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Discover where you came from, and get to know who you are.
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Your family history is the story of you. The FamilySearch Tree app makes it easy to add to, edit, or share your own family’s history anywhere you can take a phone or tablet. Since the app syncs with the FamilySearch website, changes or additions you make are available on any device.

Family Tree—View, add, and edit information about your ancestors. Enhance your tree by adding photos, stories, and documents.

Tasks—See which ancestors FamilySearch has already found in historical records and get ideas for what to do next.

Search Historical Records—Find your ancestors in the billions of records on to learn more details of your family story.

Relatives Around Me—See how you are related to nearby FamilySearch users that are also signed in to the app. This is a fun activity at your next group meeting, party, or event.

Map My Ancestors—Explore your heritage in maps that show where the key events of your ancestors’ lives took place.

Messages—Communicate and collaborate with other FamilySearch users from within the app.

NOTE: Content you provide for deceased individuals will be publicly available. See our privacy policy for more details.


45 comentarios en "FamilySearch Tree MOD 2022"

  1. Love it! Except 2 things: 1. the arrow on the top left when viewing a record is very confusing! I keep thinking it’ll take me back to the results but it closes the search instead and I have to redo my search and re-enter the options 😖. Can you replace it with an X instead?? And 2. When suggesting people to attach include in-laws in the suggestions! A bit annoying to have to manually copy/paste the IDs of the spouse’s parents.

  2. I really like it for the most part. It is sometimes hard to get back to someone you are researching without starting from the beginning. An x would be nice rather than an arrow so you could return to the one you are researching. And there needs to be a way to add or delete information or double parents without nullification of the whole line. Making changes should be different than either all, or nothing at all.

  3. Monica P dice:

    Extremely buggy. It is impossible to open FamilySearch in a browser (Chrome) without the app taking over. No matter how many times I hit don’t open in app, it still does. Unfortunately, you can’t do or see everything in the app and you need an old fashioned web browser. Also, searching for historical records seems to be broken. PLEASE fix this issue.

  4. Love this app and use it all the time. The photo and document memories for mobile are bugged to hell. I have been trying to upload several photos and documents and find that while they appear loaded for me, they don’t show anywhere else (the settings are not private, already checked). I also can’t upload a photo and choose it as a profile picture for a family member. I’ll have to check on my laptop, but it’s a frustrating bug for the mobile version, which I use 80% of the time.

  5. I just installed this & started with a basic search. It found records but they don’t open – I get a brief “loading” spinning thing & when it stops, just an empty page. A message flashed at the bottom of the screen but it was gone so quickly that I couldn’t read it even if it weren’t partially cut off (which it is). I thought the problem might be my location, which is a different country from the records’, so I tried a search for someone in my country. Same problem. This isn’t very useful.

  6. C Smith dice:

    Until the latest update I liked this app well enough. Unfortunately, the latest changes have made the “search historical records” function practically useless. The advanced options take up too much of the screen and you can’t move it out of the way, the collection filters are almost impossible to see, and it lags or is completely unresponsive. And there’s a random horizontal line through the screen that won’t go away. Their updates can be a little hit or miss, but this one is definitely a miss.

  7. Overall, I have found this app much easier to navigate over going straight to family search. The setup makes it easier to correct information and to compare information. The way the record search changed on the last update made searching more difficult due to the way it is on screen. It is crowded together in a way that I have trouble. Sorry for vague explanation

  8. It is a great option for working on your family tree from anywhere right on your phone. But the download doesn’t work, it doesn’t give enough options if name at beginning isn’t same as who you want to connect to the source and even when the names of family members are already listed it only connects to a few and wants you to click and place the other names from source only that doesn’t work properly as it is almost impossible to do. But all in all it is a good app to have.

  9. I wish it had an option on the app to show an extended family tree, including cousins and such; I use the app to show older family members the tree I’ve built. Another user mentioned that the find a cousin feature should be able to be turned on when you’re not actively in the menu. It does feel that the app has to be closed after a certain time period in order to fix/prevent glitching, crashing, and freezing.

  10. Definitely a learning curve when developing the family tree, though once you stick with it and are very detail, the reward will be great. The layout and the features are actually very clean, friendlier than other sites. I happen to go big, so my wife’s tree is way over the top compared to many other trees. It took me a lot of trial and error to really get the hang of the app, but it really is well thought out.

