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Beauty camera and photo editor with filters, stickers, and pic collage maker
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Best FREE selfie photo editor and beauty camera plus with all features, face tune, body retouch, blur background, art filters, live stickers, and makeup effects!

Sweet Selfie – Featured by Google Play🏆, top selfie photo editor and beauty camera plus with real-time beauty effects, helps you take selfies with ease, edit photo, picture, and video even boomerang for Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter, Wechat, etc.

Selfie Camera with beauty effects
* Selfie Camera can help you take perfect and sharable selfie easily.
* Thousands of photo stickers are available for you to choose from.
* Photo editor allows you to add art filters to make your selfie more pop.
* Makeup camera can retouch lips, blusher, eyes, brows, contour, and more.
* Easy-to-use free selfie photo editor and beauty camera plus.

Face Tune – Selfie Photo Editor
* Smooth skin: beauty camera plus can retouch skin tone using exclusive skin smoothing makeover tool.
* Teeth whitener: beauty editor with teeth whitening brings out the natural beauty in your smile.
* Perfect Eyes: erase bags and dark circles beneath your eyes, brighten your eyes.
* Acne & Pimple remover: remove acne & pimples with just a tap to make skin problems disappear.
* Adjust facial features: smoother face, red-eye remover, plump up lips, brighten the nose bridge. All-in-one selfie photo editor!

Body Retouch – Reshape Body
* Retouch body and face to get an ideal shape.
* Elongate legs to make your proportion better.
* Multiple hairstyles, muscle stickers.
* Adjust your waist, breast, taller, abs and pecs.

Professional Photo Editor
* Blur photo editor: An essential blur photo editor with advanced blur photo brush.
* Crop photo editor: The perfect selfie has never been easier, tap to resize and trim with this crop photo editor.
* Background Changer: Change your background shape to teardrop-shaped, corrugated shape.
* Other features: You can adjust the brightness, contrast, vignette, fade, temperature, saturation, sharpen, etc. It’s the best photo editor free.

Collage Maker & Photo Grid
* Just select several pictures, photo editor instantly remixes them into a cool photo collage which provides tons of free preset templates & layouts for Instagram users.
* You can pick the favorite photo grid, edit collage with filters, background, stickers, text, etc.

Music Video Templates
* Remix your photos, pictures into short video clips.
* Photo slideshow maker, merge photos to create slideshow with music.
* Mix photos with videos, add custom photo cover for video.

Additional Features
* Cutout: Background eraser photo editor can help you eraser the unwanted part of your photo.
* Touch Capture: Just tap the screen and a perfect selfie will show you.
* Selfie Timer built in so you can get off the perfect hands-free shot.

Sweet Selfie is a powerful selfie photo editor & beauty camera plus, best selfie camera app with all features, free photo collage maker. It’s great for transforming everyday images into perfect, sharable photos. The blur tool also helps blur the background for your videos and photos.

With Sweet Selfie camera app, you can remove pimples and acne, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, change skin tone, add face filters and photo effects, blur photo backgrounds. Sweet Selfie is a free selfie photo editor and beauty camera plus. You can take selfies easily, save it even without editing, and share your selfie to Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter, Wechat, etc.

Any questions for Sweet Selfie (FREE photo editor & beauty camera plus, photo collage maker)?
Please contact us.
– Facebook: @i.love.sweetselfie/
– Instagram: @sweetselfie_official
– Youtube: @Sweet Selfie
– Email: [email protected]


• New Feature: Cartoon Photo Editor
• Collage – Deliver your stories in style with our brand new templates.


40 comentarios en "Sweet Selfie: Camera & Editor MOD"

  1. There’s no way to use a free version, it makes you sign up for a free 3 day trial which is says “cannot be returned” whatever that means, and then it’s $4.99/WEEK! That’s insane. I’d rather do the work of turning on my giant beast of a computer running an old version of photo shop than pay that much for this. The English on the landing page isn’t right either, so who knows what they’re doing with your data and where/who has it.

  2. I really like the app but it kept running in background all the time. I would manually stop it only to have it immediately restart ALL the time. Aside from that, it DOES enhance photos well without without giving a fake appearance. Good for selfies for sure. Minus the restart issue it ranks up at the top for selfie photo enhancing qualities! If the running app thing doesnt bother u then this is an excellent choice sure to not disappoint!

  3. This is my favorite pic editor app by far! It is sooo incredibly user friendly for everyone and it has a plethora of advanced editing features besides your typical cropping and filters, which they have a lot of too. You can smooth features on your face, brighten eyes, apply makeup, alter the shape of your body, narrow your nose, and the list goes on!

  4. Camera and filters are excellent quality, however the user interface is clunky, goddy and difficult to navigate (in my opinion.) It served a good purpose to get some beautiful selfies I needed and my stock camera was junk. One bad thing is I get random messages from app, pretending to be a person do I will open it. Has ads. Would use again if needed. Won’t keep on my phone though.

  5. can’t figure anything out that I was hoping for. it shows you can change the filter for face slimming, teeth whitening, eye size, etc. but can’t figure out where any of that is done. I’ve clicked every button on the camera. disappointed. that’s the features I wanted. not stupid dog face filters and such.

