Board Kings: Board dice game MODDED


It's time for revenge! Roll the Dice, Attack, steal & break your friends' piggy!
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Roll the Dice to play board games for free with friends and family and be the master of boards.
Board Kings is ultimate online multiplayer board game. Play with your friends, have a blast, break their piggy and destroy their boards, while you collect the goods and become the master! It’s one of the best online board games out there! Take monopoly on your board game and hope the next dice roll will get you luck!

– Feel the thrill of dice games! Be the best dice roller and move around your board. It’s your board game to play with your friends and family… and win!
– Build your own board city, grabbing coins as you go!
– Travel to other players’ (and your friends’) boards..and steal their stuff! Discover your competitive side, go nuts and grab away! Until the next dice roll, that is.
– Unlock new boards from all that board hopping – Mini games or the Train
– Each dice roll can add to your board game album – collect all the stickers for awesome rewards!
– Upgrade your game board’s sections to level up to the next game board adventure!
– Enjoy over 20 fun multiplayer board games, with more game boards added each update! It’s a fun game to play with friends or create a family fun pack!

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Hourly Board Game Goodies, Freebies and more in Board Kings!

Play a free dice game and get board game goodies galore! Free rolls, coins, gems, special boards and more are up for grabs on every board game hop!

– Hourly free rolls every single day (and more board game goodies too)!
– Win special surprise bonuses as you play!
– Invite your friends for more goodies – it’s a social mobile board game!
– Roll the dice to build famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower to your game board as you play

All is fair in love and board games – you could even call it a game of life! Board Kings is probably the best board game of all time! Play with your friends!

A Multiplayer Dice Game Where You Destroy (and Steal) Your Friends’ Stuff!

Board Kings is one of the board games for 2 players where you can play with friends board, then destroy and steal their stuff (and they’ll still probably talk to you. Maybe).

– Visit a board of your friend…and then destroy and steal their goodies and more!
– Watch out – they might plan a revenge attack! Keep your stuff guarded!
– Get board game prizes when invaders land on your game board’s landmarks!

There are board game prizes and more up for grabs – why aren’t you playing Board Kings yet?


Bunny Chef Is Back!
• NEW! Street food dishes!
• Collect, cook and win amazing prizes!

Bunny Life Album – Final Days!
• Don’t miss the 14,000 Rolls grand prize!
• Compete in daily events to win the best Stickers and Packs!

Stay calm and keep Rolling,
The Bunny Team


4 comentarios en "Board Kings: Board dice game MODDED"

  1. Liz Swenk dice:

    Ok I love this time killer game. BUT the rolls disappear SO quick and I absolutely hate how people come in and steal all the coins! The higher level up you go, obviously it costs a lot more to fix and upgrade the buildings Which means longer playing times. But what happens is you run out of rolls, have to quit playing to earn them back, just for someone to come into the board and take it all away. Back to square one. I lost millions from one player. And I only have the minimum rolls.

  2. Shyann Smith dice:

    Honestly at first I didn’t really understand what was happening but once you get through the quick tutorial, it is so much fun! You get to earn new boards, play against others on their boards and them on yours, you get new characters you can unlock, and so much more! It’s super fun and creative, and I absolutely love the art and all of the passion you can tell went into the game. This game is super addicting, and once you get to the mini games you’ll soon find yourself playing them all! 100/100!

  3. Jessica Mabe-Diles dice:

    I absolutely love this game & have been playing it for a long time. But the wild climb that was pot on there 2 day’s ago is an issue. I’ve earned over 500 carrots to be able to finish the entire thing & it will not let me climb more that a couple spins the screen turns blue & will not go any further. That and trying to get past 90% card sets complete before the end are my only complaints. The game is awesome except those 2 things. I’ve never had any issues until wild climb ☹️

  4. GRECKO4371 dice:

    Update: I’ve been playing this game for quite awhile. It’s been a daily play for me. The drawbacks are minimal in quantity, but definitely take their toll on the game. Mainly during the start of the game there are so many notifications that pop up it takes forever to actually start a game. Also, I wish you could trade in cards like the banana & poo for rolls etc *** I like the game for the most part, it’s a different type of game. I’m just not a fan of how long it takes to recharge your rolls.

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