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Bring all your ebooks, audiobooks and comics to the same app
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One app to read them all.

Bring all your ebooks, comics and audiobooks in the same place, no matter where they’re coming from:

• Import your own EPUB, CBZ or PDF files
• Buy all the latest releases and best sellers from Feedbooks, with a catalog that contains over a million references
• Built-in support for public libraries, allowing you to easily browse your library’s catalog and borrow books from them
• Thousands of public domain books from Feedbooks
• Add your own catalogs, for example using Calibre

Aldiko provides an extensive set of features for both casual and power users:

• Customize your reading experience with multiple fonts and themes
• Full support for dark mode throughout the app
• Highlight any text in EPUB, add your annotations and easily export them to plain text documents
• Organize your bookshelf to your liking with categories and collections

We love open-source and standards at De Marque and Aldiko 4 is built on top of open-source software that we directly contribute to:

• Read EPUB files via a Readium Mobile based reading experience
• Explore catalogs using OPDS
• Full support for Readium LCP based on EPUB, PDF and audiobooks


40 comentarios en "Aldiko Next 2022"

  1. My phone auto-updated Aldiko Classic to Aldiko Next. Known lost features: 1. The ability to create tags and add them to books. 2. The ability to keep listening while moving to other apps. 3. The ability to see all of a series in order. 4. Access to US libraries. Desirable features: 1. Filter on two or more elements. (2 separate tags; or collection and tags, for example.) 2. Set the reader to pronounce accented vowels. Appreciated feature: The ability to keep the screen active.

  2. Added unneeded bells and whistles, removed features I really liked, works much slower, and in a response to another post, the aldiko creaters stated that they desired to slowly roll out functionality. As if no one likes a completely functional program right off the bat. More like, they made a deal with a bookseller and wanted to roll out a new version to support buying books, but they did it before they finished this version. I have aldiko classic on my other phone, and plan to keep it.

  3. Extremely unreliable. For example, the highlighting feature with notes only works at seemingly random times. When the feature does not work, existing highlights are invisible and it is not possible to access previously added notes. So when you have annotated 67 chapters and try to continue your work, you cannot. Maybe you’ll have to do it all again. I would never trust this app to hold my ebook collection. The app is free but you will pay dearly with your time. Life is too short for this app.

  4. Don’t like the new look at all. I got a new phone and was unable to download Aldiko classic. Next is not as user friendly as its predecessor, it’s got an ugly interface with a horrible red color highlight, and there’s too much junk on the home page. I’ll uninstall it and look for something else. Bummed.

  5. The old version was amazing- one of the only ereader apps that allowed soft editing of covers, titles, authors, metadata, & most importantly, adding a synopsis. It was perfect the way it was, even if it looked a little campy. Adding combined functionality for ebook & audiobook media rocks, but not at the expense of this mess. None of the features that made it stand out before, no ability to move the secondary file copy/library they force on you to external storage. What a waste.

  6. My phone automatically updated to this new version of the app. After telling it that NO, I did NOT want to login to Feedbooks or connect to a library, it informed me that I had to re-import all of my books. The import process is abysmally slow compared to the old version of the app — ten minutes into the import process, the progress bar had moved only a single pixel. Another ten minutes later, I got a second pixel. Based on the other reviews that I’m already seeing, it looks like this new version is also missing key functionality that the old app had. Needless to say, I’m not going to bother waiting for the import to finish. When I submit this review, I’m going to force close and delete the app and load Aldiko Classic instead.

  7. The new update is quite awful -though it’s difficult to give a rating when the app allows for set up then in the next sessions, it doesn’t even open. To be truthful, I haven’t been able to get past the set up stage as it immediately closes and I receive an error message. I appreciate the open source coding etc, yet this app is far from ready for regular usage. I was upset to see an automatic update which I thought was to fix bugs in the old version only to find it completely different.

  8. The new version still needs important features. The thumbnails are, of necessity, hard to read, so it would be useful to have a list format to save space. Many downloaded PDFs, such as manuals, have meaningless file names; we need to be able to edit the metadata like we used to. Since I have both a phone and a tablet, I’d like to be able to keep my library on a cloud drive and share it between my devices.

  9. Good potential but not functional for me. I’m on Android 10 and the app said it was made for a previous version of the OS. I didn’t think much of this because I have a lot of other apps that I’ve gotten warnings from and they all work. I’m still not sure that caused the issue, but as I used it, flipping pages took way to long (a second or longer) and it became unresponsive for almost a minute after jumping to a random page.

  10. I used to love this app for reading epub files. The new update destroyed it. Now it’s full of ads and my books were no longer accessible! I couldn’t access dozens (maybe hundreds) of books, and without the app giving any warning or permission to update. On top of that, of course the transfer feature didn’t work. Don’t allow automatic updates if you can possibly avoid it!!

  11. New version is completely different on my phone and my tablet, both running Android 9. It’s just fine on the phone, but it’s completely unusable on the tablet – loading some pages can take 10 seconds, the menus are transparent for some reason, the font and background color settings just don’t work (even though presets do.) And the app had difficulty importing 3 books on the tablet, which worked just fine on the phone.

