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Collect, customize and battle your favorite DC heroes! Multiplayer Beta is here!
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Get ready for Teen Titans Go! Figure — the epic follow-up to the breakout hit game Teeny Titans. Someone’s trying to put Teeny Titans out of business! Battle your way to the bottom of this mystery.

The Multiplayer Beta is here! You’ve faced the world’s greatest heroes. Now, challenge your friends to teeny battles! Rank up to unlock Legion of Doom figs. 

Collect over 100 Teeny Titans figures, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, the Radical Titans, and many more! Level up your figs to unlock even more powerful abilities.

Every figure can be repainted in different ways! Swap character abilities to make your team truly unique. And bust out accessories, like the Bat Signal and Superman’s underpants, to give you the edge in battle.

Play the full story mode as any of the Titans. Choose Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire or Beast Boy. Each Titan has unique dialogue and original voiceover from the show’s cast.

Explore Metropolis, Gotham and Jump City to shop for your favorite super hero figures. Complete special missions for DC heroes and enter tournaments at iconic locations, like the Hall of Justice and the Batcave.


This game is available in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish (Latin American), Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Turkish

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40 comentarios en "Teen Titans GO Figure! MOD"

  1. I love, love, love this game!! I know it’s been about two years after its last update, but I think the game is still pretty awesome. However, even with the last update, there are still a lot of glitches in the game during some battles. It didn’t happen as often before during the story mode, but after the story it happened more. It ranges from the screen splitting to characters losing their face. Overall an amazing game to play!!

  2. The original was fun, and this one improves upon it in almost every way. Multiplayer! More iconic characters! Metropolis and Gotham! Accessories! Repaints! One concern I had going in was in-app purchases, but it turns out they are COMPLETELY unnecessary and the game doesn’t pressure you into buying them. I honestly usually forget that they are even an option.

  3. Very fun with an entertaining story and excellent gameplay. The swipe to move interface is sometimes not so great and they need cross-device sync for in-app purchases so players don’t lose the game items they are paying real money for. Just some advice. Also, the cross sync would be great for picking up where we leave off. Especially of our device is lost, stolen or gets destroyed.

  4. Pan_Creas dice:

    Id go as far to say this is one of my favorite mobile games. But, there are a few glitches that have popped up due to this recent update. As far as i know there all graphical glitches like when in tournaments the health of the figures are not moved off the screen fully when choosing the next baddie. Text that states what level the figures is are for some reason moved to the right causing the text to leak onto other figure slots. And the biggest one of all, Superman and Shazam’s faces are gone!

  5. eclinvo dice:

    The first game was a hit and all you did for this one was expand! More figures, more quests, more fun!, I adored the first game and I finished it too! I lost all my progress for the first game though, and after careful calculations have decided to work on only this game. The level progression on the last game for figures is terribly slow.

  6. Game seems fine but most of the text and menus are off the edge of my screen. I’ve attempted to contact the company but haven’t heard back from them, and I’ve tried to run the game in App Scaling mode to fix the resolution but it isn’t showing up as an option. Hoping this gets some visibility so I can get help for a paid app.

  7. This game is so freaking good and amazing. But only the problem is that the green eggs price in the riddler’s shop is not shown. I opened and just knew that it really cost real money because of game warning. I almost freaked out, because I thought I had made a purchase. However luckily nothing happened, and restarted the game. That MUST be fixed. Nevertheless, overall the game is really fun but the first one is still better.

  8. RNWinter dice:

    The first one is way more better. This game is just full of lots bugs and really made the sequel disappointing. Besides that, I love how they added more characters and figures to collect and alot more modes like the online battle, but the bugs and glitches just ruin the game by alot.

  9. This is a really good game. It’s definitely an improvement for the first. If you’re thinking of buying both, trust me, just buy this one. This will really make the first game look useless. Which is a problem if you bought the first game. I have some problems, and here are some of them: How expensive figures can be. The game just slides it off as a reason since Teeny Titans is shutting down in the storyline. But come on. 6000 coins for a figure we already had for so cheap in the first one is just a bugger. Not to mention it’s also not that strong. And 15000 coins for a single new figure is so not worth it! Almost all tournaments are unwinnable, repaints are an obvious cash grab, and some side quests are just copied from the first game. This has still so much potential, despite it being great already.

  10. Great when it works. Seems to be very glitchy now, at least for me. Game repeatedly freezes or closes unexpectedly when playing. Seems there have been no updates to this game in a very long time. Unsure if that plays a role, but I hope some of the bugs get worked out. Used to be a great game, now it’s just frustrating.

