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Explore who and where you came from through photos, stories, historical records, and so much more— even your ethnicity and family communities if you’ve taken an AncestryDNA® test. And with just one relative’s name, you can start to discover your family history anytime, anywhere with Ancestry®, the top genealogy app*.

Why you’ll love to discover your family story using the Ancestry® app:
• View your family tree, search and add new family members, upload photos, and share stories – all with just a few taps
• With a free trial or paid subscription easily access more than 30 billion records, photos, and more
• The dynamic Discover feed lets you review, dismiss, and save your discoveries and hints for later
• Activate your AncestryDNA® kit and view your ethnicity results
• See your DNA matches and compare your results with them
• Learn even more about your family story when you combine your tree with your DNA results
• Preserve your history with your own personalized family tree
• Collaborate with friends and family – it couldn’t be easier
• Our modern layout design makes it even easier for you to explore
• Discover stories, photos, and records about your ancestors with Ancestry Hints®
• Personal traits. Add Traits to your DNA results to see how your genes could influence 35+ fitness, nutrient, sensory and appearance traits.

Free Features:
• Build a family tree
• Search the census records and access more than 1.1 billion free records
• Receive hints based on your tree
• Scan or upload your own family pictures
• Receive messages from Ancestry members
• See your ancestors’ life stories on a map

Available with an optional free trial or subscription:
• View more than 30 billion records.
• Use Ancestry Hints® to learn about ancestors
• Find pictures of your family
• Discover new relatives
• Unrestricted messaging

Phone and Tablet Features:
• Curious about your family tree? Simply look up a relative’s name, discover their story, and then share it with your loved ones
• Remember the high school years by finding yearbook photos to share with your close family and friends, all with just one quick tap
• Review your personalized hints
• Add photos, hints, or ancestor stories and watch your personalized family tree grow
• Watch Ancestry Academy Videos that get you started with genealogy research
• Easily upload or scan photos and add facts or stories to your family tree
• Learn about historical events that affected your ancestors’ lives.

Download the Ancestry Family History & DNA app to start exploring your heritage and more, today!

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CCPA Notice at Collection
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– The image editing tool kit now includes new ways to improve photos with color restoration and new image filters
– There are more ways to interact with photos with new options to like and comment on photos that have been shared on Ancestry
– Record or upload audio to your tree gallery or the gallery of a family member


40 comentarios en "Ancestry: Family History & DNA MODDED 2022"

  1. I highly recommend this app, it’s definitely worth the download if you have an account online, or want to make one even. The app is just so user-friendly I have never had any issues so far. It’s not an app that takes you to the website version, it is a well designed application that works cohesively with the online website’s information. They both update each other as well.

  2. Rating -10!! I pay for the service and on almost EVERY DOCUMENT, PHOTO, ETC… it says that an error has occurred. It costs way too much to NOT be able to see information!! 10/12: now it has blank people listed on people that I placed. This is getting old! Stop screwing with things that work!! 11/19: Now, I have hints that when I go to check them out, they are not there. This is getting overly annoying!!

  3. I keep getting “Please try again and contact support if the error exists” on about half the people whose hints I try to view. Sometimes exiting the app works, sometimes it doesn’t. I also sometimes try to go back to my tree and it brings me back to the home person (me) so when I’m 6 generations deep, it takes a while to get back.

  4. This app would be great, but I have a free account. It locks my own personal photos behind a paywall when I can view them without trouble on my computer. I shouldn’t have to pay to see photos that I’ve personally added to ancestry! I’ve even added some of them through the app itself and after a little while I’m unable to access them again without getting on a computer. I’m not paying YOU to see MY photos.

  5. Joe P. dice:

    This app allows me to do family history wherever I go. I can review hints while waiting in line somewhere and that’s great! I haven’t run into any issues or bugs so far. The app, naturally, doesn’t have all the functionality of the online version. One feature online that is missing in the app is the ability to edit relationships, ie change a parent from a biological to step parent, remove a child relationship without deleting the child, etc.

