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Learn & Speak Languages! English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese & Japanese.
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Why the Rosetta Stone app?
Because the best way to learn a new language is to surround yourself with it, and our language learning app does just that. Rosetta Stone’s Dynamic Immersion® method uses interactive and contextual language lessons blended with Extended Learning features. Everything you need is literally at your fingertips–any time, anywhere, any device; online or off and completely ad-free.

• 2019 PCMag Editors’ Choice
• 2019 Tabby Awards Winner
• 2019 Best Mobile App Awards: Best Designed App and Best Overall App

For the first time, we’re offering every one of our languages under one subscription. Flip between languages as often as you’d like and enjoy the freedom to get seriously curious. To access all languages, simply select Unlimited Languages when you subscribe.

Practice and learn to speak Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Filipino, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Persian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, and more!

Rosetta Stone helps you speak confidently.
With a variety of speaking-focused lessons and features, instantaneous pronunciation feedback with TruAccent, a track record of getting people speaking any language confidently and a near-five star rating in the app store, the award-winning Rosetta Stone mobile app is the best way to learn and speak new languages.

What you want to learn, first.
Let us know why you’re learning a new language and we’ll create a game plan with curated content and helpful lesson reminders to help you stay on track in your learning journey**.

Fits any schedule.
Take a 10-minute lesson anywhere, study online or off.

Never leaves your side.
Practice languages here, there, and everywhere. Learn to speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or any language you want.

Don’t get lost in translation.
Touch and hold anything from your Core Lessons to reveal its translation*.

Speak confidently.
TruAccent® technology provides real-time pronunciation feedback and helps you speak confidently.

Go beyond memorization.
Learn in context using our Dynamic Immersion® method.

Extended Language Learning Features

Say it like a local.
Improve pronunciation and practice speaking by reading aloud while listening to native speakers with stories and useful conversations.

Always know what to say.
Get easy-to-understand greetings, phrases, expressions, daily conversations and more with Phrasebook*.

Train your ear.
Take a break from the screen by listening to Audio Companion® lessons.

Select a language learning subscription:
Choose from 3 and 12-month subscriptions—as well as a Lifetime option. No translators, grammar books or dictionary needed!

Available Languages:
Spanish (Latin American or Spain)
English (American or British)
Chinese (Mandarin)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Filipino (Tagalog)
Persian (Farsi)

Enterprise and Education Learners
Unlimited use of Rosetta Stone’s mobile app is available for existing Enterprise and Education Learners. Features may vary for Enterprise and Education Learners.

*Available with select languages on the Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages app.
**Your Plan languages offered for Android are English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.


• Includes various fixes and enhancements to improve your experience with Rosetta Stone.


40 comentarios en "Rosetta Stone: Learn, Practice MODDED 2022"

  1. I love the variation of study options depending on one’s strength in one’s chosen language… I also find the study program does not “dumb it down” as though the student is slow as I have noticed other programs do. I am pleasantly surprised by the fact that it is challenging. Not only this, but the program expects you to keep up! While it does continue to review, which is extremely helpful, I do wish there was a review section, where I can specifically go to if I feel I need to solely brush up.

  2. This is a great review for me. I am writing down everything as practice because spelling all the verb tenses have always been a challenge. I wish there was a tutorial on how to work in the app. There are no directions and that is very frustrating at times. Was it better to have started with grammar instead of with the core lessons? Is there spelling practice in this course? I did figure it out and was able to go back and restart it so I could get perfect scores. I am anxious to continue with it.

  3. Love it! Just wish it was affordable for me. It’s letting me do lessons, however i suspect im under trial or something and it’s way to expensive for me to keep. It is nicely done and starts off easy for beginners like myself slowly building vocabulary and sentence structure and spelling. Kudos to them for easy to use software that makes learning easy.

  4. In general a pretty good immersive learning app. I think it does decent in taking an approach similar to a child learning a language. It also has a pretty good variety of languages to learn. The downside is the price point, which aside from a lifetime purchase of a single language, is a somewhat steep subscription price, given the competition.

  5. First time using app and program. It is an improvement on Duolingo in its challenge to recall and understand words in context. However, it does have the same pitfall of timing out on the voice practice. If I am reading an entirely new writing system, I’m going to need more time to sound out unfamiliar words and I feel frustrated when I get cut off. Other than that, I am enjoying the program.

