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Movie maker & video editing app with green screen and effects
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PowerDirector – The best full-featured video editor and video maker.

[📣 Breaking News!]
With the introduction of Portrait Editing Mode, you can now get the best free video editing experience on your devices, either in portrait or landscape (UNIQUE)!

Get the most out of your footage with easy-to-use video editing features like transitions, motion titles, effects, filters, and speed changes. Take scenes to out-of-this-world locations with green screen editing and get creative with voice changer.

With such a massive range of features and content, everyone can take their creativity to the next level with PowerDirector!

🎬 Pro Video Editor
– Remake your footage into incredible moments with the best video editing app for creating movies with green screen editing and a video stabilizer.

– Explore a large selection of powerful video editing tools that are updated monthly and an intuitive app interface for you to create slow-motion videos, slideshows, and even video collages.

– Use the built-in stock library and 4300+ customizable video templates to add photos, music, sound effects, and intro/outro videos for your montage videos. Share your best work on YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and Snapchat to become the next vlog star.

💪 Powerful Video Editing Tools
[New] Keyframe controls – Adjust the transparency, rotation, position and scale for picture in picture and masks.
• Edit and export videos in up to 4K resolution*
• Produce fast forward or slow motion videos with speed adjustment
• Fix shaky cam footage with video stabilizer
• Produce eye-catching intros with animated titles
• Experiment with quirky audio effects in voice changer
• Replace background with green screen editor by using chroma-key
• Create spectacular double exposure effects fromvideo overlays and blending-modes
• Upload straight to YouTube and Facebook and share with friends

🔥 Precise Video Editing & Special Video Effects
[New] Create an intro video from thousands of video templates
• Trim, splice and rotate videos with simple taps
• Control brightness, color and saturation with precision
• Apply jaw-dropping effects and transitions with drag & drop
• Combine pictures and video in one clip using the multi-timeline
• Add text or animated titles to your video in seconds
• Add voiceovers recorded on your mobile device a built-in editor
• Create video and picture collages with PiP overlays*
• Enjoy hundreds of free templates, video effects, filters, background music and sounds

*Supported devices only.

👑 Unlimited updates, features and content packs with PREMIUM
Access all the professional tools you need with our flexible subscription options:
• Exclusive premium content (color filters, titles, transitions and video effects)
• Stock media content – even for commercial use (music, photos, stickers, stock video footage, sounds)
• Powerful editing features and film make tools for the best speed and video quality
• Ad-free and distraction free
• Enjoy unlimited access to our massive, royalty-free stock library powered by Shutterstock. Perfect for creating captivating video projects with hundreds and thousands of professional stock videos, photos and music

Find inspiration on Instagram: @powerdirector_app
Have a problem? Talk to us: support.cyberlink.com

Wish you enjoy editing on one of best video editing apps in the world!


Hello PowerDirector users,
A ton of new stock content is available in this version: 2.7M+ photos and 10K+ music tracks. Try them out to bring your videos to the next level!

NEW Features:
• Pin stickers to “My Favorites” for quick access

NEW Content:
• New Year Stickers to kick off 2023
• Glitter Overlays to make your best memories shine
• Social Media Interface Stickers to make viral videos
• Travel Story Titles to caption your journey
• 40 new Fonts


55 comentarios en "PowerDirector – Video Editor MODDED 2022"

  1. Be Happy dice:

    This app makes it very easy to create unique and interesting videos. Has lots of soundtrack options and they sound better than most paid services! I’ve used a couple of different editing apps and this is my favorite phone app. Wish they would use something similar to Shotcut’s speed ramping platform. It would be 100% perfect. That’s my only complaint is that it does not have the type of speed ramping capability that’s needed. Update: Dec2022. Love it each day!

  2. Out of curiosity, I’ve searched to see if there is a better video editing app. I keep coming back to PowerDirector. The high ratings on other video editing apps must be false. Because they are very frustrating to use and lack features to make a decent video. PowerDirector is very easy to use has all the necessary features needed to make a great video. …Plus some. I’m an EDM music producer and I use PowerDirector to make my music videos. PowerDirector is the best. …Hands down.

  3. I don’t know WHAT happened. I remember some time ago before the most recent update this app ran perfectly fine. No crashes in the slightest. Then I re-download the app with the new updates and now I can’t even playback the audio for more than 10 seconds before it crashes. Honestly would be okay going back to the older version of this app.

