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We curate the highest quality content and bring them to you everyday (5:00am PST/ 6:00am PDT). Come back every day for something new, 365 days a year.

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We bring you exclusive titles from top talent in the webtoon industry!
We have something for absolutely anybody – from office workers to students. Experience the hottest new titles from the giants to crazy, new ideas from the up-and-coming writers and artists. Only on Lezhin!

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We provide free content everyday. Whether you’re into romance, horror, action, or even something queer, come back everyday to check what we’re offering for free.

## Genres Galore – BL, GL, Gore, Mystery, Martial Arts, and Many More
For hardcore comic fans and new readers alike, we are the only premium webtoon service with every genre imaginable – even BL, GL, and gore for comic maniacs!

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40 comentarios en "Lezhin Comics – Daily Releases 2022"

  1. Esmi S dice:

    My go to reading app! It’s honestly the best, coins can be expensive but they give you lots of sales and you can use the points you rack up to buy coins cheaper! There were literally so many sales these past few months that I have a ton of coins, which makes me happy. I do wish there was a way to categorize the stories I’ve already read, instead of have to scroll threw all the ones I’ve subscribed to.

  2. Yo, I’m having trouble with the free coins thing. I follow the instructions, get the app, complete the steps, and then I never get my coins. This has happened with almost every game. I’ve filed reports on it in the app, but they keep denying me, and one even waited for the expiration date on the offer to pass so they can deny me it because time ran out. I just want to read the GLs, but I can’t anything without coins! THATS ONLY TWELVE COMICS BY THE WAY and I can’t even read them.

  3. The first episode is free, every one after that is 3 coins. Not so bad, except I need around 150 coins to unlock the full series and, checking the cost of coins, 130 of them are $30. I’ve spent more than $15 less on physical, newly-released books, to think I’d have to spend $35 in total on one story? It’s ridiculous. Either implement a viable ad system that doesn’t require you to charge extortionate amounts or expect to never gain more than a few users. Damn shame.

  4. The coin process is a bit confusing and the only way to get a good amount of coins would be to play games or buy things online consistently. It’s troublesome and tiring for the most part. I can’t really enjoy the experience of reading some of my favorite comics without needing more coins. Plus, the comics that become free with time are kinda boring to say the least. Otherwise the app is pretty enjoyable.

  5. It has amazing comics & all different kinds of genres! But what’s the point of that if you can only read two episode of a comic without paying coins. Some of them update daily, but after a while it all of a sudden stops doing that & goes back to being locked. If it did the thing webtoon does (update once a week, but if you want to get it earlier you pay coins), if it did that it would honestly be a bit better than webtoon.

  6. Kara dice:

    Love this app, it’s got a great selection of wonderful stories. Just about everything works well and is easy to use. The only drawbacks are you can’t search new rated R stories in the app even though I’ve changed my settings, I can only search them on the website which is inconvenient. Also the points are pretty worthless, they barely give a discount at all.

  7. Becca dice:

    I really like the comics that are offered. My problem is the fact that it just costs too much to read. The free coin zone also just takes too much time with little reward at the end. Also, the points should be redeemed for coins instead of just getting discounts. My feedback to you is to make comics timed like the ones on the website. You can expand the waiting period to a week. Basically, use the same system as Webtoon. This way the people who can’t afford to buy the coins can read.

  8. Honestly it’s a cool game, I just don’t like the whole coin system, but that might just be me. I get that there’s ways to get more coins through doing one of the apps you list, but I would’ve expected a way to use the points to “pay” for coins instead of just being a discount on it. Other than that it’s a really awesome app with good stories to read

  9. I really enjoy the app! It has great stories and it’s really easy to use! My only problem is that I wish there was more ways to unlock episodes instead of coins like watch a ad get a certain amount of coins or share to a friend or even like a minigame section! I just think it could make it more memorable to come back to as well! Like “Hey, I should go on that really cool app to read my comic,I can’t wait to play *Insert game name*!”,You know?Just a thought…but otherwise,10/10! 100% 5 stars! 🙂

  10. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I’d rather have ads shamelessly plastered all over the app than this horrible and sketchy Tapjoy thing just to get a few “free” coins. It makes me feel like my phone is going to catch a virus. Plus, the payment system seems kind of weird and bit pricey for my tastes. I know it’s to pay the comic artists, but at least put up ads or something to help discount the coin prices. If i gotta pay, I want to feel like I’m not.

  11. jumpscare dice:

    This is app is really great with interesting comics but the reason why I gave 4 stars was because of the coins. I don’t have any coins to purchase the full story or parts of the story and another thing I dislike is that you have to download apps just to get coins which I don’t want any other apps that takes storage on my device. I hope you can make all stories for free because it’s very interesting!

