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✨You’re unique. So why should your skin be any different?✨
Smarten up your skincare with FOREO For You and get gorgeous, glowy skin with any of your FOREO app connected devices.
Download the app and step into the world of personalized skincare.

Whether you’re looking to up your face mask game, get a better cleanse, enjoy guided massage treatments, or get your own individualized skin analysis, FOREO For You has you covered with it’s smart app-connected devices:
✓ LUNA 3
✓ LUNA mini 3
✓ UFO mini
✓ LUNA fofo
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Take advantage of our latest feature – the app shop – by downloading the latest version of FOREO For You. Browse through our Bestsellers, LUNA’s, UFO’s, ISSA’s, and more, while keeping an eye out for great deals!😍

FOREO For You is available in 13 different languages (including voice segments), and the app is automatically displayed in the language you have set in your phone system settings.
Languages currently available include: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Romanian.

FOREO For You uses Bluetooth technology to pair up with your FOREO devices. Install the app on your smartphone and connect your device by following the simple in-app instructions

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40 comentarios en "FOREO For You FULL"

  1. B 3 t h M dice:

    I love the app with my Luna Fofo: no complaints. However, the app constantly struggles to connect via bluetooth to my UFO Mini 2, even when it’s fully charged. I tried deleting/reinstalling, and it didn’t help. It’s super frustrating, especially when I am pressed for time. I paired my headphones once and they connect instantly – not sure why I can’t do the same with these Foreo devices. I was thinking of upgrading to the UFO 2, but am probably going to hold off until they resolve this.

  2. I spent hundreds on a Foreo bear and minibear. First night I registered the devices and followed the treatment. Second night, API error, devices unregistered and won’t reconnect. When I tried to contact via the app, I got an error message and nothing went through. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, now I can’t even login. Completely useless. Very frustrated. Looking into getting a refund.

  3. I emailed a week ago – no response. I have sat in their chat feature for a couple hours off and on and no representative is available. My Luna 3 is amazing. The app, however, is terrible. The only way my Luna 3 connects to Bluetooth is if I select the “how to use” option in the app. As a result – I cannot increase/decrease the intensity or time. The customer service and app needs improvement, especially considering the cost of the device. I should be able to utilize all the features without this many issues.

  4. Previous layout of the app was WAY better– now it’s useless for my LUNA 3. I miss being able to change the intensity levels/settings to try them out first, without having to manually start/stop cleansing mode. The cleansing timer and option to use your phone camera as a mirror was also great. But now those are gone, and there’s no way to start/stop the device in-app, unless you’re doing a treatment. (speaking of treatments, the voice guidance is way ahead of the visuals in the video and it just makes it confusing.) I really loved the app before, but this update has pretty much ruined the experience for me. Pushing shop features to the forefront instead of being streamlined and showing the devices you already own just adds insult to injury.

  5. H Walker dice:

    After someone pays a couple hundred for products, you can only link them to this app if you give it permissions it doesn’t need. There is no need for my location. And when you only have a dozen mask to choose from don’t require me to upload a picture each time; a drop down menu works just as well and faster. Overly intrusive apps are a major reason why people don’t trust and adopt more personal devices. Stop using me as a data collection point.

  6. **Make sure sound is on. My phone is usually set to silent so it didn’t seem like it was doing anything. There’s no instructions on the screen which is so not user friendly! After I turned the sound on, then I could hear the instructions. Great product but they need to put instructions in writing in the app! After the update, I can’t even use this anymore! I can get it to turn on, but cannot figure out how to do a cleansing. There’s no instructions and nothing useful in the menu. Most useless device/app I’ve come across.

  7. since the update a few months ago this app is useless. it doesn’t give much insight into your skin care needs. After doing the initial set up where it measures the different areas on your face it says tap done. That takes you back to the connect screen. Even after using the device it does not update that you have cleaned you face. It just makes you reconnect and do the initial set up again. This app sucks but I will say the customer support for the actual product is fabulous.

  8. Two years ago I had given this app a one-star review because of all the problems and glitches with the software. I downloaded it again this year and WOW am I impressed. All of the problems and concerns were actually addressed and the app is absolutely fantastic now. It also is a lot more user-friendly and customizable in ways it never was before! I’m actually blown away by the changes that have been made.

  9. a_tjej dice:

    I give it 4 stars but only because I’ve learned how to use all the settings and functions. I bought a Luna 3 about eight months ago but figuring out how to “activate” it and save the settings was confusing. I consider myself to be decently tech-savvy, yet it took me over 30 minutes to figure it out. (I can understand why so many people think you need the have the Luna connected to the app to cleanse.) There just needs to be an actual walk-through for device set-up!

  10. Foreo offers a product marketed toward men in black. Obviously that’s because it appeals more to men than the pastels or vivid pink. So why don’t you give us the option in the app settings to change the color of the app icon to match in black or something. It stands out on my home screen and I use the Foreo device often enough that I want the convenience to have it there. Otherwise 5 stars so far.

