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Download the number one dictionary app with English language learning tools and word games built for every level of learner.

With more than 2 million trusted definitions and synonyms plus word puzzles, language quizzes, and spelling quizzes, this English dictionary and thesaurus app for Android is optimized with your mobile device in mind to help you learn English or improve your English vocabulary.

Flip to dark mode to give your eyes a break, or stick to the traditional set-up. It even works offline! Install the offline dictionary for access to definitions and synonyms whenever and wherever you need them — no bulky books necessary.

In addition to the trusted reference content from Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com, this education app includes:

Word Puzzle ►Love crossword puzzles and anagrams? You’ll flip for our word puzzle! Unscramble the letters, and cash in your coins for an extra boost. Want more word game fun? Improve your vocabulary with fun spelling quizzes and vocabulary challenges.

Word of the Day ► Learn a new word each day and expand your vocabulary education.

Synonyms ► Get thesaurus content alongside your dictionary definitions.

Audio pronunciations ► Never mispronounce another word.

Voice search ► Find the definitions you’re looking for anywhere, anytime. The app even offers up English spelling help. Not sure how a word is spelled? Say it out loud, and this app will find it for you.

Grammar help ► Get grammar tips, word usage, and more to improve your writing.

Favorite words and search history ► Customize your recently searched word list, and never forget the newest words you’ve learned

Learner’s dictionary ► Includes extra information about word usage for English learners

Get even more from your app with:

– Example Sentences

– Encyclopedia

– Idioms and Phrases

– Science and Rhyming Dictionaries

– Offline Dictionary + Remove ads


Update Now For Fixes to Widgets!
- Having issues with the Word Of The Day widget? No more! This update will get your widget back on track so you can learn a new word every day.


40 comentarios en "Dictionary.com Premium MODDED 2022"

  1. Jack dice:

    Love the app, but the word of the day widget on my home screen has been stuck on the word “Light” for the last 5 days. I tried clearing the app cache, deleting all the app data and finally uninstalled and reinstalled the app. The problem persists. Please look into this as the “Word of the Day” is the primary reason I paid for the premium version. I will gladly update the review once the issue is fixed.

  2. I use the dictionary a lot and have tried several. This is the best. I like saving words I’ve looked up and review them later. Or look up a word and it will show you if you previously looked it up. All of the great functions are only a tab apart. You can even compare words from the thesaurus side by side. Advantages are too many to list but it’s very innovative. One complaint is I wish that the thesaurus were more extensive. Overall, I would give 6 stars if I could.

  3. Vladislav dice:

    Paid for the app a long time ago. They released a new app later on and it’s clunky and buggy now. Here’s one of the more annoying bugs: When you highlight a word in any app while you’re texting for example and use the context menu to look up the highlighted word in this app, it goes to the app no problem, but if you want to go back to the previous app by pressing “back” button it just doesn’t let you go back. You have to force close the app in settings to go back to the app you’ve been using.

  4. Roq B dice:

    UPDATE 9/13/22: A Glitch now locks you into a loop when performing a word lookup from another app; you then have to force both apps closed to exit the loop and return to the original document. ORIGINAL: The Premium Version of this app, had been a vital and awesome tool in the past, but recent changes deplete its quality tremendously. Most annoyingly, Many of the definitions to appear distorted, having the aspect ratio of the photo compressed to the bottom of the frame, in dictionary entries.

  5. I love writing, but with pen and paper. So, when I get stuck I go into this app and type one word that best describes what is needed to be imagined, I’ll first look at the description to make sure I’m on the right path. Then I’ll select THESAURUS and it automatically brings up all words associated with the one I typed in. On top of that, (aka; in addition) it shows you everything, from different phrases to pronunciations and even what rhymes.

  6. Typically, I will click the Word of the Day notification on my phone and read the definition, examples, etc. After this most recent update, the notification doesn’t open the Word of the Day, it redirects to the main landing page, which requires me to click into the content I’m actually here for. I understand there’s a higher chance I’ll click a different button, view more context, more revenue. This feature didn’t need to be changed! So annoyed.

