MyHeritage: Family Tree & DNA MODDED 2022


Discover your ancestry, research your genealogy and explore your family origins
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Explore your roots, find new relatives, and make amazing discoveries with genealogical search tools and an intuitive family tree builder. Join our global community of users to map your ancestors and family history effortlessly.

Build Your Family Tree
Start your family tree by entering a few names, and MyHeritage will do the rest. Our matching technologies for genealogical research will automatically find new information for you in our diverse collection of 81 million family trees built by users all over the world, and in our huge database of 15.7 billion historical records. Watch your family history come to life and make fascinating discoveries with this family tree maker app.

Make Instant Family History Discoveries
MyHeritage’s genealogical search features can easily match your family tree to other family trees and historical records to provide you with meaningful new insights about your ancestors. Enrich your family tree with MyHeritage’s powerful search and matching technologies:

Smart Matches™
A unique technology that automatically matches your family tree to other family trees, revealing new information about your family origins.
Record Matches: an innovative technology that finds new information about your ancestors in our global collection of historical records.
Instant Discoveries™: a useful feature that adds entire branches and photos to your family tree in one click.

Find Your Ancestors in Historical Records
Explore your family history in MyHeritage’s vast database of 15.7 billion historical records from around the world. The historical record collections include vital records (birth, marriage, and death certificates) from 66 countries; census and immigration records; gravestone and burial records; and much more.

AI Time Machine™
See how you might have looked throughout history with AI Time Machine™! Picture yourself as a historical figure and create stunning, photo-realistic AI avatars — it’s magical! Travel through different eras, from prehistoric times to 21st century outer space, and create fun images and AI avatars for sharing with family and friends. AI Time Machine™ uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to create photo-realistic time-travel images and AI avatars. It’s easy — upload a few photos of yourself and AI Time Machine™ will generate mind-blowing images and AI avatars.

Deep Nostalgia™
Have you ever dreamed of bringing historical family photos to life? With MyHeritage’s Deep Nostalgia™ feature, your historical family photos will come to life and you’ll see your ancestors’ faces move! Deep Nostalgia™ uses AI technology to breathe new life into historical photos and recreate moments from your family history. Pull out those photo albums and discover your ancestry as you connect to cherished family memories and trace history across generations.

Enrich Your Family Tree with Photos
Capture and share your family memories, old and new. Scan your family photos directly from the app and use our AI-based photo tools to bring your family history to life. Repair scratched or damaged photos with Photo Repair, colorize your black and white photos, and bring blurry faces into focus with the MyHeritage Photo Enhancer. Record the stories behind your family photos with the Photo Storyteller™ and preserve them for generations to come.

MyHeritage DNA
Locked inside your DNA is your unique ethnic makeup. The test consists of a simple cheek swab and reveals your genetic heritage across 2,114 geographic regions — more than any other test. It also matches you to relatives you never knew existed in our DNA database of 5.2 million people. View your DNA results on the app; they’re private and secure, and will never be shared or sold.

Download MyHeritage today to uncover your roots with an all-in-one family tree app, photo animator, and ancestry search tool.


40 comentarios en "MyHeritage: Family Tree & DNA MODDED 2022"

  1. I’m disappointed in the AI time machine. Both times It (tried a 2nd time because I thought I didn’t select good enough photos) did I had themes to come back with all 8 photos of Caucasian women that didn’t even resemble me. I would have been fine if it were 1 or 2 photos but all 8 in a theme. I feel like I was ripped off. Not to mention some of the photos came back severely distorted in the facial region making the whole face unrecognizable. I DO NOT recommend paying for this feature.

  2. Cannot detect faces in photos of faces. Browser site has same issue. Need option to add other types of relatives, particularly “Aunts”. Have to bounce between app and browser site depending upon what particular function I want to use at the moment. Photos cannot be centered properly, and look awful the way they don’t line up. Very hard to replace a photo with a different one. Colourized photos look surprisingly really nice but cannot be saved or utilized.

  3. Christina dice:

    I signed up for the subscription last year and added onto it. This year I was charged over 200 to renew my subscription then 3 weeks later I was charged an additional 200 for a data subscription. After the first fee was taken I canceled my subscription then I find out that there is a whole extra subscription. Tried calling and asking for my money back and they have given me the run around. I do not think using this app is worth 400 plus dollars. It is THEFT by deception.

