You Must Build A Boat MODDED

Run Dungeons, Find Crew, Capture Monsters, Build A Boat
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” * * * * * – A truly superb mash-up of match-three and endless runner that’s unique on mobile and thoroughly addictive. Buy it” – Stuff Magazine

” * * * * * – Makes the original game feel like a demo. It’s absurdly fun and nearly impossible to put down.” – Touch Arcade

” * * * * ½ Gold Award – Building a boat will indeed become the most important task in your life.” – Game Informer

” * * * * ½ – We will gladly build a boat again and again.” – Gamezebo

Travel the world in your boat, from the top of the Mage Tower to the bottom of Hell

Recruit a crew to live on your boat and offer their services

Match as fast as you can to keep on running

Turn Monsters to your cause to get bonuses and have them aid your in battle

Use magic to aid your quests, and don’t forget to visit your onboard Arcanery to upgrade them

With procedural dungeons and random Dungeon Modifiers, It’s never the same experience twice

Upgrade your tiles, Quaff Potions and Pray for Modifiers to whatever fits your play style best

How fast can you build your boat?

You must build a boat.
You must spring out of bed.
You must bargain with the lizardman.
You must heed your undead navigators.
You must slide rows or columns of tiles on a 6×8 grid.
You must match at least 3.
You must run to the right.
You must focus intently on 2 areas of the screen simultaneously.
You must match keys to unlock chests and swords to attack.
You must literally collect your thoughts and trade them for dragons.
You must not dally.
You must not be too hasty.
You must voluntarily ramp up the difficulty by taking on multiple quests at once.
You must incrementally reach your goals. You must build a boat.
You must try again.
You must try again x5.
You must win every time, even when you don’t.
You must remain optimistic.
You must upgrade your magic staff.
You must occasionally stop playing to allow for your hand to uncramp.
You must take credit for random chain combos you made no effort to arrange.
You must trust a blue bean man to make dangerous investments with your money.
You must forget about the blue bean man.
You must mind the asp.
You must reconcile that despite the game’s title, you begin your journey in possession of what is, in no uncertain terms, already a boat.
You must build a boat.
You must go all-in on the retro aesthetic.
You must trade junk for gold with the voidorb.
You must pray for salt.
You must consume fish and tomatoes for time.
You must venture through hell.
You must disarm traps like your life depends on it.
You must make an offering at the chapel.
You must rally the Fantasy Union and the Undead Buddies to your cause.
You must weigh anchor and methodically yet joyously hop in sync with your entire crew.
You must feign interest in critiquing the gardener’s work.
You must look up at the clock and wonder how it’s so late already.
You must build a boat.
You must build a boat!


- Extra Skins - New skins to unlock in Daily Challenges
- Skin Manager - Change your character skins
- Localisation. Hello World!
- Improved Resolution handling
- Performance enhancements & bug fixing
- View your achievements in game


40 comentarios en "You Must Build A Boat MODDED"

  1. I * hee-haw* love this game. I’ve been playing for a week and I’m on my second playthrough. I don’t know if this is by bug or design. But on the last level, you don’t receive good from monsters or chests anymore. I’m on my second playthrough, so I didn’t have to repeat as many levels And now my gold is almost zero, and I can’t beat the reaper as quickly. Another quirk of this problem, I can’t get enough gold to fully upgrade my tiles and get the (secrets).

  2. It’s quite okay time killer, but it wasn’t updated since 2019. The game can really lag when using power ups on newest phones (although it doesn’t affect gameplay that much) but what’s worse, there is no indicator on how many meters you went through. So you can get a quest to run X meters but you have no way of knowing how many you actually did, unless you beat your previous record. Kinda shameful that game lacks feature which it’s based on at the same time..

  3. This game is great. You have to like match 3 games, but if you do this will be really enjoyable. The one thing that burns me is this: “you win!” No matter how well or poorly a run went you always “win.” It get patronizing after a while because I didn’t just win. In fact I failed at all three objectives and and couldn’t even kill the first goblin. But it still tells me I “win.”

  4. A fun match-3 game that I always come back to. There’s a certain charm about it that I really enjoy, and everything about it ticks the box for me. Lovely pixel artstyle, upbeat music, challenging gameplay, fun progression, and just a simple, efficient game. It’s not groundbreaking, but I like that about this game. It’s something I can always just sit down and enjoy, which is probably why it’s one of my favourite games.

  5. Fun game for a reasonable price. The “story” is very stupid though, would be great to have at least a bit of a story that makes any sense. All in all better than 10000000 regarding upgrades and runs. Would buy a third game of the series.

  6. Richer in content than its predecessor but without the execution to match. Certain design decisions (such as the inability to skip or manually advance cutscenes or dialogue) bog the game down, making it feel slow and laborious compared to 10000000. There are more mechanics to learn yet information is more obscured. While YMBAB has the grounds to be the superior game, it somehow feels bloated, messy, and less rewarding next to its purer progenitor.

