Galaxy – Chat Rooms & Dating MOD 2022


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No ads and no phone number needed to chat with new people
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– Create your character and meet new people in chat rooms
– View dating profiles to find your match
– Play online games and earn rewards
– We don’t show ads and ask for a subscription


- New Planet design: background, message bubbles, buttons to switch characters
- Mini-Info on Planet
- 12 new Emoticons
- Notifications about mentions of you on Planet when the app is in the background
- New design of menus, windows and other elements


4 comentarios en "Galaxy – Chat Rooms & Dating MOD 2022"

  1. Ain Sinel dice:

    Terrible app, I downloaded because of an add I saw that takes your photos and makes it look more like an animated version of yourself. This is not part of the app, not even close to how to use it. You pick ridiculous looking heads and bodies and stick them together, every option for the female body type is pretty much a bombshell as well. People on this app are perverts or rude or both, I’ve only gotten anything nice from one person, and that was a hi. You have to exit private massages for the new ones to show, the shop Is kind of difficult to use with a page number system and tiny numbers making it difficult to look through the items which also look like complete garbage, most of the people seem to be from foreign countries so expect a lot of creepy dudes if you’re a girl. You can only upload personal photos or photos of people, nothing else (not fully sure if it’s just for the match thing or not) it also makes you fill out ALL personal location information to be able to fully fill out your page, there is no skip option. It’s very boring as well, dont get this app, it’s a waste of time

  2. Devon dice:

    It’s not the worst, but with all the purchases they try to shove down your throat it’s obnoxious to deal with. There used to be a free way to earn credits in the app by watching ads and such, but now you need to top up once every other week to even do that? That’s a little silly, I get youre trying to coutneract bots or whatever but advertising that as “free” is just gross.

  3. somewhere west dice:

    By far the best chat app I’ve tried, and I’ve pretty much tried them all. It has a really unique approach with the planets and avatars, plus there are games, gifts, lotteries, and pets. There’s a lot going on here, definitely worth at least a try. If I have one complaint, it’s that increasing your authority costs waaaaaaaaaay too much. Other than that, in app purchases are very reasonably priced. Solid recommend.

  4. Whales State dice:

    a very good app to spend your time and meet new friends, yes there are many perverts there but you can close your privacy to avoid them, lots of free gifts will help u to raise authority and get more benefits, i’m using this app since 2012 and i was attached to it, you will meet many bad people and psychopaths so try to avoid them, many attention seekers will come across so try to not give them attention and they will get bored and leave, it’s like a new experience that u may or may not enjoy.

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