  6. Zach dice:

    Dynamic immersion doesn’t work if you can’t tell what you’re looking at. No intro, no instruction, just pictures. On a cell phone really hard to see. Enlarged, still unclear. We’re expected to know what language someone is writing or reading when we can’t possibly make out the text they’re writing or the title of the book they’re reading. Sometimes there’s no reading or writing. We have to guess what they’re doing. Bad design. Stock photos need 2B revised/replaced. Maybe better on bigger screen.

  7. The lessons are very good at gradually introducing basic verbs, key nouns representing persons (man, woman, child), and pronouns. Singulars and plurals are also introduced. So far, so good! I’m interested in seeing how the modules introduce more complex sentence structures and tenses. I do find occasional discrepancies when I mispronounce certain words, but I’m aware of these rare instances.

  8. K Shibley dice:

    Another update: pinyin is only available on the desktop, but they don’t let you access it if you’ve been using your phone. Seriously? Update: more annoying feedback: the play button on the options are too small and often results in miss clicks and wrong answers when I’m not even trying to select an answer. The pronunciation parts will randomly stop working. It pretends like it’s listening but never registers anything and eventually times out with the failure chime. Fix this and it’s a great app.

  9. I’ve tried most of the major apps. In my opinion, they have the best approach (not translating to what linguists call a “monitor” language, but learning to think in the language). That said, they could really stand to make some improvements to the user experience. The biggest issue is that even on my galaxy s22 ultra, the pictures are just too darn small. So, I often use the website from my laptop. But, if I forget to log out on my laptop, I can’t use the app on my phone! Please fix this!

  10. loosoh dice:

    Great Update! I bought the lifetime subscription back in June last year and my biggest issue was constantly translating words. Now that they added the translate on screen button I no longer have to use Google translate which is historically unreliable. Only downside I have for this app is for audio adding the option to have a subtitle if you can’t make out what the person is saying. I know there’s the English subtitles if you use the translate tool, but that makes it too easy

  11. Absolutely lovely. Paid the premium price for forever access. But 1 thing though, I would say you guys need to start giving tips to navigate the app and it’s special features. I only just discovered that when you press and hold a picture, it makes it pop up bigger helping you see clearly and you can even decide to show translation of the picture if you want.

  12. Tom Lee dice:

    I really like the user interface and the way the lessons are broken out. I believe the way Rosetta Stone teaches is pretty effective because it uses words and sentences that one would use everyday. The supporting pictures are also very helpful. The speech recognition can sometimes be a little off but overall great app and great learning tool. Decided to buy the unlimited subscription because I liked it so much. Good luck and enjoy!

  13. This app is only good for beginners. Even the most difficult levels are super easy if you’re of Intermediate or Advanced level. There does exist a more appropriate language learning course, but it’s only available through a business or university. Those Catalyst levels are perfect for Advanced users, but not available to us consumers. Don’t be fooled and purchase Rosetta Stone as an advanced consumer because they won’t help you.

  14. Ana I.A. dice:

    I’ve been using Rosetta Stone on and off for years, but I get fed up with the User Interface not being mobile friendly and just stop. I’ll try to tap on one thing and it will tap on another, because the text and buttons are so small and close together, it’s frustrating to use. I love the idea, but I do wish there was a translation of phrases after you figure them out so you can see the words you’re not familiar with that are a bit more hard to discern the meaning from the picture.

  15. The way this app is set up is to cut out translation, and just associate a Spanish word to a picture of that thing. I can match words to pictures all day long, but if you give me a picture of a wet purple shirt and tell me to describe it, I won’t be able to do it. The app initially teaches the words great, but it would help to solidify the words in our brains if we had to think of the words on our own without multiple choice options to look at. (Of course learning styles differ)

  16. Gabs Alot dice:

    I’m thrilled with the way this works! I like that it moves fast and makes you think! It’s like a brain workout. The way it works is like learning from a child’s perspective, you have to figure out what it means by pictures and pick out the grammatical structure. I was doing this with Korean and it moves you through very fast, but can go slower if you need. You can communicate to others a lot faster than some other language apps. The voices sound more authentic than other apps I’ve tried.