  7. Overall a good experience. There should be an option to hide articles and the like from the main page, since this is a premium app, after all. Another feature that would be nice is a way to organize favorites, like into folders or something. Also desperately needs external links to Wikipedia when there’s no native encyclopedia entry, which is often.

  8. The best dictionary for every day use. I’d be lost without it. It makes suggestions when you don’t know the right spelling; it provides pronunciation help, both phonetic and verbal; it has an easily accessible thesaurus; the word of the day feature is great; it keeps track of your usage and has many other features. I check it even when I have a dictionary nearby. I highly recommend this app. It is worth getting the premium version, also.

  9. After October update, I can no longer get the auduble pronunciation of the words. This is the most important part of the app for me. Without it it’s unusable. Please fix it ASAP. Audio pronunciation for a word still gives an error , “sorry, audio pronunciation is not available for this term.” I have tried it on my other device and it works. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the entire app and it still display the same error message. My device version of android is 4.4.4. Again l, please fix.

  10. None Ya dice:

    This was my favorite dictionary app. So much so I paid for it. But this update is the worst. I don’t care so much for the look, however, I can get beyond that. But worse than that I can barely get the search bar to look up a word. I have to tap and tap continuously until it finally decides to pop up the keyboard. It may take 3-4 taps it may take 7-10. It’s annoying, I’m so disappointed I used this app almost daily.

  11. I absolutely love the app and is head and shoulders “better” than Webster, however, the one MASSIVE issue I have is collecting hundreds of favorites only to have them disappear when you get a new phone because these guys can’t be bothered with making it possible to create a username and password so we can keep out progress on learning vocabulary. I have to keep both apps (this and Webster) so I can keep the words I’ve mastered. This seems like a relatively easy thing to address.

  12. Vonia P. dice:

    I paid for the premium and would have expected near perfection. Also, response in the form of action for my requests. Unfortunately, not so much. Two things. One, the ability to transfer my starred favorite words from device to device. Secondly, it would be great to be able to read the blog entries with proper formatting. They are all written in one block text, including completely irritating interruptions by text advertisements which makes reading them not worth the effort.

  13. The core functions are great, I use the thesaurus all the time and enjoy learning obscure daily words. I’m not thrilled with the articles; out of place, poorly formatted, and with a clear political bias. That last point is what bothers me most, even when the bias hits on things I agree with. I’m sure it’s an attempt to appear trendy, but it’s in really poor taste and not necessary. There are plenty of opportunities for education on language and etymology, no political slant needed (or wanted).

  14. The latest version introduces a new bad UX. If you look up a word from context menu in another app, it first switches to the home screen of the app, then quickly loads a new screen to dislay the word meaning, this causes unnecessary flicking; but the worse issue is that, when you want to get back to the previous app, where you were reading, you need to tap back twice, 1st one gets back to its home screen, 2nd one gets back to the previous app. This is really an annoying UX.

  15. I love the word of the day feature. But the app is a bit large, taking up quite a bit of storage space on my phone so I’ve taken away half of one star for that. It would be nice if they provided the option for other languages, as well, so I’ve taken away half of one star for that. But otherwise is everything you’d expect from a dictionary app with the sanity to look up words but long tapping, etc.

  16. It’s good for finding words and their meanings; however, the articles (Everything After Z) have extremely poor layout (one long paragraph with no formatting or punctuation to distinguish headings from body text makes the reading experience quite difficult at times–NOT WHAT ONE WOULD EXPECT FROM AN AUTHORITY ON USING WORDS). I sent an email to support several months ago, but all I’ve seen is a new problem with Word-of-the-Day. My previously high regard for this app is rapidly diminishing!

  17. Love it. If you love words, you’ll get more value out of this app. I do wish the articles could have paragraphs separated with headings like real blog articles to make them easier to read. Also, sometimes the word of the day on the app is not the same as the one in push notification. Or, if I tap on the one on the app, it brings me to a different one.

