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Pro Video Editor with Music, Filter, Slideshow, Effect, Merge & Trim Video.
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YouCut is free Video Editor, pro Video Maker with music for YouTube and other social media.

Edit videos like a pro. Create your own videos from photos or video clips with YouCut in minutes. No video editing experience needed. Try it Now.

FREE & No Watermark!

Free Movie Maker and Video Editor
YouCut has the most useful features that other top pro video editing apps, or movie maker, video cutter apps have, but it is free and has no banner ads.

Video Merger & Video Joiner
Merge video clips into one video, add video to video. It is a pro video maker for YouTube, also the professional video cutter and video joiner, helps compress & combine videos without losing quality.

Video Trimmer & Video Cutter
Cut & trim video as you want. Edit video with music, export video in HD quality. Easy-to-use movie maker, the best video cutter & music video editor with stunning transitions.

Video Splitter & Video Slicer
Slice & split video into two separate video clips. Free movie maker and video editor for android.

Video Speed Control
Brand new fast/slow motion feature (Adjust video speed from 0.2× to 100×) , Editing video and adjust video speed with video filters and effects.
Speed up video in a fun way.
Slow down video for special moments.

Photo Slideshow Maker
Free music video editor with photos, professional video combiner app, merge photos to create slideshow.
Combine videos with photos, edit videos with music like a pro.
Slideshow maker, helps create slideshow in minutes.

No Watermark
As a free music video editor and full screen video maker for YouTube, YouCut never add Watermark to your video.

No ads when editing videos
There is no banner ads on the screen, unlike other video editing apps.

Add Music to Video
It is a professional TikTok editing app, YouTube intro maker and Instagram story cutter that meets all your needs.
1. Add free featured music by YouCut.
2. Edit videos with your music.
3. Adjust the original video volume.


Video Filters & FX Effects
Add beautiful movie style video filters and FX effects to video. Movie maker and film editor without watermark.

Video Color Adjust
Adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. Custom video filters and effects. Best movie cutter and video crop app.

Change Video Aspect Ratio
Fit your video in any Aspect Ratios like 1:1, 16:9, 3:2, etc. No crop video maker free and video cutter app.

Change Video Background
Add different borders and no crop video.
1. Change the background color of your video.
2. White background can most assimilate into social media app like Instagram. Perfect Instagram story cutter app.
3. Black background make your video feel like a professional movie.
4. Don’t like flat color? You can use blur background.

Video Compressor & Converter
1. Choose resolution to compress and convert your video.Best HD video maker free & Tik Tok editor.
2. YouCut – Pro video maker and mp4 editor supports resolution up to 4K.
3. YouCut use an advanced technology to save more than 90% size without losing much quality.

Video Cropper
Crop video to any ratio you want. Zoom in/out your video.

Share Video
Add text on video with font and style.
Use Slow Motion Video Editor to make your video run in fast/slow motion, share video to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter…to get hundreds of ‘likes’!

Crop Video, Video merger, Cut, Trim, Split, Compress, Blur, Photo Slideshow Maker, Add music, Add text to video, Apply FX video filters, No crop video, Rotate video, Share to YouTube… Fast/Slow motion video editor without losing video quality!

If you have any question about YouCut (pro video editor free, video cutter & movie maker, photo video maker), please email us at: [email protected]

YouCut is not affiliated, associated, sponsored, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook.


* Brand-new design for effect
* New Effect ‘Bling’ & ‘Retro’
* Zoom effect for pic-clip
* Search for local music
* Bug fixes and other improvements

How do you like the new features? Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram at


40 comentarios en "YouCut – Video Editor & Maker MODDED"

  1. Amazing app! I’ve done overlays, moved music, can fade music AND video, independent of each other. Great effects and options of editing. Your creativity is the limit. Voice over came in handy, in recent project. After I had done the “meat” of it, I was able to add transition in the end. I did voice-over, then moved track and used fade-in, so the first second doesn’t have my breath in audio. Text feature great! I only hope they add juuuuuust a few extra fonts. Very good app!!

  2. Surprisingly excellent free resources. I was able to add text in multiple languages, and express my creativity with slides, transitions, and videos with effects. I like their in app music and sound effects, and I was also able to record voice effects for original songs/sounds. I’ve used this app for YouTube and Tiktok, and I haven’t been disappointed by my results.

