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With Goldstar, you’ll discover tickets (often at a discount) to theater, Broadway, concerts, sports, comedy, nightlife, food fests and other events. We make it easy to fall in love with live entertainment again and again.


• New events are added daily.
• Easy and secure checkout.
• Exclusive discounts and complimentary tickets.
• Earn rewards with each ticket purchase.
• Personalized event recommendations.
• Star favorite events and venues to get alerts when tickets become available.
• Get reviews, directions and helpful tips from fans who have already gone.
• Event tickets for Live Nation/Ticketmaster, MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, Major League Soccer, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, Cirque du Soleil, Broadway, Disney On Ice and more.

Never miss out on what’s happening in: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Inland Empire, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York/New Jersey, Orange County, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco/East Bay, San Jose, Seattle and Washington, D.C., and more!


Unlike secondary market-focused ticket sellers like StubHub, SeatGeek, Vivid Seats, TicketIQ and Rukkus, Goldstar partners with event producers, venues, and artists to secure the best prices on live events for our members. We have ticket integrations with primary ticketers, including AXS, Eventbrite, and Ticketmaster, which makes it possible for us to deliver an event experience that’s on par with primary ticket sellers. You’ll also find our events deals on: Groupon, Living Social and Yelp.


“The low ticket prices and plentiful consumer ratings of the shows are evidently creating a generation of live-entertainment junkies.” -Reuters

“Goldstar offers a wide variety of entertainment.” -New York Times

“…the scoop on cut-rate tickets to sporting events, concerts, comedy acts, museum exhibits, and more.” -Consumer Reports

“Goldstar is a goldmine for theater & entertainment.” -Star Tribune


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40 comentarios en "Goldstar – Buy Tickets MODDED"

  1. Pro: I’m surprised by how awesome Goldstar is. At first I thought it was a scam or rip off of some kind. But we’ve used it three times with no hassle. It is a great discount ticket service. But it’s also just a great way to find local events. They advertise easy cancel on some tickets, and it works. Con: The pricing seems a bit deceptive. For example, they advertise some “comp” tickets, and then tack on an unusually high service charge. Still, in the end, the prices are pretty good.

  2. I love shopping for discount show tickets on Goldstar! It’s fun and easy to use. However it irritates me that sold out shows are not somehow marked as such. I am always very dissapointed when I get all the way to purchase before I can see that there are no more tickets available. Perhaps this could be made better by simple sold out note near or partially over the picture used for advertising the show. I do love shows and discounts. Thanks for making this App!

  3. I like Goldstar a lot. The app is visually appealing and decently organized. I wish that it would NOT scroll all the way to the top of the list when I open an event, though. I end up having to scroll a bunch again when I leave the event. Also, I wish it would only show events with tickets available. I’ve opened 2 events today that didn’t have tickets for purchase. At least show the price and availability of events on the main page.

  4. Absolutely the best! Tons of events – concerts, theater, comedy, tours, exhibits. All at incredibly good prices – some even free. Perhaps best of all is that most of the tickets can be canceled for a full refund even at the last minute! Seriously! This organization has spectacular customer service.

  5. I recommend this to anyone looking for a spontaneous good time. It does require some self education in navigating the app with mediocre computer skills. If you have trouble navigating your own phone, this app or any app is not for you. For all others that do not fit this profile and can do many things with your own phone… you can filter the search for just “today” and see which event fits ur schedule and change the city to book events somewhere else in the USA. MY FAV.: Comedy shows &burlesque

  6. Used to use Goldstar all the time back when they would email you your tickets, but now that they require you to go through the app to access them it is an absolute nightmare trying to buy tickets for someone else. Love the prices but the app needs a SERIOUS accessibility overhaul

  7. What a great service!!! This is sooo great and easy to use. I always feel in the know! Notification is great for letting me know what’s new and exciting happening near me. It’s fantastic.

  8. Easy to use. Such a great service. You can even cancel and exchange your tickets.

  9. App has been “pending” update for two days. Not able to use app at all.

  10. At the venue. Can’t update app to get our tickets to get in. A We’re stuck!

  11. Love Love my Goldstar application. Always a seamless opportunity to select and confirm an event. Best place for discount tickets!

  12. Love Goldstar!! Best shows, great prices!!

  13. Price of the Tix good! Convince of using app. Really good!! Not knowing where your seats are until you get to the theater. NO SO GOOD.

  14. lou j dice:

    Always great deals on tickets.

  15. I really like this app… It send me to many weekly messages. I like that i can use it anywhere I Travel!

  16. Thomas D dice:

    Good prices, great customer service, solid search, easy cancelation. You can get significant discounts on tickets via Goldstar, and since they always include a link to the venue, you can easily confirm this yourself. Cancelation for credit is simple, and Goldstar makes it clear what tuckets can and cannot be canceled.

  17. Always the best price and best seats!

  18. Love the great events offered by this app. The prices are fantastic! However, I think it’s very deceptive to offer three different prices and call them different classes of tickets and then offering the same benefits. Even so, I really enjoy the Gold Star app.

