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Fun car racing games, track building & monster trucks for boys & kids 5-13
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Buckle up! Get ready to race around Hot Wheels™ Islands! We’re all about awesome cars, monster trucks, fun racing games, crazy challenges, and building the coolest race tracks around. Head on over to Hot Wheels™ City to test your skills with fun puzzle or car racing challenges. Race solo or compete against friends! Start your engines, this is going to be an awesome ride!

An awesome free car and monster truck racing game for boys and kids 5-13. Parents and other family members can play along too!
BUILD – Fuel your imagination with the best Hot Wheels™ Track Builder on mobile! Bring to life the craziest stunt courses full of loops, jumps, boosters and epic ramps. Dare to make your racetracks full of monstrous Nemeses? Clash with the Gorilla’s stomp or Shark’s chomp! These creatures are sure to add a twist to your tracks! Ready, set, build!

RACE – Race your own mega-tracks! Racing with cars and monster trucks is super fun and easy: use your finger to steer and drift along the racetrack! Take on epic stunts, daring jumps and twisted loops. Want more speed? Smash that Boost button to go full throttle in the most epic of racing games.

CHALLENGE – Test your skills with a truck-load of awesome challenges! If you prefer fast driving and drifting, racing challenges are made for you. Then it’s simple: win a challenge to get a Red Wheel! Collect enough of them to unlock a rad new car or Monster Truck and cool track pieces.

COLLECT – Build your collection of legendary Hot Wheels™, like Rodger Dodger™, Bone Shaker™, Night Shifter™ or spectacular Monster Trucks. You can collect them all in the ultimate garage!

COMPETE – Feel the need to show off your daring new track? Start your engines to drift and race against your friends in the 2-player multiplayer mode.

POWER UPS – Competition is fierce on the racetracks as you face off against 5 rivals! There are cool power ups: leave sticky oil on the track for your rivals, shield yourself against attacks, or get a boost with a rocket!

Go bigger, better & faster with Hot Wheels Unlimited™! Fun and free arcade style car racing games for boys and girls and kids of all ages. Play with Monster trucks, karts, drag racers, muscle cars & more!

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**Epic Valentines Day tracks update!**
Race in over a hundred exclusive World and Seasonal Tracks
I bet you've got some great ideas for tracks, why don't you show them off?
Choose a Car and let's race!


40 comentarios en "Hot Wheels Unlimited FULL"

  1. This game is unlimited fun! There are all sorts of fun stuff to do, like challenge’s and building tracks. The ultimate pass is awesome but you have to spend money every month to keep it. I’ve unlocked at least one of every car, and have really cool tracks and love this game. I totally recommend it.

  2. I changed my mind about this game, it gets 5 stars Instead of one. But can you update the game? The reason why is when I to paint the terrain, if I take too long in the terrain part, the game softlocks. The only way to fix this if I restart the game entirely, which makes me lose my progress on a track without saving. Can you fix this issue, or update the game entirely please? Thanks.

  3. I wish it was like it used to be but they changed and I don’t think it’s for the better I mean you’ve lost me and so many other people the old game was a simple game but fun. There was 100s of cars and you upgraded your car to get the next one and every level got harder and harder but it was just a straight track and you would be looking at it from the side. There were 100s of levels and it never got old I mean I would finish the game after a month or two and then delete it and re download it

  4. Scipo049 dice:

    As others have said, the game is basically a free trial for a subscription service. You can only get 3 wheels a day, and the second car you can get costs 6. You don’t get to pick the car you want to unlock. The only thing you can do when you finish the 3 challenges for wheels a day, is make tracks and then race on your own tracks. Steering feels great once you’re used to it, but the normal speed is horribly slow and there’s no way to accelerate, just boost. Which makes steering impossible.

