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Crunchyroll, the leader in streaming Anime and Asian content, is set to emerge as the digitally distribution Manga leader, starting with it’s brand new mobile app!

The Crunchyroll Manga app provides users with unlimited access to a variety of the hottest manga emerging from Japan! As soon as it hits newsstands in Japan, Crunchyroll Manga users can read the latest from hit titles like Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, and Space Brothers.

Premium users will be able to:

* Access the latest manga as it becomes available in Japan!
* Full mobile support (iOS and Android), including ‘Koma-View,’ which allows maximum scale per panel.
* View the entire series catalog anytime, anywhere.
* Unlimited reading access.

This will be any Manga enthusiasts’ one-stop-shop for all their Manga needs.
So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the free trial today:

Still have questions? Then check out our tutorial showcasing the full manga viewing experience:

Check back with us for the latest updates and additions, here:


40 comentarios en "Crunchyroll Manga MOD 2022"

  1. It’s nice, but the selection is really small which is fine since it’s essentially a bonus feature, but it’s really confusing how sometimes pages just duplicate or find their way into the part where another one should be, among other bugs this really ruins it. Plus like 80% of the manga here has like 3 chapters even if the full chapters are available elsewhere, which is really really irritating. I get the selection being small but atleast have the latest few chapters of each book.

  2. This app has a number of issues that haven’t been addressed for some time. For one, the favorites and bookmarks don’t work. No matter what I try. Pages reappear throughout a single chapter. Chapters are missing from select series (ex. “Grand Blue Dreaming jumps from Chap. 1 to 38). The selection, in contrast to the anime app, is miniscule. On a more positive note, the Spirit Circle manga was great. The app just could use some quality-of-life changes and a more varied library.

  3. Theoretically, it’s a good app for reading some manga on your phone. The interface is simple and clear. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Like, at all. The “favorites” page has been completely broken for years. Pages will start repeating with no warning, and the only fix is to leave the issue you’re reading and then reenter. There is no “download offline” option so if you lose connection you can’t keep reading. And it locks out your phone’s screenshot function, which shouldn’t be allowed.

  4. Update:This is pretty much a dead app. While the content gets updated, the app itself hasn’t seen an update in months. This app is a mixed bag. On the one hand, it’s user friendly and easy to read on. On the other hand, it sadly has several bugs and issues that plague it. The bookmark and favorite features have still not been fixed and pages repeat randomly, just to name a couple of issues. If these are fixed then I’ll up my rating. As it stands right now, I can’t recommend this app

  5. A nice idea, but full of issues. I’ve tried it on two android tablets and the favorites and bookmarks just don’t work. It works a little better on my phone, but even then, it tends to load pages out of order. Still, it looks good and it’s convenient. So it’s something. Just wish it actually worked. And now it’s started to log me out after every channel. Wow. This is absurd.

  6. It would be pretty great if the bookmarks, favorites etc worked. It also has no history feature so you can continue where you left off. It also has a bad bug that it repeats an earlier page instead of the proper one. Then you have to scroll back several pages to force a reload. just needs a personal programmer to fix this.

  7. Glitchy and slow. I’ll be reading a manga and after a couple of pages, it’ll glitch and show an older page you’ve already in place of the new page, and the only way to fix it is to close the app and go back in. Also, the save and bookmark feature don’t work. EVERY time I click either of those it just says error and never saves it, so accessibility other than searching is low. I prefer shonen jump manga app. And I hate that they don’t have all the manga for most series, even for premium.

  8. Selection of manga is limited, but it makes sense when you think of this as a perk to having a streaming video account. The interface has a bug where you get repeat pages, going back to the repeat page and forward again fixes it. But I haven’t seen anything new since the merger with Funimation. Please don’t let this die, it has potential!

  9. Just re-download this app after leaving it for a about a year or so. I left because the app was extremely glitchy then stopped working altogether. I decided to come back and see if anything was fixed and i see that the app is still glitchy as hell: It keeps logging out. I have to log back in every few minutes. Makes reading a non enjoyable experience.

  10. The reader itself is very easy to use and is plesant to read from. However two of what I would consider the most important functions of the app do not work. You cannot save bookmarks or favorites. Instead, you have to search for/hunt down the manga you want to read. This may sound like a minor inconvenience, but why have a non-working function available on the app? Once these functions are working, this will easily be a 5 star app.