  11. Dawson G dice:

    I’ve had this game for a while now, and I love it! I like how most characters from the original are still there and how the creators kept the same style. I tried the multi-player, and it was a little laggy but not enough to knock down a star. I would love to see a full multi-player so I can go everywhere with my friends, and trading would be really cool too.

  12. Best best game ever when I was about 8 I used to play it all the time and when the new one came out it made my heart warm up. The game my not have the best fps or whatever you call it, the game doesn’t work well. Even thought that it not good it insanely fun and you can definitely spend your free time on it. It doesn’t force you to buy with real money either. Great game. I definitely recommend it. Is is it free I’d n Don’t remember? Anyways If my review was helpful. THEN GET THE DANG GAME STUPI!

  13. This game is really good except the only two things I recommend as an update file for those who at least did buy the game you can do matchmaking online through Wi-Fi and sell your data. The second thing is I’ve noticed there is a little bit of lag time whenever you’re fighting somebody and you go to hit somebody or throw some sort of batarang, or punch somebody it has a lag moment. That sucks because I was looking forward to seeing how smooth the combat ran.

  14. Great game. Its a better version of the 1st game. Its full of humor and really fun. Only problem is there are bugs. The game will sometimes freeze and you can get stuck in a loop that lock you inside the shop that when you press the leave button it just takes yoh back into the shop.

  15. This game does not keep your purchases on the app. If you purchase an unlock figure and get a new phone, even though you are using the same Google Play account and your account history shows that you have paid to unlock figures, there is no option to redeem figures you have actually paid for. What’s worse, your save state will be gone and you will be forced to start from zero again. Until they actually add an option to sync your saved games or redeem your purchases in the app, stay away from this game. Which is a pity, because until this happened, I would have recommended the game.

  16. There is challenging tournaments. many figs to collect 100 to be exact. Best part of all you get to battle your friends. This game is a time killer. The animation is insane. Like for example when lex luthor does his lazer beam That looks cool. . There’s one thing I’m kinda confused about the game saids it had ads and I have experienced none. I’m not adding this as a complaint for no ads I just find it weird. Can u add more figs and not make them super rare to find please . good game worth the $$

  17. Battles are awesome, graphics and writing are on-point. The rest of the game is… Meh. Very slow paced (takes forever to walk around the map), obnoxious fetch quests, leveling your figs takes a long time. Okay overall. I just wish it was easier to do the battles!

  18. This game is really fun for people who like to collect things and also like to level up things and those types of things . However 100 digs seems like a lot but I see so much potential in making a lot more figs like the island adventures characters and a lot more DC people. Some figs I think that should maybe be added is like I said some of the island adventure characters and I cant think of anymore but there is just much potential for more storyline and a ton of new figs. Great game though.

  19. DON’T GET IT!!! The challenges are unwinnable. I am sick of games that make it impossible to win. There is no possible way that my fighters can get enough power to beat a character that has more power than all my players combined and then some. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A KIDS GAME!!!! I play to relieve stress but instead I want to throw my phone across the room and smash it with a baseball bat!!! I shouldn’t have to start all over again when I lose. I HATE THIS GAME! The challenges are unbeatable so now I am stuck and can’t progress

  20. I think this game is very well created. However, fighting against other people is very weird as it is glitchy and laggy. If not for these errors, I’s say 9 out of 10 which I’d rate 5 stars. And if anyone can tell the game creators this issue, I’d appreciate it and change my opinion.

  21. Nathan H dice:

    Extremely fun game, enormously better than the first which was still amazing. Few suggestions though: 1. More characters (there is plenty of opportunities for more cool and unique characters (sadly marvel characters could never happen) ), 2. Side storylines: (played for like a month but within a week did most of the things) 3. Attack customization (idk but would be cool to add other moves on different characters.) 4. Open locked door in Arkham Asylum (please)

  22. 💖✨💮I love this game💖✨💮, it doesn’t have freezing bugs. Teen titagame has a lot of freezing bugs. I love this game, it doesn’t have congelation bugs. Teen titans 1 has a lot of freeze bugs, I hope they fix it. For the rest everything is great. Super recommended this. But the other not honestly. (Just because of the bugs)

  23. This game is super awsome! I like the story even the figures! You can make soo many different strategies to defeat certain people and counter their figures! So none of the figures are too OP, i mean some of them are, but its ok. Then there’s some bugs for multiplayer, radical beast boys guitar, etc. Overall great game though.

  24. I would give this game more stars to the version a few weeks before that update that made it constantly crash. But now it doesn’t even want to run I go into the lanch screen and then it crashes and I even sent a ticket to there support and I haven’t gotten a response back all I want is the game to work on my Google Pixel 2. I would be playing 24/7 but it doesn’t want to run.

