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Whether you are an experienced user or brand new to blockchain, MetaMask helps you connect to the decentralized web: a new internet.

We’re trusted by millions of people across the world, and our mission is to make this new decentralized web accessible to all.

The MetaMask app is both a wallet & a browser. Buy, send, spend & exchange your digital assets. Make payments to anyone, anywhere. Log into websites securely to trade assets, lend, borrow, play games, publish content, buy rare digital art, and so much more.

With MetaMask, your keys and assets always stay in your control;
• Use MetaMask’s key vault, secure login and digital wallet to manage your digital assets.
• Generate passwords and keys on your phone and keep your accounts secure.
• Browse and connect to the decentralized web sites.
• Control what information you share with the sites you use, and what to keep private.

If you’re already a MetaMask desktop user, you can import your existing wallet. If you’re a new user, we’ll help you get setup!

Download MetaMask Mobile and carry the decentralized web with you, wherever you go.

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This version fixes a bug with approve transactions.


40 comentarios en "MetaMask – Blockchain Wallet MOD 2022"

  1. Best wallet app around, no question. So easy — EXCEPT — the navigation bar gets in the way of the page! Sometimes irreparably blocking my ability to accept a pop up disclaimer or press other buttons, all because the navigation bar is in the way! There is no setting on Metamask that would allow me to move the navigation bar to the top of the page, or minimize it, I just currently have to accept that some webpages will be impossible to interact with on Metamask all because of the navigation bar.

  2. I’ve been using MetaMask for over a year on my mobile. It’s been great. Was starting to slow down a bit. But with the new release, that problem seems to have gone away. Only issue now is the fat wallet and browser buttons on the bottom of the main screen. I like the idea of having those buttons but they’re frickin’ YUGE!! Would be nice if they were a pop-up or at least smaller. Great experience other than that!!

  3. There’s been an issue with using uniswap for a while. Nobody is talking about this??? Wallet connect is the only way to connect and it constantly has a warning pop up, “This website has been blocked from automatically opening an external application.” The app crashes and closes right after. I often can’t make a swap on uniswap. Phone (Pixel 6) isn’t rooted or running graphene and it’s up to date.

  4. It’s metamask and it’s mobile. So far, so good. It’s easy to switch between the Main and Test netwotks for ETH. It’s probably better to create a separate wallet rather than import with this app, if you use the browser extension as well. They currently prevent exporting the seed phrase when asking you to back it up, which is kind of annoying and seems counter-intuitive.

  5. I had a hard time creating an account. I entered a password twice and it told me it was good. But the Continue button was disabled. It took a long time to figure out the problem: good was not good enough! It had to be strong! The user friendly thing would to tell the user the reason why Continue was not enabled! When I went to buy ETH I was shocked to see that to buy $200 the fees were $19.96, almost 10%. Other wallets are much cheaper! Also, debit card is the only option. No ACH!

  6. Its not very user friendly. You have to manually add the address for almost any token or it won’t show your balance, even if it’s in your wallet. A particularly annoying glitch for me is the transaction confirmation notification gets stuck covering the bottom portion of the screen, rendering all buttons under it non-functional. Uninstaller and recovering my wallet is the only way to clear it. Extremely inconvenient.

  7. Somehow it’s even worse than the browser extension! I didn’t believe that could even be done! The only reason I even use MetaMask is because it’s the only one seemingly able to be used with every web3 website. If there were another choice, I’d jump ship instantly! Crashes CONSTANTLY! It spontaneously will ask you to completely recover your wallet with your recovery phrase! (Which makes me super uncomfortable) and it’s browser is among the worst experiences I’ve ever endured!

  8. Overall it’s solid and does it’s purpose. My only issue as of 05/05/2022 is the clunkiness of the browser. In particular I have to close and reopen the app sometimes after changing networks before browser dapps will acknowledge the change. I’m quite sure it’ll be addressed in future updates. A minor UI issue for new users is the network list. Due to space only a couple networks are visible but the rest can be scrolled to. The problem is there is no indication of the ability to scroll down.

  9. All things considered, I do like this app. The browser functions are in serious need of improvement. Doesn’t like to open new tabs, some sites will not use the same browser window to lead to a particular page, instead opting to open a new browser window. Metamask browser just can’t seem to open the new tab, and when you lose out of MM to reopen you end up with 30 new tabs. Only slightly exaggerating that number, I’ve had it generate 18 new tabs. That’s really my only complaint.