  4. Great app, but I wish you could link family members that already exist on your tree to others (I think you can do this on the browser, but I’m not sure—either way, it’s a great feature missing from the app.) In relation to that, after the last update, a handful of my family members became disconnected from each other & it’s incredibly frustrating. Making that feature available would be of great help! Plans could use a revamp too.

  5. Ana Tobin dice:

    It’s just okay, after using it for over a year I’ve downgraded from 3 starts to 2 stars. They need to upgrade their servers to handle more traffic; especially since Jan 2021 there have been more slow downs and error msgs. New deep heritage feature does not seem to work on my device either through app or online. Only a few things are easier or better in app, most things are better online, and myheritage is best online on a laptop or desktop. Wish you could open tabs in app to look at more than one person at a time. Also, the “Discoveries” button always shows “9+” discoveries, even when there are not any instant discoveries at all. I’ve been a myheritage member for many years and have had to contact them a few times for support. I highly recommend CALLING customer support, especially for billing problems or problems canceling free trials. Once you open a ticket through a call, they are very responsive to follow-up emails.

  6. The concept is good. But the work is still in the initial stages. Tried with a couple of pics and liked only few. Some pics got distorted. And for the ones that worked, the big dangle earrings stood still as the face moved around. The effect lacked life because of that. It’s too expensive to buy a product that may or may not work on the old pics I have with me.

  7. Bait and switch. It says it is a free app but in order to find any info that might already be available you have to pay $110. Update after their response : sure you can input info, that I assume other people can access. BUT, if you want to follow any links, you have to subscribe. No links or matches that were suggested to me were available without subscription. BTW Familysearch actually is a free site that is very useful.

  8. I pay for a premium membership with My Heritage. This app used to be good but now there are some major bugs: 1. When you click to review Record Matches, it doesn’t let you scroll through the page to actually review anymore. It just gets stuck with no scroll. 2. When you upload photos and it takes you to the next screen to rotate, the photo never shows up and you can’t confirm the upload, you have to close the app and reopen it.

  9. After a problem with my subscription, I contacted support on a Friday and by Monday morning my problem was resolved (and I was compensated for the time that I was not able to access my subscription). Great customer support, thank you. I haven’t had time to use the app much, as I prefer my searches on a larger, PC screen, but I really like the photo tool. I will change my review later if I have any problems.

  10. Mv Conn dice:

    Non-existant customer service. It’s a total lie that they have 24-hr support. The call cuts off no matter what you choose. In fact, to purchase a sub, they require your account number — how ridiculous is that!! Absolute rip-off: Even when I upgraded to the 2nd level, everything they sent me needed a further upgrade to access the data, and so on!!!

  11. I had my subscription automatically renewed on October 22, 2018. I have been locked out of my account since that date. The reason is because my subscription has “expired”. I have contacted them by phone on many occasions and they have not followed up with me at all except for an automated email. I have reported them to google and they have not help much at all either. I have been charged $119.99 and Im having a difficult time getting what I paid for or a refund.

  12. If you’re downloading it for the animation don’t even bother. It only allows for 4 animations and that INCLUDES previewing the sets. Once you’ve uploaded and animated a photo you can change the set as there’s quite a few to choose from but be careful. Once you views three different sets it kicks you out and your stuck with whatever last animation you looked at no matter how it looks. Then you have to pay. Waste of time.

  13. When I open the app, it won’t let me click on anything. I updated it and still have the same issue. Also ridiculous amount of money for such a simple tool, and of course they charge you annually so if you forget to cancel after your free trial, they get an entire years worth of frees out of you. Super dishonest if you ask me. Maybe if you actually provided a quality product people would choose to pay for it and your wouldn’t have to trick them

  14. Changed my rate from a 1 to 3 stars. When animating you have a trial version but there are several animation styles to choose from. If you select a different animation style for the same photo it uses up all your trial times. So I only got to animate 1 photo because of how they have it set up. And at $157.00 its not worth the buy.

