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Gametime is the app that helps *you* score deals to all your favorite events! Now featuring Gametime Ticket Coverage, the most comprehensive service and protection policy in ticketing – included free with all purchases. Gametime is a resale market, not the main provider of tickets. Resellers may list tickets above or below face value.

Did you know ticket prices for your favorite events – sports, concerts, and theater – actually go down the closer you get to showtime? Get the best deals, see the view from your seats, and utilize Gametime’s super-simple checkout process to get into events even after they have started. Mobile ticket delivery helps save paper and printing headaches. Easy mobile ticket sharing lets you send tickets to all your friends so they can join you in the fun.

– Take advantage of falling ticket prices as you get closer to the event time.
– Buy tickets up to 90-minutes after the start of the event.
– Special Zone Deals provide discounts that can help you save even more!

Buy with confidence with the most comprehensive service policy in ticketing, included free with all purchases. You get:
– Lowest Price Guaranteed – or get 110% of the difference
– Lightning Refunds – refunds for canceled events within days, not weeks (or longer) and no forced credits like some other companies
– 24-Hour Returns – get a full refund up to 24 hours after your purchase, no questions asked
– Job Loss Protection – if the event you lose your job and need some cash we will provide you with a refund
Plus more! Restrictions apply.

– The best seats at the lowest prices = big savings!
– Utilize venue maps to make easy seat and price comparisons to find the exact seat you want.
– Panoramic photos show the exact view from any section.
– 2-Click checkout process.
– Mobile delivery allows you to buy and walk into the event without missing a step.

– None of the added “printing fees” or “convenience fees” that other companies love to add onto their prices at checkout.
– Pick your seats, see the full cost, and click to buy.
– No add-on costs. Ever.

– Mobile ticket delivery saves paper & ink.
– Send tickets to friends directly to their mobile phones, they don’t need to print anything either!

– List and price tickets with just a few taps.
– If you have paper tickets (boo!) simply take a picture to have them listed to sell digitally.
– Get text updates as soon as your tickets sell.
– Get paid through PayPal or in Gametime credit.

Gametime is THE ticket app for all major sporting events including top baseball, football, hockey, and basketball from all the top leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, & NCAA). Discover the top concerts from hit artists (Taylor Swift, Billie Eillish, Bad Bunny, Dua Lipa, Morgan Wallen, Phish, BTS, The Weeknd, J Balvin, Garth Brooks, Jason Aldean, Dead & Company, John Mayer, J Cole, Elton John, Olivia Rodrigo, Adele, TWICE, Harry Styles, Post Malone, Chris Stapleton, Eagles, Drake, Post Malone, Paul McCartney, Bruno Mars, Jonas Brothers, Mumford & Sons, Blink-182, and more!). Don’t miss out on top theater shows (Hamilton, The Book of Mormon, Les Misrables). Also other events like Monster Jam, WWE, and hit comedy tours (such as Nick Offerman, Aziz Ansari, Kevin Hart, Trevor Noah, and more!).

We believe in shared experiences (bring your friends!) and the power and enjoyment of live entertainment.

Shop, compare, and save with Gametime.


Working hard to guarantee you the lowest price!


40 comentarios en "Gametime – Last Minute Tickets MODDED 2022"

  1. LHT dice:

    Liked it overall. Used to be better. It used to alert me to events in my area, and only my area. Now it continues to alert me to events in different areas, despite reselecting my city every time it changes it. I now have to disable alerts, they are useless. I made zero changes in how I have the app setup. It worked fine in the past, but this year it changed. I’ll still use it, but no more alerts.

  2. Price on the stadium map is not what you actually pay. They make it deceptive enough so you think you’re getting the initial price, then sneak their insane fees as you purchase. Their “policy” won’t allow refunds, but credit instead. Emailed customer service and it’s been nothing but canned responses with reasons for justifying their prices, or saying you need to configure the app to see the actual price. All of this can be solved by making all-in pricing default, otherwise it’s a scam!

  3. Honestly one of the best apps to find cheap last minute tickets to pretty much any game around your city. The fees, however, are ridiculous! They make it seem as if you were getting a great deal and when you’re ready for a check out you’re left confused as to why the fees are more than what you’re paying for your tickets. At that point its better to buy them at the ballparks/venues. I liked this app a year or so back because the fees weren’t as bad as they are now. You guys need to fix this!