  10. Trust the reviews. This app looks nice, but is terrible for both beginners and those experienced with crypto. One big issue is that, by default, it uses a tiny gas price that is way too small for the transaction to actually get processed, and its easier to get in a situation where your crypto is effectively locked, potentially forever. (speaking from experience) They really need to fix this

  11. Not bad, but… Typical of many crypto programs, this one wants a security phrase for encoding. But can you use yours? No! Can you copy theirs to your clipboard so you don’t forget their totally random words? No! Nor can you screen-cap it. (Both are stupidly disabled by the app.) Also DON’T add accounts you later want to import to the browser extension. It won’t import them and you can’t get to your private key to do it manually. So, while a decent wallet, and one of the few in the Dapp space, they have work to do to bring this up to speed.

  12. Just crashed after importing another account, wallet , address etc. To keep up with and all in one place like I thought was the purpose of it . Had to restart my phone just to do anything then I open the app and says an error occurred or something about storage full and or local data corrupt etc. Won’t unlock and only option is to reset it lose all that is in it and start over , 🤔 ???? It’s already messed up in the past and can’t ever seem to get it right, I’m not a pro but it’s difficult.

  13. It’s good, when it works. Most of the time it is super slow, even if I clear all the cookies and data and even completely do an account reset. I read all over the place that would fix it, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Easy to use app, when and if it work Edit: I deleted the wallet and resigned in using my recovery phrases. That seemed to clear everything up. It’s working fine now

  14. Mary dice:

    Soon after installing, it seemed like every single system app began crashing. I mean, it was crazy! I was also getting the notification stating I was out of storage space, which I know wasn’t true. Either way I couldn’t do anything because after about 10 app crashing toasts my phone restarts itself only to do the same thing all over again.

  15. I personally love it, except I have been having this weird error where the loading screen for a transaction doesn’t go away and it has been limiting my ability to click on links in the browser. The only solution I’ve found to fix this is to uninstall and reinstall Metamask. Also, to attain mass adoption, the onboarding process is going to have to be simplified or it will be too complicated for the mainstream. Consider updating the onboarding and learning process for new users

  16. The app worked great for a couple of days. Then it just started crashing right after logging into my account. Using an SM-G950U. I uninstalled some apps added after MetaMask to see if that would solve the issue. I have also cleared cache as well as restarted my phone several times. Update- I ended up installing the browser extension on my desktop, then restoring my wallet to there. I deleted the app from my phone, reinstalled, then restored the wallet syncing to the desktop. Works great now!

  17. What an unstable mess. As much as I enjoy using this for my own convenience, I am experiencing technical issues that I have never seen on any related application. First off, your browser is broken. I can’t even sign into my youtube account without the browser refreshing uncontrollably. Second, using Mintable is like trying to get a cat to keep still. After minting one NFT I am forced to restart the app due to its instability. Get some compitant programmers to fix these issues. I’m not having it.

  18. This app doesn’t really work at all. Tried swapping coins, but first interface buttons wouldn’t work. Then transaction history wasn’t being synchronized properly with the browser version. Not sure what’s going on, but if DeFi is going to be a thing, basic apps need to work properly. Please fix. Terrible experience. Would not recommend.

  19. I will have to decrease my rating to one star or less if possible. This is the third time in two weeks that the app just gets stuck with no ability to enter it, it just gets out after one second!! This is really annoying! Now I will need to delete the app and redownload it again, and then a hell of work to add the networks, test networks, websites to favorites and hundered of tokens one by one; that’s one full day work!! Really annoying and disappointing…

  20. Not Me dice:

    3 stars because I use the extension but I can’t use the app at all. I just downloaded it 7/22/23 on a s21 and I can’t even create or recover a wallet due to not being able to accept or decline sending data to Meta Mask to help them improve. Both buttons are greyed out and restarting/reinstalling does not solve the issue. Edit: Oddly enough, I suspect it’s due to my VPN. I will try later to disable it just to hit accept/decline and renable it to see if I can use the app. Until then 1/5.

  21. Beck L dice:

    I like that this wallet allows me to access and save up decentralized crypto, but the entire layout is a little complicated. I wish it were more simplified, easy to understand, and that it wasn’t so cryptic with everything. I understand that it’s high security, but I’m always afraid that I’m going to lock myself out and lose everything.

  22. Shane K G dice:

    since the latest update, I cannot sell or bid on any NFTs. I did reach out to your support and they said it was an opensea issue. So, I have being use trust wallet now with no issues. But thanks. The issues have been addressed and fixed with the latest update.

  23. UPDATE: Fixed the issue by reinstalling the app and, of course, I had to reimport my wallet again…… Sometimes works ok, but most of the time it’s a challenge to use it on my phone.. It’s very slow to respond to touches,, even doesn’t show balances sometimes and thus unable to send crypto.. Restarting the phone, clearing cache doesn’t help.. May try to reinstall it.

