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All-in-one weather app with real-time NOAA radar. Anticipate any conditions!
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Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live is an all-in-one weather tracker right on your device.

Consider Clime your one-stop weather radar app. Keep current with important weather changes using real-time radar images, precipitation and temperature forecasts, customizable weather alerts, accurate weather maps, and more. Concerned about Hurricane Season? Stay ahead of it with the Hurricane Tracker.

Take advantage of having accurate US radar data, like detected areas of rain, snow, and mixed precipitation, right on your phone. Use the radar map to check precipitation’s movement, and make your own predictions based on animated radar images for the last 40 minutes, up to the current time. Switch between the rain radar and other overlays in app settings, or customize the radar map by tweaking opacity of radar images and choosing the most convenient loop speed and background map for your radar.

– Prepare for rain and snow with the 24-hr precipitation forecast
– View cloud cover as seen from space
– Bookmark multiple locations for easier navigation

– Today’s weather and 7-day local weather forecast
– Current, today’s min & max, and “Feels Like” temperatures
– Pressure, humidity, wind speed & wind direction, visibility weather, dew point
– Chance of precipitation
– Sunrise & sunset time

– Receive push notifications and alerts for bookmarked locations (tornadoes, hurricanes, freeze warnings, storm alerts, and more)
– Monitor important National Weather Service watches, warnings, and alerts in the form of interactive polygons on the map
– Need a tornado tracker? Clime delivers tornado warnings and watches to your fingertips

– Alerts for all saved locations
– Hurricane & tropical storm tracker
– Precipitation forecast map for 72 hours
– Lightning tracker
– Temperature forecast map
– Rain alerts
– Fires & hotspots
– RainScope
– Hourly 14-day forecast with weather information
– Snow depth forecast
– Pollen data
– No ads

Need a real-time weather radar app? Make Clime your go-to storm radar! You’ll have storm radar in the palm of your hand! Clime uses radar data provided by the NOAA, so it’s like having an advanced weather station right on your smartphone.

Radar coverage: radar images show the US (the radar is available for the Continental US, Alaska (except northern), Hawaii, Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico), Mexico (northern), Canada (southern), Australia, many European countries, Japan, etc. See the full list of countries with the radar map available on the developer’s website.

Precipitation and temperature, snow depth forecast maps, as well as the satellite map and the weather forecast supported by precipitation alerts are available for most of the world.
Hurricane tracking, wildfire, and lightning trackers are also available for most of the world.

NWS watches, warnings: the US only.
Governmental weather warnings: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK.

Subscription payments will be charged to your Google Play account at confirmation of your purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew and you will be charged unless auto-renew is turned off or unless you cancel at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription or trial period. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period. The cost of renewal depends on the Subscription Plan you choose.
Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase or by contacting Customer Support.

Clime Weather Service, LLC is a part of the Apalon family of brands. See more at
Privacy Policy:


When it comes to outwitting the weather, performance and stability matter. With this update, you’ll be even more sure to get the weather info you need when you need it.

Thank you for your continued support and comments! Do not hesitate to share your feedback with us via [email protected].


46 comentarios en "Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live MOD"

  1. Stopped using this app but forgot to cancel the subscription so I gave it another try. Very quickly remembered why. For one thing, how to access app settings? I can find location settings but nothing at the app level (like how to change theme, etc). It’s also not accurate. There is currently a winter storm warning where I live but when I tap on that in the app it brings me a blizzard warning alert. Wrong. There are other apps that are easier to use with the same info for free. Save your $$.

  2. I had this app on a free trial basis and loved it! It ran out and I had problems getting money to the app to pay for the subscription. I planned on paying for a year at a time but now that I am able to pay the amount that was listed for a year (reasonable price) I no longer see a year subscription available. Please advise if they are still available.

  3. I had this installed for all of 3 minutes. Navigation behavior was weird, but may be just due to the over the top upsell attempts to redirect to upsell. I’m fine with paid apps and have many, but this approach is a huge turn off. You can’t even get a feel for whether this app will work for you without signing up for the 3 day trial or buying it.