  15. I really wanted to try the photo feature, but I have tried signing up with Google, FaceBook and my email, and I get nothing but errors and something went wrongs. Also, after reading the comments, I’m not really sure if it is worth the time and effort it has taken me over the last 3 days to set up. Very dissapointing, it seemed really cool.

  16. Anquan-7 dice:

    The photo animation feature is INCREDIBLE AI technology and I loved playing with it, until the free uses ended. Very few people are going to join the site for $160 just to use that feature. Put the photo animator out as a stand-alone app, charge $20 for it, and you WILL MAKE FAR, FAR, FAR more money that way, I guarantee that.

  17. When reviews are consistently the same, that is when you reevaluate your product. You released a feature and nowhere added how many photos you could animate for free nor did you really advertise that you would have to have a membership to keep using it. You have to make your money, I get it. But do not do it off the emotions of people. Separate that feature so people can just pay for that or even make it a couple photos per 24 hours or even weekly, that people can do for free.

  18. You’ve got a good idea, but it’s far from ready for use. I uploaded several photos and it changed the way people look and blurrs everything around it. You’re price of $50 a year is astronomical for those just wanting to use this function. If you were smart you’d offer this function 100% free and all your other services would be included in the yearly package. Business success 101 don’t be greedy, offer something for free and people would be more inclined to purchase to use other services.

  19. Hard to navigate at first. Wants literally your family tree info. After 2 or 3 views of trying to pic an animation for 1 picture it wont let you move on or share without paying an arm and a leg. Get what you can and save videos to phone. Wish it had music so i dont have to use tic toc with it which by the way didnt work for me but did others. Good idea. Way too expensive just to familiarize yourself and very little options.

  20. I was not notified that renewal was due. Amount charged was wrong. Subscription for premium is 79.99, premium plus is 99.99. I was charged 129.00. Not knowing that it was renewing caught me off guard so it over drafted my account. I have been trying for a week to get in touch with them to correct this. I wanted to cancel my subscription, I have gone as far as I can with this account. I managed to finally speak to a gentleman, told him what I wanted, he couldn’t do anything for me.

  21. Seems like a good option at first, but the recurring annual price is totally unrealistic without a 2 – 4 week trial with all “pro” functions unlocked. Even if there is something like that in place it’s not readily apparent so that’s a fail on the interface. I’ve already deleted, uninstalled, and moved on.

  22. Downloaded the app as prompted to use the new nostalgia photo feature. Was then redirected back to a browser to upload my photo. Tried multiple times. No matter what I did, I received an error message as many other users did, and was not able to even use the app. Very disappointing and frustrating.

  23. Mimipatty dice:

    Just signed up for the Premium membership for a monthly amount to be paid. They are right now poised to charge my PayPal account for the full year! I just went into the App and tried to cancel it immediately!!! There is No Cancelation spot in my account manager to do it!!! They make it a point to say at the bottom of the page, advertising their upgrades, how it’s supposed to be so easy to cancel a subscription. Now I have to WASTE MY TIME OBJECTING TO THE TRANSACTION, AND EXPLAINING AGAIN WHY!

  24. This app wont even allow me to sign up. Just keeps saying “An unexpected error occurred. Please try again” so I’ll try again later, but for now I’m only giving one star until this bug is fixed. Edit: I ended up using the browser and it was working well. The app itself was not working at all. I really like the feature where information on a potential family member is tagged on their names. It saves a lot of time.

  25. Enhancing of photos is really neat, the tree is cool. However, it is nearly impossible to cancel subscription. There is no option to do so on app or in my playstore. Shouldn’t have to rely on playstore to do this, now having to contact support. Should be an easy option right in the app.

  26. I saw some videos online of people animating their loved ones. Some looked super creepy but some looked absolutely lovely so I had to try it too. Love the photo enhancement capabilities and the animation. It was like bringing my loved one back to life. Only downsides are I can’t tell if I am on a free trial or what my account status is and I can’t afford the subscription and I so wish I could because much wanted records are available on my family.

