Chat with Stranger (Random Chat) MODDED 2022


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Chat together with Stranger
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Talk over a variety of countries and topics through “Chat with Stranger”.

feature :

★ When connecting with strangers, you can select various languages
★ You can change your nickname anytime
★ Find friend by searching nickname
★ You can talk about various topics through text chat, image, voice, video, voice talk, face talk
★ If someone commits an advertisement or an unpleasant act, please report it. If you report it, the operation team will suspend the user.



4 comentarios en "Chat with Stranger (Random Chat) MODDED 2022"

  1. Kiara Dixon dice:

    This is not really you guys fault but I was talking to a suicidal kid on here and he blocked me and I couldn’t do anything about it I pray that he’s all right 🙁 🙏 but also there’s a bunch of pedophiles on here that praise on the younger kids please do something about this or have an age range for teenagers on here that wants to talk to other teenagers on this app

  2. Shoto Todoroki dice:

    I thought I was just a normal chatting app but then there was this dude who kept calling me “dear” and “baby” so I checked the app again and realised. but he was pretty nice even though I called him a weirdo 😅

  3. Syed Kareem dice:

    Nicely with the same time as you know what the same as the previous two games and we are very proud of our reputation and we have 8th

  4. PMA dice:

    Pretty much every single chat has some creep trying to get you to send them nude photos. The app should block things like this to prevent predators and perverts. The app says and does nothing when the person you’re talking to starts saying very inappropriate things that makes people uncomfortable. Do not download this app, I guarantee you it’s not worth it.

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