  18. Only issue is that many bonus features advertised for premium are mostly unavailable, even when it would make sense. Slang dictionary, which is advertised as part of the premium app, was one of the selling points for me, is not supported by the app. Also, articles are disappointingly political. The app is functional, but i wish the offline dictionary downloaded by default. Thankfully, i bought this for only half the regular price, else, i would be far more disappointed and far less lenient.

  19. Chuck Blu dice:

    having used dictionary premium on many phones I have lost most of my “starred” or “favorited” words. one 🔑 feature I feel is missing is a sign-in or “create account“ option so these words can be moved from phone to phone. other than that, I thoroughly enjoy this app especially the slide shows on the history of words and the creative examples and references that make the true meaning of certain words more easily understood.

  20. Loved this app, especially word of the day… but, for the past few months, I no longer receive the word of the day on my phone, nor my tablet. Ive tried settings, everything is set to receive notifications. Very disappointed now. SIDE NOTE: Yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times to no avail.

  21. H. dice:

    When it works the upgrade is fine – nothing notable and I actually preferred the older build but – I like other users have had issues for the last month or two. When opening, the page never finishes loading and the keyboard is inaccessible, rendering this paid app useless. I see from a previous reply that an update rollout was supposed to address this issue some three weeks ago. Oh well.

  22. Alex dice:

    Something is going on with the app as of late… I’m having a strange issue where the definition/synonym doesn’t load; the title word loads on the top, but a white block fills ⅔’s of the bottom of the screen. This is with “always use offline mode” active if that helps any. Additionally, the “Dictionary/Thesaurus” option underneath the search bar is not usable, unless you’re in the home menu. This problem remained even with “always offline” mode turned off.

  23. I bought the Premium version years ago because I use it so much, especially the thesaurus. So I’m pretty disgusted with the new interface. The color scheme is OBNOXIOUS and distracting. Orange?! I actively dislike looking at this app now. The use of color coded “bubbles” to organize the synonyms reminds me of an old elementary school workbook. I checked Settings, but Appearance options don’t include a neutral color scheme. Change it back – please!

  24. I would’ve given 5 stars but whenever I play the quiz, I am directed to the website version. Then I’m at the mercy of ads that interupt the quiz. That is unfair after I paid for the premium version. I am being deliberately diverted from the app just so I am forced to watch a ton of ads. Sneaky!!! Otherwise I really enjoy the app.

  25. Ray Ochoa dice:

    It is a great dictionary. My favorite thing is the learning section of any word you lookup. it explains in layman’s terms what it means when you use that word! I wish your saved words (stared words) could transfer from device to device. Unfortunately that has not been updated. Once that becomes a feature, then I’ll give it 10 stars 🌟 🤩 ✨

  26. The app has always been horribly slow at bringing up definitions, even with the offline dictionary downloaded. With today’s update it won’t bring up definitions at all, just the word page with definition placeholders. I can click the speaker icon and hear the pronunciation, but the app always crashes before displaying any definitions. I really wish the entire app was offline without all the pointless garbage (“features”). Googling a word is faster and better than this.

  27. Does provide definitions. Doesn’t work very well and especially not with other apps. Every time I open it on my phone and touch the search box, it brings up a list of words, but won’t show the keyboard until I click on the search box in just the right place about 3 or 4 times. The 1 time I tried using it via Chrome on my phone to find a word’s definition in an article I was reading, the app showed the word, BUT WOULDN’T LET ME RETURN TO THE APP I CAME FROM. THAT’S NOT A USABLE PAID APP! FIX IT!

  28. The mobile interface is weak. When you click on a Word Origin article, or other article on the Front page, the article loses all formatting (making it impossible to read the content). Often, the article does not completely load (only see first part of content). Also, when I Share a word to social media, it sometimes shows the wrong word in the post. I like being able to “star” favorite words, and to toggle between Thesaurus & Dictionary – that works fine.

