QuikTrip: Food, Coupons, & Fuel MOD 2022


Order food & drinks, get exclusive coupons, view gas prices, and find locations.
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Mobile Order & Pay
Use the app to order a variety of in-store and QT Kitchen items. Save time by having your order ready when you arrive! Select from items including chips, candy, bottled drinks, and freshly made breakfast, pizza, pretzels, sandwiches, and frozen treats from QT Kitchens. More items are constantly being added.

On-lot or In-Store Pickup
Select “On-lot pickup” and we’ll deliver your order out to your car, or choose “In-store pickup” to pick your order up at the QT Kitchens counter when you arrive.

Get coupons
Get app exclusive offers and browse in-store deals.

Fuel Prices & Store Locations
Find nearby locations to view fuel prices, get directions or place an order.

Save Your Favorites
Set your favorite stores and orders for easier access and quick reordering.

Let us help you make your QT stop even faster and easier. Order fresh QT food from anywhere in seconds. Get made-to-order pizza, sandwiches, pretzels, and more with a smile on the side. QT. More than a gas station.

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Android (3.20.0)
This update includes bug fixes and performance improvements to enhance your app experience. Thanks for using the QuikTrip Mobile App to order food on the go, find stores and more! 


4 comentarios en "QuikTrip: Food, Coupons, & Fuel MOD 2022"

  1. Lee Courville dice:

    I haven’t been able to place an order since Nov. 3, when the version I was using (3.3.2) finally stopped being supported. No version released in the last year works on my Samsung Galaxy S 20+. I have placed SIX phone calls to the helpline. They admit that the problem is on their end and that they have received many other similar complaints, however the developers seem to be too lazy and incompetent to fix the problem. There’s no point in calling them again. They just don’t care.

  2. Siynatee McGraw dice:

    Frequent issues with payment methods since update — will not accept either debit nor credit payments even though/when I use my saved method, which was working fine in the past and my entered info is correct. There seems to be no point to the ‘edit’ option either — your entire cart is cleared so the actual option available is to delete your whole order and start over, hardly an edit.

  3. Michelle Deaton dice:

    QT has a wide variety of hot food to go. My favorite is the pulled pork (bbq) sandwich. I’ve never gotten a wrong order. Orders can be customized and you can pre-order in the app. Check the app for great coupons and even free items (usually fountain drinks). Everyone is incredibly friendly and helpful – always- at EVERY store. Restrooms are always clean too. It’s the only gas station I’ll go to!

  4. Mark Morgan dice:

    Terrible experience. We always end up just ordering at the store. Buy an item and it doesn’t let you add stuff like it’s designed to. Then I buy one grilled cheese, planning to next get a bacon egg and cheese, and I get looped back to the start of the menu after each single item. It’s just not worth the trouble. I have tried it at least half a dozen times, with success only once.

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