The Walking Dead: A New Frontier MODDED 2022


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When family is all you have left…how far will you go to protect it?
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*Only supports devices running OS6 Marshmallow, and versions of OS5 Lollipop that support OpenGL 3.1*

Includes Episode 1 in this brand new season from the award-winning studio, Telltale Games.

After society was ripped apart by undead hands, pockets of civilization emerge from the chaos. But at what cost? Can the living be trusted on this new frontier?

As Javier, a young man determined to find the family taken from him, you meet a young girl who has experienced her own unimaginable loss. Her name is Clementine, and your fates are bound together in a story where every choice you make could be your last.

***Save 20% on additional episodes in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier by purchasing the Multi-Pack [Episodes 2-5 bundle] via in-app in the ‘Episodes’ menu***

Supports the following GPUs:
– Tegra K1 & X1
– Adreno 418, 420, 430, and 530

Examples of currently supported devices:
– Nvidia Shield Tablet
– Google Pixel, Pixel C, & Pixel XL
– Google Nexus 5X & 6P
– Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge (Adreno only)
– Sony Xperia X, XZ, Z4, & Z5
– HTC One (M9) & 10

Examples of unsupported devices:
– Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and below
– Google Nexus 5 and below
– HTC One (M8) and below


Minor bug fixes.


4 comentarios en "The Walking Dead: A New Frontier MODDED 2022"

  1. Steve Field dice:

    Compared to the first 2 seasons, this one definitely does not meet the standards. The first 2 seasons played smoothly with little lag, this one, well it moves in 2 speeds….SLOW and STOP! What a complete and utter waste of time. The amount of memory this game consumes is ridiculous. Only goes to show, when you get greedy and combine episodes together for purchase, only bad this can happen. Download this at your own risk, you’ll never get to finish it.

  2. Tricksy Hobbitses dice:

    The game is good, but the trouble comes in translating a console game to mobile. Some of the audio quality is very poor, and it’s made more noticable in contrast to the music, which is very high quality. The characters look very blank, and in a character-focused game, that’s going to make it less believable when they emote. The animations (faces especially) are stiff and robotic, and hard to engage with. The PC version of season one had that last problem, but it’s exacerbated by the transition.

  3. Eduardo R-O dice:

    I’d enjoy the game more if it didn’t lag all the time and crash every few minutes. I bought season two and it went perfectly, no crashes or lagging but this one is. Pls fix it. I have been a fan of this series since the first demo of season 1. I’d like to continue to enjoy playing but this issue has to be resolved. Thanks. Edit: I’m stuck in episode 2 because not only is the game slow but also it crashes a lot. It crashed like 5 times this is ridicules I’m done. Too bad I cant get my money back.

  4. allen dove dice:

    So upset. I have played the first 2 and was hooked. But when 3 came out I couldnt get it on My phone. So when I got a new phone it still wasnt compatable. Here we are on a 3rd phone i was excited to see it in the app store again after waiting so long. Only problem is the game play is awful. Lags. Jumpy and words dont match. I can live with that but in action scenes the screen doesnt respond and i die. Cant get any further!.

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