless and I am down $80…

  16. New to the ukulele, and it has been very easy to learn. I’ve progressed to level 4 in a couple weeks. I’ve also started the guitar path as well. My only complaint is that during the lessons with longer songs the tab doesnt scroll or move up the screen so I have to stop in the middle of playing and scroll the screen and try to catch up. The practice mode of the song scrolls on it’s own. I also wish you could open the full tab up and have the video audio keep playing, you can’t. Just some ideas 🙂

  17. J.R. dice:

    Simply Incredible! I’m one of those guys who had a guitar, played 1-2x a week, and then threw it in the garage for a decade or longer. Wanted to pick it back up during quarantine, so I looked at a variety of apps. Fender Play is perfect if you are just beginning or know the basic chords, and will help you fine tune your skills and learn new ones. Only a week in and already playing songs and learning new skills I never thought I could do. Highly recommend!

  18. Good in theory. And maybe better on a computer. But terrible as a phone app. Lessons might have a teacher briefly mentioning a new chord. You then have to pause and move over to the chord page to see how to play it. Then they’ll run through a song, but the tabs/notation doesn’t scroll in lesson. So you try to do it in practice mode, but the scroller and metronome don’t line up and don’t stay on tempo. I like the material, but it’s very hard to use on a phone.

  19. I really liked this app at first. You choose what instrument you’re learning and what style of music you want to learn with. There are video lessons by skilled guitarists showing how to play, and practice exercises with a metronome. That’s where my problem comes in. These exercise sections have a slider to indicate where you’re to play notes. That slider does not move steadily with the metronome. It speeds up and slows down. Making it worse than useless, it’s detrimental.

  20. Jon Caine dice:

    As an older beginner, it is intimidating trying to pickup an instrument as difficult as the guitar. 2 years ago, I started learning with the Fender App. Great decision! I have confidence in my ability because of the Fender App and it never gets boring. The app has evolved and continues to add content. It is easy to use and they somehow find ways to improve it all the time. Brilliant!

  21. This app is great for beginners. Not for those who have been playing for a while though. I’m frustrated that each track is basically built on a person who’s never played guitar. What about a person who’s played pop guitar or rock guitar for several years and wants to learn some blues? I found most of the content to be not helpful for myself minus a few things here and there. Seems like everybody out there has tips and tricks for the newbies, but I’d like to be able to start the track from advanc

  22. Tom dice:

    I have tried to play guitar for over 5 years using online courses and YouTube. Each time I gave up frustrated. This app has been a different experience. It has kept me engaged and I am actually learning (and having fun!). Fender’s approach is a welcomed departure from other approaches where you immediately jump into chords. This course creates a foundation and developes muscle memory. I haven’t experienced this elsewhere. So far, so good. Highly recommended. Great instructors too!

  23. While I understand licensing and coming up with the very well produced lessons isn’t cheap, I’m just not finding enough songs to justify the expense. Easily 2/3 of the catalog is from groups I don’t like, or never heard of. The bands I’m interested in usually don’t have more than one song, or the song that’s there is more simplified than I’d like. That said, it looks like an excellent app, with beautifully produced lessons – probably very good for an absolute beginner.

  24. Luke dice:

    As a beginner guitarist I find myself using this app more than any other. The quick lessons and challenges gives me things to practice in the short bursts of free time I have during my busy evenings. One thing i would like to see improved is the size of the tablature. Its difficult to see in the practice sections. Having an option to crank up that font size would be nice for some of use who only have 5″ screens to work with.

  25. I love the app, and I’ve learned a ton from it, but one thing that’s making me hesitate on 5 starts is that when you’re taught a song, the song progression is in a wierd order, and you don’t learn lyrical cues. While, yes, you can just pull the song up on ang media site, but it would be much easier to have the tab there so you can play along without having to leave the app.

  26. I have always wanted to learn how to play a guitar, and this app has been amazing at getting me started! Small bites made it easier to jump in and learn at my own pace. My only complaint is that when it gets into play that scrolls on my phone, my phone screen wasn’t big enough. I bought a Chromebook to accommodate, only to find out the app isn’t compatible with it, and I can’t use it. Please update the app compatibility so it can be used with the Gemini Lake Chromebook!

  27. Overall not great, not terrible. The lessons are short and to the point but not interactive, there is no feedback as to whether you are playing the right notes or on the right beat which is limiting to say the least. Also there is an annoying bug that needs to be fixed, if you click next from a video lesson to a practice section the app closes out and hangs, requiring you to kill and restart the app to recover. Frankly, I expected more from Fender on this. The tuner app is spot on though.