  4. Update flawed. I generally love the app, despite that is not user friendly. I couldn’t even figure out where to give the new feedback they asked for within the app, so I’m hoping they see it here. The new update, while making things like the cards easier to understand, shrunk the size of multiple aspects, including the hourly forecast, to the point where even my 32 year old eyes are struggling to read it. I hope they change it back or add settings to adjust. More feedback won’t fit. Android user

  5. This app isn’t bad at the free level but I decided to pay for a subscription for predictions when there was a hurricane in the area. It wasn’t accurate and there is no way to cancel the subscription for the predictions and it adds very little to the free level. There are constant pop-ups to add features but no way to access settings or cancel the subscriptions without deleting the app and unapproving the payment through Google.

  6. I wasn’t even able to use the app when the first Fullscreen ad came. Terrible experience.. I understand, I am a software engineer specialized in mobile apps. My point is, I did not have the chance to at least explore the app see it’s features, explore a bit more, so after a few taps on the UI that ad straight to my face. I understand you have to monetize your app, but allow me first to explore all the good features I will be using so o can decide whether or not to subscribe.

  7. Update: I have since uninstalled this app due to full screen video adds making it unusable. Original review: Used to love this but too many ads now. This is a good app, good radar, easy to use. But recently the ads have gotten too much. Auto playing videos that are full screen with sound that you can’t X out of and others that pop up and cover the whole screen. Thinking of looking for a different app even though I really liked this radar for the last few years

  8. Deleted! This was the radar app I used the most but I’m now deleting it because of the numerous ads. When I’m trying to glance at the radar for only a couple seconds but I have to sit through 30-60 seconds of full screen ads first is kinda BS. I’m very disappointed in the direction this app has went. Edit: I’m OK with ads on free apps and understand that they are a necessary evil to keep free apps free BUT this app takes it to a whole new level with the amount and duration of the ads.

  9. Brian Yaw dice:

    This is the best weather app I’ve used. Though the free version has far too many ads, the paid version is worth it. Still, I agree with some elements of the bad reviews. I do not need to know every temp in my area. I need the temp and weather where I am, the same for cities to which I’m traveling, and the appropriate forecast. How about a more comprehensive setting menu so that at least, in the paid version, I can select the elements to display?

  10. The new dashboard is useless. Like most people, I live in an area where knowing the “feels like” temperature is MUCH more important than the moon phase, but the app developers apparently thought that the moon phase was a much needed inclusion on the display. I have reset the display multiple times, but nope, the useless information tiles keep popping back up each time I think I’ve gotten rid of them. I’ve had this app for a very long time, and this update is extremely annoying.

  11. The original app was perfect and worth paying for. Now, I hate it. I don’t need highlights and all the new stuff is completely useless. If I am paying for a NOAA app, I was just the facts please and everytime I open it. I used this because I am disabled and knowing pressure, feels like, storms coming in and out changing pressure we’re extremely helpful in me navigating the world. No more paying for an app. I’ll go back to using google. Also, where did the settings button go?!

  12. Ryan dice:

    Too many ads. I’ve had this app for years. However, the ads are so intrusive that from opening the app to actually viewing the radar takes half of a minute. The screen is then cluttered in ads. Its faster for me to Google “weather radar” and bring up a webpage which gives me more information than this app. So I’m deleting. Too many ads to compete with others

  13. This app is not user friendly at all. I guess I somehow made the location I *was* in, a saved location. I am no longer in that location, yet I continue to get new alerts for that old location. I have deleted the location in the only spot I could find it, and 4 days later, I’m still getting weather updates from there. FAQ’s are useless. No tutorials to understand what you’re enabling and no clear way to reverse it if you do. No user support. Definite buyers remorse!