  7. Good match-3 sequel, but some mid-game broken elements prevent it from maintaining the fun like the original. In particular, some of the add-on challenges make the game incredibly RNG-dependent, where life-buffed monsters are essentially immune to damage at the rate even heavily-upgraded players can dish out. Still worth buying and playing, but plays out like stair-steps/spikes of fun instead of the perfect curve of 10000000.

  8. The settings screen is broken. It has every option laid out over top of each other and I cannot even close the broken settings screen without closing the app! The upgrade screen with the green lizard is broken too!!! I have bought the same upgrade twice and spent 250 gold and the box will not open no matter how many times I tap it. Fantastic game idea but unfortunately it’s riddled with bugs and glitches.

  9. Game clearly works against you in the later levels instead of being truly random. Either that or it was working to make it significantly easier early on. But the final quest took ages even though prior to it I had dozens of 600+ runs and after finally finishing the reaper quest I all of a sudden could not make it past 300. And the box for the final quest just so happens to always choose tiles that you do not have so you have to spam break until you get “lucky” enough to get the right tiles.

  10. This is the best matching game on Google Play. No microtransactions, no ads, the only way to make progress is to keep playing. When more people join your crew, your boat gets bigger. Match tiles to do certain things, for example, match three sword tiles to hurt an enemy. Match three key tiles to unlock a chest. Great 8 bit music, great pixel art design, and great gameplay. You will get hooked, trust me.

  11. I’m a fan of mashups so I really appreciate the Dynamics of this game. It’s well coded and a lot of work went into it, that’s obvious. However I just can’t understand what the hype is about. It’s hard to make the right kinds matches in time, which makes it rushed. Random moves are more effective. I don’t understand how building a boat has anything to do with collecting monsters and running through dungeons. I guess this one’s just not for me, but I’d buy another game from this developer.

  12. Paul Rail dice:

    Nice to see a sequel to the excellent game “10,000,000”. Though it is not quite as fun as the original (I believe because there are simply too many kinds of objects to match now, matches are more tedious and you often have screens where one cannot match anything). It’s also a proper game that costs a few dollars upfront but with NO greedy microtransactions or “pay-to-win” nonsense. Bravo developer(s)!

  13. I loved 10000000 enough to have beat it at least 3 times, so I figured I’d better give this a try. This takes everything that was great from 10000000 and makes it even better. To me, what makes a great Match 3 game is the music and sound. The matching sounds in Eight-Eight Games’ games just keeps me going. This is well-worth the $3 for at least 6 hours of entertainment. And it’s a publisher worth supporting. Please buy this if you like Match 3 games.

  14. it’s annoyingly hard at first. it’s candy crushy gameplay it’s intuitive and the subtle way the game tells you it’s Okey to fail number of times, that nobody really dies In the game, and the way it encourages trial and error, makes it an unique and engaging rewarding puzzle like looting adventure.

  15. YMBAB, (and its predecessor 10,000,000,) are both exactly what a mobile puzzle game should be: simple but enjoyable match 3 gameplay with some twists. Absolutely worth the modest buy in price for a game that never asks you to drop another cent into it. I’ve poured easily 50+ hours into both games, and that’s just from killing time in waiting rooms and on lunch breaks. The perfect mobile game, in my eyes.

  16. Not nearly as good as the first game 999999999. Gameplay is worse with the extra tiles making matches harder and games far too short. Freezes when playing spells and playing animations on Huawei p30 pro but still runs timer so playing some spells you cannot otherwise clear is a game over. At a certain point they jumble up the upgrade rooms on the boat, just to mess with you. 2 star is about right for this experience.

  17. It’s really good. A fun match 3 game with some RPG mechanics and a weird sense of humour. You have to focus on matching things quickly but the game also expects you to learn to pace yourself and keep an eye on what your character is doing on the screen above the tiles. It makes for a surprisingly fiendish challenge that really taxes your focus but it’s a quick paced game so you can put as much effort in as you want and still have fun. It took me about 7 hours to beat but it’s replayable

  18. I’m not that great a player so it took me 8 hours to beat, after is a 100% completion, daily mission, and so on but complete is 7 hours or so. I’d give 5 stars but some quests are just way too dependent on luck to complete. I would call the kind of quests you need to keep grinding over and over not good. like the spell quests when you need to hit the same monster with two spells.

  19. I have played this game to completion, uninstalled it, then redownload it and so on at least 5 times. It’s simple, the perfect difficulty for a game in the midst of busy life, and I think it’s pretty fun once you figure it out.