  4. I found this app through their Tiktok advertising and was excited to start looking at what was available. I found a show I was interested in but then see that ticket price shown in search does not reflect price+fees. This normally wouldn’t be a problem but for the fees totaling to more than the tickets themselves. This comes across as money-grubbing and dishonest. I’d be willing to try this app again if this fee structure changed for the better.

  5. Sam dice:

    GameTime is pretty legit so far. Relatively good prices when it comes to live sports. They also price match to 110% for other legit ticketing apps. So if you see it cheaper somewhere else (the exact same seats) GameTime will match that price and knock off an extra 10 percent. Always proper to look around and compare options. Anyways so far so good no complaints. Though i do wish they would show the final price upfront(not as bad as bitchitmaster with fees and taxes but still misleading).

  6. Intuitive in the search, easy to use and not too many screens to navigate through. Had to use the customer service feature first time using the app and they were extremely helpful. *Edit* However, they are a vendor for other paries trying to sell tickets. Only the primary ticket holders can get a refund, poor pathway forward if you have to cancel, you have the option to resell on their app or the event be totally cancelled inorder to get a refund. Will be using other services for tickets.

  7. Absolutely so easy and very likely the only app I will ever use to buy concert tickets from now on! I like the price guarantee, the map views where you can see the vantage point toward the stage for the tickets you are buying, and the 1-tap buy feature. There are no fussy app features and you can just go in, immediately find what you are looking for, and get the ticket transferred to you right away. I’ve used it twice so far and am really happy I finally took a chance and checked it out.

  8. Newest version of app is glitchy & annoying. Specifically, after making purchase I am prompted to enter contact email phone #. When I enter the info, I’m given an error message that what I’ve entered is “already associated with an account”. No sh!* Sherlock, that’s the contact info for MY ACCOUNT. There is no prompt for what to do next… when I closed the app & reopened it I went to make the purchase again. Fortunately, right before I did I noticed a line saying I’d already purchased the tix.

  9. Great experience I strongly recommend this app to everyone I know .I also have shared my experience with people that never get the opportunity to attend games, shows ,concerts if you some times want to go last minute this is the app to get no matter what the situation is or what you want there’s always something to do especially if your new to l.a area be it college sports, soccer,basketball, baseball

  10. frank s dice:

    The fees are more than the tickets actually cost. Very close to a bait and switch. 4/7/22. Thank you for the response. No need. If you want to make a difference, show the initial ticket price with all fees instead of hiding them. If you make this happen I’d be sure to give a second try and update the review.

  11. If you can get last minute tickets from people who can’t make the event and are selling theirs cheap… It’s a good app. That almost never happens in my city though. And just now looking at a couple of shows with face value tickets available, they’re $76 (with all fees) for two tickets through the promoter, or $106 through gametime. That is an ABSURD markup. I’m finally just uninstalling the app, having only used it once it 4 years.

  12. The app does what it’s supposed to, which is to get you tickets, and I enjoy many aspects of it. However, the inability to save tickets on a temporary list or the fact that everytime you back out of viewing a ticket it takes you back to the top of the list is frustrating and makes it difficult to plan things through the app or make veiwing easier

  13. Excellent customer service. I bought tickets less than 40 minutes before an event, and they didn’t transfer. i contacted them via the chat feature, and got several prompt, effective responses. They contacted the seller, determined the tickets weren’t available, and provided me with new tickets at no charge. I made it in with 10 minutes spare. That is impossible with any other app.

  14. Best sports ticket app ever!! I’m not sure why people are complaining, especially about the price. The price is well given with all fees at the end. It doesn’t show it at first when it shows the list of tickets but it does explain it well once you click a ticket or tickets. Plus, you can change it in the settings to let you see the set prices with all fees once you first see them. I never bought tickets so great for so cheap!! And the layout is so easy to navigate and use!!👍🏻

  15. Ar first I was thrilled. It had better deals than anyone. Now, it’s the opposite. Mostly, I only need ONE ticket. Well, the price per ticket for ONE is almost ALWAYS significantly more expensive since they’d rather collect the fees off two than sell just one. They “guarantee” prices, but there’s too much involved to get any money back from it to make it worth it. They accidentally charged me today. Wouldn’t give ANYTHING back. Nice. huh?!

