YAHTZEE With Buddies Dice Game MOD 2022


Play classic Yahtzee with all new twists, challenges and multiplayer fun!
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Welcome to YAHTZEE® with Buddies! Your classic dice game.

Experience your online Yahtzee game like never before. Challenge your friends, enter tournaments and complete missions to earn all new rewards!

The classic dice game is reimagined in YAHTZEE® With Buddies. Love board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Phase 10 and Farkle? Are you a puzzle game fan? Enjoy free games? Is relaxing with some timeless dice fun your vibe? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Classic & Fun Board Game on the Go
Play the officially licensed mobile version of Hasbro’s beloved dice game, anywhere, anytime alone or with your friends.

Download now for 30 free bonus rolls!

⭐ Top features: ⭐

✅ Play for FREE with your friends around the world 👯

✅ Enter tournaments to fight your way to the top and win the jackpot! 👊

✅ Explore multiple game features that add a fun twist to your Yahtzee gameplay 🎲

✅ Join a Yahtzee Family to play with friends — or compete against them 😈

✅ Defeat Dice Masters as you climb your way to epic rewards 🎉

✅ Chat with fellow players, send stickers and collect card packs! 🔷

✅ Join a YAHTZEE® family to get help from your friends! 🕺

✅ Personalize your gameplay with tons of custom dice, portrait frames and themed game boards! 🤩

There you have it. If you like classic dice games, like Rummikub or Uno, you’ll have a grand time playing Yahtzee with Buddies! Download the FREE Yahtzee with Buddies and you won’t be endlessly searching for the best free dice game any longer.

Defeat the Dice Masters in Dice World 🌎

– Completely reinvented single player adventure – take down the Dice Masters and earn amazing custom dice along the way!

– Conquer dozens of new levels with brand new boosts and obstacles like ice blocks, flying multipliers and more!

– Earn exclusive vanity rewards!

Multiplayer Fun!

– Play with friends and family. Create your own family in game to get and give help.

– Multiplayer games with random opponents. Play dice games with players around the world.

– Explore Yahtzee Survivor to compete real time with hundreds of challengers and win Yahtzee’s biggest jackpot prize.

– Chat and challenge your friends with the new social buddies system!

– Invite your friends to join to earn even more rewards!

So many ways to win!

– Dice Derby – Place a bet on your horse then roll classic Yahtzee combinations to

move it down the track – the higher the score, the faster your horse runs!
– Paint n Roll – Roll Yahtzee combinations to earn paint drops and create your own masterpieces!

– Prize Climb Bowling – It’s not how you bowl, it’s how you roll! Aim the bowling ball and roll classic Yahtzee combinations to send it down the lane – the more points you ear, faster your ball will go!

– Collections – Collect Stickers, Complete Sets and earn New Dice!

– Tournaments
Yahtzee tournaments are a new, thrilling challenge! Yahtzee Solitaire, Yahtzee Bingo, and Yahtzee Stars are completely new ways to play these classic games!
Play through different leagues to win exciting prizes

– Game Bonuses – Win in-game scratchers to earn free bonus rolls

Doesn’t matter if you call it Yahtzee Frenzy, crag, balut, farkle, kismet, yamb, or generala, there’s only one authentic Yahtzee! Roll the dice to find out why millions have played this classic family game for over 50 years!

HASBRO and YAHTZEE names and logos are trademarks of Hasbro. © 2020 Hasbro, Pawtucket, RI 02861-1059 USA. All Rights Reserved. TM & ® denote U.S. Trademarks.


Updated user experience for improved first time user experience
Increased privacy options
Added ability to match with Buddies from all over the world one at a time


40 comentarios en "YAHTZEE With Buddies Dice Game MOD 2022"

  1. Andrea M dice:

    I absolutely love Yahtzee! However, aside from the insane amount of ads, this app has some major issues. Install, uninstall, and update it all you want. The app will still freeze and crash. What should be a relaxing game is actually stressful. I also play Scrabble, and despite the insane amount of ads, that app doesn’t crash and freeze as much.

