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TodayTix is the easiest way to get tickets to the best shows in your city.
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TodayTix is your destination for the best-priced theatre tickets to Broadway and Off-Broadway shows and performing arts events. As the highest-rated ticketing app in the Play Store, TodayTix is the theatre ticket booking app that offers you unparalleled access to your favorite shows at the best prices in town. Whether you want to see Broadway musicals, plays, or something more avant-garde, TodayTix has a ticket for you.

Created by Broadway producers, TodayTix provides insightful guidance into the world of theatre, allowing users to discover new shows, explore their city’s theatres, and get access to the best seats at the best prices. Book discount Broadway tickets in 30 seconds or less. Enter a Broadway Lottery to win cheap tickets to a show. Unlock Rush to score exclusively priced day-of tickets. Discover this week’s hottest event. Traveling abroad? Explore all the West End has to offer as well. The possibilities are endless.

With tickets to Broadway musicals like Hamilton, The Lion King, The Book of Mormon, Dear Evan Hansen, Phantom of the Opera, and more, you’ll feel like you have a Broadway box office right at your fingertips and access to any event in town. Whether you’re looking for cheap tickets to NYC events or discount Broadway tickets, TodayTix is the theatre ticket booking app with all the options in one place.

First launched for tickets to New York’s Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, TodayTix is now available for booking tickets to theatres in London’s West End, Chicago, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Washington D.C., Seattle, Philadelphia, Toronto, Connecticut, Houston, Dallas, and Melbourne.


TodayTix simplifies and streamlines the previously difficult theatre ticket buying experience. Here’s how:

• Take the guesswork out of buying theatre tickets. We always list the best prices for tonight, next week, or in the next months.
• Enter daily Lotteries to popular Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. Win free tickets, access to exclusive deals, and more!
• Unlock day-of Rush tickets at deep discounts on a first-come, first-served basis every performance day.
• Skip the lines. Book tickets in just 30 seconds or less, and never wait in long lines again. We have tickets to shows like Hamilton, The Lion King, The Book of Mormon, Wicked, and more.
• Sign up for alerts. Find out when tickets to your favorite sold-out show become available. Get reminders the next time Rush and Lottery deals are live. Hear the latest on NYC events and performing arts happenings.
• Get the VIP treatment. Our customers rave about our friendly and personable service.
• Buy with confidence. Unlike many other apps, we work directly with the theatre’s box office, never with ticket brokers.


“An app that solves the biggest annoyance with buying theater tickets.” – Business Insider UK

“The Uber of Broadway tickets.” – Forbes

“Save money, save time, and feel like a VIP while you’re doing it.” – Entertainment Weekly

“TodayTix is for travelers who don’t feel like killing prime New York City touring time by waiting in line at TKTS, or for those who prefer to plan a few days ahead of time rather than risking their plans to the vagaries of same-day availability.”- Frommer’s




We've made some behind-the-scenes updates to keep things running smoothly, so you can focus on what matters most: getting tickets to the theatre at incredible prices.


40 comentarios en "TodayTix – Theatre Tickets 2022"

  1. Frustratingly slow. I don’t know if there was a lag because other winners were trying to claim lottery tickets or not…but lost tickets because time ran out. Fortunately, I was able to get tickets with the second win. It too took a while for the purchase to go thru. Had to exit and reload a couple of times to successfully make purchase. Not the same problem with outright purchase. Love the discount tickets!!

  2. Pushed to extreme and no good tickets. I’ve used them in the past with great success, but lately no good seats were available. The Notification settings say “once in a while we may also send… Ha, try every few hours! Way too many notifications and few good deals have put the app on notice – fewer notifications, more good deals, or good bye!

  3. App is easy to use and the layout is nice. Great way to find awesome Broadway discounted ticket prices. I must say, this is the best app to get Broadway tickets. It’s my first time using this app and it went smooth. Convenient and fast. Their customer service rep on the phone was also helpful with my questions. Thank you todaytix! You guys are amazing!