  24. The app keeps closing every few minutes without warning and it closes while I’m busy using it this is really bad I can’t even process my transactions because of this issue, it freezes and it’s also slow but before it was fine. I thought it was my phone but I’ve tried it on two different phones and it still does the same.

  25. This app needs better security against bots. Way too many scammers using bots to automatically steal from your account. It needs a way or option to stop automatically sending money without each wallets permission. An interuption that requires something like a text so nothing goes out without another level of authorization at the time of transaction.

  26. It was good and working faster until this recent updates which made the app to be working slowly, freezing. If you change from one network of coin to another it will take forever for that network to load all the coins in that network. Sometimes when someone send you coin it will take a long time for it to appear on your metamask wallet. Please return use to the old version or you do something about this one to be much better.

  27. All was good until I started having issue with pasting address on sites I want to run transaction. I can copy address successfully but when I want to paste,it will be blank ,it won’t show address . I’ve tried copying and pasting other words and it’s working but my address wouldn’t paste after been copied . I have remove and installed severally, it’s still same. I’ve chatted with bot on Metamask support and my issue has no option in the suggestions there. Please kindly help me recify this

  28. 1 star because I got lock out of my account of which I haven’t backed up my secret phrase,logged in with my password they told me something went wrong that I needed to recover account, I click on it, it showed me recovered successfully, I was prompted to click on continue to wallet which I did, after that I got a protection warning that I should protect my account by put a new password and I couldn’t even put that off the screen because it was required, but it kept showing error: invalid pass🖕

  29. A really good app but it calls for some improvements, the time it takes to load is a major issue, especially when your network is not stable. Aside from that this is one of the best blockchain wallets and I highly recommend it. So I’m give it a 5-star rating.

  30. The metamask app is cool, really. But my problem is the app just going off on its own when I’m in the middle of important work. And another thing is that it can’t connect to matic testnet network. I’ve tried a lot of times, and I can’t even add a token under it. I need you guys to help me address this issue. until then I might just add one more star

  31. Access to the bottom part of the app’s wallet interface is solved but.. the navigation buttons on the browser interface is taking too much space of working area. It’s either.. scrolling is adjusted to overwrite a webpage’s scrolling limit or a feature is provided in-app to collapse & erect the navigation buttons area at the bottom part of the browser interface when needed by the user.

  32. The app is very smooth and most of the time, I have no problems. However, it will not let me turn on auto detect NFT. It acts like it’s not a button to turn on and I’m just tapping my screen. Please fix this.

  33. It is so slow, takes literally a whole minute to open and start. The signature verification sometimes doesn’t even appear. Network switches take soo much time

  34. Dale M dice:

    The app doesn’t unlock even though I have the right password. I also have meta mask installed as a chrome browser extension. It will unlock when I type the password into the chrome browser extension, but always returns “invalid password” in the app.

  35. Amit Naik dice:

    Fix UI issue ASAP. Currently using samsung s21 ultra. I am not able to see bottom link “import token”. Every time I am hiding coins to add new token. I am not able to scroll to bottom. This is very frustrating. UPDATE AFTER 10 DAYS: THIS IS FIXED NOW. THANK YOU

  36. NOOOO!!! Why is there a full screen graph when I go into the tokens of my wallet. Metamask please stick to being such an incredible wallet. Please, please, please change it back to just token balance, actions and transactions, or at least allow users to collapse/hide the graph.

  37. Wallet improved, interface updated but it still can’t display the fiat balance of the shib token on the bsc mainnet lol. It just says something like”unable to display balance” it’s like everything that didn’t necessarily need fixing got fixed but not the thing that needed some attention.

  38. The import account function is broken, Android app. QR code import of the account doesn’t work, only with the private key string. Also, imported new accounts created from the chrome extension do import properly, and the add account button keeps adding the same accounts but without the “imported” tag

  39. Overall it’s solid and does it’s purpose. My only issue as of 05/05/2022 is the clunkiness of the browser. In particular I have to close and reopen the app sometimes after changing networks before browser dapps will acknowledge the change. I’m quite sure it’ll be addressed in future updates. A minor UI issue for new users is the network list. Due to space only a couple networks are visible but the rest can be scrolled to. The problem is there is no indication of the abilit

  40. Ryan B dice:

    I had over $3000 worth of titano stolen out of my account and for a year and a half I haven’t been able to contact anyone with metamask. A day after my titano came up missing I mysteriously ended up with just one single titano that someone transferred back into my account… I’d love to review their customer service, but unfortunately I haven’t received any. I hate to leave bad reviews, but not sure whatelse to do. Phone has been hacked since downloading app.

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