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Learn and play at home with Noggin, start your 30-day free trial today
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Learn and play at home with a 30 day free trial of Noggin. Kids can engage all summer with learning activities, games, videos, and books led by their favorite characters. Enjoy Noggin at home or on the go.

Noggin is the only subscription service where learning is led by the trusted Nick Jr. characters your kids know and love. When you subscribe to Noggin, you’ll get access to an ever-expanding library of eBooks, learning games, interactive episodes, activities, and exclusive shorts developed by curriculum specialists. With 1,000+ ad-free full episodes of preschool favorites like PAW Patrol, Peppa Pig, and Blue’s Clues & You! — kids can go on fun learning adventures and explore math, science, literacy, music, manners, and more!

Here’s why Noggin is great for kids ages 2 & older:
• Trusted characters teach kids everything from ABCs and 123s, to important life skills
• Safe and easy for kids to navigate independently. No ads, ever!
• Downloadable content allows kids to play offline or on the go!
• One subscription gives you access to the Noggin app on multiple devices
• New content added weekly!

• Downloadable stories help foster a love of reading
• Read together or turn on narration and your child can explore at their own pace
• Parent tips help guide conversations and reading comprehension
• Features Bob Books — a proven learn-to-read book series! – NEW!

• Your child’s favorite shows made interactive!
• Kids can swipe, tap, and even talk to their favorite characters as they learn
• Downloadable episodes kids can watch and play offline
• Math, literacy, and puzzle games will have kids using their noggin
• Coloring books nurture kids’ creativity

Start Your Subscription Today!
• Try Noggin FREE for 30 days! After that, just $7.99/month until you cancel
• Your Google Play account will be charged $7.99/month after your free trial ends
• Cancel your subscription in Google Play store > My Apps > Subscriptions
• Avoid auto-renew charges by canceling at least 24 hours before the end of your trial or current billing period

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The latest version of Noggin includes performance improvements. We're making the app even better so your child will be able to make the most out of each learning session!


40 comentarios en "Noggin Preschool Learning App MODDED 2022"

  1. P dice:

    If you’re having trouble canceling, send a note through their website or app and then they can cancel that way for you. There was no cancel button for me from my account and calling through the 800 number never ended up getting connected. By sending a note I ended up with a reply within an hour and they took care of it for me.

  2. Mu dice:

    I was specifically hoping to use this as a language teaching aid. I grew up watching some of these, so it seemed like a good, nostalgic choice. They only offer Spanish and English options, however, even though it’s clear that other language options exist. Otherwise, I suppose the app’s functionality is decent enough if cumbersome. It’s expensive but if you’re a toddler/have a toddler, the interactive learning games are a nice idea. Reminds me of Zoombinis a bit.

  3. Won’t work at all. It says “No connection”, and I am very clearly connected to the internet. UPDATE: Contacted customer service. They let me know there was an update for the app. So I updated it and tried it again, and now it says “Something’s wrong.” So I tried the app on all our devices. Same thing on all devices. Emailed customer service again, and after several emails they told me to turn off my Verizon Fios home network protection! No thanks. Strange how no other app ever has needed that.

  4. Horrible app. Plays for 2 seconds then pauses and continues to do this. Tried it for 3 days in a row. Canceled my subscription. Will continue to look for a different app for my child. Netflix and Hulu work great. Probably going back to Disney plus. No I am not contacting you. I do not have to contact Netflix and Hulu and they work great. Your app sucks.

  5. Not at all good. Our 3 year old was super excited about this, until the first minute was up. At that point, the WiFi lagged a bit and caused a show to stop. I turned off the Wifi and found that the platform doesn’t work with 4G LTE. In order not to constantly be caught in infinite buffering, it also seems to require a level of Wifi stability that my brain can only associate with a technological Utopia. Worst of all, they hide the cancel button! Therefore, we’ve paid $16 for absolutely nothing.

