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The Hopper app has helped over 70 million travelers find and secure the best price on flights, hotels, homes and car rentals – each and every time they book their trips – saving its users an average of $65 per trip compared to other travel booking sites or apps.

Download Hopper today to claim your $30 welcome bonus!

Book Flights, Hotels, Homes & Rental Cars
Find over a million flights, hotels, homes, rental cars (and cute bunnies) – all in one app. Book your trip safely and securely, in just a couple taps and a swipe.

Always Get the Best Price
Hopper predicts prices for flights and hotels, with 95% accuracy up to 1 year in advance. You can watch a trip right in the app and we’ll send you a notification when it’s the best time to buy — recommending you to book now, or maybe wait just a little longer.

Easily Find The Cheapest Travel Dates
Simply search your preferred destination and use Hopper’s color-coded deals calendar to easily find the cheapest travel dates for your trip.

Not Ready to Book Right Away?
Hopper lets you freeze the price, so that you never miss a travel deal. Take the time you need to finalize your plans, or wait for your next paycheck to come in – if the price goes up, you only pay the price you froze it at. But if the price goes down, you just pay the lower price.

Earn Rewards, Travel More
Earn Carrot Cashback every time you book with Hopper. Claim your rewards instantly & apply them towards any of your future trips.

Unlock Exclusive Discounts
Check out Hopper’s Deal Drops to gain bonus limited time discounts on top destinations that won’t be found anywhere else.

Travel with Confidence
Avoid fees and frustration! Make any trip flexible with Hopper’s Flexible Dates and Refundable Ticket Plans. Get instantly rebooked without extra costs if your flight is delayed or you miss a connection with Hopper’s Disruption Protection Plan. Travel stress free with 24/7 access to Hopper’s Customer Support.

Help the Planet, One Booking at a Time.
With every booking that occurs on Hopper, we pledge to plant 4 trees to offset the carbon footprint. To date, we’ve planted over 19 million trees.

Hopper has no ads, no spam, and no stress — just accurate predictions and travel deals.

So what are you waiting for? Start saving money with the bunny today. Download Hopper for free now, and let’s start planning your next trip!

Hopper Love
“The 10 Best Free Apps for Air Travel Junkies” – TIME
“The Most Downloaded OTA in the U.S. in 2021” – Apptopia
“The app helps travelers find the cheapest flights, hotels and rental cars.” – The Points Guy
“Hopper can be a better option than direct booking for those who need more flexibility.” – The Wall Street Journal
“Hopper is committed to offsetting the carbon emissions of every flight and hotel stay it sells.” – Forbes, The Top 100 Most Customer-Centric Companies of 2022

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Website: http://www.hopper.com

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40 comentarios en "Hopper: Hotels, Flights & Cars FULL"

  1. App works great as a price prediction tool, which was its original purpose. As a flight, car or accomodations booking app, it’s not bad but there is room for improvement in terms of contacting customer service if there are any issues. I do not use Twitter so it is frustrating that email doesn’t work anymore to contact someone for help. And within the app it’s confusing if your issue isnt related to a particular booking.

  2. This app has terrible customer support and unclear policies. I would never recommend. If you need any help after a booking or an accidental purchase you are on your own! I accidentally purchased a price freeze without understanding fully what it was. The wrong flights and the wrong number of passengers. Instantly I reached out to reverse it. They refused to reverse the charge. Be very careful! Also, I purchased cheaper travel on my own.

  3. Nan Chen dice:

    Extremely shady app. On the last step of your flight purchase, the ‘TIP’ option, which starts from $5 and up to 15% of your ticket value, and a $15 VIP support, are automatically checked. The best part? You won’t able to see the total price at this screen, unless you scroll down to the bottom and double check the total amount and detail before swipe to pay. I won’t be surprised tons of uses just ‘tipped’ them without even noticed. This App should be reported and take down.