  2. Update: Now unavoidable ads pop up after every move! Even sexual ones, so the game isn’t even safe for kids anymore! The bugs I have experienced so far: the dog staying on the screen no matter what I do, half of the interface being a useless yellow bar on the side, the app freezing after completing mini games. It takes a while for it register that an opponent has responded to a challenge. The game is incredibly cluttered with stuff constantly demanding attention.

  3. Click, click, click, ad. Freeze. Exit. Pop up. Pop up. Pop up. Repeat. I like the games when I can actually play them, but the ads are the worst. There’s no filtering for quality, so you get a ton of the same awful game ads or embarrassing gadget ads that you can’t exit because the x is the sign of a pin head and it takes you to the play store or a website whether you wanted to go there or not. This game needs a lot of work. Kill the ridiculous pop ups. Just go to the home screen, please!

  4. Katie L. dice:

    Started great for the first few days, but now is glitching and suddenly has a stupid amount of ads as of yesterday. Screens freeze and i have to exit the game and restart it. Also yesterday this random green arrow popped up in the corner and it won’t go away, and why did the first few days I played have no ads, but now it’s an ad every other roll? Fix this or I’ll be deleting. An ad each game is one thing, but im not going to play a game where I have to watch 47 ads for Mistplay.

  5. *Sheer quantity of ads is absolutely atrocious. If it was a one-time purchase instead of a subscription to get rid of them, it would be worth it. *If the Yahtzee monster doesn’t want you to win, by God you shall not win. *App constantly acting up. The buttons stop working and I have to close the app and open it again; so irritating. If it wasn’t on mistplay, I would have uninstalled by now. It gets two stars instead of one because it’s so addictive and fun to play, sans ads and bugs.

  6. Constant service problems, constant adds, half that freeze, you never get any good prizes without spending money. And customer service is terrible, lost all my prizes recent because of a glitch, contacted customer support, and all they did was tell me how to play the game that I had been playing for 2 years. Could be a great game app but they never fix any of the complaints, just look at the reviews and how far back they go.

  7. I used to like to play this game. But now it is no longer fun. This is why:. Ads play after every other turn,if you try to close the ad for grand harvest it just takes you to download the game anyways, every time, it’s near impossible to win a game, it is impossible to win on dice derby, even if you manage to win all you get is duplicate stickers and xps which are useless, xps get you to the next level, I see no benefit at all for levelling up and I’m on level 90. No different than level 1.

  8. Update is very frustrating! The game is extremely glitchy and keeps freezing with all the ads that pop up at the same time now. I put money into the game to finish my album. 4 times the game told me I had new stickers, but there was nothing when I checked. The new album, Glitter, is out. My girlfriend is 1 sticker away from done. I have been grinding my butt off and my last 7 cards have been duplicates. Ughhh!! Update has made the game a lot less enjoyable. Please fix it! I love this game!

  9. Update.. minus 1 star. This app is so glitchy! Rarely am I able to play without having to close and reopen the app at some point. There are programming aspects that are annoying as well.. such as an area where you collect rewards, you have to repeatedly tap the button to get it to open. I have a love / hate relationship with this game. Like everyone else has said.. ads pop up after every few turns, as well.

  10. 1/15/23Its a fun game to play against others but with the ADS popping up all the time it’s a real pain! If your playing a tournament the ads are trying to get through and slows it down where it freezes. I know they want you to buy the AD FREE. But they should do something with the ads coming after a roll or completed turn. ##The game keeps freezing. Yahtzee Stars game is useless. You never get a full suit so you get an X. If you do a lot of times you don’t get the 3 in a row and credit. 10/14/22

  11. I can deal with ads playing before and after a game. I understand the need for them, and generally….I am ok with it. However, what I am not ok with, and kills my enjoyment of the game, is the constant barrage of ads that pop up IN THE MIDDLE OF GAMEPLAY. My games constantly being interrupted as I am taking my turn is infuriating. Again, I understand the need of ads….but interrupting a five gameplay is never ok.

