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Create outstanding avatars using the latest AI technology. Just upload your photos and let Dawn work its magic—turning you and your friends into whatever comes to mind. And all at the click of a button. Produce fun and unique images with AI and your imagination.

With Dawn’s innovative technology, you can surprise your friends with content that’s never been seen before—based on your own text description. Want to transform into your favorite superhero? No problem. How about seeing your partner as President of the United States? Easy. Or your dog dressed as an astronaut? It’s yours with a single click.

Our AI text-to-image generator turns your photos into stunning portraits with thousands of possible styles. Just upload your pictures, enter a text prompt, and let our AI generator do the rest!

+ Explore endless filters
+ Generate funny portraits of your friends
+ Turn pet pics into hilarious new images
+ Find out how you’d look as a different gender
+ Face swap with Hollywood celebrities and star in your favorite movie
+ See yourself as a historical figure, fictional character, or superhero
+ Edit photos of film stars and go viral on social media
+ And lots more!

+ Make images from words, then share your creations
+ Create portraits with cutting-edge AI technology
+ Stand out on social media with entirely unique visuals

+ Photorealism
+ Fantasy
+ Oil painting
+ Cinematic lighting
+ Kodak film
+ Fine art
+ Hyperrealism
+ Anime
+ Impressionism
+ Pixar, Disney, Unreal Engine…and tons more!

+ Instagram
+ TikTok
+ Snapchat
+ Clubhouse
+ Telegram
+ Roblox
+ WhatsApp
+ And more!

Terms of service: https://support.bendingspoons.com/tos.html?app=1643890882
Privacy policy: https://bendingspoons.com/privacy.html?app=1643890882

Is there a feature you’d like to see in a future version of the app? Contact us at [email protected]!


New in this release:
- UI improvements
- Bug fixing

No bugs, just hugs!
The new “AI avatars” feature is here, just for you. Take a look!
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40 comentarios en "Dawn – AI Avatars MODDED 2022"

  1. Mike Zoni dice:

    The app used to be amazing, letting you generate all sorts of images, and although they had a very nice system that function quickly and powerfully, they apparently scrapped it all to focus only on avatars, which is a paid feature. As it stands the whole concept of entering a prompt is out the window. So sad to see it die like this.

  2. Tiink B dice:

    As a subscriber, I’ve been having problems with this app for the past 4 days. Started with a bunch of pixelated and scrambled photo results. Now, the “@me” bar doesn’t show up and the auto results I do receive; based on my tag, all have watermarks I can’t get rid of. I’ve forced closed the app several times as well as restarted my phone a few times. The app is up to date as well. Please fix.

  3. Burb Burz dice:

    Oh no! What have you done? I’ve been using this app obsessively, and NOT for the Avatar thing, but for the text-to-art/sketch-to-art features, generating so many images, and having the ability to generate one from prompt then edit that image with drawing and then being able to generate a completely new image from the hand-altered generated image, and so on….that’s what made you the best, I could care less about avatars. I’m going to cancel my subscription because it’s useless to me now. Sigh.

  4. WARNING: no longer a text to image apo. Only avatars! For awhile, it was by far, the absolute best AI app. Then they decided to add a subscription plan, for 3.99 a week. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is if you are watching every penny. Supposedly, the free version allows 5 prompts per day. I could live with that, if it was actually true. The app has become unpredictable. Even worse, you can now only make avatars and customer service does not respond to communications.

  5. I love all the available qualifiers to assist with rendering an amazing photo. Great for a newbie like me. I am loving the images it creates. However, even with the subscription, there is no way to access your photos once you click back to the generator!!! Know that you have to download everything as you go! Possibly add a profile feature or user creation page, so you can see all your creations within the app and be able to work from them. Thanks. Again, beautiful images!!!

  6. When I first used it, I was impressed! But then, suddenly with no warning, they took away the ability to convert text to new AI art, and the ability to upload an image and convert it to AI art. Just the Avatar portion remains. No longer interested in the App.

  7. The app originated a few months back as an AI Art generator, and I found it was better at generating photorealistic humans better than any other tool, plus it was cheaper than other generators. Originally, about a month ago, AI Avatars were simply added to Dawn AI’s powerful art tool. Now all that remains is a limited selection of generated avatars. Cutting most of the features while charging the same is not cool at all.

  8. Really good engine, I come up with some great work. My only problem is the watermark on the top right on every picture. No one, including myself can take the art seriously. If they offered one time paid version I could see myself using it. Now I don’t use it so much because it puts a watermark but no options to remove it. Bummer.

  9. While you can often get decent images the ai will pick one word on the prompt and ignore others. So the image doesn’t come out with what you ask. I can ask for a girl with red hair and also have a scar over her left eye. However it only picks up on the red hair. It’s frustrating i was able to type styles now I am forced to pick from general ones. This app and ai has a lot.of room for improvement

  10. It was great. So great that I started paying for the subscription. But then they scrapped various styles over time, AND THEN, I opened the app this morning and found that they’ve shifted completely to avatar only. I’m upset. This was the best app. I loved it. But to bait and switch like this with no warning was a absolutely sucky thing to do. I paid for the ability to generate art without a limit and with no ads, not to create an avatar.