  4. Tried to use this app several times, but have yet to successfully book even once. When you find an itinerary you like, you have to go thru many “insurance” offerings, then when you get to the last steps, the app takes forever to refresh to action page to make the purchase by swiping a bar. Be careful to check the added options, like a tip and VIP fee, that you can opt out (not opt in). When you swipe, the final pop-up says “something went wrong, we are working on it”, then you get to start again

  5. I thought how could a place where you can get good prices and it’s different from Expedia, Priceline, and so on. Let me tell you NIGHTMARE – yes with all letters in uppercase. The app is great until you need their assistance. If something goes wrong you better run because you will not get VIP or any kind of assistance and there is no number to call. We travel quite often and I was so horrified after first experience that I went ahead and cancelled my second reservation that was for the next mon

  6. This is the stupidest app I’ve seen for travel. They make it cute with all the bells and whistles and bunnies, but if you just wanna cut through the BS and book a trip on simple terms, then look somewhere else. Anywhere else. I suggest Travelocity. Trust me!!! I didn’t book with you guys. There isn’t a way or an easy way to book a bundle package so I’m looking elsewhere.

  7. Booked a room on this app. The hotel had a problem and comped us $50. Talked to the hotel it was applied. Hopper charged for the full amount and never reflected the change. I sent an email and they totally ignored it and never got back. Ps you can’t even get intouch with anyone at hopper. Update they confirmed I should have received a discount but are unable to reflect this discount. So as far as I can tell they will try to charge you more than the hotel.

  8. Liam dice:

    There isn’t a low enough rating… I have tried to book a hotel room TWICE and both times, I’ve had the same problem. They have no problem accepting my money for the price freeze feature but when it comes down to booking, when after in-app credit, comes out to $14, it shows an error message. Then they have the audacity to say your money is not refundable, when you couldn’t book because of their astonishingly glitchy app. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this mediocre app.

  9. Carson dice:

    Deals are fine, but be prepared for your privacy to be disregarded by their outright refusal to let you determine the notifications you get from the app. I booked one rental car and then somehow got 15+ completely useless and annoying notifications per day only to discover that you can’t change notification settings. Would give zero stars for the complete disregard for basic human decency, but this is the best I can do.

  10. Very frustrated. Booked trip, it put hold on my credit card. No confirmation. I tried to use help option, can’t use it unless you have booking. You can charge my card but can’t confirm reservation? I dig further for help & find that because the flight is with a budget airline I need to contact airline directly. I did and 4 HOURS later they still couldn’t find anything and told me it’s not their issue I will have to go back to hopper. REALLY? I used skiplagged instead. No problems.

  11. I really this app, gets me the cheapest hotels around my area. The only bad review I can say is the price freeze. It doesn’t discount where you need it to be and exploring how to use the price freeze resulted in unnecessary payments that were non refundable and unable to add to other discounts or vouchers causing the price to be almost double of what I would pay just using the vouchers

  12. This was the worst experience I’ve ever had booking a flight. I’m thinking I’m saving it cost more than just going to any other site to book my flight. It had a connecting flight, different airline which was not included in the original price. So I had to pay again for the 2nd flight and again for the luggage. Total costs for luggage was $500.00. Total for both flights $200.00. Now you tell me if that’s cheaper than anything else? NOT!!!!!!! I’LL NEVER USE HOPPER EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE!

  13. J Drum dice:

    Went to book a room was supposed to be under $30 w the deal I had for referring others. The room ended up being more expensive than the original price on Hopper. It would be alot cheaper to go directly through the hotel! The discount was never applied! Ok after looking more into it hopper up charged the room to $97 then applied the discount. The room is was supposed to be $58 taxes and fees included. So really the room should have been $8 with my $50 off coupon I used.

  14. User beware they charge you and you end up with no reservations!!! I was using hopper to purchase a stay at a hotel they charged me for the price freeze and then charged me for the hotel room after which I was informed by the app that there was an error (No confirmation number was given). I had to do the entire thing over again however my bank account was still charged for both the freeze price and room and I cannot get ahold of anybody in customer service I just want to cancel everything now!

  15. Terrible UI, have issues with a current booking and when I try to go to the booking page, app crashes. Have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times to no avail. To top it all off, they don’t have a customer service phone number making getting any answers impossible. Highly do not recommend.

  16. As many other recent reviews state…this app is extremely unclear about how freezing a price works. I had no idea that I had a card on file from years ago when the app was actually decent…I had no idea how freeze work and it was worded in a way that was unclear what I was agreeing to by freezing the price. I immediately messaged support (there’s no longer any way of talking to a live person) and it took over 4 days to hear back. They refused to refund the freeze. Can’t even change the dates.

