Zoo Idle 3D MODDED 2022


Operate your zoo, hundreds of animals, enclosure, tourists, earn money quickly
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Operate your zoo, collect hundreds of animals, extend enclosure, attract tourists and earn money quickly.


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4 comentarios en "Zoo Idle 3D MODDED 2022"

  1. Amberz Asylum dice:

    This game is super basic which is what I was looking for. I REALLY enjoyed the game. You upgrade the enclosures you get more animals. You upgrade the parking lot your zoo can hold more ppl. However, Once I got to the dinosaurs I became very uninterested. I personally dont care for them n cant understand why they are in there. I loved it prior to that. Anyway after getting the dinos you can no longer get anymore new animals so not too much variety. But I loved how simple the game was.

  2. Nessy D'Aglarele dice:

    It really drains your battery and some of the enclosures are awful generic and non suiting to the animals. A stork/flamingo environment without a large water element? They all have the same tiny houses most animals won’t even fit in. Please at least try to vary a bit. The crocodile one looked nice at least.

  3. Megatron Yeets dice:

    The main problem i have so far is that in the wolf enclosure, there is the aardwolf and maned wolf, but these are not wolves. The aarwolf is a type of hyena, and the mane wolf is a canine, but not a wolf

  4. Anu Pama dice:

    I love the gameplay

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