  12. 50 shot dice:

    Saw an ad for a comic, thought it looked interesting, figured I’d check it out. I get into it and I can’t read any further than the second chapter. Alright, that’s cool, I’ll come back tomorrow when the next one unlocks… except it doesn’t. Only select comics have daily progression, everything else has to be bought with coins, which either have to be purchased with tangible funds or earned in the unreliable and frankly rather broken free coins system. All in all not a very good deal

  13. I really like it! The layout is very pleasant, and the plots are more realistic and interesting than many other apps that I have previously used. Not to mention, the icon is adorable! The coin system makes enough sense, and I definitley have no problem waiting for the new chapters to release. However, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of stories overall. Even so, I do understand that you need to get the rights for them first, and there’s enough rn, so i’m okay with it! Great app👍 I reccomend it.

  14. You should add more free episodes instead of using coins. Some people who have a lot of money to buy coins. I’ve only have an app for a week but I’ve seen more stuff you have to buy instead of free. They should be a button where you can get coins for free by watching ads or something. Instead of downloading and getting to level 3 ,5 ,6 etc (it never works for me) we should be able to do something else. Besides that I like it. I spend more time on here than webtoon.👍💕

  15. I love the comics! I love the format too! I love everything except how u get coins. i think it should be watching video ads for like 10 coins instead of downloading stuff. almost all the apps I’ve had that has that, it didt give me ANYTHING. the app cannot even figure out how far I’ve gotten into the game or app to give u the coins. that’s my only complaint.

  16. Ridiculous. First off, the ads. I think the whole idea is great; review ad sites and get coins in return. However, do you really think people will buy things in ads for coins when they can just buy coins? The whole system needs better maintainence. Today I was trying to review a car insurance ad, but it kept taking me to a college savings ad. Why not just have us watch an ad video to unlock an episode? Unfortunately the word limit wont let me say much more, but this app is a pain to use.

  17. The comics are absolutely amazing. But, the coin system really makes it difficult to be able to read the next episode when 1. you have to buy the coins yourself, 2. younger generations don’t have the advantage of buying the coins, 3. makes it really annoying going to the struggle of getting free coins, and it just doesn’t feel the same as the webtoon app as being able to read ANY comic for free and at least waiting for a week for the next episode, plus being able to support the creators.

  18. A lot of offers in the “free coin” section are misleading and sometimes don’t work. I find it really frustrating, because I spend time and give my personal information so they can market to me, but then don’t get anything for the comics I want to read. It is also a little annoying how it gives coins specifically for certain comics but shows those coins in one section so I dont know how many I actually have. Other than that it is a great app 4/5 stars

  19. You’re better off reading from webtoon. I don’t like the idea of paying just to read a few pages and spending like $50-$100 to read and entire series, and if you don’t like anything then you just wasted money. I know webtoon implemented a coin system but the coins aren’t required, and you could just wait a week for the next page. It’s really sad, because there’s so many comics I love like appetite. I also had like 30 free coins but it wouldn’t let me buy any comic and then they just disappeared.

  20. Great comics. I downloaded the app when I saw an add for a comic I was interested in. You can only unlock chapters by using coins which you can only buy in honestly expensive bundles. The “free” coin system has never worked for me and after having to download multiple useless and crappy games and reaching certain levels I have nothing to show for it. Good comics bogged down by a long drawn out convoluted system trying to pull as much money as it can from you.

  21. Jae dice:

    I really enjoy the variety of webtoons available in this app. It took me a while to figure out the layout, but the app works fairly well and is stable. I wish that there was some support within the app to switch between the English version and the Korean version of webcomics. Right now it seems that each version is considered separate from each other, so it looks like the Korean versions must be purchased separately from the English versions of the same comic. I’d like to access all languages.

  22. I like the app and it’s format. It has good stories and the art in the ones I’m reading are stunning. The issue is this: Your email and coin collection. First, if you really want to read a story, you need to make an account with the app. Thankfully, you can delete it yourself if you ever want to. But I almost uninstalled the app just because of that. Next, coin collection. It’s not easy. They have these surveys you can do, but there garbage. If you don’t get it right, you don’t get your coins.

  23. The comics are really good. But the coins are way too expensive. Also, the point system is pointless. Why get points for buying coins if I still have to spend money to use the points? This should be more affordable or have ads. I would even consider a monthly subscription that allows readers to read unlimited comics.

  24. I don’t mind paying for the comics, I understand everything that comes along with that and honestly, I’d rather pay for them than have to deal with ads all the time. My biggest problem is that the current interface makes it impossible to know where you left off in a comic, or to even attempt to do the Wait Until Free function on some comics. The old interface, the one that worked much like the actual website, was WAY better.