  17. Exceptional material that is great to have customized to your levels and learning styles. I’m very happy with it, as I’ve been learning German off and on for a while and can still recall most vocabulary. I do wish that sometimes there was a way to look up vocabulary on a few items in the pictures, so that I knew without pausing to Google it.

  18. App is easy and fun to use and turns what would be a boring task into a fun and quick activity in my personal experience. The only reason I’m giving it 4 instead of 5 stars is because it doesn’t start you off with the alphabet and various pronunciations of certain languages, which basically means you have to try and sort of what different individual letters sound like , but overall it is the best app I’ve had to quickly learn a new language, and overall a very good experience.

  19. I downloaded the full version and it’s very user friendly and for the number of languages you get it is worth the $200. It goes at a good pace and even learning a completely foreign language like Japanese is progressing smoothly. They teach with pictures and sounds and words. They also teach you how to pronounce and that works 90% of the time but 10% it just doesn’t work. The pictures are very clear. There is an option to pause and see the English translation or pause and listen again. 97/100!!!

  20. Pixel 7 Pro the app won’t pick up anything from the mic after the intro part. Once you go to the lesson and have to speak out either immediately gives an X or it times out sheet 10-15 seconds and again the red X. App looks clean and I like the lifetime sub option. I’ll check back in the future though to see if it works better when the phone isn’t so new I guess.

  21. So fsr so good! I like the short lesson bites (10-15 minutes) and the ability to move at my own pace. I’m just figuring out how to get translations of words I’ve never heard, but I guess struggling with them is part of the meaning experience. I’m using it with Duo cards to build vocabulary, and I think that makes it better than just using it alone.

  22. Amazing, just a little buggy on phone! I have been using Rosseta stone for Japanese on my computer for at least 6 months now, and it is amazing! I can understand basic conversation, and how to express my feelings! I downloaded it on my phone, but there are some problems with it. The buttons are very small, and the microphone is really glitchy when I try to speak. I fully recommend this app, but those are really the only problems I had with it.

  23. I like the app so far but I can’t complete lessons that have a microphone icon because it just skips through them after reading them to me, and does not ask me to speak. It then tells me I didn’t complete the lesson or my score is not high enough to pass, I got a 0% on a pronunciation lesson of course. I’m not sure if it’s just for Mandarin Chinese as it had worked previously for other languages such as Russian or Japanese. I see nowhere within the app to send a message so I can request help.

  24. The microphone feature is very random. My husband is Persian and his whole family says my accent is perfect but this program won’t pass me at least 20%of the time. The whole app is confusing, tiny on a phone so that it can’t tell the diff between my asking it to play the phrase again and choosing the answer. Much prefer Duolingo but they don’t have Farsi

  25. Michael G dice:

    The app seems fine but the product itself is disappointing. It utilizes what they call dynamic immersion, a term they created. I made the mistake of buying this without doing much research and relying on the reputation of Rosetta Stone. That was a mistake. Of the 5 independent studies I found, none found this method to be better than the competition and in some cases it’s worse. I’d only recommend for Latin alphabet based languages.

  26. Arie H. dice:

    Heard about it for years, couldn’t afford it, but treated myself for my birthday one year – well worth it! I love the supplemental stories, and the exploitation of patten recognition in the brain. Some don’t like that the same images are used across each language but I think it’s perfect because if you’re not quite sure what the phrase is saying but you know what a picture was used to showcase in another language, then you can infer what the unfamiliar words might mean. Healthy habit for me!

  27. This is a great learning platform. Not overwhelming. Very user friendly starting out with useful phrases. Quickest way to immerse yourself in a language for speaking, listening, and learning the visual of words as well. Learn by hearing, seeing, and speaking. Happy with my choice of using Rosetta Stone.

  28. Rosetta Stone is a great way to learn other languages with it’s unique style of learning languages through hearing and seeing a photo description in that language and not in our own. BUT the app itself definitely NEEDS IMPROVRMENT because the app hardly functions on many of the lessons and especially has difficulty with the voice pronunciation task. It also glitches too often making it impossible to advance even after completing it correctly. The website doesn’t seem to have these same problems

  29. The lessons work exactly the same as the website. So, it isn’t too difficult to navigate. The pictures are very small in some of the multiple choice vocabulary lessons, requiring you to zoom in. So, it might not be great for everyone to use on their phone. It’s working for me, though. It’s a nice option for when I don’t feel like sitting in front of the computer.