  4. Anyone who says “capcut is better” is completely and totally, 100% WRONG. This is such a PERFECT editing software it’s unfathomable, the clip speed editing, the ability to split a clip without there being a minimum split time (1 second, 3 seconds, etc), the merging of clips, audio, pictures over the clips to show what’s being talked about, it’s all amazing and that’s what makes this app the perfect editing software. Also, just by using the app, you get free premium for some time, it’s AMAZING!

  5. It’s good but I constantly have a problem with audio I record. Either it barely shows up (I say barely because literal milliseconds show up), the audio not respond to clipping (ex. I clip from the middle of the audio but you can still hear from before it was clipped) or the audio glitches & plays the wrong part at the wrong time (ex. I may be in the middle or close to the end but the audio plays from the beginning) (I tried uninstalling/reinstalling, updating, & closing the app, nothing works)

  6. I purchased rights many years ago.. if you didn’t… probably 3½Stars. I’ve been using this app for years. Works great. The only reason it does not get 5 stars is the subscription. HONESTLY, Maybe if you use it daily but this is a once-a-month type of app and the Subscription is way too expensive. SHOULD GO BACK TO ONE-TIME PURCHASE! It’s a frigging Phone App, not a full Computer program.

  7. I’ve been using this app for years and have been loyal to it ever since. However, there’s a problem. Lately, the app is extremely bad at syncing music with screenshots. Unless you start the video at the very beginning every time, the music won’t sync with the screenshots, if that makes any sense. The end product syncs fine; it only occurs during editing. It makes it very hard to edit. It’s like in some movies where they don’t talk at the same time their mouths are moving. Please fix this bug.

  8. Iva del Q dice:

    I started by using the free options available. They are just right to get you started, and there’s a little bit of everything. Then I upgraded to premium and love it even more. Downside is that if you use their music and post to social media, you may be asked to take your content down due to copyright laws. I only had it happen once, but it was inconvenient enough. Update: the app keeps defaulting to a free version, yet I have paid for another full year of subscription. Changed from 4 to 1 🌟

  9. I use this app for my YouTube channel and it has served me better than any other apps I used previously.It’s very easy to use and is set up well in general. All of the controls and features are very functional and just make sense. The only complaints I have is that once the time-lapse gets to x2 speed it increases by double to x4 then x8. It would be nice to have at least one setting between x4 and x8. Also I don’t like that it leaves a water mark. But I could just get the premium version.

  10. Zoe S dice:

    Just downloaded this to help a friend make a quick intro video for a project. The app will not allow me to upload audio files from my own system. I went through every setting and even paid for the premium option. Absolute rip off, what’s the point if I can’t upload an audio file from my own files? Really disappointed overall and down $6.99 with no results.

  11. Okay it’s a great app. I don’t know if this is due to a ram problem or some sort of data problem on my end. But I use this app to make commercials for other businesses and for some reason whenever I put too much many texts or edits or transitions it does want to freeze up sometimes but the issue I had with it was it wouldn’t produce my video unless I deleted all the transitions. That was the only way I could get it to load up. Overall honestly this is a great up and I just downloaded the PC app

  12. Cole Koch dice:

    It’s not too bad, but there are some exceptions. To begin with, it CANNOT produce videos without showing visual glitches in the finished project. I have to produce it multiple times until I had the perfect one. Also, in the latest update, it’s practically impossible to do a custom pan and zoom effect. It just doesn’t respond properly. Idk if it’s just the premium version or what. Please please please fix!

  13. Cool app…but, there are some things that need work. For one, the music isn’t lining up with the video even when I lined it up to sync on time, it still ends up off-beat with the video. When I duplicate an overlay video that I want to use in another part of the video, the copy pushes all the other videos further down the time-line instead of just moving down to an open slot or row. I really enjoy the effects and so much great tools, but needs more tweaks here and there.

  14. M S dice:

    Hands down the best video editor app. There are a couple little annoyances but the one I need to point out is… Slider controls. For instance, every time the user needs to change time, volume, size… Well, ANYTHING, the user has to use a slide control. Pretty tough to get fine control resolution on a small screen. For crying out sake, could you please add a numeric entry box?

  15. Kilo Ross dice:

    I’ve had this editing app for a few years now. The options you get are great, but when it comes to the audio sync of the music, it’s horrible. The delay in the music lineup is off badly when trying to sync your clips up. I’ve avoided writing this review for so long being I really like this app, but it’s really frustrating & being I bought the premium version, this is unacceptable. Thinking of cutting my losses & going to KineMaster. This is an issue that seriously needs to be fixed!

  16. fantastic quick video editor for your phone. it’s not a full on professional video software but it has a lot of great features. works well and gets the job done. Edit: apparently they’ve gone to a monthly subscription based model and I lost all of the major features I originally paid for. Don’t bother with this app now.