  11. It was okay, not exactly the most user friendly interface I’ve used but easy enough. Doesn’t seem as though you can find or do much without having done your own research outside the app too, and if you misunderstand or mess up the mapping you need to open it in the browser to have any hope of fixing it. For family mapping it was decent though and when you’re considering it’s free it’s great

  12. Ever since the latest update, I can hardly complete one small task before it asks me to sign in again. There’s a check box marked “keep me signed in for two weeks” but it’s a total lie. It won’t even keep me signed in for two minutes. I’m editing my review after the response from the developer. The app is useful. It’s nice to have a stand-alone app instead of just working in a mobile browser. I’d like to have more options to edit information when linking a source as another review mentioned.

  13. Downloaded onto a Samsung S9, with plenty of memory available. When I tap on the icon, it brings up the tree symbol and then freezes – no login option. I uninstalled the app, powered off the phone, restarted the phone and installed the app a second time. Same freezing problem. Clearing the storage cache didn’t help. There appears to be a problem on the Android operating system or with Samsung phones with this app. App does work on the Samsung tablet.

  14. I enjoy this app. The activity portions are good. “Find a relative near me” could be enhanced, if you could save the info after you find a relative. If you want to go back and look it up or explore your connections, it is not there. Take a screen shot if you want to be able go back and review.

  15. Good for checking people in your pedigree (great to have that available). The function for suggesting tasks had made it simple to attach sources, though I now question whether that is still working. For review and merge or detach, half the time, buttons aren’t there or are below the phone screen, w/o the ability to scroll. The ‘Find A Person’ function seems broken. Slow and full of bugs.

  16. This new update makes the app unusable. The update was supposed to make it easier to attach sources, but in my opinion, it became more difficult to ACCURATELY attach a source. While it may be easier to attach a source, it is much less reliable to be certain you’re attaching the source to the correct person. It was already too easy for inexperienced users to attach sources to the incorrect person, and this new update makes it much harder for experienced users like me to correct those mistakes.

  17. The app used to be a good source of information, but it no longer is. It will not allow me type anything or edit in anyway while searching for records. This is a critical issue, especially when researching females before and after marriage. I click help, contact customer support and then nothing. No pop up, no screen to email someone, no bug reporting option…just the help menu closing. Despite this, my previous work is still there and it does display my family tree, even if I cannot add to it.

  18. wuzit2u dice:

    I sincerely wish that FamilySearch would update the app to include the ENTIRE Details section for Memories as it is on the website itself. Right now the app only provides the date and location information under Event Details in the dropdown menu, but absolutely no photo or document descriptions whatsoever. I’ve always preferred to put my captions in Descriptions via the website itself, and I find it incredibly frustrating that those detailed descriptions are completely absent from the app. I sometimes end up getting app users commenting with a description that’s actually IN the caption I wrote, they just can’t see it because Descriptions don’t exist on the app. While I’m aware I could put captions in the comments (and I have done so at times), that solution can often be less than ideal, as any captions posted to the comments can be easily buried by subsequent replies. Comments on the app don’t even default to the first comment in the thread, but the last reply, so you have to scroll up through the chain to see whatever caption was originally provided. Same with the website, earlier comments are hidden behind a cut. As for captioning via the title, sometimes photos require much longer descriptions than could possibly fit. I would really love to see descriptions included in the app, or better yet, a dedicated caption box beneath the photo that’s actually visible in both the app and on the web.

  19. It’s always been a great app. Not perfect, but great! This new update during the night is HORRIBLE AWFUL NONSENSE! Now, one must go through every single person separately in a source to attach that source…even if it’s a census and you have the family members found already. The work has just slowed considerably. Whoever did this does NOT do family history or they would have understood the mess they made.

  20. Different than the computer format, but once you get used to that, you can do everything here for searching and attaching records that you can on a computer. It’s great for doing it on a roadtrip or while you just have a few minutes. I haven’t tried indexing on the app, so I can’t comment there.

  21. I like this app. It’s easy to use and pretty intuitive. However, you can’t edit any information before attaching it to your tree, such as adding in a person’s middle name if the record contains it but the tree doesn’t, or standardizing the location of the record.

  22. De W dice:

    Changes have made my research harder. The feature I’ve used the most was find a person. If there is someone I know is in my tree and I don’t want to spend ages trying to get to their profile, I use that. Even if I have the name entered exactly like it is in records, it usually isn’t the first one to show up. I was able to scroll through and find them though. Now it only shows the “Top 4” and I haven’t been able to get to the rest. When it’s fixed, I’ll give more stars.

  23. I have more than 71,000 contributions in the past three years but is currently being impossible to use this app: it become too buggy. Creating relationship freezes miserably most of the time, place and date lists become stuck in a loop. Horrible. Several updates didn’t fix issues, support seems nonexistent. Ceased to be a pleasure, started to be a pain.

  24. Wow this has dropped in usefulness. Search doesn’t allow filters, doesn’t even find records that are in the county put in the search fields. It is prettier to look at until you try to do something with it. Won’t even let my password manager log in to it now.