  6. I just downloaded and subscribed to Noggin for my 3 year old. After going through all the required steps and trying to sign in, we are getting a message that states “sorry there was a problem opening the application” which stays on the screen while the app is running in the background. We tried downloading the most updated app on other devices and we are getting the same error message. This error message also prevents you from obtaining any contact info for customer service.

  7. No complaints about the content but the app itself is nearly unusable because it gobbles up all available storage In our Android tablets. The default storage space is set to 10 GB. That’s one app and that’s the majority of the storage! It brings all our devices to their knees, and eventually just stops working. When I set the working storage to 1 GB, fills up almost immediately and denies any additional downloads. Not sure what to do.

  8. Not worth $8/month. Half of the time I’d open the app and it wouldn’t work.. Either it would kick me out right away or say “no connection” even tho I could open any other app and had no connection issues. For some reason the log in info doesn’t work across devices, I purchased this thru my tablet but couldn’t log in to the app on my roku, so then my only option was to cast to the TV. Also I thought it was supposed to have some kind of interaction but it doesn’t.

  9. I love the idea of it… Interactive and educational. BUT FOR IPHONE ONLY. Which is information that I had to search the app to find. Also, $8 is a bit much JUST TO WATCH TV SHOWS, especially when the commercials make it seem free unless uh read the fine print. I still would’ve continued to pay for it had it been educational and interactive as advertised. I kept the app for mouths waiting for the interactive education feature to come to android.

  10. the app force closes after every single episode which is obnoxious. it does not work with chromecast (we do have a roku, but i hate roku). theres no option to have each episode play back to back to back. and everytime i turn the app noises off on my phone app, when it force closes after an episode, all the music and noises come back on and i have to sit through the moose talking again. every single time. so annoying.

  11. The app was recently changed to be more like the Nick jr. app, and it’s terrible. It’s not intuitive at all, and it doesn’t always play the next episode in order. Also, every time we open the app, it tries to have me create an account, so I have to re-enter my name and password EACH TIME it’s opened. Was great before the update, but will be cancelling at the end of this cycle.

  12. Great shows, but app has too many technical issues, like pausing during shows and freezing up the device it’s being played on. it freezes up so frequently, that even my 2.5 year old doesnt wanna use it anymore. It stinks because it really does contain good shows like “little bear” and “franklin” but were not interested in paying monthly for an app that doesn’t wanna work 1/2 the time.

  13. Only good thing is that my son likes the shows here. Everything else about the application is terrible. 1. The search function is worthless 2. Unable to download to play offline 3. The shows don’t automatically play in succession and often don’t keep track of your status. This app NEEDS a remake as it’s a terrible user experience!

  14. What a waste of time. Just spent 30min going around in circles with the website version, the App (do you need both?) and the dashboard. Noting would open. My enthusiastic and patient 4 year old gave up. I felt like I was being dubbed. Frustrated. Cancelled my subscription (I hope) after the annoyances. If an adult cannot navigate the program I don’t think pre-schoolers should be trying on their own.

  15. A M dice:

    Honestly, this app shouldn’t cost nearly as much as it does. Several games have glitches and it causes frustration for my tot. The monthly cost for this app is significant and it doesn’t do a whole lot to justify the cost. It’s a kids app for goodness sakes. I wouldnt even pay this much for an app for MYSELF. Videos can be watched for free on YT!

  16. Love it and HATE it. The content is taking up 19GB of my kids 22 GB of storage. I have an SD card but it’s still being saved to the internal storage. My kid is on this allll day, she is autistic and LOVES the app, but I wish there was a way it didn’t slow down her tablet!!! Otherwise it’s a GREAT app. We love all the interactive videos.

  17. so many bugs, half the time black screens galore. none of the games work right and I haven’t even touched the read section because I’m assuming that that section is also bugged since all the other sections are bugged. great content of course if you watch noggin growing up then you already know what to expect but the app itself sucks and could use a lot of work to get it to be stable and more useful and reliable.

