Legendino: Dinosaur Battle MOD


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I am the explorer of the Lost World! Real-time Dino Battles, Legendino!
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Welcome to the Lost World, a world inhabited by mysterious Dinos!
Become a great adventurer and explore the unknown world of Dinos!
3 vs 3 power battle with awesome Dinos, “Legendino”!

[Global PVP Dino Battle!]

– Command 3 Dinos to lead the battle
– Use the basic skills (attack, defense) and unique skills that appear randomly at the right time.
– Defeat all three of your opponent’s dinos to win the battle!

■ Oh! A Dino is about to be born from an egg!
Let’s raise 162 kinds of legendary Dinos including Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus!

• Eat ‘dinosaur feed’ and level up quickly!
• More and more powerful with 3 stages of evolution!
• Random unique skill activated! Combine 27 different skills.
• Skill & ability upgrade through research

■ Global battles to enjoy with your friends!

• Friendly Match: Add your friend’s ID right now and play one-on-one with your friend!
• Guild: Create a guild with your friends and share information and items!
• Arena: Battle with users around the world! Time to show off your mighty dino!

■ Shh, a strategy for winning battles that only you may know!

• Attack and Defense? Predict the opponent’s behavior and choose one of ‘Soul Charge’, ‘Attack’, ‘Defense’, and ‘Unique Skill’!
• Aggressive? defensive? Among the 6 basic skills, you can set the number of attacks/defenses differently!
• Combine skills to activate more powerful skills such as ‘Strong Attack’, ‘Evade’, and ‘Counter’.
• Fast and deadly attack, super powerful special Dino Field skill!

“Dino Battle, Real-time Strategy Turn-Based PVP! Log into Legendino NOW!!”


Meta-Kraoth with strong power and teeth has appeared in the Lost World! Meta-Kraoth, the dark attribute dino has surprised everyone at the Lost World. It has incredible attack power and it can ignore the opponent's defense and attacks!
Log into Legendino and get Meta-Kraoth!


4 comentarios en "Legendino: Dinosaur Battle MOD"

  1. Dane Sachs dice:

    This game is master-class. I’m not gonna plug my channel, but as a content creator that focusses on mobile PvP this is a dream come true!! Very strategic, tactical, and balanced. The Dino’s are gorgeous and the campaign itself is pretty challenging. The “get in their head” style of decision making every turn makes for dope matches and the choice of skills and builds makes a major impact. If, over time, more Dino’s and playable content drop it would be dope! But what’s here already is top-tier!

  2. X X dice:

    It’s a fun game, however there are some flaws that I dont like. It’s a little hard to advance without paying but it is do-able. The down side is after you level up a dinosaur theres no way to reset it.. So if you get a higher grade you basically have to scrounge up leftover food to level them up. Evolving them to a higher grade is another money Pit. As you need 3 of the same + 6 random ones for one star up. Gacha based game it’s pretty hard to pull 3 of the same one without spending

  3. OpenMinded Gaming dice:

    I understand wanting to be paid for all the hard work you did making this game. However, four hour wait times just to hatch a two-star egg? I can speed it up if I watch 5 adds in a row that last 30 seconds each. Not to mention there is even a cap on how many adds you can watch to speed up wait times. The combat is fun and I think you did a good job on that. But right now this game is basically ad-simulator.

  4. mitchell sech dice:

    It’s a fantastic game with fantastic developers and customer service. I wish there was a way to earn your favorite dinos for evolution instead of 100% by chance of draw but still a fantastic game. I’ve done a lot of Dino draws and haven’t gotten repeats of my main Dino, that’s the only piece I’m missing for second evolution after a lot of work. But it’ll come eventually

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