  12. I downloaded Leaving College: Rethinking the Causes and Cures of Student Attrition, and ALL of the pages are blank. I paid $29 for a book I can’t even read. Then, when I click on the Help option in the menu, Aldiko is not even using the help desk service anymore, so I can’t get in contact with anyone to look into the issue. Very frustrating. Fix this and I’ll update my review.

  13. Michael dice:

    The older version of this app was perfect. This one is unusable for anyone who likes black backgrounds. The app controls are black no matter what color background you choose, so if your background is black, you can’t see the controls so you can’t change brightness or anything else unless you want to guess where to tap (which I had to do every time I used the app). They also removed the nice gesture-based brightness changing mechanism, which was 90% of what I loved about the original app. Basically, they locked me out of the old, good app and forced me to use this one, which was apparently never tested on real humans. The old Aldiko app was my favorite reader for Android. This one is pointless, since it’s no better than Kindle, or a thousand other reading apps. Also, when I “upgraded” to this new app, I lost all my old books and had to reload them. There was a “keep your library” button but it didn’t work.

  14. I’ve been using this app for years, and the Next version is not good. It doesn’t have an easy way to navigate inside the books like it had in the classic version. Doesn’t allow to mark completed each book or rate it! The library cannot be set or sort like it used to. Definetly going back to the classic version.

  15. Lacks the basic functionality of vertical scrolling. Otherwise this seems to check most of the boxes, with the edge swipe to change brightness, color themes (even a customizable option), full control over margins, line word, and even letter spacing, & a toggle to swap with the publishers original formatting. It also has a pleasant UI generally. It could use more view options for the main MyBooks library, but the default (and only) view isn’t bad. But it’s useless w/o scrolling. I can’t use it.

  16. Greebo mc dice:

    The new update is absolutely awful. Useful features were removed. Edit: I’ll list below the ones I remember using. > Word definitions. Used to be able to highlight a word and go straight to the definition. > Font colour. Previously you could change to whichever felt most comfortable for reading. > Auto bookmark doesn’t always work. >While reading if you accidentally hold your phone landscape you will be sent straight back to the beginning of the chapter. > Font size changing is awkward.

  17. I’ve been using Aldiko very happily for five-ish years. While it is great that the app is being developed, I’m incredibly disappointed in how this update has been handled. In particular, I enjoy reading at night before I go to bed. That ability to read red text on a black background has been an essential part of my evening routine for quite some time. Will this functionality return to the app?

  18. Having a brightness issue in read mode like other users where the screen gets way too dim and overrides system settings. The menu slider and the left swipe gesture don’t have any effect. Checking the auto box will turn it up temporarily (all the way I think), but then it will get dim again when I continue reading. Force stop and clearing cache hasn’t helped. This problem occurs for both epub and pdf files. Very disappointing, because this is otherwise a solid app.

  19. This is the perfect ereader app if you’re looking for a simple, no frills way to read ebooks without a dedicated ereader. I only have 3 criticisms: 1) Sometimes books I download appear without a cover. 2) If I’m looking for a particular book, there’s no search bar. I have to scroll through my shelves to find it. 3) Books are downloaded to the app on the specific device you use. If you get a new device, your have to manually move your books over.

  20. C Jt dice:

    I downloaded this app because it seems to be one of the few ways to read .ascm apps on Android. I wasn’t satisfied with the options it gave me. I’m still trying to find out why the text to speech is behind a paywall, much less a subscription-based one. Sure, maybe I’d be able to wrap my brain around a one time payment, but a subscription? Text to speech just seems like one of those basic accessibility features for those with bad sight

  21. Automatically updated to this new version without asking me and it has taken away several of the features the old one had. All these messages from the developers saying they are going to release the features again “incrementally” over time. FAIL! If you couldn’t make an improved app then don’t release it before it’s ready. Deleting this garbage and going back to the classic version. Also, the old bookshelf look was way better.

  22. I do not recommend this app after 1 year usage. There are many flaws with the app for example, I am unable to make highlights in my book and if I take notes they end up disappearing in the app the next day. It is fustrating to flip through the pages because it takes so long to get to the next page. Flipping pages also leads to app crashes. I wish I could use a different app for my textbook but unfortunately Bloomberg Publishing is only compatable with this app.

  23. I hope I can go back to the old version, otherwise I’ll be looking for a new reader. This update is AWFUL. I can’t scroll a few pages back, I can’t change the font size or the page formatting, touching the bottom or top of the page doesn’t advance the pages, I can’t swipe my bottom toolbar up, and I can’t find my recent reads. Oh, there is a recent reads section, it just doesn’t show ANY of my recent reads. You’re going to lose a lot of people over this disaster.

  24. Overall a good reader. However it does need to be able to handle pictures. Lot of books I read have maps and diagrams in them and it just treats the image as text. Give me the ability to open the pic and zoom around on it. Also reduce the number of ads and would be nice if it had a better ebook store.