  18. Requires a lot of adult set up. Then it’s slow and glitchy. I was testing the games myself before letting my son use them and it took forever just to get into the game. I didn’t even test the game, but it asked if it could record audio, which makes me think it’s going to ask the child to say words out loud, which doesn’t fly with a non verbal child.

  19. I liked the feature where you could download the interactive full episodes of blue’s clues for flights. They took that option to download full episodes away. Why? This app is useless to me now and I will be ending my subscription.

  20. Had to drop a star, my son is having major issues using the app on his tablet…constantly logged out, is ‘offline’ 90% of the time (paid subscription, no internet issues with any other app)…very upsetting to try n watch a show n have it close on you every single time…about to cancel subscription….

  21. Lexi Hope dice:

    Seems like it would have been great if the app worked. Constantly freezes and crashes. We have really good internet so I know it wasn’t due to that.

  22. App always says that it is offline. I have 5g Verizon service and my daughter can`t ever connect.

  23. Can’t play games with my son he can’t do anything on the laptop login it’s so frustrating abc mouse is much simpler.

  24. Could not even see if my son likes it. App made me redgisterb and still no sample. Uninstalling . If I were to pay $7 monthly to sample it and didn’t use it ever since would have to spend years to figure out how to cancel

  25. my son loves this app its great for kids to learn how to write and read before they start school

  26. So I recently got noggin and one day I was just testing the app out and then I tried to load Zack and quack but it is the only show I noticed that did not load so please fix this problem

  27. Good content. The app layout is definitely not kid friendly.

  28. They make u waste the time of signing up just to make u pay for it……misleading….not honest app….

  29. my baby loves noggin it have all her favorite kids show on there to watch and play.

  30. Wish it was said that money would be involved before I put in personal stuff. I should have Read before signing up. I did not because it’s $8 a month

  31. R Deal dice:

    Went to 5 websites to cancel. What a rip off. They will NOT let you cancel free trial! DONT SIGN UP!!!!!! Will have to cancel through my credit card. Disgusting!

  32. It constantly crashes… please fix!

  33. I am trying to log into my account and trying to restart my password but I am not getting the email to restore my password. My daughter want to use the app but there is no way for me to login.

  34. Kenny Ren dice:

    It’s like Netflix or Disney+ but with educational activities, books, and games. The UI is a bit slow and may be difficult to navigate by a child. This app is better used when both parent and kids are using it together. So far no complaints. I paid for the subscription and so far no regrets. Definitely recommend to parents with young kids.

  35. Keeps repeating that we can tap the edit button to change or create our own avatar every 20 seconds, even when in a game.

  36. At first it was great with no issues but for the past few months it will not load up. It lags on the start up screen even after an update. I pay for the monthly subscription but I am not getting any user experience out of it. It frustrates my 3-year-old who starts to cry because the app will never open. It’s installed on my Note 10 plus.

  37. Miranda dice:

    When it works, my grandkids love it. But it’s been telling me lately that it is unavailable. I tried contacting support. They gave me 3 options but none of them applied to me, so I selected “speak to someone”. Have not heard another thing from them. If it continues, I’m canceling my subscription. No need to continue paying for something that you can not watch!

  38. All my Favorite Childhoods are back thanks to you Nickelodeon. Now I can watch them.

  39. My 3 year old daughter loves playing the games on your app. There’s so many choices for her that she can play for hours. I really like that each game has some problem solving skills involved so she’s learning while playing. The games also focus on letters and numbers too. We both really like that it includes the characters she likes to watch.

  40. Paola R.F. dice:

    READ IF DOWNLOADING FOR SHOWS IN SPANISH: Absolute dismal selection of shows in Spanish or Spanish games, videos etc. They said the app is bilingual and that is misleading/false. They have a Spanish “hub” of very very OLD videos and a tiny selection of ebooks. I dowloaded because they stated the shows were available in Spanish which turned out to be untrue. No way I can pay close to $70 for something that does not exist. UTTERLY DISAPPOINTED.

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