  16. This app seems designed to separate you from your money as quickly as possible. My first purchase was two tickets that ended up being wildly overpriced compared to the venue website. After an unreasonable amount of back and forth with customer support, I received the difference — in app credit, of course. Customer service was quick to charge my card and then literally mocked me when I told them I wasn’t getting the service I expected. There’s more, but I’m out of space. Beware.

  17. BEWARE! DON”T DO IT! I previously downloaded the app and registered to create a profile. I never bought anything and uninstalled the app. After reinstalling the app, it automatically logged me in. However, it didn’t show my profile information. There was no name, no phone number, no email address. As you browse the app and click on a ticket option, it simply shows you the price and 2 buttons: “Add Payment Info” and “GPay” for Google Pay. I clicked on “GPay” thinking that it would take me to the checkout page to see the pricing information and if there are any extra fees associated to the ticket cost. It immediately charged me for the tickets, yet it had no name, phone, or email address to send the tickets. After contacting them, they asked me to enter my name, phone, and email address in order for them to see my order. After doing so, they said they can’t offer a refund because the seller had already issued the barcodes for the tickets. What a SHADY way of doing business. It automatically logs you into your Google Pay if you previously registered. It doesn’t have a checkout page. It doesn’t even need your name, phone, or email to charge you. NEVER AGAIN.

  18. The app works fine. Gametime not. The listing of “prices” and not including or referencing the per ticket surcharge/taxes/fees until after inputting payment info is criminal. Bought what I THOUGHT was a cheap tix for $16 just to get in but then a $10 surcharge of taxes and fees (almost 70%?!). I could have bought tix on tickpick which shows ALL cost for same price in far superior location. Transparency wins for me

  19. Seamless resale purchase. It’s very easy to use. Been buying tickets from them for 2 or 3 years now. Never had a problem and all purchases are insured. The prices do fluctuate because it is a resale app and the transaction fees are a bit steep but it’s still cheaper than buying tickets from the venue. Definitely would recommend.

  20. I was prompted to give a review yesterday after I made my second purchase on this app for Dave Chappelle tickets. My first experience was great, I thought my second was great also. Today I received a text saying my tickets I purchased were no longer available and was offered a replacement. I accepted the replacement and then received another text saying those were no longer available. I noticed that the price of tickets have doubled since yesterday. Very disappointing.

  21. I feel fooled. The fees for the tickets I bought did not show on the page with the “confirm purchase” button. Later on I found out an extra $200 was charged on fees. Customer service did not solve the problem and did not want to reimburse me, even though this was before the 24 hours period they advertise (would give me credits but not my money back). Also, my credit card number was saved in the app without my consent. Not a trustworthy company.

  22. The worst experience I’ve ever had! I tried to purchase tickets for an event and could not enter my address; they cancelled my order. I called customer service; the first woman I spoke with was extremely helpful. But, my transactions kept being denied. Supposedly the issue might be because I have 2 emails associated with my credit card. (I can’t be the only one.) But they wouldn’t even tell me exactly what the problem was. I was denied service and told to use a different platform. Horrible!

  23. I had purchased some decent tickets for a concert is St. Louis that were pretty pricey considering how far in advance I bought them. But the morning of the concert, I was told that the tickets that I purchased “didn’t come through from the seller”. As a result, I had to choose between two other “comparable” options that were certainly not comparable to what I had purchased originally. They were in fact much worse and were much cheaper tickets back when I had made my original purchase. Not happy.

  24. **Lowered my rating due to the removal of the games section! I used to check-in daily for the games, now I hardly ever open this app. So far so good! I did a price comparison across 3 or 4 different apps and Gametime was the best value. I haven’t used my ticket yet, but transfer seems easy enough. I like that in my settings I can choose “All-in pricing” and see the total ticket price including fees. I rated 5 stars because of the games!

  25. When the app first came out it was great. But now tickets cost more and the delivery has issues. Here are my issues, 1st there is not a purchase button just a continue button so you end up accidentally buying tickets. 2nd, you can’t get a refund even if it happens within seconds but the tickets aren’t even sent to you. 3rd you can resell but you can’t even get the tickets to sell them even with their customer service helping (owner doesn’t release them). Game time was good but not with it now.

