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Beach house? Condo? Cabin? Your perfect vacation home awaits. Travel better together with Vrbo.

• SEARCH from over 2 million unique places to stay in 190+ countries
• PLAN and collaborate with friends and family using Trip Boards and group chat
• BOOK securely from your phone or tablet
• TRAVEL anywhere and share trip details with your group

With the Vrbo app, you can:
• Browse vacation homes with pools, backyards, and all the room you need.
• Find vacation homes you won’t find on many other travel sites.
• Filter by what’s important to you and your group: price, location, amenities, and more.
• See property photos and reviews at a glance.
• Have questions about a property? Get quick answers from our virtual assistant.

• Tap the heart to easily save and compare places you love.
• Invite friends and family to join your Trip Board and help you plan.
• Leave comments and vote for your favorite properties.
• Keep your trip conversations in one place and chat with your group in real time from anywhere.

• Have questions? Message the owner or manager to ask about the property.
• Book and pay securely on the Vrbo app with your credit card.

• Quickly access important booking details like check-in instructions, WiFi passwords, and arrival information — even when you’re offline.
• Share important trip details with friends and family by adding them to your trip.
• Access your conversations and message homeowners from your device anytime.

New! Poll your family and friends
Take the work out of planning. Create a poll to help your group pick the perfect place to stay.
• Customize polls with properties you want your group to rank
• Send it to family and friends you want to participate
• Share results with your group and book the winner!

Note: currency is displayed as USD in the property listings unless otherwise noted. Please visit www.vrbo.com/mobile for more information about the Vrbo app.


We continue to update our app to make finding and booking your perfect vacation home even easier.


40 comentarios en "Vrbo Vacation Rentals MODDED"

  1. The total price isn’t the total price. Fees and taxes are added. Searching doesn’t show properties with the requirements that I picked, such as oceanfront. In a search I hit the back button on my s10 and the program is dimmed? 3 stars at best for the app. I gave it 2 stars for not showing a valid total price on rentals.

  2. The only thing wrong with this app is the date picker is really bad. It uses a calendar which has no visual indicators other than the color of the dates. The numbers are too small to see what color they are. There is no shading of the different stays, so you can’t see which dates are available. The only indicator is when you click on a date that isn’t available and you get a super-annoying error message. I gave up and decided to book my vacation on a more-usable app/site.

  3. 1. Fees are wayyyy too high. Just rented a house for 4200. After the vrbo fees it came to 6200. That’s insanity. 2. The search capabilities suck. If you are looking for a house ON THE BEACH you’ll most likely also be looking at condos 10min away. No matter what features you select. Will be the last time I use the app. Much easier and cheaper to stay in hotels. Unfortunately that wasn’t an option for this trip.

  4. I booked a place back in November and after paying full price for the listed price was told that amount wasn’t correct. They immediately changed their price on the listing to $999,999 per night but showed the place booked and I show it as booked and paid in full. I was told on November 21st that I would be contacted immediately when they knew the actual pricing. They agreed that I could cancel and receive 100% of my paid money back. I have more to say but not enough space here.

  5. Hosts can just cancel at any time as often as they want to. It seems that if they feel they could make more money not having you there they just kick you out. I’ve had it happen five times over the last week. I would say maybe try picking a different platform for vacation rental. App shows upcoming rentals all with the exact same picture, and it’s a picture that I don’t even have an upcoming stay at. The recent searches shows a recent search, but if you click on it it erases all of the data out

  6. Mike Rhee dice:

    This app is horrible. When viewing a listing where I was added as the guest, the details page of the property keeps scrolling and moving without me taking any actions. When I see the property address for a place we booked, I can’t copy the address by tapping or long tapping on it. Its an obvious action that users should be able to do. In general, the app is slow, navigation isn’t intuitive.. frustrating to use. Hire some better developers and software designers!