  25. cimannon dice:

    Been a few month with the app. Developers have made it so that accumulating points is easier and they now charge $6 for 24 coins. The window to claim free coins (1-2 per week) is still pretty small. Discounts mainly apply to large coin bundles, which are $30 and up. Can no longer make purchases because payment now requires cards to be enrolled in 3D-Secure. No alternative payment options (paypal, google wallet, etc.) are offered

  26. This is a great app. It has amazing comics. I only rate this a 3 star because I dont like how you have to “purchase” the next episode. To get these coins you need to play an app and get to a level, do so many rounds, ect. I would rather have an ad after every episode. Than be forced to get an app.

  27. This app has lots of good things to read but I honestly hate it! It takes forever to get one coin and by the time you get another one the first one has expired and the points are pointless! Even if you use your points you still have to pay for coins. This app is really frustrating and annoying. I would suggest not downloading it.

  28. I liked the comic I started reading, the art was excellent. I don’t understand why the app needs permission over my calls, there is no reason a comic app would need to know if Im on the phone. From what I was able to achieve without turning on the permission it seems like a good app. If the permission could be explained or demolished I would definitely download again.

  29. Pang Thao dice:

    It’s good but I really really really hate trying to find something new read. I can’t even look at the whole selection since everthing is rank based and I’m not even sure if that’s all the comics in that category that’s allowed on the app. Honestly I would love to see a update on the way things are cataloged. Or at least an a to z option.

  30. L Vang dice:

    The comics are amazing!. There are some free to read comics, some are pay to read further. Which i totally understand (-hopefully- to pay authors and for advertising,) I think the check in should be changed to coins instead of points, that way those who arent able to purchase coins will have some way to read the comics (besides the free coin zone). Ive built up a ton of points from purchasing coins, but dont use them. Personally, i dont think theyre useful? Overall, the app is easy to use 😀

  31. I see ads for this all the time and i get interested but the only thing is it costs money to read, if you wanted money for reading comics then this app shouldnt have been free, it’d be great if you had easier ways to get comics without having to pay money. I also feel as if you should add a “Daily Coin” collecting thing, so you dont have to pay, or go to the free coin section and daily collect your coins, as your streak proceeds, you get more, if you miss, it restarts, simple.

  32. This is an amazing app! Everyones stories are so creative, but one thing that bothers me is that it is SO hard to get coins. I don’t want to spend any of my money on this app and it is really hard to get coins. And to unlock all chapters in a story I want to read will take 108 coins! It would probably take me around a few years to make that sort of money! I honestly hope the coin system would be easier or instead of just points and bonus coins, we can get like 2 coins some days or something.

  33. On the website, I have 49 subscriptions, but on the app it only has 11. And when I search for the missing comics, it says that they’re not found. So I don’t get updated for those missing comics on the app. The whole reason I wanted the app was so I could be notified about my subscriptions, but it’s not worth it if I don’t get notified for or can even find/read 3/4 of them.

  34. This is a great app for comics but when it comes to having to pay the 3 coins it’s hard. First, I don’t have enough money to pay. Second, when I try to get free coins I don’t wanna have to get another app and play it for like a day just to get like 5 or so coins. I feel that it should also be the option of where we are able to watch a video instead if possible to get the coins . Other than that keep up the good work.

  35. I’m having trouble with the customer service tickets I put in 1 over a week ago about $30 worth of coins that didn’t show up into my account and they have still not responded. All I want it’s the coins otherwise this app is great and they have great pricing for the coins!!! Edit update: they finally reached out and made amends 😁 hopefully this tiny glitch gets fixed soon!! Like I said I love this app!!

  36. Had a Lezhin account for a while and had only had it on my computer and having the app seemed like it would be more convenient until I realized that the selection was severely cut short and a lot of my point and coins were not counted. My library also seemingly vanished. 3/10

  37. I like the app but it should add security policy so people can’t take screenshots as they please and share them illegally Edit: okay they finally did it thank God but the app keeps bugged when I want to open it, and the app doesn’t work great compare to the website. I really don’t like when people here commented: too expensive it’s really annoying, like, it’s their job!!!

  38. R. M.S. dice:

    I love this app & the large variety but after not logging in for a while I discovered that everything costs so much more than to read than before. I really can’t afford to spend so much money reading all the comics in my library. You guys really need to come up with some ways for us to either read more by discounting mass chapter purchases, lowering prices a bit or ways for us to earn free reads by doing daily tasks or watching special ads. I’m sad that I have to look elsewhere to read my favs.

  39. It’s not even opening. It keep saying that I have internet issue and try again. When it’s perfectly fine. I even tried uninstalling and downloading again. But no use.

  40. xie ren dice:

    I’m not able to read one of the comic that I want to read , after installing 3,4 apps i decided to install lezin , but here also I’m not able to view, it’s showing notification like to use mobile network or something, so much stupidity, it’s Smyrna and Capri

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