  3. Easiest editor I’ve ever used. I don’t need crazy stuff and effects. I can trim, add music, isolate audio, add picture in picture, and speed up or slow down the video. I’ve tried so many editors and they are all too complicated. I have the paid Pro version of YouCut. It is worth the money. Taking stars off because it doesn’t restore itself after you purchase it. I don’t want to have to buy the same apps everytime my phone does a major update or I get a new one.

  4. Jacob Wall dice:

    great app for simple video editing and I LOVE that you can purchase the pro features for a one time payment instead of software as a service. Lots of options and the functions are (for the most part) very intuitive. only wish is that the effects and filters were able to be customized and tuned a little bit more. right now when you apply at effect it’s either all on or none at all, I’d like some more settings. still, great app for quick and easy phone video editing!

  5. Bear D dice:

    This app is near perfect for making simple edits. My only complaint is the new rotation feature, because whenever i try to zoom in on a clip, it keeps rotating and getting it back to level position is a pain. If there was some sort of setting to turn it off or a button to activate it, or even just if there was a snap to 0° feature for the rotation, i would give this app 5 stars

  6. Jim Pfarr dice:

    Works great as a light-weight video editor! I just started usng YouCut on my Samsung tablet while travelling full time in my RV and I really like what I’ve found so far. While it doesn’t have a full blown suite of tools and features, what it does offer is a nice, light, and efficient set of tools to make some great videos suitable for a good 99% of the creators out there. I have much more to learn and experiment with, but so far I’m quite pleased.

  7. YouCut and YouWin! I can’t say enough about this app. I started using three years ago and it’s better and better with each update. I’ve always used the PRO edition. I’ve seen the growth and love the ease of use. My feedback: -Add option to change music speed and maybe equalizer for each voice in voice changer to tweak voices -More graphics in the “mood” section of effects – Scrolling text options like IG and FB for text – Ability to add more than three lines of text

  8. Awesome video editing app! Love it so far. Cant complain about anything thus far; seeing as I didn’t opt to purchase any sort of offers, the ads I have to endure instead seem fair in hindsight. Therefore I’m pretty stoked because overall YouCut has actually been the first, and only app I have used thus far as a introduction into video editing. I’m very satisfied and having a blast playing with it. Thank you to the developers- you guys rock… keep up the good work!

  9. I really enjoy the app, only 4 stars because it doesn’t give me the option to edit 2 takes together. In other words take 2 recordings, one on top, one at the bottom and then edit them to create one video, which takes longer because you have to put them next to each other then split, remove and slide over. I have the pro version. Everything is really good, I highly recommend it.

  10. great tool for editing. It contains te basic features and some more. I have been using the free version and it works great, no ads or watermarks on the final product. I switched to the paid version and it allows more features. The only down side I find is that it is hard to edit on vertical position because it is hard to tap the options. It would be great if they could make it so it can also be turned landscape mode to have more room to work.

  11. Excellent app for manipulating videos. Handles very large, hours long videos with ease. Lots of editing, splicing options. Can’t beat it. Only issue I have is that you can’t select videos by name. I have alot of small clips I need to select in name order but all you can select by is thumbnail (with duration). Perhaps if they put the clip name next to the duration on the thumbnail, that’d help tremendously. Or a list by name option.

  12. Yeah there are some ads in app – but they aren’t annoying! Like for a free app it has a really good balance. Some of the pro features seem worth it, I might upgrade later. Just have been using it free for now and am very happy so far. Good editing app that isn’t too much or too little. Loads well, doesn’t crash my older phone (Google Pixel 2 from 2019) – 10/10

  13. Johnnie dice:

    I just starting using this , but I must say I just edited my first video,and it all went smooth as silk. I get paranoid cutting videos, afraid I’ll cut the price I want, but this app made it easy to understand, and also they allow the cut section to remain handy until you are satisfied, I just gave it a four, because I have a few more functions to discover. Until then.

  14. The best video editor for mobile. It’s unreal what you can do on this. It’s surprisingly powerful, and can even run on lower-end phones. There’s no watermark, and most of it is free (only some filters and effects are locked behind a paywall).

