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Movie maker & video editing app with green screen and effects
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PowerDirector – The best full-featured video editor and video maker.

[📣 Breaking News!]
With the introduction of Portrait Editing Mode, you can now get the best free video editing experience on your devices, either in portrait or landscape (UNIQUE)!

Get the most out of your footage with easy-to-use video editing features like transitions, motion titles, effects, filters, and speed changes. Take scenes to out-of-this-world locations with green screen editing and get creative with voice changer.

With such a massive range of features and content, everyone can take their creativity to the next level with PowerDirector!

🎬 Pro Video Editor
– Remake your footage into incredible moments with the best video editing app for creating movies with green screen editing and a video stabilizer.

– Explore a large selection of powerful video editing tools that are updated monthly and an intuitive app interface for you to create slow-motion videos, slideshows, and even video collages.

– Use the built-in stock library and 4300+ customizable video templates to add photos, music, sound effects, and intro/outro videos for your montage videos. Share your best work on YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and Snapchat to become the next vlog star.

💪 Powerful Video Editing Tools
[New] Keyframe controls – Adjust the transparency, rotation, position and scale for picture in picture and masks.
• Edit and export videos in up to 4K resolution*
• Produce fast forward or slow motion videos with speed adjustment
• Fix shaky cam footage with video stabilizer
• Produce eye-catching intros with animated titles
• Experiment with quirky audio effects in voice changer
• Replace background with green screen editor by using chroma-key
• Create spectacular double exposure effects fromvideo overlays and blending-modes
• Upload straight to YouTube and Facebook and share with friends

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🔥 Precise Video Editing & Special Video Effects
[New] Create an intro video from thousands of video templates
• Trim, splice and rotate videos with simple taps
• Control brightness, color and saturation with precision
• Apply jaw-dropping effects and transitions with drag & drop
• Combine pictures and video in one clip using the multi-timeline
• Add text or animated titles to your video in seconds
• Add voiceovers recorded on your mobile device a built-in editor
• Create video and picture collages with PiP overlays*
• Enjoy hundreds of free templates, video effects, filters, background music and sounds

*Supported devices only.

👑 Unlimited updates, features and content packs with PREMIUM
Access all the professional tools you need with our flexible subscription options:
• Exclusive premium content (color filters, titles, transitions and video effects)
• Stock media content – even for commercial use (music, photos, stickers, stock video footage, sounds)
• Powerful editing features and film make tools for the best speed and video quality
• Ad-free and distraction free
• Enjoy unlimited access to our massive, royalty-free stock library powered by Shutterstock. Perfect for creating captivating video projects with hundreds and thousands of professional stock videos, photos and music

Find inspiration on Instagram: @powerdirector_app
Have a problem? Talk to us: support.cyberlink.com

Wish you enjoy editing on one of best video editing apps in the world!


Hello PowerDirector users,

Having trouble maintaining the same lighting or color temperature in different shots and layers? We hear you. The new Adjustment Effect Layer in this version allows you to easily retouch several shots at once!

NEW Content:
• Turn the world around with Fisheye Transitions
• Make your clips shine with Fire & Sparks Stickers
• Revive your whole video with Double Border Animated Titles
• Create fascinating openings with Prelude Music


40 comentarios en "PowerDirector – Video Editor MOD"

  1. fantastic quick video editor for your phone. it’s not a full on professional video software but it has a lot of great features. works well and gets the job done. Edit: apparently they’ve gone to a monthly subscription based model and I lost all of the major features I originally paid for. Don’t bother with this app now.

  2. This app is easy to use and exports in no time. Watermarks aren’t a huge issue and the quality is wonderful. But nothing’s perfect. The one issue I have is that lately, exports with sound in them have the sound ‘lag’, or be in a place in the exported video that was off from where I know I placed the audio. It might just be a me problem, but if it isn’t, please try and fix it. I would very much appreciate it.

  3. Katie M. dice:

    I have used this app for years with no issues. I love all of the features and tools, but lately it just keeps crashing. I updated it, but still having issues. When you try to move around video, it pauses and closes. When I try to reopen it, it doesn’t register that I have a paid account and adds the watermark until I force close it. I still love it, but the quirks are getting frustrating – esepcially when it crashes and doesn’t save my work! Also, I’d love a search feature in the music!