  11. T Stew dice:

    I have had this app for years and unfortunately it is getting worse instead of better. I would not pay for this as a standalone service in its current state. Functionality – No matter what device I use it on (Apple/Android) the bookmarks have not worked. I can click on the heart, but it goes into the void. – Even though my credentials are saved to my devices the app forces me to log back in after every chapter read. Yes, after every single chapter. Content – Missing chapters. Even with premium access there are a lot of missing chapters. Because I have subscriptions on other sites I have to go the other sites, read the available content there, and then swap back to this app/website to get the simultaneous published chapters.

  12. Super unprofessional that this app has been broken for this long. I wish this could be my primary manga platform, but basic functionality like favorites being broken just makes it hard to remember where I was and what I was reading. I mean, it’s probably a relatively simple bug fix, they just don’t care. Crunchyroll absolutely needs to work on their communication.

  13. As others have said the favorites and bookmarks tend to disappear. I used to be able to fix that by logging out of the app then logging back in or uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it. That no longer works at least for me. I’ve used Crunchyroll for several years and mostly been happy with it but over the last several months it is becoming clear that maybe its time to walk away and be done with it. At this point I wouldn’t recommend Crunchyroll to anyone I know

  14. Terrible, especially for an app that you have no choice but to use as the crunchyroll website doesn’t work with phones. Pages won’t load. It always gives me errors when I try to add any series to your bookmarks or favorites, and as such my bookmarks and favorites are empty, forcing me to search for my series manually. It sure does make it hard to support official releases when fan-sites and apps work infinitely better for free. I wouldn’t be so upset if I wasn’t PAYING for this service.

  15. Honestly, I can forgive most of the issues people have regarding poor selection, but I can’t forgive the jankiness of the app. Very often, you’ll turn a page of a manga and it’ll just pick a completely different page to show you, giving you a messy & odd story. It’s like hitting a shuffle button on all your manga. The app should be taken down and fixed, honestly, because this is not good at all.

  16. Jon Brown dice:

    The app is pretty much dead at this point. I’ll sign in to read and when I select the chapter I want to read, I’m automatically signed out. I literally can’t use the service anymore. The browser version still runs on flash so the whole thing is gonna be dead at the end of the year. Really wish this app received actual support instead of being left to die in a ditch.

  17. Toph N dice:

    Terrible app. Besides the problems mentioned in other reviews, I emailed customer service because a chapter in Arpeggio doesn’t load and it hasn’t been fixed in half a year. They seemed uninterested in fixing the problems with the app and told me “it’s available on the site” which doesn’t really work on mobile. Which is the only internet access I have.

  18. Abiztic dice:

    Sometimes the pages get jumbled when I’m reading and when I go to the next page, it’s actually from several pages ago or it has skipped some pages. There are also manga with plenty of missing chapters. Additionally, I would expect some decent quality when I pay for manga. However, in some manga you can clearly see where they have cleaned text from the pages because it’s been done so poorly or they just put the text right over the original without cleaning it.

  19. Cannot sign in even though the same credentials work on the website. When I was able to sign in before, closing the app and launching it again would not show my favorites, etc. until logging out and back in again. Super buggy, but OK when it works. As of now, irrevocably broken as you cannot sign in. I’ve tried clearing the app cache and data with no luck.

  20. Only has about 30 titles and the only one that I was interested in of those only had the first 5%then skipped to the last 5%. Which just doesn’t make sense. I just signed up for crunchyroll and was excited and went to a higher membership just to have this included only to find out it was a waste would give 0 stars if possible. If they complete the titles they have and add more then I’m sure it could be great. As of now not worth the space on my phone.

  21. So, it *works*, but… well, there are issues. Firstly, SEVERAL manga only have the first chapter available, then skip 10+ chapters before starting up again, so you can’t read a lot of manga on the app all the way thru. The app also frequently messes up pages, so an old page will repeat later in the chapter, replacing the correct page. If you have premium crunchyroll, you may as well use the app for the manga that *is* available, but I can’t earnestly recommend it.

  22. I agree with the others. They broke this app around the time they started pushing VRV, and have since done little to nothing to improve the existing Crunchyroll applications (Manga included). I’ve sent emails and customer support is nice and let’s me know they’re aware of the problems, but I’ve seen no action to fix said problems for months now…

  23. Diego C. dice:

    The app is barely functional. I searched for a manga I wanted to read and after swiping through a few pages I ran into a bug where the next page would be a repeat of a previous one. A quick workaround is to tap back then resume reading the current chapter. Alas, this kept happening and greatly diminished my experience with the app. I can overlook most other issues that have been mentioned, but this seemingly simple but fundamental indexing problem shouldn’t pass QA and go into production.