  25. previous version was an easy 4-5 star but it feels like this redesign has fallen for the old traps of focusing form over function and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.. the migration process took almost a day, somehow my ebook collection takes up 2-3 times more space on device and they removed the rating option (which I used to sort books for priority of reading). I’m going to start looking for a replacement app.

  26. The best thing about it is th free download 😑 I downloaded this app to read books provided by Penguin Random House’s First to Read program. I’m not 100% certain of the app is the problem or if the book format itself is. I cannot change any settings to make a difference and the font is so small that I can hardly read it. I would’ve given at least a 2 star but you can’t even ask for assistance because that page is no longer available and their website is “under construction”. Pretty disappointing

  27. Loved the old version. The updated versions import function is not good. When I select internal storage I get pop up says cannot load internal storage at the moment. On old version I could set auto rotate off so screen would not flip when I was lying down. Is this function in the newer version? I cannot find the setting. Updated to 3 stars from 1 as auto rotate from sys tray in Android solves that issue for me. Still quite frustrated with import feature

  28. Aldiko lost it. Brightness still goes auto randomly and they can’t be bothered to leave it on. Instructions to turn it off is confusing since they refer to either rubbing the left edge of the device (it.. turns the page) or hit settings in the main window which just suows books, collections , and oh, make sure to let you know that you can buy this book. Aldiko. Turn off auto brightness by default.

  29. It’s clear the developer forgot why people downloaded Aldiko in the past. It’s so bad now, used to be simple: open app, see files that were imported, could open one and scrub through it… Finding what I want to read should not be an experience, you’re doing a good job when people don’t know you’re there. Time to find a different reader. Coolreader still works!

  30. Unusable. Settings are almost non-existent. Ads are ridiculous – the very first thing you see when opening the app for the first time in a popup ad. And biggest is that it does not allow zoom of images, which is essential for reading any technical books. Uninstalling.

  31. Excellent ebook reader with one usability/accessibility flaw: when opening a book the app turns the device’s brightness to 100% (ignoring your system settings), loads the book, *then* reduces the brightness to your app settings. When the app is set to low brightness and ‘Night theme’, the overall effect is like a flashbulb went off. The same thing happens with each new book. Other than that, the app is excellent.

  32. Been using aldiko for ~10 years. Uninstalled after the latest update. Tapping the page no longer shows the page number or let’s you slide to a point in the book. It pulls up a half screen options tab instead. I cannot imagine a more basic function for an ebook reader than to show the page number.

  33. Poor experience. Twice. Same problem. Diff devices. I have (had) 75 books on my Aldiko shelves. The covers are visible on the shelf but when I click on a book to open it, there is nothing there. Blank pages with nothing but page numbers. FURIOUS is not the right word. MY BOOKS ARE GONE. Just like your app on all of my devices.

  34. Didn’t even get to a point where I could try to add books and check the app out, as the menu had no obvious options. Admittedly, I didn’t dig far, because I was then immediately presented with a full-screen app that I wasn’t expecting, accidentally clicked on, and was taken out of the app. I deleted it in disgust and sought another app, as I’m not willing to take the chance that I’ll be in the middle of a book and be whisked away by another ad. There are much better, and free, options available.

  35. reearean dice:

    Don’t like the new version. It’s harsh and sharp, old Aldiko was my favorite. I had a ton of trouble importing my books and I can’t even access a directory on my storage from it. I’m having to reset my theme every time I open it, and the new tools for brightness background text size are crowded and wonky. Aldiko classic was like a cozy seat by a fire in a study… This is like bloody murder and there seems to be no reason for the changes.

  36. I loved this app! Unfortunately with the new upgrade, it’s not that great anymore. I understand more features will come at a later date and whatnot but it’s not very user-friendly anymore. Before you had options on how you wanted things to be, the set up, the style, the way to navigate books. Now it’s only changing feature is “light or dark”. I get it. You need to update. But with this, feels like you tried to fix something that wasn’t broken. I’m sorry but thumbs down for me on this upgrade.

  37. got a couple ebooks for the long periods of downtime at my work, and needed an ebook reader. I tried to go and sign up, as I thought you could pay a fee to get rid of the ads, whixh I’m fine with, instead theres only a subscription that you would have to shell out monthly for. needless to say, disappointed at the manipulative ads and I found a new ebook readet

  38. Since the update, I can’t go back to my library when viewing a book. No matter how many times I press the back button the screen either zooms in and out or the menu pops on and off the screen. I have to actually clear my open apps just to get out and then go back in to access the library. Extremely annoying.

  39. Citrine dice:

    It’s easy to use and not as intrusive as other readers. The ability to import files and folders instead of having to give access to the entire filesystem or uploading and downloading files is very much appreciated. Only one thing was not perfect: the dark theme inverts colours for some images.

  40. I like Aldiko because it is simple to use. I can read books from my own device and best of all there are no ads. I have a problem trying to take off a highlight or an underlined word. I tap on the highlighted/underlined word and there is a bin. I tap on it and it does nothing. Would appreciate if someone could tell me how to delete a highlight/underline.

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