  6. Simple and easy! A few bugs need to be fixed with the “waist” edit, like fixing a mistake you made when you’re about to finish, rather then not having to start the waist edit all over after all the work you just did. Other then that its perfect and easy to use. Highly recommend this app 👍

  7. Rating based on the free app version which, yes, has ads but as for the app itself I’m using on 4 different phones that each have their own camera unique little “look” to them, and I’ve found this app is one of very few I’ve tried that is consistent across the board of those distinctly different phone cameras that you can find the filter with your particular phone’s lens & your picture’s expected lighting situation that will take that picture shot up to that level that otherwise you’d need edit.

  8. It’s a nice app, however it could use a couple of adjustments, such as the makeup, it should be done Individually, Instead of choosing one look, the eye brows, we should place them ourselves. Also have different backgrounds to chose from like a beach, forest,carnival, etc..But I still give 5⭐️

  9. To everyone complaining about this app… Just shut up and uninstall if you don’t like it. Seems like everyone just wants to nitpick and complain. It’s an excellent app and if you can’t see that it’s probably because you’re too much of a dimwit to comprehend how to use it correctly. Also, ads are just a part of life online. Either unplug and stop using the internet altogether, or just get over it. Those are your only two options. DEAL WITH IT!!

  10. This app works very well, but you can’t do without data in some cases. It’s amazing 😍❤️

  11. A very fun app addictive and easy to use the only complaint I have is all the commercials but other than that this app is so worth the download!

  12. It’s fun to see all the filters, it’s nice to photo shop my face and make it look more enhanced!!!

  13. Dirty RGB dice:

    Ok, I deleted my first review with 1 star, I don’t want to be negative especially when this app has a lot of great features, you need to add the pinch (zoom) option before recording a video. Zooming is necessary

  14. Like all photo apps, its pretty good in some areas and not so great in others. But i do like that u caj add makeup to the pics.

  15. Can’t take a picture & Save it without it taking you to a million ads! What happened? There were never this many ads. Som many, I’ll be deleting this app. 😞

  16. Angela G dice:

    Wow! nice! Fun easy exciting beautiful having sending fun pics to my grandbaby she’s only two I’m sure she’s going to get a kick out of seeing Grandma in all these different moving stickers! 😂 🤗🥰

  17. I don’t like that you have to watch a add to save you’re foto or that you have to have data to use the filters.

  18. This app is a pain you get stuck in this add loop with Tik-Tok and the home page does not belong on this app. Also messes up bt audio did this app get bought out by Tik-Tok ??

  19. Ads more ads lots of ads and you will be stuck on the forcing you to close the app and start your picture all over again.

  20. It won’t take a photo. Responds to everything until I press the button to take a photo then nothing.

  21. Tammy W. dice:

    I like it….I don’t like the adds, but hey that’s the free version. ****UPDATE**** downloaded the updated 2/17/22, adds, adds!!!! It played adds before now you can’t even edit a picture without the same bingo add popping up!!! Uninstalling!!!

  22. Not good.Too many unnecessary adds and requires periodic payments.

  23. A very sweet and smart app, but need work in ads

  24. Turns out ever using this app is one of the worst experiences of my life! You take a photo one moment- then hope that the photo has been already saved. But, alas, to your great dismay, when you tap on photo-taking section of the screen, you will have to wait for another 5 minutes so the pic can be previewed. In short the app responds awfully slow.

  25. Horrible. My face pulsates from small to large in camera. No exit button. No thanks.

  26. This app is so cool😩 and they give so many cute sticker.

  27. I’m using this application from last 3 years and it has decent functionalities and user experience. Thank You team for providing us such a great platform .

  28. I love this app a lot, one of the best selfie app for me. I love the filters and the editing tools. Thanks to this app, it makes me feel confident to post my pictures in social medias. But sometimes, when I save the pictutes some of it where blury and when there are times I add makeup, it realy affects the images every time I save it, it looks so glitchy. But overall, its a great app.💕

  29. Is cool and everything with too much is going on with it it looks easier when they post a ad on Facebook

  30. Do not download. You spend the time to edit a photo and you go straight to a TikTok add that you stay stuck on until you force stop the app. You can visit the download TikTok page or stay staring at the add but you cannot go back to the app you’re just forever stuck staring at a TikTok add. It’s happened to me all 17 times I’ve tried to edit a pic. Stupid waste of time.

  31. Very nice app 👌. Makes our blur pics fixed. Makes our teeth whiten and clears our face

  32. I like this app because it’s video maker is excellent and filters are also so cute 😍 I love this app ..

  33. Nice and easy to get great pictures. It’s free! 😍✌️

  34. It is a waste of data so far I just got the app and it just keeps freezing can I pls fix it🥺

  35. It’s good but too much ads annoying while capturing a picture or video

  36. Best app for making live filtered photos, Smoothing photos, whitening your yellow teeth, whitening old pics and editing ur pics

  37. No way absolutely don’t get this app it freezes and there is a add every 30 secs

  38. This app is pretty good I don’t see any problems with it I really make some good pictures when I use this app

  39. Cool experience.well no need to complain about ads since we now know that almost all apps contain afs.

  40. V.good!!! Seems like a lighter alternative to b612!!! Though blur options could have included portrait blur like in b612 instead of only round or radial… And even when timer is off takes some time to take pics!! My ONLY COMPLAINT is to plz fix this issue of taking time to capture a pic tho timer is off! I have to remain in the same pose for a while n the result often gets kinda unnatural… Otherwise, it’s excellent and it also has MV! SO COOL!

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