  27. They have developed good resources and good family tree layout. However, they increasingly are more aggressive in making money than in service by emailing new selections then saying for a fee once the hook is in. Very distasteful push advertising. Would like to see more customer service as before.4/6/20 A pause before the promo., to explain the use for information offered and alternatives helps a lot. Some of the choices are contrdictory. Requires digging skills. Program help at no fee rates a 5

  28. Won’t let me log in with FB or Google account, tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Had to create a login with my email to get in. Then none of my attempts at animating ANY of my photos worked. Always got an error message. So uninstalled and reinstalled twice more, and still didn’t work. Then the option to animate photos disappeared altogether. This app is junk.

  29. At times the program slows down and you have to wait on it to catchup. Also, any names that are all uppercase letters will block matches from you. Once you change the names to lowercase, all the matches that were being blocked will appear as discoveries for you to work on. It’s still a good app.

  30. The app itself is fine for what I need. The subscription renewal is a rip off. I wasn’t warned the payment was due… Which i could have lived with if it was the same price. However they just took 275 Euro out of my account without warning which is way more than double my original purchase. Granted, I should have checked… However most apps will give you a notification, especially with a hike like this. Support Centre not helpful.

  31. tony knox dice:

    On the discovery tab could we not get a reject button before we open the record so I don’t have to scroll thru the record to find out its of no use to me. If we know its not a valid record for our tree then allow us to reject it easier. Also can we get a way of tracking the discovery easier, on the desktop I can see from myself all the way to the end match. If its my uncles great grandmothers wife’s sister then let me see that line so I know exactly who I’m adding.

  32. I can’t even use the app because it keeps telling me I’m a minor and deleting everything. I am NOT a minor and I thought maybe it was just the time stamp of the photos I tried uploading so I took brand new ones tried again and got the same “this app is unsuitable for minors your photos have been deleted” message. Please fix this.

  33. Even if the documentation writes that you can revert a premium account to a free one if the tree contains less than 250 people, there is no option to do so and the family site is blocked – I have 220 people in my tree. I wrote several times to support but no response, no resolution. The portal still tries to charge regularly my credit card with 172 euro, I have to keep my card empty, it’s really annoying. Shame on you myheritage.

  34. Wow, saw the time machine thing on social media. Looked it up, “Try it Now Free” it said. Uploaded some pictures, “an unknown error occurred”. Then I saw, “get the app, easier and faster”. I get the app, of course it asked me to create an account. So I did, pressed on the time machine in the app, and it takes me back to the browser. Of course. I upload pictures again, uploaded successfully. Then it sends me to billing information to pay. Pitiful. 30 minutes for nothing. Big middle finger to you!

  35. Ale DL dice:

    Never managed to get a push notification, even after double checking they were allowed. Too bad; it would be nice to be notified about relatives’ birthdays. As an alternative to direct push notifications, it would be even nicer IMHO to be able to export to a calendar.

  36. This app charges $100 a year for premium and doesn’t include the time machine in that. If you’re going to charge that much for ‘premium’ make sure you include all of your so-called premium services. This is dirty marketing, especially because it has you take and upload the pictures before dropping the extra $12 charge on top of the HUNDRED DOLLAR cost of the premium access for the app. Gross.

  37. Balaji RD dice:

    Amazing. Fabulous. I have never saw such a powerful face mapping app before. The closest one was that old filter thats it. This is the mother of all Face AI apps that we saw in the past.

  38. Radu H dice:

    I had to solve more than 20 pages of image challenges to login in the app, despite login in with post credentials and 2FA. Challenges where displayed after credentials, both before and after the 2fa challenge. Absolutely unacceptable approach for an app that I use to access data for which I posted a hefty sum.

  39. A very useful genealogical tool which I’ve found indispensable. The only negatives are, like with most sites, there is no verification that other people’s trees are accurate. You may get offered whole families to add to your own, some of which may be correct but you can see, (if you know your tree), some are obviously not correct, so you don’t want to add them or even verify a match. As always you need to double check. There seems to be more effort to just build trees rather than go for accuracy

  40. The app is ok, but it seems there are better DNA services available. My results say I’m basically from the Northern Hemisphere (all of UK, Europe and Russia). I could have told them that for a lot less cash. No accuracy as provided by other services. My family members other results identified individual parts of countries and regions specifically. TBH it looks like they’ve checked my postcode rather than my DNA.

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