  19. App wouldn’t process my purchase. Twice. Ultimately went to my laptop browser to buy my tickets. BTW Goldstar has no phone support for problems, all by email. They finally responded an hour after my 3rd attempt was successful. I will uninstall this crappy app after using my tickets tonight. Goldstar worked well on Firefox.

  20. Great app for getting discounted tix. Many of the shows and events are top tier. Site is well organized to find events, and easy to use to complete purchase. I had to contact customer service once and the service was good, responsive and helpful.

  21. I love this app. I use it daily to check for performing arts tickets. It keeps track of all the shows I’ve been too, which is pretty cool to see over the years. Thanks GoldStar for a great app experience. I really rely on you guys to keep my tickets sorted.

  22. services fees on most events i looked at are in the 25-30% , meaning your only saving minimal ( i.e. reg. price for event = $25 no fees, goldstar price $15 + $4 service fee + 3 venue fee !) . better wait til day of event and find on stubhub or know exactly what your getting by buying at venue. this app is a waste of time. uninstall.

  23. When wanting to buy tickets, I am not allowed to enter my phone number: when I try to enter my number it will only accept one digit. I contacted customer care about this, and they were no help at all. I found out I could claim my tickets from my computer’s Web browser, and they didnt feel it nessesary to fix the problem cause “well, you got your tickets, you should be happy”. It doesnt seem like they want to fix the app 🤷🏽‍♀️

  24. Pretty bad experience. We have to use mobile tickets which means we have to download this application. We download the application. We login. The system shows the tickets we bought. We tap on [Print tickets] and we get an error page that says, “Oops, we can’t find the page you’re looking for.” And they say they won’t accept printed tickets. What are we supposed to do now? Absolute garbage! If we could give them zero stars, we would.

  25. Wish we could give it negative stars! They tell us that the tickets can not be printed and we have to use their application. So we download the application and go to print the tickets and get an error messages saying the page we are looking for can not be found. Tried it on my wife’s phone and instead of an error message, we just get a blank screen. Ya’ know, there is something to be said for not relying on fragile technology when a printed ticket would do just fine. So tell us, what do we now?

  26. The app does what it’s supposed to but the SERVICE itself is garbage. Ordered tickets and all correspondence from Goldstar confirmed me for one date and time. I showed up to the theater and they had no idea what I was talking about. Turns out Goldstar had booked me for the week AFTER. No amount of DMs or emails to Goldstar got even ONE SINGLE RESPONSE. They then had the gall to send an automated follow up email asking me to review the show I didn’t see. If there’s a problem you are SOL.

  27. Chuck dice:

    Love the app and the discounts!

  28. C.Marie B dice:

    I’m fairly new to Goldstar but the times that I have used it and gone to these different venues I’ve had fabulous times I’ve met new people that hopefully will eventually become friends my favorite was the Hennessy painting mix had a blast the hostess was fabulous she served those drinks and the instructor was very easy to understand she took us through it step-by-step. So looking forward to being a social butterfly when we all can gather again through gold star in person.

  29. App just showed blank white screens for both tabs the first time i started it. After killing and restarting, let me login. Adding new Google Pay and PayPal payment methods from the purchase ticket flow doesn’t work (buttons are there but don’t do anything).

  30. Always have good experiences with gold star.

  31. Goldstar has always proved to be my favorite discount ticket entertainment APP. Great seats at shows, theater, and festivals for the past several years. I want to support them now during this Covid-19 crisis. Looking forward to purchasing Josh Grobin’s concert once again through Goldstar though this time it will be enjoyed virtually instead of The Amphitheater at Chastain Park.

  32. The app and ordering are ok, but the concert “Play at home with the POPS” was much less than I expected. All it is is a 5 min. 56 second description of the Arboretum (a place I love and miss this summer) and 1 song, not from Jersey Boys. It’s not a concert, unless I missed something.

  33. App keeps closing every time I try to select date range.

  34. i was a red vevet member in the past but I’ve had to cut my budget, but the regular membership is fantastic. love all the comp and discount tickets to my city, NYC, when all the other tourists pay full price lol

  35. At the end the ask you to sign up for “Tickets Without Commitments.” But they don’t define this. Added cost ticket insurance? And then app won’t let me log in. Uninstalled 5 minutes after installing, a new record for me.

  36. Jeff Hunt dice:

    Excellent information concerning concerts thank you ALL . Mr.jeff

  37. Love Love Love Goldstar I have been to so many shows in the past six months. Many of the shows were discounted 50% and some offered even greater savings. Goldstar is user friendly and if your plans change before the show in most cases you may cancel and get a full refund.

  38. Goldstar is a great resource for me because I’ve been able to have more entertainment in my life. The ticket prices for the events are less expensive and using the app to purchase tickets is seamless. I enjoy your app very much.

  39. I have purchased tickets for Blue Man Group in November I was able to take a friend to the show for his birthday, the price was very affordable!!!! Thanks for keeping the prices affordable p.s. The show was simply awesome, I am going to go again soon😀!

  40. I love Goldstar. 2020 has been great, but that is fewer available items issue. Have used Goldstar for years, attended several concerts and various tours. I recommend it. Great deals too.

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