  26. Bovey Lu dice:

    Terrible experience. Worst customer service I’ve ever had. Spent over an hour looking for help via phone and live chat with no answers. Figured this was just a one time thing but it happened twice. Uninstalling and never using again. There are much better options for third party sellers for tickets. If I could give negative stars I would.

  27. Chris S dice:

    It’s just manipulative marketing. Any “savings” on the listed ticket price relative to other sites is just because they don’t include the fees up front. And the fees they charge are outrageous. You’re not saving any money and other companies are more reputable. I downloaded and deleted the app right away, so I didn’t even experience some of the other issues written about in the reviews.

  28. Great way to buy tickets. I like that Gametime has the option to see tickets prices WITH all the fees included so there’s no surprise at purchase time. Their customer service is excellent! I had one problem where I hadn’t received my tickets before a sporting event (weekend evening game); I called their customer service number, spoke to a live person, and the issue was resolved in minutes. The rep even stayed on the line with me until I received the tickets. I highly recommend this app.

  29. Terrible App! Scammers that will not refund your money after their app fails!! My friend and I tried to purchase 2 tickets for before a hockey game and the transaction would not go through, so we tried to repurchase the same tickets. Ended up with 4 tickets after we called tech support to get the transaction completed. We tried to call again and cancel 2 of tickets but they said all purchases are final no refund.

  30. What a shady app. I went to examine prices and proceeded to clicking the tickets I wanted and was asked to enter card info. Once that was complete I was expecting a page that would indicate the total price + fees or at least a confirmation page. But right after entering my card info it said order booked. Wth, I contacted them and they said there was nothing they could do for me. The lady said I needed to enable all pricing in the settings to see totals. But of course it wasn’t the default setup

  31. Tony T dice:

    I tried to purchase three tickets for a OU Football Game for a total of three times and finally was granted the last time. But, when I checked my checking account I was charged for the other two attempts which I never received my tickets and on top of all that had to battle with Gametime for them to return my money. Just complete Crazy!!!

  32. Lately their prices have been higher than others and recently more than double. And other apps have the same last minute tickets. They have a price match guarantee but it’s only for 2 hours after your purchase…and they’re firm on this. Their ticket transfer process is NOT as “friendy” or as integrated as other apps. They often transfer your tickets into ticketmaster which depending upon your tech “saviness” can make it challenging to locate your tickets after your purchase.

  33. Chris Law dice:

    Easy to use and helpful app. Not 5 stars because it’s not completely mobile friendly yet. The map view zoom in and out is very choppy. They should be consistent on their pricing. Mobile app is showing all in pricing but desktop app is show pricing less fees. Please choose one for both platforms.

  34. App doesn’t work well and they will blame you when it doesn’t work. Also if you check ticket prices more than once it won’t show you the cheapest tickets. You have to look online in incognito mode so having the app is totally a scam. Would not recommend

  35. Cool app like how they show the view on almost every ticket, but I bought 6 tickets and can’t view a single one. I’ve tried the troubleshooting from the website and nothing. Kinda pointless that I buy the tickets and can’t pull them up at the venue.

  36. Very easy to use and works as advertised. Very satisfied after only one purchase so far. Will update after future purchases. Fees are a little excessive compared to other ticket outlets, but tickets are very reasonable.

  37. There is no other app that is the most efficient and accurate out there today selling the best tickets on the market. Your credit card information is safe the verification process is well encrypted and deliver the tickets are fast. From this point on I’m getting rid of my Ticketmaster app and my seat geek app as well. The price is on here are way better and more affordable as well.

  38. El Che dice:

    Game time is the only way to go because not only do you get notified of same day venues or events but those alerts will be for cheaper tickets same day you could save like half! But you can also look at your favorite team schedule or go to the music part of it find your favorite band and you will see scheduled dates. I only use game time so I think you should only use Game time also!!!

  39. Always buy tickets here. Bought some tickets and could not make it to the game put them back up for sale the day of the event and sold them. Only thing is they give you gametime credit or pay out through PayPal, we should be able to get payout through the card on file when we purchase tickets. Other than that the experience is great and simple.

  40. Extremely user-friendly, and definitely the best prices I have found. The “seat view” pictures are a little off on the sections and locations, but they’re fairly close to actual view.

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