  4. Tim Bauer dice:

    I was relatively new into the video experience. As my skills develop I find Power Director Mobile continues to enhance my creativity. Their updates and added features are awesome. They are easy to understand and use. The quarterly cost is very reasonable in my opinion. I have no reason to look for other applications. Power Director continues to provide what I need!

  5. I’ve never done any sort of video editing and it was always a intimidating task. I was looking for a free software that was simple and easy-to-use, PowerDirector is that app! I learned to edit very quick, everything was fairly intuitive and I continue to learn more features of this app with every new video. Highly recommend!

  6. I love the app. It’s a great app with lots of options for editing your videos. It’s even got the challenges that give you free premium for a day or two. One suggestion that I have, is for audio, maybe you could add an option to change the pitch? And, with stuff like voice overs and that, have an option to change the speed? I know you guys have that for videos, but it’d be convenient if you guys had an option for just the audio, too. Other than that, I love the app.

  7. This app is easy to use, but there’s one problem that keeps occurring when I try to make videos with both music and images: Whenever I pause the video to edit the timeframe an image will be shown and then resume the video, the audio doesn’t sync properly and I end up having to listen to the audio from the very beginning to edit the timeframe of the next image. This is getting very frustrating. Can you please fix this? I would really appreciate it, and so would many other people using this app.

  8. Premium purchased; app is getting much better 👌 couple things. When producing, all selected fonts default to like arial or something. I’ve used 5 different text styles, all with the same result. Also on the produce screen, it no longer shows estimated file size. This was very useful for certain platforms. All in all it’s a very easy to use & effective video editing tool 🤙

  9. GeekWad927 dice:

    Update: Can no longer preview while editing a simple video, it freezes playback. Saving a slideshow of pics makes them glitch after it’s savedproduced. They flicker between being clear then pixelated. •••• I have a request to make the watermark movable to any corner. I don’t mind having it in the free version, I’d just like the option to change what corner it’s in. Thanks! Great app!

  10. I’m annoyed I can’t export my project to work on a different device. That function doesn’t work, when I click export it repeatedly tells me to log in and I know my log in information is correct. So I have to start over… again. In the app is nice and easy to use but I need to switch devices. I even paid for the premium version. Maybe an update will fix this which would change my rating.

  11. It has been working great for me so far, but suddenly the last few videos while I’m in the middle of the project it closes the screen down and takes me to the homepage. Fortunately it does save my work, but it seems as soon as I go back to the project and do a little bit of work and immediately closes it down **Edit: up to one star because I haven’t had any crashes in a while

  12. I have been hunting for an editing app that was simple to use, is not prone to crashing or bogging down memory, and does not drivee crazy with ads… Life for me, and trying to edit has been bad to say the least! I decided to give Power Director a try… Why not, I have tried so many others and been disappointed by one thing or more every time… Well, I have finally found the perfect app for me, and my needs. I wish I had not wasted so much time trying to save a buck… This app is rad! Thanks

  13. Creosion dice:

    I like this app. it does what I need it to do. the features are great and I love the interface. indeed even bought the premium features. the ONLY issue I have is after a couple of days, it says that my payment can’t be reached or something and it goes back to the free version with ads and the watermarks. I have my Google play saying I have bought the subscription. but the app can’t see it. I have to constantly uninstall and reinstall to get my features back. i use a galaxy note 9.

  14. Pretty darn good for an inexpensive subscription to edit and includes all kinds of music, video, images etc. Especially for social media use and yes that includes YouTube. Haven’t posted anything on my channel yet to know whether anything will be copyright striked however it seems it’ll be OK. I wish there were outro options and a start and end cap point. Using mobile version can get complicated trying to use fingertips on a small screen space since it won’t rotate but that’s OK.

  15. I have been using Power Director for 2 years now! The first project I did was my brothers music video…and although I didn’t have much skill or eye for detail and editing then. I pumped out a project that was decent. So with that being said if you’re looking for an app with all the features…this is the one you need. The paid version is best. Just go ahead and spend for the year and you won’t be disappointed!!

  16. Chroma dice:

    This is so stupid dude. You need to swip up on clips to move them??? The grid lock doesn’t even work, as it will lock your clips on top of others even when there is plenty of space for it. The developers are incompetent and the app constantly crashes. Horrible. EDIT: I know how you’re SUPPOSED to move clips, it’s just that that doesn’t work. Also, I know about layers. I’ve used editing software before. That doesn’t change the fact that the grid system is screwed up.