  6. Josh D dice:

    I love the app for the most part. My issue now is there was an update a few days prior, now when looking at scans for photos and Census records anytime you try to move the image around to scroll through the image the information pain pops up every time and I have to continuously hit the x button to get it out of the way. This function that was added with the last update is very annoying and gets in the way. Please revert this change and I would gladly bring my rating back to 5 stars.

  7. Please fix this App for all Ancestry Customers. I used to love using the App, but now it crashes constantly and is nearly impossible to use. My phone keeps disabling the App and tells me there are bugs. Whenever there’s an update, I’m not seeing any details about what bugs were fixed. Hmm. Perhaps it would be best for Ancestry to revert back to an earlier version of this App when it was stable and without crashes?

  8. The options in the UI are inconsistent and often freezes. Everyone is a cousin, including my brothers and my nephews. It would be helpful to be able to indicate the actual relationships myself, but the option only appears intermittently. Seriously need an update to fix.

  9. Extra buggy. Tried to start my free trial and I put my card in for the subscription. It accepted it. However, any time I try to add anything or look at anything, it asks me to pick a subscription. I click on it and it says I have already paid. It is extremely frustrating. I will be looking for a new way to try and start cataloging our family.

  10. LCorso68 dice:

    Latest update: my problems are solved! Phone upgraded, reinstalled app. Works great!Update: the app had another update on June 17, but the problems remain. I am loweri g my rating to 2 stars. Usually, I have nothing negative to say about the app. It indicates the app was updated yesterday. I am running the current version, but ever since yesterday the app locks up almost immediately when I try to use it. The update created a bug, it didnt fix them.

  11. Update: Almost unusable at this point, freezing and so buggy. The app has always been extremely buggy, Ive had it for a long time. Right now the hints keep saying they are down and can’t be viewed. This type of issue is typical. A lot of records have multiple pages but you can only view one, unlike the website where you can click over to the next page. So you can miss a lot of info. It crashes a lot or just freezes. Its ok for quick reference and superficial work.

  12. The app is very limited compared to the website, which isn’t the greatest either. The graphs are very spread out meaning a lot of scrolling. When looking at sources it won’t show you a summary of the person’s info alongside so you have to remember which can be tough when working with a lot of people. It also caches everything and is very, very slow to refresh when you have made updates elsewhere. There is no way to force a refresh that I can find.

  13. Over all, it is a very good app. It would be nice if you could print decent clear images of your tree. As to make a hard paper print to put in a 3 ring binder. Also wish you could customize colors for different areas of the tree. To help highlight people you are currently researching. And other use colors to represent what info. you are looking for, for each person within the tree.

  14. The search filters are too limited compared to the online version. No option to select country, for example. In one case, it would only show records using maiden name. I wanted to search census, but no option to exclude voter lists. Etc. Also, Comments are not included, even a view only option. Can’t view some sources. “Image not available. See details below”, and there’s nothing except the title.

  15. Using Ancestry on a phone is quite a different experience. Navigating can be a bit of a challenge to learn. For instance, I’ve yet to learn how to edit relationships. I’d like to try the app on my Samsung tablet, but all my attempts to sign in fail, possibly because I only have mobile data available (the error says to check network). I am able to sign into the ancestry website through a browser, but I believe this method is less data efficient and does not allow offline access to my tree.

  16. Patty M dice:

    The new version, with the bright off white background, brown color font, small icons, and small font is too hard on my eyes. I am older and need larger font and icons and a less bright background. Please give us the option to keep the old view or let us pick and choose colors, fonts, icons and backgrounds. Also the little drawings of a man or woman when you do not have a picture is busy and distracting. I use the app 99% of the time, but don’t see myself using it now. Such a disappointment.

  17. Stuck on Choose a Tree Page…Won’t Let Me Access Menu. This app use to not be buggy, but has become so over the last couple of months. It is continually stuck on the ‘Choose A Tree Page’, with no way of accessing the three bar menu or backing out to the main page. I uninstalled and reinstalled hoping this would solve the problem, but it persists. As is, the mobile app is quite useless. Sad, because Ancestry services are overall stellar. Hoping this can be remedied.