  12. 1/9/23 update. Made the mistake updating the app. Since all they care about are ads, they are now over the scores of the game. I guess I have to keep score on paper to know who is winning now. Negative stars if able. Played this game for many years. It’s getting worse everyday. There is way too much going on in a simple yahtzee game. Constantly freezes, unplayable right now. Too many animations for no reason. Redundant clicking to continue. Scale it back and maybe it won’t freeze all the time.

  13. Absolutely love this game, but the lag is ridiculous. It crashes so often, freezing up and closing itself. Have a hard time actually competing in tournaments because it will crash then I lose because I couldn’t finish a round. Or it will just be laggy to the point that it takes legit 5 minutes to do a round. Please fix this lag! I want to enjoy the game more.

  14. It started out great, game play was good with a lot of options to keep things interesting, and the app worked well. Then after my first few days with no ads, I suddenly stayed getting them, which would’ve been annoying but understandable. Unfortunately, the ads cause the game to crash so much it’s almost unusable. Ad banners often block the scoreboard on the game. As a prize from an event that was ending, I won 40 bonus turns (the dice) and never got them. It started fun but not anymore.

  15. Absolutely love this game. As I’m super hooked now. Still love this game!! Gave it another 2 stars, which it deserves. But still having issues receiving rewards, and the bugs are still pretty bad. Still an awesome job guys 11-20-2022 There still seems to be a huge issue with the game freezing up. I’ve actually lost game play on a few games of Survivor. It only happens after I have to watch the ads after each turn I take. Absolutely love playing this game, and I’d hate to get bored with it

  16. Really annoyed that I can’t exit out of tutorial stuff. Every single time I open the app, it takes several minutes to walk me through “you unlocked the prize pass, let’s go start a buddy game” (which I never end up playing because the tutorial has me leave the match). I like the dice world section, and I like the twists they add to make the game feel fresh and interesting. But there’s so much other stuff going on — tournaments, collections, events, families– it’s just too much.

  17. Game freezes in the last few months. Ads have increased in frequency & length. Banner ads cover scores. Ads have the “closing” X on the top right, but… it’s part of the image… scammy. It used to be such a great game, now it’s just frustration. There is a balance between making a profit (which you should) and providing software customers can easily enjoy… unfortunately that is no longer the case so I will be hitting uninstall.

  18. If you love ads, this is the app for you! Is your 2nd favorite thing frozen screens? Well then, you’re in for quite a treat. You used to be able to roll 4 times before you got an ad. Now you get an ad after your 3rd roll! There’s even an ad that will block your score that won’t even dissappear when you click on it. If for some crazy reason you don’t like ads, you can make the ads stop for only $96/year. What a bargain. Edit:They fixed the screen freeze problem.

  19. Shawn dice:

    The game started out fun and entertaining. Then it started freezing everytime I play. The game goes to add then returns to frozen dice. This happens every session. Also the app now lays ads overthe top of the game so you can’t see the scores. The ads also cover the closing X and the back arrow so you can’t close screens. I have had to shut down the game multiple times to get out of screens since the ad prevents you from doing anything.

  20. I have played this game for years vut it has lost all of the fun due to excessive ads and constant freezing! When there is an ad every 20 to 30 seconds, that is excessive! I play lots of games that have nowhere near the amount of ads in this game. You have to watch 4 or 5 of them just to get through one phase of a tournament. And now, EVERY SINGLE time you get through an ad, it freezes up and you have to close out of it and get into it again. A fun game turned terrible!

  21. Nya J dice:

    Deleting after this post. Can’t play a single turn because it keeps glitching & closing out the app! It’s the only app on my device that does this . The ‘ads’ have become so overwhelming that the program can’t handle all the popups and links. Impossible to play anymore. Not only are there multiple ads every play, (when I was able to play a turn) but now the ads cover the score so you can’t see what you need to beat your opponent. My daughter has the paid version & keeps closing on her also!

  22. I am so close to deleting. I made the decision to pay for a month to see what it does for performance. Folks, you are literally paying for the game to not have ads interrupt your games. There’s a handful of other perks, but nothing great enough to remember. Now, instead of freezing during the apps, it just freezes somewhere else more consistently.