  24. Although this might not be a problem for some other people, but for me there was some odd reason I couldn’t find well-known Manga such as One Piece, Attack on Titan, and Naruto. All that there was, was a few random Manga series that I haven’t heard about other than Fire Force. The app also was shown to have the Manga that I had listed such as One Piece. Also even if the actual UI isn’t that bad to use, it still looks horrible.

  25. For a paid service, this is appalling. The app randomly shows the image from a previous page instead of the next one, with no way to see the correct page content. Stick to the website and don’t bother with this app.

  26. Leo dice:

    It works, but still kind of buggy. Not to mention the annoyingly small library, with almost none of the top Mangas. For being the #1 anime platform, it’s a bit pitiful.

  27. Recent update seems to have fixed many problems, hangs rarely, but works after restart. The biggest problem is the many missing chapters in most titles.

  28. Ive used this app before and there was NO UPDATES EVER SINCE, I would have rated this a 0 fast if possible, its just a random app with a bunch of random mangas (aside from fire force) no one punch man, one piece, tokyo ghoul, jjba, aot, dragon ball and so much more you could litterally create a whole list of mangas that werent there, ive just used this for 10 minutes and couldnt find anything, and also if your planning to waste your money on this DO NOT its not all i could is just disappointed💀

  29. Dan Aran dice:

    Quality is good, but app is hard to find you way around. And the choices are very limited. The choices you do have are not even full series.

  30. When was the last update!? I haven’t been on this app in years. I’ve recently re-download the app because it had “An Observation log of my finance who calls herself a villainess” just to only see 3 chapters when it has way more release than that. Very disappointed but I hope they start giving this app the attention it needs cuz I WANNA REAS MANGA AND I DONT MING PAYING A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION YA DAM LEECHES

  31. Um….trying to sign up and create an account…i put in my email and my chosen password (something i can remember) and it said “incorrect login info” i havent made the account yet….how can the info im putting in for the first time be incorrect?

  32. E dice:

    App is overall good, i use it on my phone but it would be great if i could use it on my old tablet (android 6) 🙂

  33. [update] Downgraded to junk status. Logs you out when you try to read anything. Useless. As another reviewer mentioned, the favourites disappear but can be restored by logging out and in again. One other peeve is that the chapters are contiguous, without being divided into volumes. This makes it hard to know where you are in the series, especially if you are using MAL to keep track.

  34. N. Kane dice:

    It occasionally has trouble keeping pages in order for the entire chapter if you happen to go back a page. Also, splash (double spread) pages sometimes don’t align along the vertical axis. It would be more aesthetically pleasing if this is addressed in a future update. Reader’s user interface is alright. Library is limited, but it has what I came for.

  35. This is pretty unstable, sometimes the app will show the wrong page so you’ll have to exit out of the chapter then go into it again to reload the correct page. And currently it has forgotten all my favourites and trying to re add them comes up with an error. There’s also no way to change the viewing experience, which can ruin 2 page spreads.

  36. the basics don’t function properly. whatever functions are included don’t work well often even if you’re paying for it. like my favourites and bookmarks are usually missing. even try to log out and log back in doesn’t fix the issue now. sometimes it does. I don’t know how to access them on the desktop version of the site either. so i took a screenshot of the favorites list when it was available. the good thing is that you know where you left off in the manga. that’s an important function that wor

  37. Crunchyroll licences some great digital Manga on here. The problem is, I’m always getting issues with my favourites list now, as it keeps telling me there’s nothing in my list, but when I try to add something, I get an “Error adding to favourites” message. I’ve tried clearing both the data and the cache and that temporarily fixed the issues… until the following day where I had the same issues, only clearing cache and data had no effect.

  38. downloading was a wast of my time. the mangas i’m looking for are not even on here yet i seen them in the ad. guess i’ll have to find something else.

  39. Its very buggy like the favorites dont work properly, I have never gotten notifications from new chapters (which Ive gotten used to by now, but probably should add), sometimes chapters bug out and the pages duplicate, then you have to reopen the chapter. Overall I think this app has been kind of neglected by Crunchyroll, but after like 4 years of using it, I dont really think much will change, I mean it hasnt really changed in any real meaningfull way over all these years. Its meh overall.

  40. I sadly have go agree with most other people. I was excited when I found crunchyroll, that I could finally read manga alongside watching anime. There’s only a very small selection of manga, and the user interface makes no sense to me. I don’t think the bookmarks or favorites works, all I see is a list of a few mangas. Very sad considering it’s a part of the “premium” membership.

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