  15. Gina dice:

    This is an amazing free video editing app. Just downloaded it and finished making a video in under 30mins. It has a very easy to understand layout and clear instructions. Its not hard to use or at all. I love the draft feature too. There is a lot of free features and the ads are not excessive. Great app.❤

  16. I love this app! It is surprisingly comprehensive, there’s pretty much nothing I would want to do to a video that I can’t do in YouCut. I have the pro version which is so so worth it for how much you get. I also use it if I need to compress videos to send in platforms that have max file sizes, like discord, and it lets me choose the resolution, frame rate, and quality. My only complaint is that I wish it was available on PC!

  17. EDIT 07/10/22 NOT USED FOR A WHILE AND I PAID FOR THE PRO VERSION AND IT HAS NOW BEEN REMOVED AND HAS ADVERTS. I WILL CHNEG BACK TO 5 STAR IF SOMEONE CONTACTS AS I CANNOT CONTACT ON THE WEBISITE. NOT HAPPY !!!!Perfect little mobile app for editing on the go. I was amazed at how precise I can be using my fat fingers on some of the scroll functions to trim and split clips. Some very cool filter and overlays this coming from a final cut pro user. 👌

  18. S M dice:

    EDIT: My phone sucked, the app wasn’t the problem. If you added speed mapping I would never use another video editor again. I love this app. However… In the last few days every video i have made gives me an error 4106 code. I thought the videos were rendered so I deleted the drafts (some video drafts had over 100 clips). The videos are unable to be opened and it appears about 2 weeks worth of work is unusable.

  19. So far, awesome. Installed it, merged two videos, did some splicing, added a few effects and a transitions and exported a video all in a matter of minutes. It would’ve taken at least an hour if not longer on my aging laptop. Then went to pay for a lifetime license. It’s a bargain.

  20. Tony Nash dice:

    It works good, but best part is it’s free and works. 4 for 5 would reccomend.. (edit) after using this app for little over 2 years it needs some upgrades. 4k video is super laggy and makes it difficult to edit. Has lots a features but could use new ones overall still a top of the video editing app and worth it to upgrade to the pro version

  21. I personally use youcut to make videos out of screen recordings. It works so well and it’s way easier than all video editors I’ve tried. I’m going to always use youcut for my videos. I do have one recommendation for the creator, could there possibly be a way to download music from Spotify or someway? Even if a watermark is need like caput, I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

  22. I recently started uploading YouTube videos and I had downloaded 2 editing apps, CapCut and VN to merge some videos together but they both didn’t work, but when I downloaded YouCut and selected all the videos into 1, it automatically merged them and I didn’t even have to do anything. In the few days that I’ve used YouCut, it’s been extremely useful and it hasn’t failed me once, hence the five stars

  23. Cyanide S dice:

    Would give 5 stars because I love this app. The problem is that I paid the $15 for the full version, which was supposed to be a one time charge. After the last update, my access to the full version was cut off, and now I have to pay again just to have access. I tried to restore my purchase, but a message popped up saying “an unknown error occurred. Please try again”. I did this a couple times but the error happened each time. Assuming this is a bug. Will change rating if this can be fixed.

  24. I absolutely love this app! It is very intuitive and easy to use. Initially I was just merging multiple clean videos together. I have now started adding in photos with timers, and even voicing over the images. I have not voiced over video yet, but it seems pretty simple. Adjusting audio level is also great. Cons: 1. Rarranging selected content is a little challenging. I usually just delete it and add it back where it should go. 2. Copywritren music in the back ground. Trying news mics.

  25. Darla dice:

    Been using this app for a year to edit my self-tape auditions. It’s really easy to use. I can also combine videos together or cut in the middle, trim, move scenes around. Really great app! The only slight complaint would be with the trimming. It can be a bit time consuming to get the video trimmer to stop on the exact second. But overall, no big complaints.

  26. Perfect fit for my needs. After trying two other video editing software apps that were difficult to navigate simple tasks, I’m thankful i came across this one. I don’t utilize the many options available, my editing needs are basic, and really wanted a tool with an easy learning curve. The main interface is as straight forward as they come. Very easy to learn. Thanks to the app creators, Cheers!

  27. Mech dice:

    Flawless, I can trim down videos for free and no annoying watermark, just the files don’t get saved in my photos, but I can share them on another app like Messenger, they pop up there. Edit, just bought the app even though I didn’t have to, and no features were restricted. I believe well made products deserve compensation. A personal note to the developer(s). You are the kind of person(s) that helps this world realize their true potential. Thank you for your hard work!