  18. Fast and super fun! I was able to build half of my family tree within 24 hours. The tips are so helpful. Everything works so easily once you get the hang of where to go. My only negative experience is that locations don’t cache and if it isn’t on the main list you have to continuously type it over and over each time. That would be an extremely great development opportunity!

  19. This has been very helpful for me to build my family tree when I’m somewhere with some time to go through records, look at pictures & save them and then continue building my tree. I live the hints but you have to really pay attention because they aren’t always right di don’t just click on them. I like new features of being able to choose to keep something or user as an alternative like a name, that’s very important on many levels! Sometimes on the app I can do things I can’t on the computer.

  20. Use the basic so it is free and very limited, but one can create a tree to get started on a family history journey. Just don’t ever lose the password. Password reset only comes with the paid premium upgrade. Despite the limited access it has been fun and interesting to say the least. If a paid upgrade is do-able then by all means enjoy but do save a hard copy of your tree and info..

  21. This app is HORRIBLE. It used to be easier to use and navigate, since the update, it is more confusing to use, if you access one person and view/modify it, it takes you back to your entire tree instead of the person you were wishing on, which means you have to search for that person again. Also, good luck getting any messages. There is no notification, so if you don’t check it daily you won’t see it. I’ve checked my messages and it still says I have two unread messages. Won’t update.

  22. Can’t login to my account on the app. Keep getting a message that it has a problem syncing, if it continues contact tech support. When I contacted tech support their only solution was uninstall and reinstall the app. Which I’ve already done four times now, so not at all helpful. Really disappointed. Guess I’ll just have to keep going through the browser, but definitely discourages me from signing up for a membership, which I had been considering.

  23. Too many bugs. For instance, message function isn’t working on the app but works well on the browser. Second, sometimes family members show up twice but they are not really there twice. The app makes it appear that way but the browser only shows the one person. I’ve accidentally deleted people by accident for this reason. Third, I don’t like that you cannot quick edit relationships like the browser version. Fourth, I was unable to send someone a link to the tree using mobile app version.

  24. Kayce P dice:

    Website isn’t mobile responsive so I downloaded the app. Their pricing is really expensive and it’s a shame you can’t view documents without paying for higher tiers. Frustrating that after paying to use the service I can’t save or keep any of the data without paying a minimum of $25 a month. I’ve been using the app for about 2 hrs and already it gives me errors that it can’t save people and to retry saving. Not worth the money at all!!! Shouldn’t have to pay to store info I paid for

  25. 2 STARS: Has gone downhill with the recent updates: can’t save photos on the app, can’t save records on the app, can’t add DNA Matches Relationships on the website. I thought that updates were supposed to FIX problems, not MAKE problems!! Still, if you just want to LOOK at your trees, the app is really good. Otherwise, stick with the website. MOST of it works pretty well.

  26. Although I love the app itself. I’m frustrated with the complication between subscriptions. This weekend I got an email saying I could upgrade my subscription to include newspaper and a couple others for a deal. I was extremely excited but when I tried it kept giving me an error code. After a couple attempts I reached out to a tech support who informed me since I bought ancestry through the app I couldn’t upgrade but instead would have to cancel and then retry, but still no luck.

  27. It’s not the app per se, it’s the amount of data within Ancestry fit into a mobile app. You really need a desktop PC with dual monitors to be able to do this seriously. Showing people info through the app is nice but sheer amount of data makes it impossible to sift through on a single small screen. Also, if you make a mistake, it is a nightmare to undo it on almost all the platforms except on a desktop. Ancestey is great, just don’t expect to do your family tree on your mobile.