  11. Great app. Probably the best faces I’ve seen generated by an AI. Several problems I’ve encountered: Using the “Get Variations” option works very poorly, it completely ignores the face it is supposed to generate and fill the canvas with other random stuff. Moving between menus sometimes bugs out and buttons start doing random actions. Restarting the app fixes the issue. A monthly/yearly subscription option would ve nice

  12. Mixed. AI does a great job vs other apps. I love it! Downsides. I paid, disappointed didn’t remove the watermark for generated self portraits only (those were the best parts with all angles). Guideline uploading photos with different angles, but generate single new art, only shows one angle (keywords didn’t help). After uploading photo, should be able to change, add, remove rather than delete tag & re-upload over again. Will give 5 star and subscribe if becomes better.

  13. I was in love with using this app the past few months. Clean, non-intrusive UI, tons of options, and great art results. I was shocked to find that it has been rebranded to be purely an A.I. Avatar app. I don’t know if you will make a seperate app for art generating, but if you won’t, but PLEASE reconsider the changes made! This was literally my go-to for A.I. generating fun and amusement! I have been recommending Dawn.ai to friends before!

  14. I downloaded the app, paid the subscription fee and at first it worked perfectly fine. However, after 3 different photo uploads the quality deteriorated tremendously and now they just regenerate the same images I upload but blurry and call them avatars. That is clearly intentional as they drop the computing power and capacity of users after a number of uploads. I don’t recommend this app at all!

  15. The app is a bit buggy, sometimes I can’t see what I’m typing or I get “ooops something went wrong” message when I send a prompt. It downloads too much data, for just a few dozen prompts it has spent almost half a gigabyte of data. The AI’s understanding seems very limited which makes it useless for generating more specific or complex images. If all this issues get fixed, the app could actually be quite good.

  16. Easy to use, with some very nice results occasionally. The ‘paintings’ usually look a bit of a mess, but generally, the images are good or very good. I liked it, but I ‘ran out of credits’ rather quickly by generating the bad pictures. It was also pretty slow to generate anything.

  17. Keila dice:

    They removed the text to art function. Now it is only creating avatars for a subscription. In my opinion, there is a lot of wasted potential since the AI could do some very impressive art about scenes, environment and characters, etc… But now that is no longer available after this new update.

  18. Ana Rios dice:

    It completely changed it’s premise, without ANY KIND OF WARNING, and of course continued to charge the subscription as usual. It was by far the best app I’ve ever used of the kind, and there is NO WORDS for my DISAPPOINTMENT. I understand that there’s problems with AI art, but for us, casual users that does not have the talent or the money for purchase, and just want a nice avatar for an D&D section, it’s almost unfair. I think that just not allowing to use artists name or art was fair.

  19. Cliff M dice:

    I’d give it 3.5, the only real complaint I have is low accuracy. It doesn’t seem to be able to create sensible spider forms, many creatures have issues with legs and tails, and it’s bad at cars that are included in scenes. It’s getting there, not bad for a free app, but there’s still some learning it has to do.

  20. Works as desired, best free app as it lets you generate 48 avatars once per day if you don’t want to pay. I would like to see an option to pay for it for a year or 1-6 months rather then a weekly amount as I would pay for it then, but apart from that it’s fantastic and everyone I’ve done a avatar for has found the perfect one for an profile pic! Try it out for free it’s loads of fun

  21. Used to be a nice app. You could generate just about anything your mind thought of using the AI generator! But they got rid of that amazing feature without telling anyone just so they could have the AI facechanger thing instead. I got the app for the previous reason, I don’t care about changing my face into art, I want AI prompt generated art.

  22. The avatars are really good, but they are practically unusable due to the large watermark in the top right corner, at least for the free version. The app is very expensive at 5 dollars per week, and I took two stars off because that’s the only way to purchase. No one time buy in, and that sucks a lot.

  23. I was really disappointed by the quality of its output! It creates faces that doesn’t look like me at all, not even close! Also, generating with a prompt doesn’t generate images that are any good, some times scrambled faces and not complete hands. This app is not worth it at all.

  24. It WAS a great app, until they brought in the 5 credits a day thing. Paying $4.20 a week (or $16.80 a month) for an app that was unlimited in use before this change is quite awful, in my opinion. It’s a shame because I really loved this app and now there’s no fun in using it. Edit: If you made a one time payment or even a SENSIBLE PRICE yearly subscription, I reckon people would be willing to explore that option. But while it’s an expectation of weekly payments it won’t be that appealing.