  11. Ever since the last couple updates I cannot analyze my skin. It reads my right cheek and then doesn’t switch to the left. It just freezes. It also does not change my results no matter how improved my skin gets it always just stays at low moisture 50/100 which is also not explained. The old version was better when I could actually see what each quadrant of my faces moisture level was.

  12. I really loved the beta version of the app when I first got Luna fofo in my fff box. It analyzed my skin and was constantly changing my skin age and score. I was seeing improvements and I really liked that. But then the new update happened and it’s just a struggle to get any more information other than how to use the device on my face (I’ve done it enough…I don’t need to be reminded everytime). I really would like to see more insights into my skin again. Hopefully the app will improve with time.

  13. It was working fine right after I got my UFO2 and set it up in the app. Today, go to use it and my device is no longer linked. Try to re-add it and get an error because it’s already registered… To me. It’s telling me I can’t add the device to my account that it’s registered too 🙄. So I can’t use any of the actual functions of this very expensive device. **Update** customer service was able to fix the link issue. But now it constantly disconnects mid-treatment, so still not very functional.

  14. Had a little trouble first connecting, but I haven’t had any trouble since. The voices for the massages often cut off and aren’t synced well, but I don’t use the sound often anyway. Otherwise it’s worked great for me. I love the massages. Though I wish I could get some suggestions for pulse times and durations based on skin type.

  15. When using with Moto X4, app can connect to device, but cannot proceed to the “personalize” step of connecting. There are apparently 4 screens of info, and the 4th screen will not dragon over and stay;you can use multiple fingers to repeatedly drag the screen over to see the next slide, but it jumps back over to slide 3. App does not work on this phone for some reason.

  16. It used to work great & show me the moisture level of different zones on my face & my skin age. Now it’s weird bars & it doesn’t let you view your results again without scanning all the zones again. You should be able to view the latest scans from the main menu somehow. I’m very disappointed. It’s not user friendly anymore.

  17. This is supposed to help relieve stress, not cause more of it. When I click Treatments for UFO2, it shows as charged (3 bars), but it repeatedly cuts off about 30 seconds into a treatment. Then, it drops all the way down to 1 bar. Don’t tell me it is charged when it isn’t. By then, the essence has dried on my face and I have wasted a freaking mask. Since these are one time use, it is a waste of my time and money when it is supposed to me a relaxing end to my stressful day. I’m so annoyed.

  18. pretty cool product. i wish the app was a little more informative as to what the little indicators mean at the bottom of the example when showing your routine, what your skin score means, etc when you press on it or something. even something seperate thats more general would do. more information would be appreciated! love the product though! the cleansings dont go up past 1.0 and ive used it 2 times a day for at least a month ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  19. I almost never leave reviews, but I am extremely disappointed. Like most others, I was dismayed at the “update” that seemed to kill functionality. I recently got a new phone, but cannot log in under my original profile. The device refuses to pair, and now requests access to my device’s location? Why would a skincare product need that? I cannot get the device to pair AT ALL now. This is extremely frustrating for what was originally a very simple & useful device.

  20. The device is good enough for cleansing. As for the app feature and sensor its absolutely a scam. The device doesnt even need to be near my face or skin and it registers as sensing. And it gives the same results every time. Now i know it doesnt actually sense anything maybe just the ambient air.

  21. The app worked awesomely when I got my Foreo Luna Fofo in my FFF box in June but now it just keeps telling me to connect. I connect itor at least thought it did because it goes through the skin analysos and when I click done, it just loops back to the screen telling me to connect. Plus the analysis now seems to be very general and undetailed and before it was very detailed. Seriously annoyed because I cannot use this with the app to get my skin info. That was a big thing for me about this over my Clarisonic.

  22. Ryn Clark dice:

    Cool Idea. Needs Work. I just bought the Foreo FoFo and im kinda disappointed. The time intervals and intensity calculated by the app arent effective. I have senstive skin (included in setup) and rosacea (not included). I wish it were more customizable. Also, the app itself is underwhelming. I wish there was more info. Theres nothing explaining my skin score, skin age, etc. I want tips and advice! Reminders to drink water! “Trophies” for keeping up with my skin goals! Theres so much potential!

  23. This app does nothing. I’m almost certain that every single person using this with their fofo gets the dry skin +2 years result. It never changes no matter whether I test my skin freshly cleaned or after moisturizing or oil cleansing or even with serum. I have oily skin to begin with, not dry. It’s really disappointing because this app was so fun and informative when it was first released. The results were always changing and I could tell it was actually attempting to read my moisture levels.

