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– Overview –

Find captivating stories on Bilibili Comics, an inclusive comics/manga/manhua/manhwa community by the fans, for the fans.

Bilibili Comics is a great online webtoons reader among all reading apps. APP could be downloaded for free with some paid content, which could be read for free by waiting for a certain period of time. Romance, Yaoi, Fantasy, bl, and other series are in their original clarity, including
Heaven Official’s Blessing
Baili Jin Among Mortals
Demon Apartment

– Our Advantages –

Dive into over 300 original anime comics localized by professional translators and have a terrific reading experience with beautifully crafted HD art.

Download high-quality comic from the app and read offline.

Bilibili Comics encourages fan involvement. In this pocket world, credit is given to all contributors, including authors and artists.

Jump into Bilibili Comics today to catch up on the raw comics with guaranteed update speeds and never miss any episode.

As PC, H5, and App are all available, this webtoon reading app could go mobile so users could read webcomics any time, anywhere.

Our website:

– Why the app was created –

There was hardly any comic reader, reading apps or webtoons for book walker to read online. People used to read comixology books. However, many of them still are chan novel and crunchyroll manga readers. People read scriptures of icomics around the world.

Some one said their favorite stories are dc universe and marvel, which made teens so crush on kakalot, tachiyomi. DC universe series were commonly appeared books in children’s hands.

Over years, webcomics, webnovels, crunchy roll have become more common. People called those reading apps or online comic books web toon. A manga storm swept the world.

Like many people dreamed before, manga apps and websites appeared. Many platforms , including Mangadex, Mangago, Mangatoon , Acfun, pocket comics, web comics, ridibooks, wecomics provided free comics.

Blibli bli Comics were born.

With Bili bili Comics, book readers may jump into this pocket world as the entertainers. Some prefer content about romance, bl and love stories, others prefer wuxiaworld.

Similar with webcomic, tappas, tappy toon, webcomics, tapas, tappytoon, renta, chan, pixton, webtoon, Bili bli Comics offered different genres of comics. Adult and teenager books, comedy or action, lofter or wuxiaworld, bookwalker can find numerous free online books.

Bookwalker can discuss the latest episode, finding contents on lofter or weibo freely. They can also get free animated stickers and download free anime from the anime book.

Many translator teams work on the translation for icomics and animation. Unlike Manganelo, Manganat, Acfun, blibli Comic have the legal access.

No matter you like weibo, lofter, wuxiaworld, tapa, or you are anime fanz, you can enjoy bili bli.

Welcome to Bilibili Comics, the fantasy world!


- Minor bug fixes


4 comentarios en "BILIBILI COMICS – Read Comics MODDED"

  1. Isadoesgacha dice:

    It is so fun reading these story’s and seeing the art that people create, and being able to see relationships from different perspectives! One thing I dislike is that I can’t find the “continue reading” section😪. Over all a good app though, it is very easy to use as well.

  2. Jieun Kim dice:

    I do like the wide variety of series to read that have good translations compared to another app where I read a lot of manhuas. The tier waiting system is odd, but I can see how it’s nice from a free to read standpoint, it’s not bad? The dress up feature glitches too often and the only fix (for me) is uninstall/install again. They say they’ll contact you later if you submit feedback, but I’ve never heard back. I think it would be nice if likes and replies to comments can be separated in notifs.

  3. Brian Kim dice:

    Was okay, but not being developed correctly. Can’t hide the inane comments, in fact, they autoshow them at the end now. The genre filter doesn’t work, and it constantly shows you genres you blocked. Also, they don’t pay attention to anything you report. For instance, Absolute Vision has been missing 8 chapters for a while now, and all they do is keep adding new ones while ignoring the many missing chapters. Plus, the dress up doll and items are a waste of time & space, and don’t work.

  4. Abegaile Lietz dice:

    Just started using it today, absolutely love it so far. The books all seem interesting and unique and the avatar system is super exciting to explore as someone who grew up reading the dating sims with avatars. My only complaint is that I’ve been trying to mess around and dress up my avatar, and when I try to change her outfit, the app just loads and loads. I have to restart it and even then it doesn’t change anything but the background decorations and head accessories. Other than that, love it!

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