  28. Great way to put all those little clips into one video. Makes it easy to add music, and I’ve uploaded to YouTube and other video platforms. Good quality video. My only issue has been the frequent app crashes when trying to edit and combine multiple short videos. Also the ads only showed up when saving the videos so they weren’t intrusive.

  29. Mahi Way dice:

    One of the best video editing softwares. It was so easy to use, with such intuitive features, and quality. Usually there would be lots of problems with video editing apps, especially on a phone, but this has everything and more for everyday users.. no watermarks or basic features that’s premium.. Good job. Only using this henceforth.

  30. THIS IS, one of the easiest, most brilliant video editing apps out there. You can do a lot on a Project with this. I have been able to take a video and add voice music and at least two sound effects, all-in-one scene. It is very fast at uploading and is very good at final performance. I have received a lot of 4 – 5 Stars Myself on projects. You must have adequate space on your mobile or PC or it will get quirky. YES, THIS IS A BRILLIANT APP AND A MUST-HAVE.

  31. Youcut. The reason everyone gets to see my climbing videos, my nature hike videos, etc…and they’re all stitched together tight with carefully set audio levels and image adjustments and all that jazz. You go Youcut. Make a desktop application and I would buy it in a minute. Ads, but they’re after you finish your video, and they’re on while it’s rendering. So who cares.

  32. Mr Lee dice:

    Fantastic editing app. I have a few suggestions that I think could make this even better. So firstly, I like the idea of a zoom in and out effect, though I think it could be improved with the ability to choose where to zoom in, how much, and even the speed of it. Secondly, I think that the idea of motion blur would be a neat idea, especially for those who like making highlight videos or montages. With motion blur, videos can look much smoother. That’s all the ideas I have for now. 🙂

  33. Easy to use even for the most novice of video editors. Lots of features to turn a plain, basic video into something rather spectacular. I use this app to make ads for my employer so the pro version was the way to go for me. However, I did use it for almost a year before purchasing the full version and was still able to make a lot of great videos. I’m excited to see what I can do with pro!

  34. S L West dice:

    It’s okay… First, I was pleasantly surprised how I could figure out so much… But where is the in app tutorial. The cut and trim features don’t work how I think they would from previous editing software… It’s rather confusing to edit videos. Secondly, why isn’t there a slight movement animation? Anymore, stationary photos in a video are very 20th century… There should be an animation that populates to every still picture to slightly move it. The animations are rather 90s…

  35. Bryan Gray dice:

    Sp fat so good. The ability to music in is there but now the ability to lower or raise the volume of the single music clip would be great. Such as a time lapse that is 15 seconds of louder background music, 10 seconds of normal video with lower of the same music and then back to a hyperlapse and raise the same music clip volume back up. Also I didn’t find it but video clip fade to black would be nice, didn’t see that in the options.

  36. I LOVE this app!! Try it, it will NOT disappoint you. My FAVORITE video editing app. I don’t know what I’d do without it. A+++ . . I love that “I” can trim, change speed, CROP and compress my videos on my own, those are all awesome features. I also love the music adding feature. This app is just so nice! You’ve just really got to try it to understand.

  37. Update August 2022: I have been using this program for a couple of years now. Simply put, YouCut is a fantastic video editing program with all the bells and whistles I need. It’s easy to navigate, easy to use and understand, and there are frequent updates. I pay yearly for the premium version and it is well worth it. And not at all expensive! Still 5 stars 2 years later.

  38. Not a bad editing app. After you’ve messed with it a bit, you are able to navigate the features pretty easily. I do wish the quality of the gifs and emojis were a bit better quality. The images look grainy and pixelated. All and all it is a great app for beginners and user friendly.

  39. This is pretty good. I have to admit!! They pretty much let you use the entire app. Which is very nice of them. It’s not buggy at all and does a decent job. I mean for what you can do on your phone. You can even save it in 4k 60fps and it doesn’t take that long at all to save. It doesn’t bog down your phone when it’s editing. I mean to be honest I’ve used desk top programs that have given me more problems. This is simple. You don’t need a masters degree to figure it out. Thanks for making:-)

  40. Best app for editing I’ve ever used! I use this app for editing all of my videos, great app, you can app your own sounds from different videos, I use this for my sound effects and it does an AMAZING job at extracting all of the tiny sounds and making it perfect. I am keeping my voice and face hidden, and the fact that you can add texts, and pick how long they stay there, and there fonts, color and SO much more! I would really recommend downloading this it’s the perfect editing app.

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