  14. Radar is too busy and cluttered. Wanted an app to clearly show rain radar but there’s some kind of overlay that interferes with radar. Too many colors are on top of the precipitation colors I cannot see a clear definition of where the rain is falling. in addition, I’m unable to remove the overlay that I cannot see city, lake, road and generic land map geography.

  15. The radar is indiscernible. I can’t see any outlines of the region I’m in, the rain looks like it’s 8 bit(I guess it’s rain, it’s more a blob of greenish brown?), and the radar is lacking names for the missing features in my region(like maybe a city name). It’s the free version, maybe that’s why? Way to make a first impression.

  16. I hated the free version.. the ads were overwhelming. I took a chance and bought the paid version.. and love it. At first I was puzzled about accessing all the features, but after exploring the app and learning how to use it, it’s terrific! Excellent and well worth buying the paid version. Recommended.. 5 stars for sure!

  17. Love the app, -except- for the fact it’s sounding my notification chimes for every location i have bookmarked, even with the notifications turned off entirely, which is driving me insane. Even for the premium version it does this. Other than that, I adore it, and it’s really invaluable for a motorcyclist like myself.

  18. I paid for the premium app and have been using it very frequently for a little over a year. However, recent apparent changes to the weather dashboard for current weather conditions have been very frustrating. The new dashboard is completely useless to me, and I can’t seem to get the original dashboard back. Is there any way to switch back to the original view?

  19. Too Many Ads to Try. if you’re thinking of looking at the app first for a few minutes before committing to $4 a month or $20 a year, dont bother. Ads are intrusive, features are hobbled. It may be a great app well worth the money, but I’m not signing up for a subscription that I would then have to cancel just to find out. Too many other good weather apps out there.

  20. Ghnami dice:

    I have no weather alerts on except for one location, I get alerts for literally all bookmarks. Help page is broken. Fix the app, it used to be fantastic, now the new updates add minuscule bells and whistles that are totally unnecessary, but compromise the function. Tried uninstall and reinstall, no change whatsoever! Even more broken than before, the app wont even display basic information such as precip chance, wind chill, sunrise/sunset. I just want basic info not algorithmically sorted BS.

  21. I used to recommend this app. Now its filled with pop up adds. If you want to check the weather radar or any other feature you have about 30 seconds before pop ups begin. The whole app used to be free. Now you pay and they share your data. You can get the same features for less adds elsewhere.

  22. I updated this app 3 days ago and now I get more ads than I do weather!! This WAS an app that I highly recommend but now I would say to find something else. The ads are awful! I just had 4 ads while trying to see where the storms are!! I don’t need to download a space game (that was 1 of the ads that you cant click out of for several seconds) I need to see if I should run for cover!! Noaa weather radar, you should be ashamed!!!!!

  23. Brand new Pixel 6 phone but the app is really slow to load data. Very heavy on data processing. The app used to be more responsive. The $5/month subscription is expensive for the info provided. The pricing just isn’t reasonable for what the app offers. Perhaps closer to $20/year would be worthwhile for a weather app. To each their own.

  24. Used to be great…until a couple of months ago. Now, weather for my location (south Tx) is nowhere near correct anymore. I’m a paid member and I can’t rely on this thing at all. It currently says that my area is covered in a green/orange/yellow rain mix and….yet again …not a drop. This is getting old. I’ll go back to using other free apps.

  25. They hide very important information behind a Paywall. I can’t even see the a hurricanes path (which I’m in) unless I pay. I highly recommend you to not support an app that locks free information behind a Paywall. Life threatening information should not have to be paid for. I can understand the ads, but this is ridiculous. I highly recommend ‘AccuWeather’ as an alternative to this, they run away less ads and allows you to access all the important information without having to pay.

  26. takes entirely too long to learn to use it and what its features are, due to ads using videos and trial apps over the entire screen. there is a 3-day trial of the subscription, but IMO the free version should not be that difficult to use. I’m uninstalling it and moving on.

