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Built to make online dating more comfortable (and effective).
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Catholic Singles is the dating app for Catholics who are tired of the same old dehumanizing, expensive online dating experience. What does this mean?

– Stress Free Introductions. Meet people by saving them as a “favorite”. No more bad pickup lines or uncomfortable messages. Simply save them as a favorite. If they favorite you back, then you start talking.
– Free messaging? Yes, we have that. When two users favorite each other, they are free to message each other. No more forced subscriptions just to meet another single.
– Easy conversation starters. Once the conversation does start, use our regular polls to kick things off.
– Live events. We regularly host live trivia nights for our members. This is a great way to meet other singles you may not find through the app.
– Video Chat. Once you are ready to take a step forward with someone, set up a video chat.
– Video Intros. Speaking of video, add a video introduction to your profile to make it come alive.

Catholic dating shouldn’t be dehumanizing. Rather than searching or shopping for a spouse, start meeting real Catholics and make deep, life long connections.


Catholic Singles has been acquired by CatholicMatch! This update contains information about how to migrate your account. More details available at


4 comentarios en "Catholic Singles MOD"

  1. Liam dice:

    Re: Developer reply Favoriting definitely didn’t do anything. You hit the same pay-wall if you favorite or if you don’t. Perhaps there is a bug? I tried every which way to favorite a person amd message them. I was trying different combos for a while, so its not like I just hate you or something. It’s how the app worked for me. Maybe I’ll see if this is still a problem. I have no problem paying for something if I know what it is. I hate gambling, though.

  2. Ethan Hall dice:

    It’s hard to explain how bad this app and dating site is. Poorly made, clunky interface, and absolutely confusing settings. If you are thinking of subscribing so you can send messages, don’t. I signed up for a month, tried to cancel but they charged me for a second month, and when I asked for my money back but to leave my account activated they did the opposite and cancelled my account and didn’t give me back my money. At least I don’t have to pay anymore for a junk service.

  3. James Denning dice:

    It’s a nice app. I wish the algorithm was a bit better with pairing people that have the same agreements and disagreements with the Church. Also, I wish favorites didn’t expire at the end of the day. I wish they at least expired with the next set of favorites. I’ve had a great experience for the most part though.

  4. Sal Ramos dice:

    This app still has flaws that makes it difficult to understand why I can’t see pictures as they are zoomed up close, difficulty understanding why I keep seeing the same people in the discovery, and mostly why Im getting people who have not been active in over a year

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