  25. I used this app merely to create artistic palettes and references, which it was typically very skilled at. As a freelance creator, I would then pick what I liked from scenes I’d compose, then rework into my particular style. Yet now all that remains is the avatar designer. I’m very disappointed because I’m not alone in saying most users so far have no interest in it. I’m glad I downloaded the good while it lasted. A shame, because most other free text to image generators are quite terrible

  26. Really good for an app with no ads ngl, but I wish they hadn’t rolled back on the explicit filter, kinda kills creativity. But the app is really good, tbh! Edit: What the hell (and why the hell) did you guys do to the faces, again? You corrected that in between and now you again have hideous faces! There’s always a skin like texture on faces even in artwork styles. If this is to make them more realistic, it’s not working! Revert!

  27. The app wasted my money!! I want it back. It worked fine before making very cool pictures. Then all of a sudden it started creating glitched out versions of my pictures and making them incredibly disgusting. Please fix I don’t know whether this is a bug or something.

  28. Do not install this app, they trick you into a subscription and then remove all the extra options after 2 days and leave you with only an Ai avatar generator which is cool but not enough. All the features that attracted me to this in the first place have been taken away. They used to have a text prompt ai and the ability to edit your artwork. This app was great before they took everything away that made it worth paying for. I’m canceling. I completely agree with Burb Burz review.

  29. I would have given it 4 stars but NO. I downloaded the app today and paid for a week’s subscription, I tried creating a new avatar after 3 tries, but I kept getting an error text and I was asked to subscribe again, which when I clicked on it tells me I have already subscribed for the one week .. it has been, really frustrating not being able to do another Avatar. But other than that the avatar creation from the App has been pretty cool and nice ..

  30. At first it was great, I’d been using other apps like StarryAI, Wombo’s Dream, etc, then this came along, great simple to use. They were regularly adding lots of styles to use. Weekly subscription setup, couple months now. Loaded this morning to create a piece as a Christmas card to a close friend, find in last update, they sold out & switched to solely AI Avatar art. This is NOT what i subscribed for or wanted to use this app for. So i unsubscribed, you lost a fan and no longer want to use.

  31. F0X_H0UND dice:

    The app was fantastic and an absolute blast to use for making entirely unique and accurate art with whatever prompt you typed in but now this feature has been removed in favor of using it only for making portraits of your selfish. Until this feature returns, I will be keeping my subscription canceled.

  32. Favour dice:

    Couldn’t even test the app before their payment screen bashed on my face…… Atm I can’t even create an avatar of my self because anytime I click on it, it takes me to their payment page even though it’s my first time using the app ever. I downloaded the app based on the review I got from my friends, but after this level of disappointed, I have to admit it’s not worth it. In my opinion, I can’t pay for something I have not tested. Uninstalling in progress

  33. keyz dice:

    When I first had this app, which was around the start of December, it was amazing. Generating random prompts and creating outstanding art, however since recently the app only now produces images of “@me as …” and it is not as good as it once was. On top of that paying around £4/week to use it is just upsetting, giving you didn’t need to pay before hand.

  34. What a nice technology wasted in totally buggy and user unfriendly app. Takes ages to generate the images. Most of the avatars does not look like me. I don’t recommend this app. I’m updating my review to 1* because they removed the text to image feature. I will also cancel my subscription.

  35. Almost perfect. I paid the subscription because it said I could remove watermark, but when I download my generated pictures, it still has watermark on it. It shouldn’t be that hard to have it automatically generate without watermark. And what happened to the text prompt, it’s gone!?

  36. The app is unusable at the moment. The X button to get over the pay wall is not showing up on my device. I have a MI 9t. So I can’t even access the app at all unless I pay which is never going to happen because I didn’t even get to test it out first. So much for UI fixes smh 🤦‍♂️

  37. Ashley dice:

    They say if you have the free version you can only generate images once a day, which I’m totally okay with; I was able to generate images ONE TIME since downloading it 4-5 days ago. Each day since I’ve tried my once a day and it says it isn’t available yet. So once I write this review I’m uninstalling. I liked the images I was able to generate the one time; but no point in having an app that won’t let me do that once daily for free and I refuse to pay $3.99 a week for the pro version.

  38. I have a paid subscription for this. Everything seemed enjoyable at first but they removed the sketch to art feature and now after an update, the prompt feature is also gone. Disappointed! About to cancel subscription. Useless!

  39. 1 star but only for the UI. I’d like the developers of this app to give me one good reason why I have to commit to a weekly payment to use the app without even as much as having a feel of what it is I’m to pay money for. I don’t even know for sure if it does what they claim it does or if it’s something I’ll fancy using enough to want to commit to a weekly subscription. Almost as of they’re tyring to make as much money off the app before people get bored of it (which eventually will happen btw).

  40. Bruh, this app is a scam. First you pay a weekly subscription, which is supposed to give you access to every feature for that week. But the next morning i want to replace my tag with a different person’s tag and i can’t even delete it. It keeps sending me back to the purchase screen everytime i try to delete my tag. I’ll just leave this advice for anyone interested in using this app. Don’t waste your money(like me). Stay away from this app cause that subscription is even a lot.

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