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Powerful US and worldwide earthquake feed with earthquake alerts and maps.
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My Earthquake Alerts Pro is a powerful earthquake monitoring app which delivers all of the information you need, with push notifications included. It also includes a beautifully simple design optimized for the latest versions of Android.

– Live quake map which can detect and track earthquakes from all around the world.
– Earthquake alerts customized for you, with no restrictions.
– Powerful search feature to find earthquake history dating back to 1970!
– Beautiful & simple design – view the quake feed on a map and in a list.
– Find the exact location, the depth and the distance away from you.
– Uses information from a wide variety of US and worldwide earthquake networks, including the USGS and EMSC.
– Pro version offers the same great functionality of My Earthquake Alerts but without any advertisements!

If you need information or notifications about the latest earthquakes near to you, download My Earthquake Alerts Pro today.


Performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "My Earthquake Alerts Pro MODDED"

  1. I absolutely love this app! I’ve used another alert app for years that recently quit notifications and stumbled upon this app, which is much faster at notifying of new events, plus has a much simpler UI with just the right amount of information per incident without technical details to confuse you. Don’t know why I didn’t find this before. Uses very little battery and resources and is consistent every time. A winner! Update: I just can’t say enough good about this! Absolutely does the job!

  2. Greetings ~ I waited awhile before placing a review, so I can use the app and its various features properly and here it is. ~ I am impressed with the app, as it does (exactly) what I need it for (to monitor earthquakes) around the world, as I have many friends in EQ prone areas and this assists me in finding out (as quickly as possible) when they occur in those areas. ~ I did have an issue with the notifications not being relayed/heard properly (however) it was because of androids new settings for the apps notifications that was the issue and once I have figured it out, the notifications come through properly. ~ I recommend this app as it works well, does what it says on the tin and after the very minor learning curve for the notifications, everything is just perfect and it was a no-brainer to go PRO! ~ a RECOMMENDED piece of mobile kit to have installed as part of a mobile EDC as well.

  3. UPDATE: It gives great info, but the notifications are the most important to me. I’m in Puerto Rico (we had more than 1,000 aftershocks), I need an app that’s reliable. It worked fine at first, but then it stopped the notifications or gave them too late, did all the steps and nothing. The app is updated and everything. I don’t understand. They answered explaining me, but a strong one happened last night and I never got the notification. FYI it’s faster on iPhone 🤷‍♀️.

  4. Seems like a great app. My research said it was the best (I compared professional reviews and comparisons for several of the highest rated and most popular apps) and I am satisfied choosing this one. Within a few minutes of looking at the free one, I paid for the pro version. Suggestion: something that I hope gets added in settings eventually, at the least for those of us who supported the developer with the paid Pro version…I would love to have 2 notification options. For example, I’d like to set it to tell me about ALL magnitude earthquakes near me (or in my state, etc,), but then separately also still tell me about all earthquakes in my country/continent that are above a certain magnitude (ie: 5+). Right now, if I want to know about just the bigger earthquakes everywhere, then it won’t tell me about smaller ones near me or in my state, and if I want both (all near me, and bigger ones on my continent) I have to accept what seems like getting “spammed” (it’s not really spam) constantly with useless 1.0’s thousands of miles away that I don’t care about just to make sure I can get notified about small ones near me and still hear about big ones farther away. -I won’t reduce my rating for that, I know it’s hard to build in, and it’s just a suggestion. Thanks for doing a great job so far!

  5. Thanks for all the help this provide to the mental health of the people of PR (at least mine). Would love to see an option to search by my current GPS option and certain ranges. I know there’s a region option but would like more closer. After that is done this thing would be easier to archive but have some kind of graphic to show (based on the info of GPS and range) how they have progressed by date and scale.

  6. Downloaded the Pro version and was immediately disappointed to find there isn’t an option to set up multiple alert types. For example, I want to set up a notification for a certain magnitude Worldwide, but closer to home I may want to set up a separate notification with a different magnitude. Will update review after I’ve used it a few days.

  7. Simplistic yet stylish. Fully very serviceable and dependable. None of my security programs detect any trackers or wierd data packets. Quite a fun yet useful app.

  8. really reliable, I wish there was a little more granularity I’m the selection of regions, and that it would allow me to select multiple regions. Still, this app is super helpful!

  9. I tried more than 5 Earthquake alert apps and this one is the best. The fastest and most reliable of all. Others take way longer to report earthquakes and they don’t report as many as this app. Been using the free version for a week or so to keep track of what happens in Puerto Rico and decided to get the Pro version to support the developer for his hard work. I encourage you to do the same!

  10. I live in Washington state. Cascadian Subduction Zone land. Last week there were a ton of little tremors from BC to Central Cal. We’re overdue for a big one. This app is great for monitoring minor quakes. Love the location points. Love the plate locations. Easy to set up and navigate.