  4. Recently I have had a great experience of finding deals with this app. Due to the lack of International tourists the prices have been better than I have ever seen which which might not be great for the production, but it’s great for the NYC audience members. That aside, I always find this app great for finding shows that you are interested in regardless of your location.

  5. I have been using the TodayTix app since 2016. Before the pandemic, received great service from the agents. The prices were affordable and the seat selection were generally to my liking. At the end of 2021, when Broadway reopened, I was nervous about the new normal in ticketing. Their electronic tickets have been available timely and are easy to use. Their Customer Service representatives listen to your questions, are extremely courteous and provide sensible solutions!

  6. This app is good for last minute cheaper than original price ticketing but they don’t tell you or i missed the info about ticket fees. Not only do you pay the fee on the ticket price but another fee added when purchasing. Aside from fees, the availability of Rush Tickets may be limited. When selecting # of tickets, only 2 options. And the options come and go quickly for the popular shows. All-in-all, if i really want to see a show, I’d do it again.

  7. Selected two tickets they switched it to one ticket apparently because it was the last ticket. They never mentioned it until after the purchase and I cannot exchange it or return the order. The phone support is ridiculous. You have to press the button prompt every 30 seconds that you are on hold. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had on any app. Goodbye I feel like I was robbed.

  8. Seats are not the best (mine had a slightly obstructed view – nothing crazy though). The price is pretty good, the instructions are pretty clear and straightforward. If you’re running late, they will send you a text asking for your eta, I thought that was nice, especially considering how trains aren’t always on time. I would definitely use again and recommend to a friend.

  9. I use TDF for the best discounts but if a show I really want to see is not on the site, TodayTix is always my back up plan and almost always comes through. Seat locations are generally good, sometimes excellent. Prices help keep theater going affordable for me. App is very easy to use and always has a wide selection of offerings. Purchase process is simple and forgiving if you need to go back and change or adjust something. The email notifications are also helpful reminders and provide all the necessary details.

  10. I was 1st shown this app by a friend when we purchased tickets on the train on the way in to New York. We arrived at the theater about 20 minutes before the show, were greeted by a concierge at the curb who was easy to identify, and walked leisurely into the theater! The tickets were about one-3rd the price We would have paid had we bought them at the Box office. The seats were excellent, and the show was great. I’ve been using this app for all NY tix since!

  11. App was easy to use and able to get a good value on tickets. Service fees are a bit high-bumps up the ticket price to the next “level, but worth the convenience to know you have a seat to the performance you want to see. Did not like that I couldn’t select my exact seat- they just guarantee the best seat for the price at the time you order. Overall, a good experience and would use again.

  12. JLQ Q dice:

    First time using this app, gambled on tickets for My Fair Lady in SF. I was worried about what seats we would be assigned but they were great!! We were in the middle Loge, 3 rows from the front. The view was fantastic. With parking and tickets it only came up to $104 total. The most expensive part of the night was the $30 they charged for my drink. All in all, very impressed with this app and will definitely use again.

  13. This was my first time using TodayTix and I had an excellent experience. I chose Broadway tickets a week before our arrival. It is not the norm for most shows, but for the one I selected, I was able to choose my own seats. This was a GREAT feature! I printed the tickets from my email and it was a piece of cake getting them scanned at the theater. I will certainly choose TodayTix again.

  14. They offer a great varieties of shows at amazing prices, comparable to the Tkts booth in Times Square and most times better then Telemaster or other site. The ticket lottery is great, even though I haven’t won yet, but it’s nice to know the option is there. I can’t rave enough about the discounted rates!

  15. Ever since the new update I can’t find anything. The search screen is blank and you can’t search by date anymore – only “today,” “tomorrow,” or “this weekend.” The filters are gone and the Google map of the theatre is either blank or zoomed out on the entire world. The discover page is pointless, meanwhile my saved shows are buried in the my account section… Love the booking process on this app but the UX is sliding…

  16. Easy to use app with a wide variety of plays, musicals, comedy, improv, operas, dance, etc. A great source for last-minute tickets. They offer the lowest priced tickets to certain shows (although some are priced the same or slightly more than other apps and services–do a bit of comparison shopping once you’ve decided on a show).