  17. I’ve been buying into your premium options for years now & this year’s updates have been extremely frustrating. Issues that has been a consistent problem are the pan/zoom effect. It keeps glitching or doesn’t even work at all. Another is when you make a ‘split’, the audio does not run evenly with video & you have to completely close the app & restart to fix it, that is, until you make another edit.

  18. To be honest, for me it works amazing. It has everything I need to make my videos feel like they can go up against the pro content creators. I suggest you try it out before you purchase the yearly subscription because that price is hard to pass up. Great app. Thank you. ************************************** Maybe add Google Photo options for media to be inserted.

  19. I’ve used this to edit my YouTube videos for YEARS. But now, there is a serious problem. When I try it implement certain audio, it sounds scratchy and distorted. Can you fix this? Also, serious buffering issues. UPDATE: I’ve been trying to make long, interactive movies using this, essentially video games. However, when I try to upload, the uploading process is incredibly slow and almost always fails, causing corrupted files. Please fix this problem.

  20. Pro: This app is quick! Video rendering takes little time on my Samsung S22 Ultra, faster than my computer. Using my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, my phone has replaced my laptop, that’s how good it is. Can add in voice clips or subtitles too! Con: Just one, whenever I add in video overlays with chroma key green backgrounds, they are ALWAYS reduced to 1080p, I wish there was a way I can keep it in 4K format. Minus one star!

  21. Worked fine until now. There’s a delay between sound and video, that originally just happens when you’re previewing the whole video from the beginning, but is fine if started at closer time, and will be okay once published. Now the delay happens in the published video, so syncing is off. Almost like if the video goes somewhat slower while the audio plays normally.

  22. EDITED: I definitely won’t be staying subscribed to this service. I can’t do a voiceover at all without it shutting down every few minutes. Huge waste of my time. I’ve used free apps with less bugs. It seems ok except it shutting down whenever I do a voiceover. Definitely not worth the $35 I paid for it to be so buggy…

  23. TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS if you are editing several layers of visual together. I paid for a year, but I have to drop this garbage and get a genuine editing package. It ABSOLUTELY refuses to align cuts, so that different pieces of your visual MUST jump in and out of the frame at different times. The person who recommended this to me does single laver rock videos. He does not mind that fine, accurate edits are TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE when using this junk. Just totally worthless!!!!!

  24. I love this app, but seeing that it is still in development consistently, it needs a few things. 1. A search bar for personal music on our phone to find easier. 2. Fonts should be in alphabetical order and also have a search bar to find easier. 3. Please allow up to 4k video to run smoother. 4. Folders in the downloaded area so we may organize stock images, videos, and music we download through the app. Thank you so much for making this,and it has been a great help. I hope my feedback helps!

  25. Ali Adeeb dice:

    Does price gouge like kinemaster and has all of the same features for the most part. I’m new but from what I can tell precision trimming is sort of a game of chance. Sure you can move the edge of the video but it would be better to move the cursor where you want it and hit a button for trim left or right inside the clip. It’s a very capable app and I’m learning more every day

  26. I have been hunting for an editing app that was simple to use, is not prone to crashing or bogging down memory, and does not drivee crazy with ads… Life for me, and trying to edit has been bad to say the least! I decided to give Power Director a try… Why not, I have tried so many others and been disappointed by one thing or more every time… Well, I have finally found the perfect app for me, and my needs. I wish I had not wasted so much time trying to save a buck… This app is rad! Thanks

  27. Was great, but now I just get white noise. The original audio just gets replaced with white noise on my HTC 11. Something happened in an upgrade. If it works for you, then terrific app. If not, then worthless now. 11/24/22 update: this would be a great app if they could just fix the crossfade transition problem. You can’t get a smooth transition with this app. The frames freeze as you move from one scene to the next.

  28. I’ve been using this app for years now and I really love it. It’s great for editing, specializing, enhancing and creating awesome videos for whatever your realm of work may be. It even allows you to cut out the backgrounds of specific videos WITHOUT the use of a green screen. I would highly recommend this app for all video creators who want to make their videos just a little more captivating.

  29. Very pleased at the full suite of features that are coherently presented in the user interface! #bravo Although I dont care for the fact that it’s subscription based if you want all the features because it’s not like I’m using the app EVERY day; I guess it makes up for it with new effects and a lot of “razzle-dazzle” being added frequently. Overall if you don’t mind the little monthly price tag then this is by far the very well built app for you!