  28. Liz M dice:

    It was great, then it wasn’t, then it was fixed, but now this new update, from yesterday 3/24/22, really messed it up again. It’s doing the same thing it used to, going straight back to my starting person instead of keeping me where I was working in my tree when I open the app. It also isn’t showing birth and death dates that I update, it’s deleting them. It’s not keeping my changes when I change some one from living to dead. Your update introduced a number of bugs again. I use this everyday 😑

  29. I love the ability to check shared Ancestors out based on DNA matches. I love many aspects of this app, but needs to be improvement to more closely match what I can do with out it, such as editing relationships, & editing names, It would also be good to add an algorithm to find duplicates in your tree and prevent new ones from being generated. The only reason I gave it only three stars is the number of times this app has frozen/crashed on me!! Frustrating!

  30. The Ancestry app let’s you work on family history or review it anywhere you are. The latest interface is very good looking. It’s quick and responsive. A couple of small quibbles: the information boxes don’t always show when somebody has additional branches to the tree; labels which help highlight features like relationships and experience are not available.

  31. Nic H dice:

    Bad Bad Bad! Used to be able to add information to your tree, now they want you to pay to even do that!! Subscriptions cost is way too high for free information found on the web…which you don’t get to keep once you end your subscription. Free Trial is glitchy at best…most hints are just the same hint just from different websites. This company will go under if they dont fix their issues.

  32. Jeff C. dice:

    Once a year, I download this app in the hopes they have finally released a version that isn’t buggy or doesn’t crash as soon as you try to do anything. Each year I am consistently disappointed by how terrible the app’s performance is, and I uninstall it within a day or two. For what members pay for a subscription, Ancestry can afford to hire a team that can build an app that actually works. Access the website on your phone instead. You’ll actually be able to do stuff.

  33. I subscribed to get the free trial and was never able to access any of the subscription features. I ended up canceling the subscription and free trial early since I was never able to learn anything new about my family history. I was really excited for this app. I’m sure its great if it works well without error for others.

  34. Used to love the app but now when I go to my trees on any account, even ones that used to have membership, an ad for a free trial stays on the screen no matter what I do, blocking part of the tree on the bottom with the eye sore. It’s like when someone uses their phone in a movie theater. I preferred the app to mobile browser but not anymore. Very disappointing.

  35. Update: its gets worse and worse. Barely usable, records refuse to load and become permanently lost to the app, never opening even days later despite the record showing fine online. Terrible connection issues. Regardless of your internet connection the app constantly has trouble loading search results and images of records. Highly recommend using the desktop website, it is slightly better.

  36. Very convenient to have this app for when out doing research at courthouses, libraries, cemeteries, and family gatherings where I cant connect my laptop to wifi! Unfortunately, it’s a very slow app that requires I open it several times before it loads. Then, each person I search has a 50/50 shot of either crashing the app or needing to use my back button to attempt to search again. This has been ongoing for at least the 2 years since I started using the app.

  37. Love the international options for records and the ability to add pictures and stories. Just wish you could merge people with the same name. There are a few moments where the same person would be added as a different spouse instead of adding the facts to the same profile. Also wish there was an option the see the whole family tree instead of having to pan up and down every few people.

  38. No free previews of hints anymore, if I download a source, I can only view it if I continue to pay. Once I purchase the service, anything I do should remain forever. This is fast becoming a scheme, in my view. Also, right in the app description it says you can view census data but, that’s not true, unless you pay an arm and a leg.

  39. This app would be awesome if you didn’t have to depend on a subscription to do anything with your tree. I had added many of my own photos and people to my tree, but when the free trial was over I lost most of those things. Including my pictures that I no longer have. I’m really disappointed. I will be deleting this app because the subscription is so expensive and I can’t do anything without one. Hope you have better luck than I have.

  40. Ancestry is at the top of my list for favorite app. I can’t always afford it due to the shut downs we had from the “Virus” which at this time I don’t mind. I gave this app as well the program itself 4 stars due to the app having multiple bugs that are all intertwined and forcing you to close and reopen the app to fix. The webpage isn’t laid out or formatted like the app is, it’s much harder to navigate throughout your tree. App needs the ability to view other members trees like the website

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