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Planner for Stardew Valley which helps to keep track of tasks and events
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Assistant is a diary and planner app for Stardew Valley. It helps keep track of everyday farm tasks. Be sure that you don’t miss an important event.

— List of tasks for each day
— Create your recurring tasks (every day, week, season or year, every X days)
— All year calendar
— Loved and liked (+ neutral, disliked, hated) gifts lists for all characters
— Schedules of all Stardew Valley NPCs
— Bundle tracker with suggestions
— Museum tracker
— Works offline
— [Unfinished!] wiki-like item pages

Not affiliated with the creators of Stardew Valley


+ Remixed Bundles
+ Rudimentary JojaMart projects tracking
+ Fuzzy search (+ ignore accents and diacritics)
+ Sorting options for checklists
+ Beautiful illustrations by our community member
+ Splash screen (Android 12+)
+ New navigation experiment
+ Multiple backstack navigation for all tabs
• Redesigned Search and Bundles tabs
• More animations
– Museum tab (items migrated to Checklists tab)
– Complex tag search (temporarily)
– Bundles suggestions (temporarily)


4 comentarios en "Assistant for Stardew Valley MOD"

  1. Kat dice:

    It has all the info of the wiki, but the layout makes it SO easy to have all the info at your fingertips. It even tells you what you should plant, catch or hold on to each day to make the most profit or to complete the community center. Super helpful app. I wouldn’t say it’s overpriced since you’re paying for convenience and the layout is superb. BUT I also used $2 of credits and only payed 99 cents so take that as you will.

  2. Joey Germano dice:

    I’m having a good time with this app. Skeptical about the 99 cent price tag, but it works nice. The interface is clean, the calendar is the most useful part for me. My one wish to improve the app is to add where to get items. Edit: Much more expansive, being updated regularly. Definitely worth it for the convenience if you play a lot.

  3. Samuel G. dice:

    Absolutely Fantastic. Worth the money. It shows you people’s schedules, what they like/dislike as gifts, crop values, last date to plant crops, bundles, and more. You can create personal checklists too. The only things I wish it had is info on mining, (which levels have the most of each ore) Quest item locations, building descriptions, and the world map. Using the in game map is tedious because of controls. It would be great to have this feature. (playing on switch. Played it on pc prior)

  4. eli dewey dice:

    Absolutely invaluable companion for Stardew and well worth the asking price! The ability to have multiple profiles and set your own reminders and goals is so helpful, and you no longer need 50 wiki tabs open on your poor laptop while also running a modded game! Only thing that could make it more useful is SVE support but I recognize that’s a lot of work and it’s so useful as it is! Thank you so much 🥰

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