Hami Video -電視運動頻道+電影戲劇動漫卡通線上看 MODDED 2022


Hami Video is a TV and a movie theater. It provides more than 80 TV channels, including real-time news, finance, drama, variety shows and sports, as well as 10,000 films, dramas and anime on-demand movies, allowing you to avoid going out, order and watch immediately.
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[Taiwan Exclusive] “KILL HEEL at the Shopping Platform” tvN’s new drama, Kim Ha Neul’s first challenge to the black belly, turned a corner. [Box Office Champion] Jessica Chastain, the Oscar-winning actress of “355: The Beast,” assembles gorgeous cast members to save the world! [Following animation] “Attack on Titan Final Season” is synchronized with Japan, give your heart! [Hot Event] CPBL TV will debut from 4/1. The complete event, directly operated by the league, only costs 277 yuan/month.

“Hami Video” is an audio and video APP launched by Chunghwa Telecom. In addition to watching through computers, you can also watch popular live broadcasts and on-demand videos through mobile devices. It provides paid and free audio and video content, allowing you to enjoy a smooth experience of multi-terminal audio and video viewing anytime, anywhere. , and supports Chromecast, you can cast videos from mobile phones and tablet devices to TVs, and the whole family can share large-screen viewing.

Note: Due to copyright restrictions, Hami Video can only watch this service in Taiwan (including Penghu, Kinmen, and Lianjiang); exception: CPBLTV is authorized overseas, and viewing areas are not restricted.

Customer service assistance: If you have any questions or suggestions, please call the 24-hour service line 123 of Chunghwa Telecom Customer Service Center (directly dial 0800-080123 from your mobile phone), and a dedicated person will serve you!


Hami Video 【全台獨家】《決戰購物台KILL HEEL》tvN強檔新劇,金荷娜首度挑戰腹黑,峰迴路轉。【票房冠軍】《355:諜影特攻》奧斯卡影后潔西卡雀絲坦領軍,集結華麗卡司跨國女力救世界!【跟播動漫】《進擊的巨人Final Season》與日本同步,獻出你的心臟吧!【熱播賽事】CPBL TV4/1起登場,完整賽事,聯盟直營,只要277元/月。

- 5G館更名VR館
- 優化操作體驗、修正錯誤


4 comentarios en "Hami Video -電視運動頻道+電影戲劇動漫卡通線上看 MODDED 2022"

  1. US Chunky dice:

    Out dated streaming experience. No English audio option. It especially makes watching international sports events miserable. Some of the commentaries in Mandarin are just unbearable to listen to due to the lack of understanding and expertise of the matches/games being broadcasted.

  2. Chia-Kuan Peng dice:

    Android手機選google帳號無法登入,會出現: {“code”:”-99″,”code_desc”:”OTHER_ERROR”,”data”:{}}訊息, 用PC、電視可以google帳號登入 ……謝謝已成功登入

  3. Chen Po An dice:

    Trash app, says you can access to 4k videos for 5g users for free , but end up you need to pay. Bad user experience, terrible UI, lags all the times well.

  4. NC Catch dice:

    There is no option to change the language for the Rugby World Cup when I’m streaming through the app or website.

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