  17. Great company, great app. It was easy to purchase a really good seat for a very popular show at an incredible price. The Covid-19 crisis caused a cancellation. They more than made up for it with a generous voucher. I opted for a refund which was processed in a reasonable amount of time. I would definately trust them again in the future. TodayTix will be my first choice when the theaters open again.

  18. I am an Acting major and TodayTix has been super helpful with giving me the opportunity to find shows. I’ve also noticed that sometimes the shows will have tickets st a discounted rate which has proven to be very helpful I must admit. (Paid $5 for a ticket that’s normally priced at $15) The service fees are sometimes high but the shows are worth it.

  19. The best and worst thing to ever happen to my wallet. Shows are so much cheaper on TodayTix and our seats are always fantastic, but now that its so easy and affordable, im going to more theatre than ever. I used to see one show every 4-6 weeks at around $75-150 a ticket, and now I see a show every 1-2 weeks at $30-70 a ticket. its fantastic and I recommend it to everyone I meet who expresses interest in theatre or dance shows in NY.

  20. excellent ‘one stop shop’ to see everything that is happening in NYC! easy to use and very easy to make the purchase. i sometimes will swipe up quickly, stop on any random show, and go see something i never would have!! its a 2 button click and its all set up! i love this app!

  21. Great app. Pretty easy to use. Gives you quick look up and convenient bookmark options – I love the rush lotteries! It allows you an ample countdown option so you are able to make the time. I wish it had more detailed info on the show for preview or a link to expand for more. For purchases> GOOD prices, just wish your fee charges were a bit lower per ticket.. A Seat number and or highlighted seat area would be much more helpful. Unfortunately dont know exactly where your seats would be.

  22. I have been using this app for about a year now, along with others. However, this has been the only one to offer Rush tickets—Although, there is another one that offers Comp tickets.(hint, hint) —-I like that I have a choice of purchasing in advance or for the same day. However, I feel the service fees are too high and shouldn’t be per ticket when buying more than one. Also, I would love if there were more plays to offer Rush tickets for. I’ve been trying, unsucessfully, for Harry Potter for so many months.I appreciate the savings when I get lucky with Rush tickets but they are usually along the side, close to the wall, and sometimes I am unable to see the performers. I still recommend having this app on your phone. The rush alert/purchase is easy to do. The emails are informative and picking up the tickets has never been an issue.

  23. So I had a last minute impromptu layover in UK for 4 days and wanted to see some shows. TodayTix ensured my experience was absolutely amazing! The app was soo user friendly and it made it super easy to see tickets which were much cheaper than the actual theatre or other websites. The reminders were good! I got center front row for two shows. And the aisle seats I got for Matilda were in the center of all the action. I am so incredibly grateful for this app. I can’t wait to use back in the states

  24. This is a great way to book Theatre tickets on the go! I don’t live in the major cities so can only see a show around my business schedule. The app is very easy to to use and super quick to book. Picking up of tickets is easy, efficiency all round. It would be nice to pick a specific seat. Today Tix only allows you to book an area. Orchestra, 1st Mezzanine, side Mezzanine etc. However my seats have been pretty good, especially for the price I’ve paid. There are other tools you can use to get really good bargains if your schedule allows to participate. All in all, it is my “go to” site to book Theatre Tickets. Thumbs up!

  25. Perfect service! The app is great and it’s easy to filter and make a reservation. 30 mins before the show their concierge will be waiting for you in front of the theatre with your tickets. At first I was a bit skeptical about not having the tickets until right before the show, but there was no reason to worry. Everything went smooth and I really enjoyed the show.

  26. The fees are reasonable, although I wish they were included in the original price of the ticket. Still, great deals are to be found. I got 2 Tix for $59 each (plus the fees) which lead to the Broadway night being just under 150. Overall, about what one would expect for a same day ticket app. 5/5.