  25. F S dice:

    Very buggy. Though I keep deleting tasks, the same ones show up minutes after. Over and over again. There is no way of getting rid of them. Preventing me from looking up specific persons.

  26. Ch Jr dice:

    Great app, great service, amazing database. I wish the search was faster and more efficient, and that merging nodes wasn’t necessary so often because the automated guesses are really bad. Where can I report issues in detail with repro steps?

  27. *working again!* No longer runs (v4.4.16-17). Quits immediately. (I’m sadly still running Android 7.1 on a Huawei MediaPad M3) Had been a routinely functional app previously, so 4*s.

  28. Fabulous. Been a user for many many years. The best genealogy program ❤️ ever. A hundred times more reliable data and it is constantly adding new data. And no charge EVER.

  29. Great app easy to understand theres so much more,interesting facts documents,pictures than I inagined,just seeing names of your ancestors is cool,but seeing who they were,what theyd gone thru to get here and,what they did for a living,military,schooling,how they died see their graves,it was fun also, u find out your related to famous people there’s just so much help its great,this is my favorite app.

  30. It’s very useful that I can choose to view my relationship with a distant ancestor. I didn’t know much at all about my ancestors. That option helped me start to see the different branches of the family.

  31. L Z dice:

    Just tried to login. Didn’t like the password. I tried a second time and it locked my account. And there is no way to contact support from that login page. Oh and there is no place to contact support anywhere at that point! I hate when an app gets changed and it becomes worse.

  32. It would have been 5 stars but the tag feature on photos is the glitches thing I’ve ever seen, you can only tag one to two people on phone before the photo loads for 10 minutes then kicks you out to the person or just stops the entire app, or while writing something like a title for a photo the writing suddenly stops or slows to a sloth pace lag, then the whole rince and repeat of kick you out of the app.

  33. I am really enjoying the ability to find out about my ancestors. I’ve even met on distant cousin on this app! Really good and informative! No ads!!!

  34. Pretty good but you have to remember before use you have to have a pretty good knowledge of your family data, it’s realy a help on your information

  35. I’ve been using this app for years, and their original website even longer. Love it, and the people I’ve met working on the same lines.

  36. J Mg dice:

    Love this app. Coincides with website, but app is great on the go. Had very little to go on and within years was able to find ancestors i never met. Great upload for obituaries, pictures and even voice. Wish this existed for my ancestors I never met.

  37. Works very well with an android. Is easy to learn and to teach to others. The visuals given for your tree is great! The notifications are a great way to connect with special moments in your ancestors’ lives

  38. Thanks to this amazing app/website I was able to search my entire family tree and find some really neat information and answer year old questions. Im related to royalty in scotland, Ireland, and UK. I’m also in contact with some long distant relatives I’ve never known about or met before! Thank you so much for greating this app/website it been wonderful to use. Keep up the great work

  39. Ken Dee dice:

    It has amazing features and better means of correcting errors. Very easy to use. The Sources feature auto searches for records. Tasks connects sources. Upload photos and documents, audio or Stories in Memories.. Warning! It is very easy to connect people to a tree via Tasks or Get Started. Ensure you have checked 100% before connecting a person to the tree. Users will sometimes give details of why not to merge or attach. If there is any doubt, don’t!

  40. Always a delight to work o. Gathering ones family, and being able to make all the connections that give me a clear look at who I am. This program. Helps me organize not only names, but find stories and pictures that others have shared of my family that I haven’t happened to have. Wonderful

  41. When I first downloaded this app a little over a year ago, I admit, I wasn’t too sure how to work everything, and I was just sorta feeling my way around. Yet, as time has passed and more updates have come along, I find myself very much enamored with FamilySearch overall. This is a very good way for someone who’s just getting into geneology to get their bearings. Yet, just because your tree may show you’re a descendant royal lines, you’re probably not. But I think they’re working on that.

  42. Love it! Nice family pattern & friendly quotes to put it anytime. Very inspirational and sometimes challenging because of family search & ancestors around you. See

  43. Unable to sign in using church account. It takes me to the logon page, but after logging into my church account, the app just takes me back to the Family Tree login.

  44. D K dice:

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! When you down load this app, your information ends up on a site called Family Tree Now, which contains ALL your personal information. People won’t even have to pay to access your phone number. It’s ALL put out there. For your safety, DO NOT DOWNLOAD! I don’t even see an option to deactivate the account after it’s set up and I’ve contacted them multiple times to remove my info to no avail. Your FULL info is also shared with other search sites.

  45. Jenna dice:

    Love the system. Could make a few adjustments for easier use.

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