  30. Jish dice:

    WOW! I’ve been looking at MULTIPLE different mobile editing apps recently, and after finding disappointment after disappointment, I FINALLY found this app! This app has EVERYTHING I was looking for! I’m not gonna list all the features, because you should just download the app and find out RIGHT NOW! 2022 Nov 6, Edit: The processing for videos seems to have slowed down compared to older versions of the app. Other than that, still pretty great.

  31. It was a FANTASTIC surprise how powerful (and easy) this app is. But when I downloaded the PC version, it was like PowerDirector intentionally made it as confusing as possible. TERRIBLE. They aren’t even close- a real tragedy. If they had kept the PC version as simple and powerful (just like this) instead of trying to rip off every other “pro” video editor, this app could have been a revolutionary thing. So instead of wasting time learning another editor, I still use this Android version. Sad!

  32. Jaime AV dice:

    Very happy with the app. Tons of cool features like numerous transition effects. Allows you to play with the audio (volume, speed, pitch, effects, mixing). Allows multiple layers. Various styles and fonts for titles. Awesome stickers. Cool effects to enhance the video overall!!

  33. John Jape dice:

    Paid for an app I can no longer use. Which is sad because I loved PowerDirector when it worked. Then it started telling me that my Google account had no purchases. I used to be able to reset it, but that no longer seems possible. The advice to reset the app in their FAQ no longer seems to be applicable. What a massively frustrating experience. *Edit – deleting all of my Google accounts except the one with the PowerDirector purchase allowed me to reset the app. But that doesn’t last long. Worst.

  34. J Donovan dice:

    Love the ease of the workload. Makes making a solid presentation a cinch and I really get them done fast and effectively. Since I already produce music that is a big plus because then I don’t have to spend hours or days on a visual presentation just to put it out but rather about 30 minutes once I decide how I want to structure it. If I had to say something negative it would be that one of the clips that are available for purchase got my post banned.

  35. Constantly crashes no matter how many times I clear the cache (as they suggested), and I’ve lost multiple videos that I had worked hours on. I payed for the premium, so I’ve been. Trying to power through it, but I can’t anymore. I need to find another app. Don’t waste your money.

  36. I mean this app Is a decent editing software but it seemss like they made the app but they never tested it. Certain videos freeze randomly, some videos that you put into it come up black but still have the sound. Again Decent app if you just got the free one but don’t make a mistake like me and buy the 35$ premium year plan. I will put a better review once they fix the annoying bugs that don’t let you use the app.

  37. Mick Shea dice:

    The app has lots of functionality, it allows me to implement most of my ideas. It works on my phone as well as the big screen attached to my Pixelbook, something several apps have trouble with. There’s still room for new features, but it has a great set already!

  38. Zack521 dice:

    Absolutely love the app, sometimes it has problems with lagging and it’s slow when I download something like background music, but I really enjoy using it! I do wish when you download your new video you’ve made you can turn your phone off and let it download instead of having to leave the app on and not be able to do anything till it’s done downloading but I still love using this!

  39. I was really looking forward to trying this app, but every video I try to add I get an error message. It tells me my device does not support 4k video but I am not trying to make a 4k video. I have seen other reviews in here with the same concern without a fix. I have gone to the website’s support pages and still no fix or even acknowledging the the issue exist. If this happened on all the video apps on my chromeos tablet I would chalk it up to hardware but the other apps work fine with the same

  40. I’ve had the full version for over 3 years now. Here’s what they need to fix CURRENTLY: Search menu for project names, recently opened projects list, actually reverting video clips BACK to 4k under the main timeline in export rather than 720p, value-based item positioning (xyz), proper pan effect of clips that were rotated 90 degrees (it reverts the clip), automatic captions with a chosen font and location, FX settings copy and paste, and multiple FX applications at once. Please see previous 🙏

  41. I have been using video editing applications for over 20 years. When I tried to use this app on my phone I simply could not get it to delete the clips that I did not want. When I went to their demo or to their Video support to show me what I was doing wrong they had a completely different interface than what I had on my phone. When I asked for support they wanted me to screenshot video my problems and send it to them! I have already moved on and use a simple easy to use video editor on YouTube.

  42. I’ve used this app for a few years now and it has been wonderful. But now every few months, it deletes all of my projects that I’ve been working SO hard on! When the app deletes my stuff, it makes me super frustrated! Also, sometimes when I’m working on a project, it would randomly kick me out of the project and bring me back to the menu screen! Overall, this app is pretty good, but if they fix the errors of this app, then I’ll give it 5 stars.

  43. Nico Grey dice:

    This app is very difficult to get the hang of; it is not user-friendly and the tutorial videos provide little-to-no assistance. However, once a general idea is understood of how the program functions, it’s great! Except for when it freezes and I have to restart my laptop to get it functioning again.

