Video Poker Wizard MODDED 2022


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18 different games, practice playing to learn your favorite game's strategy.
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From the main menu you can analyze a hand, analyze a game’s paytable, and practice playing to learn your favorite game’s strategy.

Continue reading to learn how to get the most out of the app.

Selecting a Game
From the main menu, tap the first item, which shows the currently selected game. This brings up the game menu.

The following games are supported:

Aces and Eights
Aces and Faces
All American
Black Jack Bonus
Bonus Deuces Wild
Bonus Poker
Bonus Poker Deluxe
Deuces and Joker
Deuces Wild
Double Aces and Faces
Double Bonus
Double Bonus Deuces Wild
Double Deuces Wild
Double Double Aces and Faces
Double Double Bonus
Double Joker Poker
Jacks or Better
Joker Poker (Kings)
Joker Poker (Aces)
Joker Poker (Two Pair)
Loose Deuces
One-Eyed Jacks
Royal Aces Bonus
Super Aces Bonus
Super Bonus Deuces Wild
Super Double Bonus
Super Double Double Bonus
Tens or Better
Triple Bonus (Kings or Better)
Triple Bonus Plus
Triple Deuces Wild
Triple Double Bonus
White Hot Aces

Selecting a Paytable
Each supported game has several built-in paytables. Tap the paytable row from the main menu (located directly beneath the game name) to bring up the paytable menu for that game.

If the paytable you want isn’t there, you can add it. Tap the Edit button in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then tap the plus sign (+) that replaces it. Give the paytable a new name and adjust the payouts by tapping a hand and entering its payout.

You can also rearrange and delete paytables when you are in Edit mode.

Analyzing a Hand
From the main menu, tap Analyze a Hand to bring up the entry screen. You can tap the five cards you want to enter, or tap the Random button to be dealt a random hand.

Then tap the Analyze button in the upper-right to bring up the results. The 32 ways to play the hand are sorted from the best play (at the top) to the worst play (at the bottom).

Analyzing a Game
The most powerful feature of the app is the game analyzer, which can compute the long-term return of a game within seconds. The results menu lets you view a summary, or detailed statistics for each hand’s probability, hit frequency, return, and variance.

Risk of Ruin Calculator
The game analyzer also has a built-in Risk of Ruin calculator. This Risk of Ruin model is for games or situations where you have the advantage. It computes the probability of going bust with a specified bankroll for the current game/paytable before achieving theoretically infinite wealth. A negative paytable can become positive with cash back, which the risk of ruin calculator lets you enter.

Practice Play
The Play mode lets you practice or learn the current game’s strategy a couple different ways. By default, the game will not automatically hold the best play as soon as the hand is dealt, but it will warn you if you do not make the best play. From the Settings, you can change the way this works. When you have been dealt a hand but not finished it yet, you can tap the Analyze Hand button to view the 32 ways to play it, and from within that menu you can tap one of the ways to play to be taken back to the game with that play selected.

You can switch between the display of the paytable, or the display of your playing statistics. Your playing statistics can be reset by tapping the reset button.

The Settings screen lets you turn sounds on or off, enable or disable autohold and warnings in play mode, and adjust the speed with which cards are dealt.

The “Easy Hold” option works as follows: When it is off, you must tap each individual card you want to hold. When it is on, you can run your finger across the cards you want to hold in a single motion. For example, with a dealt Flush, you can swipe your finger across all five cards to hold them all at once.


Fixed problem for Android 11. Temporarily disabled saving playing history.


4 comentarios en "Video Poker Wizard MODDED 2022"

  1. Derek dice:

    May 12, 2022: The app is working again, Yes. And risk of Ruin is fixed. I use this on Android 11. Five star performance, recommended app for those video poker players out there. April 27, 2021. App is no longer working in Android 10 or 11 with the latest update. The app crashes during start up. The previous version did work in general but the Risk of Ruin and sound didn’t work in that earlier version in Android 11.

  2. Aleksandar Zolotic dice:

    Downloaded app the other day, works smoothly, great game! I played a couple of hundreds of games so far, it runs smooth, no bugs, nothing for now. I play it on android. So many games to choose from, my wife plays deuces wild like crazy, I’m more into bonus variants. Every game has Rtp info, which is so cool. Also, the help file is well done. I think I’m a good player, but here they have so many analyzers available that I saw a couple of times great chance to improve my game. What I like most is warning on errors and that they give free advice on best moves. Also, so many reports on hits, returns, moves, plus they made a calculator that gives me info on how long my payroll will last. Pure gold. I already recommended this game to my buddies. Well done, cheap for what it gives back.

  3. Alen dice:

    Great training app. I have noticed no bugs and I’ve been using it around a month or so. They didn’t have loose deuces wild by default but they let you edit payables so you can add games that aren’t already in manually. Worth the price in my opinion.

  4. Taylor Joo dice:

    A little buggy on android at the moment. Long loading times, crashing, and stats reset button missing. Looking forward to an update/patch

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