  17. Love the app, have had premium for a few yrs or so. Problem I’m encountering since I got my s22 ultra in February, the app never recognizes my purchase. I have to delete the app and reinstall. After reinstall, its fine while I use it that one time, but once I close out of it and open back up, same thing all over, and I’ve yet to figure out why. Anyone with a fix for this please share.

  18. This by far one of the best editing apps on the platform, however, there is a serious audio problem. When I put the audio, if I played the audio on any time ex. middle, near the ending, IT KEEPS PLAYING THE BEGINNING PART no matter what part of the audio I play it, it is impossible to sync this with anything, I’ve used other editing apps and it doesn’t have this problem. I shouldn’t have to worry about the file of audio cause once agan it works on the other editing apps so im not buying premium

  19. I used to use inshot pro video Creator but it’s trash compared to PowerDirector. I’ve reached out on multiple occasions to inside about fixing their bugs and problems as I use it for my YouTube channel and they never reached back out at all. PowerDirector is far superior and on a different level more professional and for the real deal YouTubers. I highly recommend this app

  20. D3RF3R dice:

    This is literally one of the best editing apps. I use this app for my channel to make videos and the tools for editing are pretty simple once you get use to them. I’ve been using this app for at least 7 years and because of that, I’ve become way better at editing from all the experience’s I’ve had with this app since I was 7. Now I have premium and I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything as amazing as this! Thank you PowerDirector, for all those years of help. 🙂

  21. Matt Sauve dice:

    Update 9-11-22: I have to take away a star since outro templates were removed This is a very full featured video editor that has an intuitive layout and lots of features even in the free version. The only features I would add are the ability to add markers for points of interest in a clip and the ability to relocate a file used by a project if it was moved.

  22. Worked fine until now. There’s a delay between sound and video, that usually just happens when you’re previewing the whole video from the beginning, but is fine if started at closer time, and will be okay once published, but now the delay happens in the published video now, so syncing is now off.

  23. Mary dice:

    This video editor has the most content out of any other on the playstore. In my experience, the very first time I downloaded and opened this app, I felt overwhelmed. I actually uninstalled and didn’t try it again for a while later. It was the only editor I could find that had the beating effect so I downloaded it again. I discovered that it was incredibly easy to figure out once I actually tried. The quality of the exports are phenomenal, especially when compared to the exports of similar apps.

  24. HGR GHOST dice:

    I was going to give it 3 stars, mainly due to the premium cost. I changed it to 4 because they do offer a generous trial program. I would give it a 5 but I had some features lockup the program and force me to restart my device to clear. It seemed the pay wall was causing some issues, but the premium trial cleared them up. Otherwise, it’s very easy to use, has tons of stock content to use like music and SFX. I already recommended it!

  25. timmey227 dice:

    Great App! I use this to make social media videos for my job and it does pretty much everything I need it to. I love that I can add transitions and special effects to my videos to give them a little pop. This is pretty much a lighter version of premiere pro. I upgraded to premium to get everything, I just wish so much wasn’t locked behind the premium wall. Seems a little unfair, especially since the free version has a lot of ads

  26. I can’t believe I paid for the premium version of this app. Nothing but errors. My videos are constantly freezing while trying to edit. I have to go like I’m exporting it and then go back to the page to get the video to work properly. Now I can’t even find a way to import videos from my computer to the app witnhout using google drive. Awful experience, I wish I could get my money back.

  27. This app has gotten significantly better in the last few months! I originally gave it not poor rating cuz it crashed all the time, But I’m so glad that they listened and fixed the bugs, it’s working so much better now! Giving it 4 stars because it’s almost perfect. I wish it was a little easier to drag and move movies around. Sometimes when I upload my clips and try to organize them, It can be really tricky to select The placement of where I want the movie to be. But other than that I love it!

  28. Good for what it is, my go-to for editing. I just wish the developers would put more time into fixing existing bugs than adding useless graphical features and more text styles that nobody uses. There’s a bug that repeatedly happens at random where text boxes don’t align with their sliders, and it makes it very hard to accurately time the text. Even worse, it’s not always fixed by closing and reopening the project, meaning that you just have to live with it until it magically fixes itself.

  29. The app was working great but for some reason now the green screen/Chroma key doesn’t work properly anymore. Whenever I tap on it to apply the color, the video doesn’t play and it just shows a white screen while the video plays behind it. Edit: So the the green screen I was using had a small duration. Which is why it wasn’t getting picked up by the Chroma key function. I just had to use a longer duration green screen, and now it works fine. It was my fault to be frank. Anyway, the app’s great.