  5. My first experience with this game was incredible. But there are issues I wish to point out to all of you so you know why I gave this game a three star. Pros: * You are able to build your own track, design the terrain, and use one of the (not kidding) hundreds of cars to test. * The tracks are beautiful works. Cons: * They are shoving the ptp (pay to play) content in your face right out the get go. * The track pieces you want maybe locked down and have a random chance just to get them from a box

  6. Not your best work. The game itself is pretty good. It has a TON of cars, 1000s of track possiblitiys, and awesome stunts. The controls are kinda strange and kinda finicky. They are hard to get the hang of. And don’t get me started on the gameplay. It’s just so slow! The only time you feel like you are going fast is when you get a boost, but the boost isn’t even good! It’s very sudden and laggy. It’s very underwelming and not very fun. I would play this game if you fixed those issues.

  7. I LOVE THIS GAME! Hot Wheels Unlimited is an excellent game for fans of the IP! Cars are Fan Favorites! Graphics are really good for a mobile game! Track building is insanely fun! Controls are good and responsive! And all the challenges are insanely fun! My only gripes are that the best things are locked in the Ultimate Pass, framerate drops at times, and I wish that the game had a story mode with all the cheesiness and fun of NFS Underground! My final verdict is a 9/10! I highly recommend it!

  8. The game is fun. I would like the ability to race others head to head, rather than computer players. My biggest complaint is that I paid for the Ultimate Pass, but I am not always able to access the 6 challenges. It already seemed a bit expensive for 3 extra challenges a day, but I’m not even getting that!

  9. My experience in this game is excellent. In this game you can work for your cars by going to hot wheels city and either race ona track or figure how to fix a track. You then race in it and get a red wheel 3X and then you get your car or stunt. The only bad thing is that you need an ultimate pass for basically everything. For example the stunts you get without the unlimited pass a plain and the ones with the unlimited pass makes you feel like you have hot wheel things so hot wheels,change.

  10. Kelly G dice:

    Great easy game from 4+ I’d say. You earn cars and not many ads. Question for creators: can you win the monster trucks? Would be nice to have the option to buy individual cars rather than pay monthly for the special ones.

  11. I love this game and I even used to play this but I didn’t use it again until today! I looked and saw the game! I was excited, so I got it. A few suggestions: can you pls add the old tracks and keep the new ones? And add the stuff that was on the ultimate pass? Those are my suggestions. And I LOVE THIS GAAAMMME🤩🤩🤤🤤😃😀😄😁😆

  12. It says not all permissions are enabled but it hasn’t requested me any permissions so I can’t enable any I don’t know what to do about it can you make use of this game will request me the permission because it won’t let me change it unless it requests me I need the storage it’s not letting me enable it though because it’s not requesting me that permission

  13. It’s amazingly cool! The ads are showing other games that made for budge and it can be skipped quickly! I do have some updates 1) if you have ultimate pass your custom island expands 2) update the ultimate pass logo But still it’s unlimited cool

  14. It’s a very cool game. So happy to see a game like this one. I love it playing. No negative reviews but you all should atleast give some more cars .still happy.😊☺️

  15. I really love this game…before the updated version I really want to have the 2 player race and going to other people’s tracks again without paying and now its kinda rigged I want the old version back again.

  16. It is a cool game but one problem is there they should take out hotweels unlimited pass then we can play they take out hotweels unlimited pass then.I can give you 5.0 star ratings and everyone can play wold cup but it is a nice app/game. I think 💬 so. But I like these game/app

  17. My child loves this game but there is no way im paying £5 a month for him to access everything. I rather pay an fee for the app. £5 is an absolute rip off!!!

  18. Greg J dice:

    So fun I played it for hours without sleeping and I made so many tracks .I love all the funny name choices that you get after you make a I give it a 10/10 awesome game

  19. Ron Luna dice:

    This Hot Wheels game is a puzzle and racing game. It contains video ads of other Budge Studios games. In-app purchases are needed to play other tracks. This app can be played offline.

  20. Update: if you have an Android you will lose all your progress if you switch phones. There’s apparently no way to save and transfer all the cars you may have earned. Thankful I didn’t waste money on a subscription to then have nothing to show for it. Stupid app My son loved it but no longer can play without paying every month. Game isn’t worth that. Can’t play world made tracks or even your own tracks anymore**. You can play 1 or 2 “tasks” for the day. We found RaceCraft instead.

  21. AMAZING but a track you should add for ultimate pass is the whirlpool. Spin around and around and go all the way down!

