Cash Carnival Coin Pusher Game 2022


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Cash Carnival the Vegas-style arcade coin dozer game featuring an amazing slots
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Cash Carnival, the Vegas-style arcade coin dozer game, featuring an amazing slots experience, invites you to join the thrilling coin-pushing adventure. Download to get instant access to the excellent collection of authentic Vegas Casino coin pusher games.

Now, the arcade machine in your hands! Drop coins, raise the coin walls, shake the board, roll the slot, rake in all the rare prizes, hit the Jackpot, and get your rewards! Download and let’s sweep the board!

Unique game features make Cash Carnival the special coin dozer game :
✪ High winning rate slot and instant jackpot
✪ Vibrant 3D graphics and stunning coin effects
✪ Collect prizes and puzzles to get special rewards and additional rewards from coin pushers.
✪ Play entertaining Mini Games, including Wheel of Fortune, Scratch Cards to win BIG rewards in coin pusher!
✪ 20+ different style coin pusher games from real casinos to virtual innovations in coin dozer.
✪ Spin to win the mega jackpot when slot machine coin collected. Hit lucky 777, and win your rewards!
✪ Awesome daily and hourly bonuses make a lucky day at a coin pusher machine!

Special coins with unique abilities will spawn along the way to provide you with helpful boosts:
★ Silver Coins are similar to a standard coin however they add two coins to your coin balance and an additional 2XP.
★ Cash is the second important game currency, and it will allow you to purchase instant boosts, mini-games and collect extra prizes.
★ XP Coin adds Experience Points to your XP balance shown on the blue progress meter at the top of the screen.
★ Powerups are special in-game effects to help you. You can either collect them by pushing them off the table, or by purchasing them with cash in the Boosts menu
★ Coin Walls protect items on board from falling down on both sides of the coin pusher.
★ Coin Shower will trigger the coin rain bonus with a massive coin drop.
★ Pusher Attack allows your pusher to move much further on the platform, resulting in more coins collected.
★ Giant Coin drops to splash everything on board, It falls from the sky like a meteor making the platform shake after a powerful hit and pushing, even more coins over the front edge.
★ Prize Coin brings super rare prizes waiting for you to collect and receive a huge amount of coins and cash! Once you solve a puzzle, the next one unlocks for you on a coin pusher.

Join in the fun and play Cash Carnival! Please look out for awesome updates to earn unlimited coins and big rewards in a coin pusher.


New event update!
Some minor bug fixed and experience improved.
Download and have fun!


4 comentarios en "Cash Carnival Coin Pusher Game 2022"

  1. Brittney Bell dice:

    ok so tried the game again today (even though when i logged in this morning i noticed all the cash money and the christmas coins were gone!!) and i guess it was fine i watch an ad about every 20 seconds and i personally think thats ridiculous, but now ive won coins in the slot box about 20 times now and its not working at all. after i hit the jackpot 1 doesnt work after that? im just noticing problem after problem and i love coin pusher games but with the amount of ads and glitches NO!!

  2. Wayne Vickers dice:

    Very electrified by all that’s going on on the screen. Like the layout of the pusher game good smooth game play and not alot of ads and if ad pops up you can fast-forward through them quickly. Great Pusher app very much recommended.

  3. Christopher Jones dice:

    I’ve only been playing for a couple days, but it’s really fun. The graphics are really awesome. For now it’s a four-star review, I hope it gets to five with further experience.

  4. Michele Williams Rogers dice:

    SCAM APPS DON’T DESERVE NOT EVEN ONE STAR MUCH LESS 5 I’m just wondering where’s that cash out button? doesn’t appear to be anywhere on mine anyway! I doubt it shows up on anyone else’s either!!! so I would have to say SCAM I’ve got over 200 and can’t even find a way to cash out .. SO TELL ME WHERE CASH OUT BUTTON IS? OR DO I NEED SPECIAL GLASSES TO SEE IT?!!!!

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