  20. Between this and 10000000, my match three/high fantasy hybrid fix has been met with aplomb. Quick paced, intuitive design that pushes you to choose the right combo, and upgrading your ingame stats or adding a monster to your crew in between runs, while strengthening your ship, hits a sweet gameplay and reward loop that has me hooked.

  21. Chuzzle and roguelikes have a baby, and it’s You Must Build A Boat. Misleading title aside it’s a very rewarding game for the highly dexterious, keen, and/or lucky ones. Can be frustrating at times, but you keep coming back for it till you finally achieve your goal, and unfold new mechanics and features. Stop spending your dough on candies, and buy this instead. Same fun/frustration for a fraction.

  22. Rychus dice:

    Worst thing about this game is the time limit and the flashing screen each time you take damage/an event occurs. Just let me play each game for longer than 40 seconds without triggering epilepsy and getting thrown back into a fake “you win” screen. Good idea and terrible execution. Fire your project leaders.

  23. Margaret dice:

    Punishingly difficult right from the beginning. You have very limited time to match things and often there is nothing on the board to match. The tutorial is very brief and you better hope you remember all of it. I like the idea of it and the art style but just way too frustrating for me.

  24. It’s a fine game but all of the progression is basically placebo, since you get stronger proportionally to how enemies get stronger. The gameplay is barely different late in the game, you just have to do more things between runs. That said it is still kind of fun.

  25. Galaxy Ultra+ 20 I get huge framerate drops when using bombs. There is a quest for using bombs, which is next to impossible to complete cos of the framerate drops. The game have a general feeling of 95% development where most of the game is done but it is missing some crucial information displays

  26. This is a sliding match-3, whereas I grew up playing Bejeweled, which is based on swaps. Still a solid take — I’m very impressed by the level of detail that went into the RPG advancement component. Good job EightyEight 🙂

  27. My best ones were when I decided to stop thinking and just start randomly matching things as fast as I could. It was only then that I constantly did damage or unlock chests or disarm traps. The lack of depth and strategy in this game makes it a no from me.

  28. Not a bad game, fast paced & fun enough for casual play when you are bored. However, it really should be under the Puzzle category, & not RPG. It is not an rpg & has no rpg elements. It’s a side scrolling match 3 puzzle game & that is all. Like I said, not a bad game, but not at all what I was expecting or wanting from the tags/game description.

  29. This game is fabulous. The art and dialogue are legitimately quirky and fun, not that fake kind of artificial whimsy that’s so obnoxious. The gameplay is fun, it’s match three but with a focus on speed that’s really interesting. It’s just great, I recommend it wholeheartedly!

  30. I would give it 5 stars if it saved your progress. I had to change phones and when I reinstalled it, I had to start all over. that should drop it down to 2 stars but I do still I enjoy playing it. guess I’ll have to waste a few hours to get back to where I was.

  31. Fantastic game with great progression and addictive mechanics. The controls get a little laggy and unresponsive sometimes, but overall I was glued to my phone for hours. A good ~7 hours of gameplay, with more completionist content too.

  32. Awesome game. I heard about it back in the day but never gave it a chance. These days when everything’s filled with ads and slot machine scams, I don’t mind throwing down a few dollars for a good game, and this didn’t disappoint. Finished my first run under 7 hours and I can’t wait to see what awaits me in NG+.

  33. Love this game, been playing for years. would love to see a new one! same principle just different characters/settings. More stats re upgrades but nothing overwhelming. more secrets.

  34. Really fun for me, got all 12 achievements by beating it something like 3 times. No replayability after that, they should add more achievements and then I would give it 5 stars so I had more reason to play this more. Without that motivation, it doesn’t offer anything after the first playthrough.

  35. A fairly frantic tile matching game with some strategy elements. It’s cool to keep getting a little stronger after every run and keep building your boat a little at a time.

  36. Fun, offline, and very short minimum session length. -1/2 for a slow boot time and -1/2 for asking for photos permission without a reason (seems to work fine denying access). Fix one or both for 5 stars.

  37. Really fun, no pressure from the game writers. I’ve come back to this game for years to have something that gives small rushes but doesn’t need tons of commitment or time. Slightly whimsical. Bug free!

  38. This would be a perfect 5 stars if it had “quit” and “restart” buttons. It feels pretty bad to be stuck on a board, and have to just sit there and wait while your guy dies. It’s otherwise fun and compelling, with a quirky sense of humor. But it needs those buttons so, so badly.

  39. Philip B dice:

    This is my all-time favorite mobile game! It’s quick and fun with a lot of progression. It’s an interesting take on the gem matcher genre, and there’s tons of secrets to discover. It’s also the right amount of silly!

  40. Spiegel P dice:

    The problem with paid games on Android: ten minutes of playing and I know this game isn’t for me. Match 3 combined with boat builder sounds great. But then I play and find out it’s *timed* match 3, and I hate timed games… And it’s impossible to get refunds from the play store. Oh well…

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