  7. The one experience I have had with VRBO has been horrible. The place we rented was filthy with exposed electrical outlets, where it was listed as “family friendly” with a high chair available, none of which were true. The listings are not accurate, and we have been waiting for their customer service to resolve our problems with their listing. We have been waiting for days. Never again, going back to air bnb. The messaging in the app is slow and difficult to find as well.

  8. Klunky — almost worthless. All I wanted to do was search for “ski in ski out” in Colorado or New Mexico, then narrow my search from those parameters. Nope. The app would rather paste paid advertisements across the top of the geographic area and then refuse my attempts to narrow the search because you MUST do that before narrowing by geography. VRBO has some GREAT properties, but its app was someone’s eighth grade class project. Uninstalling.

  9. App is trash. I have a trip coming up and have been trying to look at my booking details and it will never load, just says there is a network error. I also received a message from the host but I can’t even read it because every time I try it tells me my email is not associated with this trip. I’ve logged out and logged back in plus uninstalled and reinstalled the app and still nothing works. Been going on for 4 days now and getting very frustrating!!

  10. I know this review section is to give feedback on the app, but the VRBO system itself is becoming poor. The hidden fees, cleaning fees, and booking fees make VRBOs a lot more expensive than a hotel or extended stay motel in similar areas. Tenants have multiple properties with pictures of their best ones, then surprise you when you arrive with a less optimal experience. At least with hotels you get a more consistent experience and a good understanding of complete cost up front.

  11. Very Unhappy!! Filters do not work. I wasted a lot of time looking through hotel listings when using the filter to exclude hotels, and searching through options that are far away from my desired destination. Also does not have an option to list properties as least to most expensive

  12. I love VRBO, and I wish I could give it 4.5 stars, but alas that is not an option. My only wish is that VRBO had a “fenced-in back yard” filter. When we travel we bring our chihuahuas, since our parents passed we dont have anyone to watch them while we travel, and I would also change the fact that some properties are listed more than once, its annoying. The pictures are great, and VRBO has the best filters, much better than its competitor, and its overall a better search for your next adventure.

  13. This app is not my favorite. They might as well not even have a filter for the price. You enter your dates, and your desired location, and your maximum price per night. Then you find a place that meets your criteria, and the price immediately jumps up when you click it, or it has thousands of dollars in other fees. It’s so frustrating to search for vacation rentals because the pricing is so off. I’ll be deleting this app in annoyance, but hopefully they fix it and give a bottom line price.

  14. During a search I’ll find some great places that meet all my needs. The problem is that the search price is very misleading. One minute a rental will be listed at $75 per night during a specific time frame. Then when I go to book it, it turns out to be over $200 per night total! Its consistantly misleading without showing a breakdown of the cost!

  15. The homeaway app was much better. I never had a problem with it. This one during my first booking l was not shown all the fees until my email confirmation. $341 in fees for a $110/night stay. I never would have booked it if I was shown that in the app to begin with. When I look at my trip inside the app it shows the $451 total but it doesn’t show all the fees. Adding up the fees/charges that are shown only comes to $247.63. Definitely won’t use this app again.

  16. I really like their filter and sort options for searching listings. You can sort by price, rating, etc., unlike their competitor’s app. VRBO has more filter criteria to choose from. My only complaint is that, when going through listings, the “total price” listed is often around only 70% of the actual total price. You have to click “continue booking” to see the real total, which adds several hundred dollars in “owner fees” and “service fees.”

  17. The update was a mistake. It’s horrible compared to what it was before. It’s never been as good as airbnb’s app. But you took a big step backwards. The name of the place doesn’t display. It takes too many clicks to get to the price. And when you go to details, you have to total the price yourself. I’m guessing you all have I phones and didn’t bother to test on Android. I won’t be using VRBO anymore until you fix these issues.

  18. I feel the biggest issue is having 3 different prices for a booking. Main search screen will give you a total price. Click on listing to look at the details and price has went up $40 then to book it it goes up another $30. Some it’s closer to a $100 difference total. Very frustrating and a waste of my time when I have a set price I am looking at spending. Also the search this area on the map doesn’t work correctly.

