Bingo Day 2022


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Bingo Day! Lucky Day! Join and play the classic bingo game!
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Bingo Day is here:
1) To delight you with a FUN and FREE BINGO GAME
2) To electrify your bingo play with plenty of fun POWERUPS.
3) To help you with great bingo odds and GENEROUS payouts.
4) To double the fun with Double bingo – double the fun! Win double and triple bingo!

It’s a classic bingo game.Hit our jackpot by playing bingo! This game brings you a different and exciting experience. Let’s try whether you are the next lucky one.
*Google Inc. does not sponsor, nor in any way affiliated with Bingo Day and/or the sweepstakes prize.


4 comentarios en "Bingo Day 2022"

  1. Linda Calderon Petty dice:

    Total scam! If you are in to jumping through hoops, ok. I can deal with the ads but when they say you get your money immediately, once you complete the goal, and then give you another goal before you get it…bait and switch. They also cancel a reward out saying you didn’t meet the task time limit yet no time was given to complete.

  2. Jennifer Soto dice:

    I have played and played and finally was able to cash out. Too many times the rewards expired. Now it is telling me I have to get 777 i think 10 times before i actually get what i earned and won. Don’t waste your time! It will never happen. Deleting this game. I cannot believe i wasted so much time watching ad after ad.

  3. Ashley Allen dice:

    This is a waste Too many ads!!!! Get two balls ad get three numbers on board ad gosh gee whiz I get the games pay out by ad revenue and stuff but come on I can’t even play the game … Plus I have reached one sett int he time it gives you which mine was 70 hours. When the time ran out it was a whole new set of goals I’m confused and will more than likely delete this was a waste

  4. Ken Becker dice:

    I downloaded this game through an ad. It said, ironically enough, that you didn’t have to watch ads to play. Every time you hit a bingo it pulls up a slot machine. Whether you choose the prize or not, there’s another ad. And it vibrates. Can’t turn it off. Let’s talk about payouts. There are none. The ad said there was no minimum. There is. It’s $500. Plus a time limit before payout. I waited. Was told it expired. I didn’t meet the requirements. There are better Bingo games. This is a scam.

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