Wholesome Cats MODDED 2022


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Cute, kind RPG: Explore, befriend, then collect loving cats!
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(^・ω・^) ノ Befriend and collect cute cats as you explore an island of kind-hearted kitties! ♡

Collect and upgrade over 50 kinds of cats such as royal cats, magic cats, delicious food cats, nature-loving cats, grumpy cats, thicc cats, and more!
Send them out on an adventure to battle or befriend the good cats of Half Moon Island!
Can you discover the secrets of this cat island and restore harmony to catkind?

♡ Features (^・ﻌ・^✿)ノ
✧ Wholesome memes and one (1) smol borker
✧ Explore woods, city, space, and more
✧ Cat sounds and 8bit music and sound effects
✧ Mobile and web game available on iOS, Android, and Facebook Messenger

Play this adorable free RPG offline, anywhere, today ✧(^-ꞈ-^)

♡ Technical Support
* Want to play game on other device? Click the person icon on bottom right, create an account, logout of account, then login to account on your other device.

Any other questions/problems?
Email [email protected] and Business Cat will get back to you~

♡ By Angela He
Wholesome Cats Github: https://github.com/zephyo/Wholesome-Cats
Facebook: https://facebook.com/zephybite
Tumblr: http://zephyo.tumblr.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/zephybite
Thanks to Cityfires for the awesome music and Patrick Fay for programming help.


Release! Happy playing~


4 comentarios en "Wholesome Cats MODDED 2022"

  1. froggy goblin man dice:

    I love this game and the developer, the design is adorable yet the battles and game play it’s self is so frustrating, which is unfortunate since I believe this game has a lot of potential. A lot of the encounters you make are so hard to beat, most times your hits don’t count and the opponent wins, the characters seem to bump into eachother making in impossible for your players to damage the opponents health. An over all great concept, adorable design, yet not so great functions.

  2. Mel M dice:

    can you please add “Are you sure you want to purchase (ITEM)?” I spent 8 COINS!!! on more storage for cats by mistake. Please add it so people don’t waste coins. It’s gonna take me forever to get more…! And I don’t see why it’s so many ads for a coin. Edit: Also, 90% of the time when I use a cat with something to throw it misses… I try to level up but still no.

  3. Ghost Li dice:

    Very cute, awesome art style. But as others have stated, the gameplay itself is very difficult to enjoy. Cats get in the way of each other, sometimes it takes tapping many times on an enemy cat to make the attack happen (which isn’t often that it actually goes through anyway), and I think the “Flee” button should have a confirmation pop-up as I’ve left a battle many times due to the frantic tapping you need to do. I’ll try my hardest to finish because it looks like it has an actual plot.

  4. Fred dice:

    This graphics are incredible and cute. The backgrounds, the cats, the dialogue… It’s great! But the gameplay is lack luster and unpolished. If an opponent has a ranged attack, it’s pure luck if you win. It never feels like it registers when you aim/select an opponent. There isn’t enough variety in the gameplay to hold your attention. There’s a lot of potential here but, it doesn’t do anything with it. I think the developer had a great idea here but, it missed the mark.

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