  22. Play to win money laundering I don’t like this hot wheels everything is up premium level mean everything little things afreen I don’t like this car give it to me free I like this car premium up level the game is trash control is heart

  23. This game is great I like it the only problem is that when a add comes I press the skip button but it does not work and by the way can you add a new car in the game?

  24. Very disappointing £5 a month for children to play. A one off purchase would get this 5* but the fact 99% of the game is behind a monthly pay wall

  25. No way of saving game progress so when game is deleted/ you have a new device then game play doesnt appear to be retrieved. Gutted.

  26. WTH Ok I understand games have adds, but when clicking the ” x ” in the corner does nothing and the only way out is to restart the app, then they have gone too far with app adds. I tried 3 times restarting thinking it a glitch. But nope. Every $#%* time.

  27. lachine89 dice:

    Should be called hot wheels extremely LIMITED, unless you want to pay every month. Game has potential but not worth what they are asking

  28. The best game especially for hot wheels and the best part it is personally designed to experience hot wheels cars more often even though you can unlock more cars and even make your own track and share it online the cars names are very unique also so for me it is very good game for hot wheels it is a unique style of teaching hot wheels cars

  29. When I downloaded this game I thought that it would be pretty good but when I opened it, there was just nothing it was blank I waited for almost a half and hour it was just not working. So just fix this bug ,I am very offended and most of the people would also be offended if it keeps going on like this So please fix this bug!.

  30. Really awesome! I could play all day. Once I unlocked all the cars and track pieces, I’ll create my ultimate track! Edit: Can you add new cars to the game? Could use some more fun! My Car Ideas: Flash Drive, Turbot, Chicane, Dune Crusher and 5 Alarm Monster Truck (Ultimate Pass)

  31. Nice game but you also have to buy the ultimate pass If I were to rate it from 1 to 10 I would have to say an 8

  32. I love the game just don’t put the build track on it love it great idea

  33. M Khan dice:

    There isn’t a zero star option otherwise I would have selected it. This game is childish, immature and completely waste of time. The tutorial childish boy voice is so annoying that it makes your brain burst. Track making is so annoying and racing itself is so laggy, unreal and lacking technical aspects. Overall my advice is don’t download this game

  34. This app is very good. The puzzles are easy at first, but became harder over time. As for the race, racing against five cars altogether was quite a challenge. Still miss the old version when you could use the boost without having to pick a power up. To improve, the power ups should remain there, execpt for the boost. It should be the same as last time. Also, please make the number of challenges a day unlimited. (Because it’s called Hot Wheels Unlimited.) Other than these, everything’s fine.

  35. Not a bad game. The driving is a bit iffy. Cars trundle slowly around the track until you boost, then become lightning speed for a few seconds before dropping back to a snail’s pace. However, the concept is fun and track building adds something extra. The entire thing is spoiled though by the majority of the game being behind a subscription. I’d have paid a one-off purchase for it, but no way am I subscribing to yet another game, especially when it’s still limited to 6 races a day.

  36. The thing i face it takes so much time to load… I have been waiting for at least more than 15 just shows white screen and I cant get to know if the game is loading or notAnd how can I see that this game is really fun or not…. Such a worst programming, I hope you can check this problem and correct, so other people cannot go through like me how I had…. Please correct this problem.. And at last I got to know that this game will be worst😤😤😠

  37. Its fun but annoying, i always get the shields which literally are useless (pls remove shields) and NPCs mostly dont get shields. Also it would take like 5 years to complete the game playing it every day without premium pass so why is it £4.99 a month. Make premium up to £10.00 single pay and i MIGHT get it and rate this game 4 stars.

  38. I’m tired of going slow and yes the cars are slow please fix that and make the cars in this game faster than ever before

  39. Its all right but only 3 missions cant get me through a whole day and you have to pay for 3 more please add more missions for the ones who dont wanna pay cash its unfair

  40. Nuha Awad dice:

    This game is nice and cool but the part where it annoys me is when you complete the puzzle and then when you press the racing button it take so LONG so could you please fix it but I am not saying that it is a bad game it is a great game but the problem is the loading

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