  29. This app is amazing, it’s useful for writing, texting, and reading. There’s also plenty of extra features like: Word of the day, Rhyming words, Idioms, Examples, Simple Explanations for English Learners, TTS that helps you understand how to pronounce a word, as well as the dictionary and thesaurus. I Wish there was a Dark Mode for night though, otherwise the UI is simple and the app is perfect.

  30. I like this app better than others I’ve tried. I’ve set up a “word of the day” notification that I always look forward to in the mornings. The one gripe I have is that daily words are often obscure and out-of-date, as are the word usage examples. I can’t incorporate these words into my vocabulary if they’re not being used in modern day language. So, in the end, they have no applicable use, except as interesting trivia.

  31. Joe Paris dice:

    Every time the app is updated it loses your favorited words rendering the feature useless! The latest update redesigned the interface so that there’s an additional tap to see the word-of-the-day’s definition (tap the notification to open the app, then tap again to see the definition). It’s a DICTIONARY, just show me the definition. I paid for the premium version of the app long ago but will be in installing it now. Very disappointed.

  32. The app is good overall, but lately it has slowed down to a crawl, and started hanging up, and I’m even using the offline dictionary option. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the behavior did not change. I hope an upgrade will fix it, but until then I have to use a different app.

  33. It sometimes doesn’t function properly and doesn’t open any pages. When I click the icon, it tries to load but doesn’t. It could be due to the apps that my S21+ puts to sleep. I do have a strong network connection and tried un-installing and reinstalling the app. Finally, just as I was almost hopeless and wanted to un-install the app, I accidentally touched the icon and it opened. It had happened before and when I uninstalled and reinstalled it, the problem was resolved.

  34. Excellent resource for those concerned with proper speech, spelling, diction, etymology, etc. I DO have the paid version, but certainly worth it; no ads, more functionality. Intuitive to use, but I have to be careful as it is very easy for me to spend more time using it than I intend!

  35. Doesn’t have a true offline mode. You can download the dictionary and set the app to always use the downloaded data but the app will still look for an internet connection and will not work, not even start, if wifi is connected. I fly a lot and it doesn’t work when on airplane wifi. It seems the port used is not open, thus the app won’t start and is useless. Must turn off wifi to get the app to start

  36. Shelli RK dice:

    I’ve been a premium subscriber for a few years now and I’m a little put off by the new “upgrade”. When I go to search for a word I now have to reject the new intrusive request to find a random word. There are already ways in the app to get your random word fix! When I go to the search box stay out of the way and let me proceed! The added and unnecessary COLORsS and Size of linked words is profoundly annoying when the simplistic streamlined format was perfectly fine and expected. It’s a game!🧐

  37. Great app I have never really had a desire to do any type of word study until purchasing this dictionary I was always content with just looking up a word to ascertain its definition then be done. However this application allows for some rather in depth rabbit trails that I find interesting and rewarding. I think the layout and presentation are very well done. Definitely worth the modest price to unlock all the features

  38. Well… I’ve used this app for years… can’t recall how many, and was ALWAYS happy. BUT NOW? NOPE. I CAN get over “bugs” in an update or “quirks” in an interface function. What I CANNOT accept is the “DUMBING DOWN” of the data that is returned after searching the THESAURUS, and the “WORD NOT FOUND” frequent result when using the DICTIONARY. SERIOUSLY!!! These kind of apps are about WORDS, and you appear to have ELIMINATED 3/4ths of THEM at least! I’m going to have to jump ship on this.

  39. Less, to me, would be more The app works well and had a low error or bug rate. But they keep trying to make it a whole website with more and more material shoved in, unrequested. The ONLY feature that can be turned off in setting is the single feature they started with. Next, they added a half dozen articles of new, youthful, trendy, NONSENSE that cannot be blocked! Guys, when I want to read, I find my own book! Stop abusing my phone, or I’ll remove!

  40. It is a decent dictionary but definitely not worth paying for: app won’t do something as basic as rotate the screen to landscape view, nor does it allow speech so brush up on your typing skills, the paid version still has ads plus it pushes a pesky word-of-the-day, etc. The free app, English 4.2 beats it hands down.

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