  19. Hate this app. Uninstalled it. I performed a search and reviewed the results. Then I decided to change cities, but expecting to use the same dates, price range and accommodation selections. Lo and behold the app goes clear back out to the main page. After trying to search four cities in the general vicinity where I wanted to stay, I deleted the app. I’ll go back to the website. I agree with other negative reviews, VRBO does not display price correctly. Bait and switch. Unethical.

  20. Susan W dice:

    The app is good for searching and securing a property as well as communicating with the owners. However, it appears the owners can see if someone is interested and increase the rental price in real time. The app loses connectivity constantly. I don’t have this issue with other apps. Vrbo says you can send emails to those traveling with you. That feature did not work after three attempts. Reaching a live person is tricky. The agent had to send the emails to my group.

  21. Never use this service. Tried it once, had someone cancel on me the day of, leaving me without a place to stay for a one month rental. VRBOs response was to suggest I rebook at a personal cost of ~$1k for the next cheapest place (last minute of course). Then they comped me a single night in a hotel because I can’t even use the service day of, except they messed that up and tried to leave me on the hook with a hotel bill. As I type this, I’m on hold for an hour and counting trying to get it fixed

  22. Just spent 4 hours saving rentals to boards only to have all my research gone when I reopen the app. Tested it again by creating and saving a board, yet again, info gone. Very frustrating. I would also recommend that you put the city name next to the picture when listing all the results. In addition, in map view, allow the user to click the price bubble and see the house, this allows for a different method of findabilty, much like real estate apps where location is a key search attribute.

  23. I love how easy it is to compare properties and see what’s available. Being able to also compare multiplre properties based on many different criteria (cost, location, amenities) all at the same time, streamlines the choosing process and it goes faster. I feel confident in the places I choose for us when I find them on Vrbo: because of both the wealth of info provided and the accuracy of the listing and pictures has been excellent in my experience so far. This is my favorite booking app.

  24. I was very disappointed with the property that was listed through this site. I booked for a week and after 2 nights we had enough. The property would not pass inspection for a rental, no handrail on stairs, no landing at entry, no visable smoke detector, not enough head space in shower, unsafe entry to shower……not to mention the waterbugs. I typically would stay at a hotel, but we wanted a little more space for our visit. Never again!!! I will stick to the tried and true from here on out.

  25. Rates on homes need to be verified. I was searching specific summer dates on the outer banks in North Carolina . Several of the homes list their prices per night in the 150.00 to 200.00 per night price range. On a side note my dates of stay are entered correctly for a week in July…prime beach time. I felt the rates have to be in error. When I clicked on the rate on the map, sure enough, the actual rates are around 8,000 to 9,000 per week. They use misinformation to get you to click.

  26. Renter Beware: Bait and Switch from Big Business. When searching for recent a vacation rental, I looked at the map AFTER entering my dates and location. Two observations. 1.Not all properties show up on map. Only after refreshing do more properties show up. VRBO is filtering MY choices as a consumer. 2. The price on the map goes up once I select it from the map. One example showed a price on $170, but once selected the property, the price jumped to $260 /night. Rent locally and save on the fees

  27. Absolutely terrible service. Showed me the wrong total on the bill and there was no way to reach the company to get it corrected. The only number on their website is buried in the terms and conditions and no one picked up. Otherwise you’re stuck with a virtual agent that is completely useless. App also does a terrible job presenting info I need. Why is my upcoming trip buried in a menu instead of being the first thing when I open the app?

  28. VRBO has always provided many options for our travel needs. User feedback is very helpful in providing that extra need to know information. If I could ask for anything, I’d like to see some of the fees reduced. There are times when the price can change significantly from an assumed amount to one loaded with exorbitant fees. This should be much more transparent and provable.

  29. Good when good, really bad when bad. Do your homework. Had a bad stay. Place 1room short. Owner wanted me to cancel and pay on the side at a discount for the pot den. Vrbo put me up, but left half the expenses for me to pay out of pocket. Getting them to reimburse took almost 3 months, only after they had a copy of my driver’s license, credit card statement, routing and account number ( wire transfer only option to get $). Closed after $ transfer. Everything you need for identity theft.