  24. This app has improved so much. And I love that you can start and stop the Luna 3 with the app instead of using the button on the back, sometimes it is a little hard to push especially when you want to turn it off. Easier to connect. I certainly love the treatments and the videos that show you how to do it. This app has improved my experience using my Luna 3 a 1000%!!! The improvements in this app has made me love my Luna 3 so much more and now I’m recommending friends and family to get one.🥰😍

  25. Can’t pair with fofo. Keeps crashing when trying to connect. No other way to manually pair with the device. Reply to the Developer: Why do I need to uninstall and reinstall an app I have just installed to make it work? I did it only to tell you I reinstalled, it still can’t connect and the app still keeps stopping. Why would I try it on another phone, how does that solve my problem? It’s useless to me if it doesn’t work on my phone. Bluetooth sees the device but no way to pair with it. It’s the app that’s the problem.

  26. This version is broken. The skin moisture level stays at 50/100, the age stuck at +2, and the analyses do not show the individual moisture levels for each part(cheeks, forehead, and nose) any more. The app should log the history of the moisture levels to properly show how effective this device has been. There seems to be no distinction in routines with varying analysis results. — The dev team needs to: 1. Fix the defunct analysis feature 2. Implement analysis history & details 3. Implement and show changes in routine based in the analyses — or Foreo Fofo is a mere vibrating silicon mass marked at $89. Thanks.

  27. I had removed the version that I downloaded when I received my fofo in the spring. My phone was getting old and I needed to save space. I downloaded the newer version s few days ago. It is awful and useless. What is 50/100? What is 2+? I can find no explanation of the results. The cleanser is AMAZING but the app is terrible. I tried using it after I moisturized, after the shower, when I woke up and when I was all oily from the day. I drank 7-8 glasses of water and every result was the same reading. I have used it religiously for about 6 months and supposedly ( if I am to guess) my skin is basically 50% quality and I look 50 instead of 48? I am not being vain but my skin is virtually line free and not too bad. Please either fix the app or stop claiming it does anything at all

  28. I appreciate how there’s no paper instructions to sift through, which are often too tiny to read. Using the app is an uncomplicated experience, one I very much enjoy when it comes to my new, updated routine. I’ve not experienced any difficulties whilst starting it up when I first got my Luna 3 a few months ago. Having an app was a wonderful idea.

  29. Even though you need the app to manage the expensive devices, it doesn’t always work well with them, but instead of focusing on functionality, whoever is planning the app features is focusing only on extending various forms of advertisement for other Foreo products within the app, with the latest offender being the addition of a video ad at the startup of the application. No. Just no.

  30. Natasha K dice:

    Foreo Bear – Does not connect. I can only confirm other reviews: after 2-3 times of use it stopped connecting. If you try directly via Bluetooth-it says it needs the app, trying via app – does not connect. “Perfect”. Also, indeed, it is annoying to see advertisement to reach to menu, while the Bear costs not cheap . Another element, why would the app need my GPS to be active to use the app? Quite disappointed with the Bear app, will have to return the whole thing, too poor service to keep it.

  31. Adds?! In an app that I have to have to actually use the device I paid for? That I have to have the app, ok, fine. When there appeared adds on the bottom of the page, I didn’t like, but whatever. But making me watch and add before I can actually access menu and use the thing – again – I already paid for? Hell no. The app itself is good, customer service great, but do something about the idiotic marketing ideas.

  32. Really annoying, I got four devices this week. I cannot now even enter my account on this sorry but trash application via Facebook account. I cannot connect to bear device via foreo application. I cannot use my devices at all!!!! What I paid for….???

  33. The app is really useful, I use it when I have treatment with Bear mini. I like the excercises there and how I can adjust everything there.

  34. Horrible idea to only have these products controllable through the app. I too have many of the same problems people are treatments stopping in the middle, smart control suddenly cutting out, saying it has almost full battery but then my UFO says it needs charging…I am really disappointed by this and how difficult it makes the device to use. This should absolutely be changed as I see many many people have this problem.

  35. Timer function not working. Have to switch off manually. Also the masks would be better slightly larger as they work loose during use.

  36. Envyyd 1 dice:

    Why in the world would you put advertisments on an app that people who already bought the item have to use everyday? Also , recently there have been connection issues between the app and device. Took about 5 mins to connect.

  37. I added my luna3, it says it’s registered and the next screen says I have no device. I tried about 20 more times, I still have no device on my account right after the “enjoy your registered luna3!” screen. Ugh.

  38. App used to work but does not work at all now. Keeps telling me to register my device and then I get stuck in a loop. Utterly useless

  39. There is no need for location. It is big invasion of privacy. Also, I paid for the drvice a lot, so why ADS?

  40. Won’t pair suddenly. I have been using this 4-5 times. Tried uninstalling app, re installing, switching phone off and on again. It asks for a pin to pair when I try to pair it with blue tooth have no idea of a pin. Have no idea what else to do? Just keeps saying can’t connect with ufo mini. PLEASE HELP!!!! have no receipt

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