  28. I just picked up the ukulele and this app has been so helpful building my foundations. I like that the lessons are all very short, so I can do as few or as many as I want at a time without having to stop in the middle of anything. There’s a pretty good selection of songs. Some of them have just the metronome and the strumming, but others have a nice musical accompanyment. I wish the practice more had the words on it!!

  29. A good system for beginners with high quality instruction. Broken up into small segments, making for easier progress so that practice and improvement is not so daunting. You still have to put the work in, but it is easier to stay motivated than doing it on your own. Lots of other positives, like a supportive Facebook group and weekly live learning sessions.

  30. Great way to learn guitar virtually! With the pandemic going on I was hesitant to do in person lessons. This is a great alternative. I’ve never picked up a musical instrument before but alway loved music. This app has got me playing something recognizable in a very short time! Still lots to learn, but this keeps me motivated. I do wish they had more / different shots of finger placement though. Especially for people with big fingers like me.

  31. By far the best guitar training course…I’m actually learning how to play!!! As far as the app goes, it would be really nice to allow for more filters, and stack filters. I want the ability to select only “level” 3 songs (difficulty) and also that are Blues songs and that include the current beta mode for testing yourself at the end. Right now you can’t hardly filter. But Fender is improving this stuff almost monthly, so I’m sure they are on it….

  32. I find the instructors annoying, especially the “catch phrases” they seemed to be required to use. There are no real skill tests. Also every single time I go to use the Tabs feature, I cause the app to hang up/refuse to load anything. Will likely end up canceling a few days in. It’s too basic yet without built-in testing tools to make sure you’re learning. I’ll keep looking for something else.

  33. Revisiting this review after about 6 months of using the app. Originally I had it rated at 3 stars because the app would crash or freeze but in the time I’ve been using it those issues have been resolved. As far as the content, it’s been a great tool for learning the guitar. There’s a good balance of skills and songs to learn to keep it interesting and new content is continuously being added. The practice mode is really nice for working on rhythm and getting the feel for the song.

  34. Very well taught lessons. I love how you learn a skill and then get a song that uses that skill at the level you are learning. The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is the interface could be more interactive, such as telling you the chords and notes you get correct and wrong during practice mode. So long as you listen and are honest with yourself this doesn’t hold you back though. I switched from another app because I felt like I got stuck and wasn’t making progress. Great job overall. A-

  35. The content is great for this guitar beginner. However, since the update on 5/24/22 the app keeps rotating to portrait mode no matter how I position my tablet. I contacted support and they suggested I uninstall/reinstall, but I’d already done that. I tried it anyway and still get the same result. Such a basic feature that doesn’t work correctly.

  36. Utterly unusable. This app doesn’t auto scroll, and I still can’t figure out if my phone is supposed to be horizontal or vertical. There are no demarcations for the length of the notes or even rhythm or timing. The app DOES NOT provide any feedback on your playing. It’s just videos. You might as well just look up tabs and YouTube tutorials to play the songs you like, because this isn’t going to make you a better guitarist. I’m sticking with Yousician.

  37. This app is wonderful if you know nothing about music. If you know something it is both arduous and boring. The lessons are short and no basis in learning new songs, old songs, any song. The Tab teaching is lacking and needs some adjustment. It is lacking in teaching anything other than chords. Also music theory is totally absent.

  38. Made it through the first session great until the end. As the last video I was going to watch for the night finished, the app decided to crash. I accidentally clicked the app open and it flashed twice, then said can not connect to path (I believe are the words.) Thinking it was weird I force stopped the app and opened it back to the same issue. Next step was a phone reset because I was determined to fix the issue but got the same result. Opened the app to look for support and ended up at “contact support.” Guess what happened after I started typing up my issue? The app once again crashed. Using an up to date Samsung Galaxy S8 active. Very frustarting.

  39. I am mostly a self-taught player but have had a variety of learning experiences including lessons, camps, videos and tapes,etc. I really have enjoyed the Fender Play series because it provides a solid foundation to becoming an accomplished musician. There are excellent lessons on the fundamentals of how to play your instrument but also basic musical context in which it is played by providing detailed instruction on timing, rhythm and playing with other instruments. It fills in the gaps.

  40. A very easy-to-use tool for beginners with easy learning chord changing exercises as well as follow along songs at every level. The app has you testing your progress… at times you may feel like you’re not getting it but I’m sure when you do test yourself at the end of each level you’re going to feel good about your progress and the comfort to move forward.

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