  27. Jacquie dice:

    I did have problems ensuring that a payment card was selected and then used to process the purchase. I did eventually get there and was able to secure very good seats to what was a great show. The show itself was outstanding. Beautifully colourful stage sets; great storyline, great music incorporating great pop music hits and, of course, a great cast. Will definitely see again!! Thank you Today tix for this amazing experience!!

  28. I was lucky enough to be a lottery winner yesterday after weeks of trying. After receiving my winning email it was so easy to follow the instructions to purchase our tickets. My daughter is beside herself with excitement and we both can’t wait to see Hamilton next Friday night. Fabulous App definately worth subscribing to, wonderful way to experience more shows at a discounted rate that we wouldn’t otherwise get to see as we couldn’t afford it. Thank you so much Today Tix! 😊

  29. I bought 3 tickets and screenshotted one, since she was coming separately. When she arrived, they told her it was previously scanned, so I came down, and they said alm 3 had been scanned, so we went to the tixket counter. She said since I purchased through today tix, they were unable to verify I was the purchaser. I called today tix, but they were unable to help. Gratefully, they were willing to walk us to the seats to see that one was empty. We did still miss the intro though.

  30. Very poor paying system for Rush tickets. You need two phones – one to book the tickets, and one to approve the transaction. Otherwise it’s impossible to book. No idea how such a terrible UX made it through to the app

  31. Tickets we bought turned out to be obstructed view seats. We were never notified of this at purchase time, just a line in the email confirm mentioning a handrail in the way. It was much more than that, behind a screen blocking our view. Todaytix offered us a lousy $10 coupon for future use as compensation. Disgraceful customer service. From. Owon order sure tly from the show website, Ticketmaster, or anywhere else, not through the Is company that doesnt care about their customers.

  32. I was beyond pleased with how the TodayTix app works, even more so when I won some of their $10 tickets for a show! I’m looking forward to seeing what else I’m able to find from the app in the future. I did have a small issue with being able to purchase tickets with their GPay tool, however, so quickly needed to get my card out so I could redeem my tickets!

  33. GG VV dice:

    TodayTix is a fantastic app. Great shows to see. Hamilton was absolutely amazing. We got the most amazing seats. I have told others about TodayTix, and they too are loving it. There are so many shows to see and TodayTix make it so easy to navigate through and find exactly what you are looking for. I am telling everyone I know to get the TodayTix app.

  34. Used TodayTix for the first time to buy a ticket to see a top off Westend show. Very fast and efficient. The app is designed to send a barcoded ticket straight to your inbox for scaned entry. So no panic logging into a website to download if in a rush/ off wifi. Very happy!

  35. This app is fantastic! We scored $10 tickets to Hamilton the musical and our seats were at in the front row in the stalls. Really great way to experience other shows and productions without the high price tag. Highly recommend.

  36. Used to be good until recently. Now payments are refused saying “insufficient funds” – I’ve checked my account and there’s definitely enough money! Rang Nationwide and they can see my attempted transactions and say that TodayTix needs to fix the thing that triggers verification with some banks/building societies. Easy to select tickets, hard to pay for them.

  37. Way too many &#$!ing notifications. I don’t need notifications every day reminding me that there’s theatre nearby. Super annoying. At least give us the ability to turn off the spam notifications vs useful things like rush tix?

  38. Linda dice:

    Amazing experience with this app, have been entering the lottery for a few different shows, finally scored some and ended up front row for Hamilton for only $10! Could’nt have been happier with the experience, thanks so much!

  39. Elaine M dice:

    Used for the first time. Got a ticket on special offer for a show in a few weeks time. User friendly app, easy to pay, e tickets emailed to me immediately, great prices. Will also be trying the rush ticket on the day facility soon. So far, so good !

  40. Not pleasant. I booked 4 tickets to a Broadway show in June. Today Tix refunded them to me in April saying ‘the show was cancelled effective May 19th’. I used a portion of my credit to book another show. I learned on the day of our show that the original show we booked was still happening. TodayTix said the theatre extended it through the original date but there was nothing they could do to get us back to our original show. We had to see our 2nd choice and were very, very disappointed.

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