  30. Doesn’t have advertised features. I tried paying for premium and it’s the same features without ads. There are only about four actually usable features. They do NOT have the speed up/slow down feature even though they advertise it (it’s supposed to be part of the free version as well). Not what was advertised at all. Edit to add: thanks for the response, but it still doesn’t work as I’ve told you multiple times both here and in email. I’ve tapped every part of my screen, it simply doesn’t work.

  31. Kudos 2U dice:

    I absolutely love this app! But there are a few problems I must address. The main problem is that the audio is offset when produced, if I were to add an image on screen right as a beat drops, then preview it, it is perfectly fine. As soon as I produce it, the beat drop or image is delayed and not the same as the previewed version. Please fix this and also consider a one time payment option because a lot of people don’t want to commit to a subscription/monthly payment.

  32. I enjoyed using it.. for the most part. So I usually use capcut to edit videos, but lately it has completely stopped working, so I decided to try Power director, I loved it, great experience, but I have some criticism. Criticism: Sometimes when I am in the middle of editing, it gets some playback error, while the screen freezes and audio plays after I pause. Also needs more effects. Benefits: Loads of creative potential! Small watermark! I love it Very simple and intuitive! Very speedy!

  33. Queberto dice:

    Editing audio is impossible with the current state of the app. It used to be fine, but for the past half year or so, the music can’t be cut correctly. It skips and jumps every but the place you need it, leaving the audio completely unusable. I have sent in a feedback request, but PLEASE work on fixing this. Reading through the comments, it looks like a lot of people are having this same problem. I have tried re-installing the app and that does not fix the issue. Please help! :(((

  34. This app is realy good for a mobile editor thats free. The software is perfect for shorter videos and clips, but if you have too many audios, videos, images, etc in the software, it gets very laggy, sometimes pauses on certain frames for a while, and even crashes. However, this is only for 4-10 min vidoes depending on your video. Overall, it is perfect. And you dont miss out on much if you dont buy the extras (Stock images/vids/sounds, and the PowerDirector icon on the bottom of the video).

  35. I have been using this editor for each of my videos, and with my recent mashup, sure there were a few pauses when replaying the footage, but other than that, this app does fine with playing it as well. And the amount of side images you can add in is superb for those who can’t pay the editor, sure a few extra things would be locked out, but for trying to make something good, this is the best app you can get future video editors, I ensure you.

  36. TIME LAPSE! There’s a serious time lapsing issue with the audio and I’m not sure why. I’ve never had this problem before and now when I have a huge project to work on, I’m dealing with this! I’ve restarted my phone, deleted and reinstalled and nothing seems to be working. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with loading the video file but I cannot work like this! 1 hour projects are taking 5 hours instead because of this audio issue…if this can be fixed, I’ll bring back to 5 stars…

  37. Been using Cyberlink tools for years as an amateur. I like the tool both on desktop and the app. I bought the app and am glad I did. One barrier to entry, for me, is the app wasn’t intuitive. Had to try, fail, Google, try again, many times before I got it. Once I got it, I am not sure why it wasn’t intuitive, because it seems obvious now. If you get frustrated at first, hang in there and keep learning.

  38. Be Happy dice:

    This app makes it very easy to create unique and interesting videos. Has lots of soundtrack options and they sound better than most paid services! I’ve used a couple of different editing apps and this is my favorite phone app. Wish they would use something similar to Shotcut’s speed ramping platform. It would be 100% perfect. That’s my only complaint is that it does not have the type of speed ramping capability that’s needed.

  39. Easy to use, and capatable with youtube and other media plateforms. I use this program and really nothing else to make youtube videos it really does offer alot even if you don’t pay for it but for all the amount of content options, effects, and stock footage to utilise the cost is reasonable I would argue though the free version still does a good job. However, it does have a tendancy to get stuck while editing and I have to restart my device before I can interact with the app again.

  40. Cê Otuski dice:

    Basic edition is good in general, but forget about audio editing, it’s totally bugged. It cuts in all parts but the one you actually want/need it to be cut. Also, the processing is really weak, the app crashes constantly with higher quality videos and the effects are really limited. Finally, when you speed parts of your video up more than 2x it jumps instead of running smoothly.

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