  11. After paying for the upgrade, I found i could not use many of the features. It seems to be ok, but I can’t seem to adjust what quakes I can get info about. Also, the contact support page will not let me send because my email is invalid, which it is not.

  12. Works well for me. A full list of notification sounds from your mobile would be nice. Eg alarm sound, rather than limited list ‘beeps’ and tunes. To be able to customise the announcement would be good also.

  13. I like it a lot, but have a suggestion. Allow for hiding the listing and allow for full screen view of the map. Also, drop notices/listing of quakes in regions not selected?

  14. Tina Lynn dice:

    I like the app it’s very informative. I would rate it 5 stars if there was a guide that explains the distance and the depth. Is the distance how far away the earthquake was from my location? I will never know without a guide. It’s still a good program though and recommend it to anyone who follows earthquakes.

  15. This app does what it says from notification controls to the UI to the presentation of data. Other apps may claim more features, but they don’t work.

  16. The app is good the only problem is the notification alert doesn’t work properly i have a lg v30 and i follow the problem managment inside the app but still not working wen the app is close is like the app is not working in the background and the most important thing in the app is the alerts i will wait for future update to fix the notifications alert.

  17. Within 10 minutes I get notified.. accurately too!

  18. I have found that this app to be reliable and true. It is nice to know when you are living in an area where earthquakes are plentiful if what you just felt was really an earthquake or an big truck driving by. This app even tracks and notifies you of small earthquakes 2 .0 and under

  19. I wish that this app would actually notify me about an impending quake, even though I selected the option to be notified. Other than that issue, it is great to view the location of other quakes around the world.

  20. This application is prompt in delivering Alert. Very crisp, brief and accurate in response. But to add further in scope of development, I would recommend to developers to add various alert tones for Low, Medium, High earthquake. Facility of Voice alert for High magnitude earthquakes will add extra jewel.

  21. Had a problem and reported it to the developer. Latest update had fixed the problem and the app is working brilliantly again. If you want an accurate and efficient earthquake app, this is the one. Recommended 👍

  22. Don’t know paid for this can’t receive notifications can some one help

  23. Upgraded to Pro primarily to get rid of adds and hope for more fine tuning on alerts. Adds are still there and no more bells and whistles for alerts.

  24. Liked the free version so much that I bought the pro one. Really nice app. On-spot alerts whenever an earthquake occurs in and around my area. Extremely satisfied. Good job.

  25. It’s a decent app, & does give up to date info on earthquakes. I only give 3 stars because, it doesn’t give me notifications in my status bar, & that was the main reason I installed the app. I’m keeping the app because it does give good realtime info.

  26. I’ve been using it for weeks due to the recent events in Puerto Rico. Love that you can customize the alerts and the feed. Also the search function is awesome.

  27. I can’t get the app to show up on screen. But it works great from Playstore! Very flexible and accurate.

  28. John Yost dice:

    Have paid for upgrade. Stopped receiving notifications a day or so ago. Just had an alert from phone (not this app) of a quake about 120 miles away. Opened app to get more details and see nothing.

  29. I like how quick it is to record a quake, but would like to see Alaska be its own region, it’s certainly large enough. Would also like trrr o be able to zoom in and see where my hose is in relation to the quake.

  30. I first started using the free version I liked so much that I decided to buy the pro app since I’m in the southern part of Puerto Rico and we been having a lot of activity I need it something to tell me everytime that we had a movement of the earth I strongly recommend this app.

  31. Love this app. Set it, forget it, and receive alerts, or check out the latest data. And the developer is responsive to email messages. Huzzah!

  32. Very accurate, I live in Puerto Rico where we had more than 2,000 earthquake since December 28 2019 until today. It is a great tool to keep you inform and alert if you had to make further action on an emergency plan.

  33. Keeps me informed with what’s going on. Being able to have settings in the Pro app makes things much better for me since I and other family members live near fault zones.

  34. Edited review. Followed settings steps…and App is now working just the way I wanted. 5⭐ now. Funciona bien para mantenerme al tanto con los temblores ocurriendo en Puerto Rico al momento.

  35. It’s simple and quick. Gives info about any earthquake anywhere you could possibly need to know about. It shows depth, how big, and how far away from you it is.

  36. I have several of quake apps on my phone. This app is the most responsive and I like the map detail associated with each episode.

  37. Notifications are not accurate and hardly ever current. I know others that have the free version and get better app performamce and all notifications. Please refund.

  38. Performs exactly as stated and does it perfectly in my opinion. Have only been using it for a few days now and I’m very pleased with it on all levels………

  39. I would like to be able to toggle between the regular all areas and my local area or an area of my choosing.

  40. this app is a bit slow to update although it could be me in panic mode! i love this app! it gives me solace. were at the epicentre of a huge amount of earthquakes right now and i use this app alot!

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