  25. Don’t worry Teen Titans Go haters, this game is much better than the show! It’s really fun, unfortunately I have previously lost all my progress, I was getting pretty close to getting it every fig in the game to level 20. I had like 9 more. Then I got a new phone, reinstalled it, and lost all of my progress. Great game, nonetheless, just make sure to save your progress on a cloud or whatever.

  26. I wish I could make a big review, but I sadly can’t. I’ll have to just touch one on topic, And i’ll do a competitive review. First off, all of the overpowerd big threats are not that good anymore, like red x for example. The new figures definetly changed some viability. In my opinion, this was a positive chanhe for competitive battling. Now, I wanna say some micalanious things. First of all, some of the character images look very pixelated. Also, the level curve the end is grindy.

  27. I’ve played the first game, and i was in love with it.. but my wish was to make an online option for it, and here i am playing this game.. although, im only able to play it when I have internet or NO signal, which is a bummer.. but also a major distraction if you’re feeling down, well.. kinda, but it’s entertaining.. i really recommend it for those TEEN TITAN fans like me, because instead of 77 figures like in the first one, noe you get 23 extra more to collect! 2 new locations, and extra power!

  28. Bryce S. dice:

    One of my favorite mobile games. The only problems were that the game freezes after 2 hours or so and I don’t know if it’s just me but I got all regular characters from the golden riddler eggs(no gold’s). But then my friend freshly downloads the game and instantly get Superman, Batman Beyond, Lex Luthor, Gorilla Grodd and Bizzaro. Otherwise it’s an excellent game 8/10 would recommend.

  29. I love this game! I actually have ideas for a few figures. you should add a control freak figure. maybe the dinosaurs from the island adventure series. and even the alien hunter from the island adventure series. PS I am not saying you did a bad job I would just love to see these figures in the game! I would also like to see a cinderblock fig a BRIAN fig and Magic Man fig and maybe a king goal fig

  30. The sequel is everything I hoped it would be and much more! However, there are many Control Freaks out there in the Hall of Doom who bring The Penguin to all their ranked battles, and repeatedly spam their opponents with the freeze ability so much that they can’t do anything the entire battle. Nearly everyone is doing this, and now multiplayer doesn’t seem any fun now. I believe it may even be cheating when players have the freeze skill in the first skill slot. In short, please nerf freeze.

  31. I love this game is is very well made and has a funny story with plenty of challenge along the way. However I’ve had my progress reset twice and feel as this is very unfair as I was about to finish the game. I don’t know what caused it to reset but I feel this needs to be fixed ASAP. Great game but I cannot play untill this is fixed

  32. Jordom dice:

    Great improvement over the first but on occasion I need to exit the game to fix Robin from being stuck on the map. Sometimes he can’t move or gets stuck in one spot walking. Exiting the app fixes this but I never had this issue in the first one. Please address this.

  33. Terrible data management. The game itself is great. However, trying to keep a save data for more than 2 days is impossible. If you’re going to charge money and have in app purchases, you’d think these clowns would allow save data backup of some kind. Never giving another cent to CN until they can learn how to fix their products and not ignore their customers.

  34. It’s pretty much the same as the first one so…AWESOME!!! BUT!!! a few issues: 1. Loading takes too long 2. Exit button doesn’t work. Number 1 can be attributed to the fact that I’m using an outdated device but if there’s something you could do about it then you guys will forever have my gratidue. Thank you.

  35. The game is fun, but I lost all my in-game progress twice. I got really far in the game, even beat the main story mode and progressed at least halfway through the multiplayer level bar, but when I reinstalled after only a couple months, all my progress was gone.

  36. Needs updated because it doesn’t fit Samsung’s screens anymore, the sides are cutoff on my Note 10+. Including some buttons. Also the audio seems to fade in and out. Really fun game otherwise. Have it on multiple devices so I can play as different Titans.

  37. The gameplay is not the problem, its the fact it crashes right after every “figure battle” that hurts the game. I was really excited to play and it sadly doesn’t even work. I’m not the only one dealing with this issue either. Please deal with it and I’ll buy the game again but for now, I refunded my purchase.

  38. The game is amazing but it has glitches. Every time after a battle the blue screen loads and stay there while the game noises play in the background. I have to reset the app and then I can keep playing. It’s frustrating

  39. Surprisingly good, but not as good as the original. Too grindy, has in app purchases, and the main story is way too short. Also the new worlds are super boring to explore because they’re big and empty and take too long to just to get anywhere.

  40. A amazing game. My favorite mobile game ever. Has a lot of amazing DC characters to collect and battle. Sadly has a glitch were if you delete the game and don’t download it for a while you lose all of your progress. But Buy the game it is amazing.

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