  30. At first glance I liked the app. It is easy to use to find locations and properties. However! The price per night is misleading and not comparable. Fees and taxes are not included and can be a considerable percentage of the headline price. But the adjustment is different for each property, so you can’t just add a percentage to the price you see. It would be better to show the actual price per night – the app would be more useful.

  31. Alice A dice:

    Been using VRBO for about 6 years. The last couple months past trips taken don’t show at all nor does feedback on either part or payment history. When customer support was contacted they “escalated” the case to developers and said they’d get back to me. It has been 2 months and I have received no updates. I’ve inquired several times to see if it would be fixed as I’d like to rebook a rental we previously used and I have received no response. Terrible service. We should all file complaints.

  32. I have used VRBO five times now and each time it was easy to use and easy to book. My suggestion I have is to make sure you check with the property contact person immediately after booking prior to your trip to find out what shape the furniture is in. Well the app is good most of the furniture in all four locations has been beat up pretty bad and very uncomfortable.

  33. I can’t use the app until I receive a verification email. I have checked my inbox and spam folder multiple times, tried to have the email resent, and checked again multiple times over the course of 7-8 hours, and no verification email can be found. So the app is now just dead weight. EDIT: It worked itself out after about 24 hours, upped review from 1 star to 3.

  34. I really hate this freaking app! There’s always an error, request to book is a freaking joke and an even bigger headache. Every place I try to book ends up with the request expiring after 24 hours and I have to go through the process of rebooking, only for an error to show up and say try again later. Then when I do try again later, the place is booked up! Do the people that rent not have their notifications on or what’s up? Air bnb is so much easier and faster to use.

  35. The app itself is amazing. Well designed search options make finding a perfect rental, and rule out poor choices, quick and easy. It is easy to flip back and forth from one choice to another. The app made the entire booking process easy. I found the customer reviews to be reliable and matched our experience. I would love to visit the cabin we rented last year, but now with so many options Vrbo provides, I have the tough choice of which outstanding new option I have to limit ourselves to!!

  36. Very Frustrating. Booked a cabin in TN. Down-payment went through and a month later the booking completely disappeared from app. Called customer service. Was disconnected the first time. Second time the woman was unable to help after being on the phone for about 1/2 hour. She finally said it must be an issue with vrbo and to try again in two hours. Both customer service reps had such heavy accents, it was very difficult to understand them.

  37. Renter beware, you WILL be mislead. More often than not listings are photographed with wide angle shots to appear larger. The condo I rented, albeit clean and comfortable, was listed as a 1 Br 1 Ba and it turned out to be a studio. Pricing is okay and its the reason I’ll use the app again but I’d like to see more transparency with the listings. Also, they lie to you to get you to review your stay by saying you’ve been reviewed as a guest. There wasn’t one.

  38. We booked our stay and had excellent communication with the owner before our trip. Ever since arriving, the app does not allow me to view the inbox. I had to text the owner from the airport for the lockbox combination and street address. Thank goodness I had her number saved and she answered quickly. Otherwise, we would have been in sad straits. I tried logging out of the app and logging back in and I still get an error message. I would like to be able to access my inbox.

  39. This app is easy to use and is very detailed. We’ve had the best luck the past few years finding great locations. I highly recommend it over others. The rating system is super helpful. The only issue I have is that we need a bigger location, which the group we rent from now has, but I can’t find it on the app bc I can’t click on the renter and just go to all their listings.

  40. J Nob dice:

    They’ll literally let you book a place. Then 5 days later say it’s been cancelled without any explanation. This happened to me and my wife twice trying to book once trip. As a result of them cancelling twice with such a long time before they tell you , we didn’t end up being able to get a place until right before the trip which led to us paying several hundreds of dollars more since it turned into a lost minute booking due to their multiple cancellations. This should be illegal.

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