  30. Great for intro level. I got this a couple years ago in order to improve my Spanish. It helped to a point. Now I’m trying Irish, which I have no previous exposure to. It’s more confusing than Spanish was, but I already knew some Spanish. Having no previous Irish language use seems to make the app more fun. More challenging. I think I’d give a higher rating if it had gotten more advanced with the Spanish.

  31. App can be a bit too touchy, when you click on the play button to hear the sentence/phrase again, if you’re off by a decimeter from the blue button, it thinks that’s your answer. Also, when recording answers you need to wait about 2 seconds after the little tone to record your answer properly, otherwise it won’t record the first half of the answer and say you did it wrong. But still a really good and helpful tool to have on the go for learning new languages.

  32. Overall, this is a good app. I have been using it to learn Japanese for about a week and a half now. Other than the really tiny buttons that others, including myself, have complained about, my only big issue is the speech recognition is super buggy. There are times when it absolutely REFUSES to acknowledge what I’m saying. Even when I am pronouncing and enunciating things perfectly. I would like to see this fixed asap, because it’s discouraging my use of the app.

  33. Nyte Fox dice:

    Rosetta has improved greatly and this app pairs great. It still does not lead to fluency, but close to it. It keeps many original features, which many similar apps don’t utilize. It adds study materials that are highly useful. It doesn’t lead to fluency, but close to it. One problem is the inability to replay the pronunciations at the checks. It plays once and turns on the mic, canceling out the play button. It’s essential for me to hear the voice multiple times so I can study each sound.

  34. So far, I’ve only tried the first, free, 30 minute intro but it was great. I read a lot of the reviews and complaints before installing and noticed that they actually fixed and addressed a lot of people’s concerns and criticisms (ability to make pictures larger, ability to show translations, settings to adjust how you want to learn, just to name a few). I will likely purchase more from this app.

  35. Decent software with lots of audio to learn from. Pictures are sometimes kinda difficult to make out on a small screen. There’s cheaper options out there that are just as effective or better for many of these languages, but the Unlimited subscriptions are a decent value if you want to be able to switch between multiple languages freely, including some that not many other apps have good resources for yet.

  36. K80 dice:

    I’ve been trying to learn vietnamese. I’m dyslexic and adhd, so I’m use to having extra challenges learning new things. That’s really not the case here. Rosetta stone seems to cover everything I need to learn, like pictures, different voices (great to get tones down correctly), you can repeat the lessons you’ve unlocked as many times as you want and you can’t go ahead. If you have learning disabilities or not, I’d give it a try. The free version is awesome and went far above my expectations.

  37. Buggy software makes me repeat lessons. No matter how many times I “pass” it takes me back to these exercises daily. It’s annoying to manually find where I left off and start at the right place. Also be warned that it is immersion style teaching. Luckily my husband is a native speaker! There’s no way to pause while seeing the lesson, so I’m often just guessing nouns and ignoring all other parts of speech. If I could go slower, I’d learn more. Update: still no fix from tech support for repeats.

  38. I love the whole Rosetta Stone learning method in general… a problem with the mobile version is that we generally have a small screen real estate, and the developers had not considered the UI elements accordingly… the play buttons are too small and the preview of the images that you are supposed to select are so small that sometimes you can’t tell what the image is; even on my phone with a fairly large screen. There are so much empty space in the screen which could have been utilized more.

  39. I love the way this is teaching so far. When trying to press the play button on mobile it is super easy to accidentally select the bubble as your answer instead of pressing the “play” button. I even tried using a stylus and still occasionally selected the wrong answer when I was just trying to hear the option spoken out loud. While I do love the zero English, I do think some direct translations would help on occasion.

  40. I wish there was a more basic level than basic. It doesn’t break anything down. I can guess mostly by the context of the pictures, but I don’t know exactly what the sentence is. For example, does the text say, “He is running;” “The boy is running;” or “He ran.” The app itself functions mostly well. I wish the voice repetition would allow me to play the example more than once. I also wish there was a way to play the example slower or in smaller pieces. Those are the ones I fail the most.

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