  27. Just updated, I’ve been enjoying the app until this afternoon when hurricane tracking disappeared. It’s in the menus, but the systems I’ve been keeping my eye on… gone, the forecast and projections just disappeared. I paid for this app, I’m really hoping it is fixed or it will be a useless purchase.

  28. Very much a fan of this app. I’ve been using it for well over 2 years on multiple devices and have loved it. The only complaint I do have is more of an inconvenience than anything else. Whenever I open the app, it initiates my location to a location I visited about 6 months ago. I have to press the “GPS location” button for it to see where I actually am. Its a small inconvenience, but it is one nonetheless. This happens on all my devices, on wifi and on data. I will still use this app for sure!

  29. The app is fine, a bit quirky, but it doesn’t take long to figure out the quirks. However, I can’t think of a single thing in this app that you can’t get from other free apps. Premium is a recurring subscription, not a one time charge (which means the publishers of this app have a much higher opinion of the monetary worth of this app than most users have.) I usually pay close attention to the difference between a one-time app purchase vs a recurring subscription, and I avoid recurring payments like the plague. It’s possible I somehow missed the obvious when I upgraded to premium thinking it was a one-time feed, but it would be the first time I’ve made such a mistake. I’ve cancelled the subscription, but I won’t be able to look at the copy shown during the upgrade process until a month from now, to see if it was an oversight on my part, or misleading copy in the upgrade process.

  30. Almost had me! This app is saturated with ads. The radar is actually quite good and current time, but, … The widget doesn’t update often enough, and when it does it does not accurately reflect the current conditions. (ex: clear skies on the radar, raining on the widget) I came close to upgrading to rid myself of the ads, and to get more features. But you’re being forced to open the app to find out accurate info.

  31. So it’s pretty good. Came to this after dark skies sold out. The information presented is useful and relevant and possibly the most detailed and accurate source of weather info you can get – I’m impressed. The interface, however, needs plenty of work – dark skies it certainly ain’t. It’ll take you a minute to get the hang of it, not very intuitive. The subscription service seems mostly worth it annually but insanely expensive on the monthly plan, so bear that in mind. Definitely worth a shot.

  32. I’ve been using he app for well over a year now and I’m very happy with it. App functions well and honestly doesn’t seem to be as big of a battery drain as other weather apps. My favorite feature is the lightening notification. It alerts me a few seconds after lightening strikes! My only complaints are 1) “today’s” highs and lows are frequently 2-3 degrees different from the hourly estimates. 2) The radar animation moves very slowly. I’d love to see a speed control for that I the future.

  33. Could not use without subscribing. Edit: There are two buttons, both which lead to a subscription. There is a very subtle x in the upper left. If you click that, you can bypass.. the first subscription screen… The second only has one button, and the x to bypass is even more subtle. A subscription screen appears every time you launch the app. You also can’t see the forecast without a subscription. I’m summary. Unless you plan on paying for a subscription, don’t waste your time.

  34. The idea is great, the functionality is poor and the support is lacking. I installed theNOAA app while on vacation, knowing that NOAA data is usually the most reliable. And it was great for a couple days until I came home. Now I continually get lightning alerts for my vacation spot hundreds of miles away. I have to believe this is a bug in the programming as the app is able to find my current location, it just doesn’t seem to update the location where notifications are generated for. I contacted support and after multiple conversations just to get them to understand the issue, I was told to uninstall and re-install. I do not want to do that, b/c maybe it will only work now for my home, what if I go on vacation? If it only works for where you install it, it’s not much value. For a $20.00 app purchase.. VERY DISAPPOINTING!

  35. A solid app with useful functionality that takes a little time to learn. Plenty of available options to customize your experience; managing them isn’t always intuitive. One problem I’ve had is that changes to functions and locations don’t save. Depending on your settings, when you travel, the app adds new locations (great feature!). Unfortunately it takes multiple tries to delete those locations when you no longer want them (less great!).