  17. Should have read reviews before using. Highly disappointed in the advantage this app takes on people. They flash you deals, but at the end of the day, they actually cost you a lot in the end. My reservation changed $650 in less than a week. The airline would have given me my money back, but since I went through this app, I had to go through Hopper. Not only did Hopper not help, I couldn’t even talk to a person unless I paid $42. They screwed my friend out of a bunch of money too. Not recommended

  18. I booked a flight and purchased their “change for any reason” service and I actually had to use it but when I try to book the flight that I’m changing it to, it doesn’t work and I keep getting an error message. I contacted customer service and had to wait 2 days for each response($42 for vip). They said I will have to purchase a flight and charge my cc again then they will refund the original one, this is a big inconvenience. Their info about canceling flight also doesn’t work. Bad experience!

  19. Never again. The app is easy to use, and once you’re bought in, that’s when things get ugly. Changes become crazy expensive, baggage isn’t included in half your flight, etc. Going forward I will only make my reservations directly through the airline itself, and in those cases, definitely not with United.

  20. Some app information about purchased flights is inaccurate… For example it told me I have one free checked bag when actually I did not & needed to pay. Hopper adds extra fees for added services, but makes it difficult to avail of these services without paying hidden fees at the last minute. It’s probably better to directly book flights with the airline.

  21. If I could give this app negative stars, I’d give it negative 1000. This is the worst app I’ve ever used. They made changes to their policies and never sent out an email with the updates even though they’re claiming they did. Don’t waste your time downloading it. Purchase directly from the airline, book with the hotel, rent from enterprise or another car rental service. Hopper absolutely SUCKS! Just spent the last 2 days ARGUING with customer service AND a manager and they’re refusing to help.

  22. This app was supposed to SAVE me money. I thought I had a sweet deal getting 50 bucks off of my room at a hotel. Instead, it charged me for things I declined to add, and then ontop of it I was charged two $30 dollar fees that I have no idea if it will be refunded to me or not. I usually get my rooms for 55 on Priceline, with zero hidden fees. What was supposed to be a major discount turned into almost $100 dollars total. I’m really disappointed. I needed the extra money they took! Don’t use!

  23. Great prices, can’t deny that. Love the rates. I hate that I have to pay extra to talk with someone or to change my reservation even if the fault isn’t mine. Even if you pay for customer service, it takes hours and hours if not weeks to get anything done. But as slow as they are, they get it fixed and are extremely friendly. Very bitter sweet for me. Also be careful of price freeze. I accidentally hit it instead of confirm and I was charged extra on the next three bookings. They refuse to refund

  24. Well, I USED to highly recommend Hopper to all my friends and family. That was before their PRICE FREEZE option was changed without clarity and cost me an additional $90 on top of a $178 flight. HUGE RIP OFF!! The Price Freeze cost used to be credited toward the flight booking cost (or forfeited if you declined to book) so I saw no problem using it for a couple days. I booked my flights and saw no credit. I immediately contacted Customer Support and supervisors. No help, no credit, NOTHING!

  25. The UI is cool. If you cancel your flight and need to rebook, though, it is terrible. You email back and forth with a representative and they usually only provide one flight option at a time. There’s an option in the app to search for a new flight with your travel credit but it shows “no results” no matter what you search for. The support team emails back really quickly, but they only give you options with really high fare differences, even though the airline site will have cheaper options.

  26. Liv dice:

    Downloaded hopper to be able to use the “watch trip” feature which does not work (just says “we encountered a problem setting your watch” every time no matter what I try to fix it) and there is no way to contact support either unless you pay to book a trip first. Not cool. Can’t even use the feature of the lowest ticket price guarantee that I remember this app being so great for in the past. Not sure if it still exists or if it’s just too convoluted to figure out. Highly disappointed.

  27. I’ve had the app for years, used it a few times, recommended it tons. So why the 1 star? Because of my current experience. I booked a trip to Tokyo with my bestie, Tokyo still closed so cancel the flight, given some credit but have to use it on a flight for both of us through the same airline as before. The issues: the menu in the app to use flight credit doesn’t work (can’t select more than one traveler, doesn’t show any flights), and I have 0 way to contact someone to help me. Stay away.

  28. This app used to be great for tracking flight prices. Now it’s a nightmare. It’ll send you useless push notifications every 20 minutes for things that have nothing to do with the flight(s) you’re watching. There is no way to modify the content or frequency of push notifications. The only good use of this app is buried under 30 feet of swamp that you have to swim through.