  44. S 2 (2) dice:

    A subscriber for years – persistent irritating bugs used up all my patience. Can’t control snap-to-center when placing objects, controls to slightly move item (especially keyframe) non-existent/barely responsive – can spend 8 mins trying to slightly move object w/o throwing it across screen & resizing it accidentally. How do I delete downloaded stock video?! They’re taking up all my phone’s memory! Bizarre lack of user control of functions. Useable, but won’t be renewing subscription.

  45. Needs a couple things to make it great. I would say that the ability to lock overlays in place with the video would be great. As of right now if you add an overlay or voice over it can sometimes move other ones down the timeline. If you need to cut something from the main time line you then have to go back and adjust any overly past that point. If you could lock them together that would make this the best editing software.

  46. Newt Wags dice:

    I paid for the yearly subscription, but it’s still showing ads. Please fix this or I want to be reimbursed the money… This is ridiculous! If I could rate this with a -5 stars I would… I loved the app until I paid for the yearly subscription and it doesn’t work and customer service just keeps sending the same email of trouble shooting tips on how to fix it. I’ve done it several times and also requested a refund several times, but no help. Pathetic customer service!

  47. AGPYT dice:

    I like the editor and I use it for basically most of my videos, my only 2 complaint is, of course the watermark but sometimes the app gives me gifts to remove the watermark for a certain amount of time, but I’ve dealt with the watermark for a while now. My second complaint is that it gives me a message at the bottom saying “PowerDirector cannot update the project. Relaunch PowerDirector and try again.”, but there is no issue happening. Other than that, this is my favorite editing software.

  48. It was difficult to manage. I went through the trouble of making a video. There was some “adjustment” added that I couldn’t get rid of. And then to download my video it insisted that I pay for the app because of the unwanted “adjustment”. I’ve been messed with before 10am by two incompetent (people) already.

  49. I love PowerDirector. It was the first program I used on the computer to edit videos. I just have so many issues with this mobile app. For one, I can NEVER export my projects to the Cyberlink cloud. I log in and immediately get redirected to the login page. Lately I can not produce a single video. I’ve cleared up device space, everything. Still cannot produce a video. I’ve sent so many error reports and no change. I love this app and really hope these things can be fixed. Please.

  50. Ole Goode dice:

    it has locked up and i had to restart 3 times in the first 30 minutes of me using it on my chromebook, however i actually like it when it is working Okay…every 5 minutes i have to reboot my chromebook when using this app. Update: Works like a charm now…thank you!!! Update: after using for a couple of years, I am fairly satisfied. I still have to reset sometimes (don’t know why), but it doesn’t seem to affect the edits or A/V of the footage.

  51. Tara B dice:

    This was a program that came stock on the first laptop I ever bought years ago. I have been trying to find a comparable option ever since. I cannot tell you how excited I am that there’s a phone app now! By far it has some of the best editing options. The only thing I’m not fond of are the transition options in comparison to another app I use but there are still some awesome options that can’t be found else where. The yearly subscription fee is really fair as well.

  52. drew pate dice:

    I bought the full version, and… I genuinely have no words. There is apparently one level above perfection, and this is it. No, I’m not a bot. I am just so incredibly floored with how many features, and seemelessness integration of literally… Just… All of it. I would give this 10 stars if I could. I feel like I have so much power, and everything just looks professional, custom, ready to go. Its easy to use, to the degree that I can not think of one single issue. All of the sudden I’m a god.

  53. I’ve been a premium user for over a year, had slight issues being kicked out in the middle of a session. Usually happens when adding text. Now, I’ve been having issues with producing videos, which is a huge problem!! I sincerely love this app! It’s easy to use and I’m constantly trying new things with my edits. But with the issues listed above I cannot and will not rate 5 star! These must be fixed or I will not use or refer this app in the future! Thanks!

  54. Worked great the first week. Then stopped supporing all my videos. After I bought the app. How convenient. Tried switching to 1080. Even though I paid for premium. Still won’t save the video. Got the desktop version and tried doing the cyberlink thing. No luck at all there. Pretty annoyed. Spent money and way to much time trying to get a video from their app.

  55. Dre dice:

    Only thing I’m not a fan of is the watermark. Sometimes I just want the video to show what I want to show, nothing else. Everything else about the app is great. Putting various videos together is very simple. Adding music is as well. I don’t even need a tutorial. Video quality is great. If there is a way to improve the video quality of video I already have or have been sent that, I’d be willing to pay for that. Unless I’ve missed that option.

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