  36. Normally I would gladly give this app 5 stars! It’s one of the more accurate weather app I’ve found so far. It’s even worth paying to get rid of the ads. I enjoy tracking hurricanes and other storms once in a while…. however despite turning off alerts, it still gives me notifications to locations i saved. I don’t want to delete these locations, because that’s where family/friends live, however it’s getting annoying enough that if it doesn’t stop, i may have to find a new app.

  37. Ok. So, I have been using this app for about 3 months now and it is reliably wrong in pretty much all it’s predictions. My other weather app (which I’ve kept around for comparison) is on point 99% of the time with accurate predictions of precipitation down to the min. It also provides much more information in the way of pressures, precipitation etc. If you want bare bones predictions that are relatively unreliable, this is the one for you. If you need more, like I do, go elsewhere. As I have.

  38. Very basic application that forces the submission of payment information before you can trust the software. Call me old school, but I don’t want to agree to pay before i know how something works. Gave it a shot and I already have two versions much better where I can appreciate the weather and the transition in their and converging fronts. Both of those apps are free. Given, it does simplify many things, but for the cost nearly every person can Google the weather. I call it a trap.

  39. This is the greatest tracking app that I’ve ever had the pleasure of using! Historically I’ve given it 5 stars. I have however been continually frustrated by one thing. While it gives me the possibility of rain/snow, it doesn’t tell me (or I can’t find where it might tell) how much is expected! Stick that in as one of the choices of what to display, and it’s a solid 5 every time!

  40. What I really like about the NOAA Weather app is that it displays the weather radar on a map as it’s primary focus. I don’t need to go to a website and search through all the options to locate the corect map to view. What I’ve not yet found with this app is how to show the highs, lows, and frontal boundaries. I can imagine some minor improvements, but it does what I expect it to do, and does it well.

  41. There is no obvious location to access app settings. But my biggest turn-off has been the notifications. There are what look like extensive notification settings, but short of turning everything off, you will get notifications for every saved location no less than two times every hour. It’s terrible. I paid for the annual subscription, and I do like the app overall. It has been far more accurate in New England than our local weather.

  42. I’ve only had it installed for 5 minutes and I already don’t like it. Way too pushy to buy a subscription and ads are popping up and playing videos while I was trying to look at the weather map. It seems to be very comprehensive and have a lot of great features, but I don’t expect to make it through the 3 day trial period before uninstalling.

  43. Update: with the help of tech support. I found unchecking “current conditions” in Android notifications for the app. Removes the persistent notification. OLD: Dropped a * because I can’t get Clime out of my notifications without FC the app. Paid for the $19 yearly. So far so good. Being a Trucker, I would love to see where chain laws are in effect. State apps use different icons for different meanings. A college degree is needed to decifer. All states in one place would be a GOD send.

  44. Overall, I like the app well. However, I’m wondering why I’m still seeing ads when I bought the “lifetime subscription” that is supposed to do away with ads. Update 7-2-19: A few days after posting that my lifetime subscription was not being recognized, I was able to get it to sync after clearing the cache and restarting my phone. Restart alone did not work. Now it is working well and premium features are all in play. Now if it could only realize 10 miles < 15 miles. 7-17: Emailed a few days ago

  45. I travel by boat so I need an app that can keep up with changing locations. I can’t keep the app running and have that happen successfully. I have to close and restart it. But, no bigs. I can do that. Of course the second thing you want a weather app to do is accurately tell you the weather. So, here I am in Petoskey Michigan during a storm. The wind is howling! Our neighbors showed us their recorded data from last night — sustained winds at 25, gusts to 40. This app? Said it was 2 mph. I, too, got the subscription. Sadly I don’t see any handy “refund” or “no renewal” option, because this app is useless.

  46. When I bought this app ($20!) it did everything i wanted from a weather app and more. As of a couple of months ago, I no longer have a widget regardless of what I do. No ongoing temp, no lightning strike notifications, and no forecasts. All i can see is the past radar. And yes, I have changed every setting I can as well as reinstalling it. At this point it’s become fairly useless.

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