  29. DO. NOT. USE. THIS. APP. SCAM! Go to Twitter and see all their negative comments. I’m dealing with travel credits and this is a nightmare. I tried to redeem them , even selected the flight and everything now they’re saying the ticket is $930+ when it shouldn’t be more than $700. Emailing is quick but they don’t answer all questions, are unclear, and some reps are completely incompetent. It is an absolute nightmare trying to redeem my travel credits. Read other bad reviews, they’re all true.

  30. When just browsing for hotel prices on different apps I was in this one and accidentally selected the freeze price option. When requesting a refund I was told no. That’s the biggest line of bs I’ve ever heard. Of course they don’t care we they got the money. I’ll never you this company and suggest others do the same. Of course, everywhere I look I can’t find a reference number. I even have screen shots.

  31. Justin dice:

    Would be great, if only it didn’t randomly send spam notifications to your phone. Bafflingly, they provide no way to opt out – either you completely disable its notifications (meaning you can’t use it for its primary purpose, price alerts), or just dismiss their spam notifications whenever they choose to send one. Reported to them 8 months ago, but they continue to do the same. Not really sure why they would think “installing the app” equates to “permission to send random spam to my phone”…

  32. Pretty good interface. Easy to use, love all the options for dlight packages per airline etc. I do wish you could see a price range on a particular flight on the main page, rather than just the lowest available price. Sure you can go in after seeing the lowest price but, as a first time user i didnt know that and was shock at the range of pricing per package. Other than that i love the app and i purchased my first ever plane tickets for a solo cross country trip! Wish me luck!

  33. Alan Chen dice:

    Hopper should stick to flights and hotels and not enter the car rental business. I made a rental car booking (FFX02CDB1B) and arrived to the rental car counter to be find out that the booking was canceled with no notice. Hopper did not offer phone support so I was not able to get into contact with anyone until after I left the agency. When they did respond, they only offered a refund of the original booking, no reimbursement of the price difference between the old and new rental or for time lost

  34. Great app! I wish that I would be alerted when prices on flights I am following goes down (instead of only when they increase). I also wish it was easier to use the deals. I see deals on flights to certain places, but when I click on the deal, it does not take me to those flights. I have to actively search for that. It is a very difficult feature to use. I have never been able to use it. Other than that, I like this app! Coupled with Google Flights I can generally find cheaper flights!

  35. ノホモ dice:

    Used this app to book cheap tickets to Frankfurt ($600 per person). However, I had to change my flights due to Covid and the app couldn’t help me any further, so I had to contact the airlines and ended up having to pay full price for my trip. I don’t fault the app for this. However, recently I noticed that I cannot schedule a flight watch unless I book flights, which I don’t want to do a year in advance. My previous trip, I could watch for cheap flights. Was this feature removed or changed?

  36. Impossible to contact support. Need to change my flight to 3 hours later, and I purchased the upgraded cancel or change at anytime. They said the flight is going to be $172 and I will have to pay $10 MORE. BUT THE APP SHOWS THE FLIGHT IS $88 Highway robbery. Never use this service if there is any chance you will have to change your flight. Edit: I am still in contact with support, and they are giving me more false excuses. I’ve just asked for a refund but that will only come in hopper credit:(

  37. It lags very often, almost every time I open the app. States no flights for those dates, however google flights and other sites have flights on said same dates. About 99% of the time it will tell me that it can’t generate a prediction while on WiFi or data. Only way to fix this issue is to close the app and reopen. Layout is bad, it should show you the lowest price on the flights your are tracking without having to click on them which causes the aforementioned issue of no prediction.

  38. Tried booking and the app wasn’t connecting correctly to the hotel. Gave me a error that it wasn’t working. Tried booking it again, still errors. I had paid for price freeze and tried to book within the time limit but kept having errors so i contacted support. They told me I reached out after it expired so I can’t get my deposit back. Meanwhile I see my credit card having 10 pending charges of the attempted discounted price. Wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone

  39. I’ve had the worst experience with this app. My reservation is for a vacation to Puerto Rico. Then hurricane Fiona hit. I’ve been frantically trying to get someone on the phone to help me with my options but nothing. I paid fees for 3 different types of insurance but they said I was only able to get flight credit and would have to pay new fees upon rebooking. I feel completely cheated. Try a different app with actual customer service representation.

  40. Worst travel experience ever. The app does not stay updated with the flights. Our flight got delayed and ended up overlapping with our connection. We were able to rebook our connection, but our initial flight got delayed again and after that we were unable to rebook or get refunded. Customer service was slow and unhelpful. I will never use this app again.

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