  23. I went almost five days with no ads at all. All of a sudden in the past hour I have gotten ads EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I. HAVE. ROLLED!!! It has driven me to the point of unistalling the game. After every roll the game freezes for at least five seconds. On top of this I feel like there is WAY to much going on. To many side games and quests. It’s annoying. All I wanted was to play basic Yahtzee, but instead I’m getting all of this other stuff shoved in my face. Time to give a knock off a chance.

  24. The game is entertaining, however, it glitzes/freezes entirely too much. I am constantly having to force a shut down because the ad won’t load or close once completed. This happens at least every two ads and there are A LOT of ads. Family Games also glitches at the end of the game; yet again requiring another forced shut. Almost makes it not worth attempting to try to play the game.

  25. I really liked this game at first, but like all the other reviews stated, it keeps freezing up because of all the ads. I can’t even get the game to load half the time. I do not have this problem with my other games. Real close to dumping it! I am done with this game! When you start posting political ads on a game its no longer relaxing! Really, NBCU ad! Bye! Bye!

  26. This would be an awesome game if it weren’t overloaded. The advertising causes the game to glitch out, forcing reboots constantly. There are so many “prizes” and so many tournaments and game varieties that you can’t actually focus to play. I have no idea how I would actually play with friends if I wanted to. To go ad free requires a monthly subscription, which I’m unwilling to pay, and doesn’t offer the option of a flat fee which I would pay to help the game function more smoothly. Deleting soon

  27. Don’t think we’re not noticing the increase in ads. Idk if it’s across the board or it happens after a certain amount of play but I see you. The most annoying thing possible. Nothing makes me delete faster than incessant ads (I get that SOME are necessary). The people who want to buy no ads will do it either way but I won’t be pressured into it. This means you entirely lose the ad revenue from those who were okay with a reasonable # of ads but not one after every other turn. Played yourself.

  28. I, for the most part really enjoy this game. It’s fun. Good time waster. Nice twists on a classic game. Other than the amount of random ads my only real problem with it is the bowling part. Idk if you’re trying to make it like realistic bowling or what. But even when I get double the amount of points needed, I don’t get a strike. Which makes no sense with how you’ve shown the scoring. If I need 40 points and I get 100, how are there any pins still standing? Irrationally annoying.

  29. I/family members love the board game, I’ve been here 6yrs, added my family in 2yrs ago. The game is great, lots of options. But we find that the board game is more consistent on scoring the dice you need for what you need. I payed for the no ads 6 years ago and it’s great for that, but I had to pay for it. Free dice, moves or any winning on prizes seem to just be very far away from each other. And the free roll never comes thru. Overall it’s fun, just winning doesn’t happen enough. Rated D+

  30. yazzie l dice:

    The Game freezes alot. At first it was fine but after reaching level 11 the game freezes mid turn or goes to an ad and sometimes doesn’t return. I think there’s too much going on with the home screen too many game pop ups that interfere with you selecting a game or trying to get your rewards. I enjoyed the game but after I get my reward from Swagbucks I will uninstall.

  31. Rhinvan G dice:

    Used to play this a lot and enjoyed it. Now I tried to jump back in and they’ve added so much junk with tournaments, different prize systems, leagues, family play blah blah blah that you can’t even get out of an unskippable ‘tutorial’ loop every time you try to do something. It’s a dice rolling game, I just want to roll dice FFS. Hoping to find a better version not packed with laggy animations and extra nonsense.

  32. Can’t even play the game anymore. After the last update, I can’t even get past the home screen before it freezes then crashes. Normally, every time an add pops up, it crashes the game. now I can’t even get that far before it crashes . This game isn’t even fun to play anymore. It amazes me how this app has been unstable since I started playing the game years ago, yet no update has ever fixed this issue and it just keeps getting worse and worse. Listen to your consumers and fix this POS app.

  33. The ads are terrible. Almost unbearable to play now. I understand to have ads as it’s a free game, but not a ad every 2 rolls. What makes it even worse is some ads aren’t even a 5 seconds. Some are 30 seconds or better. If I wanted to watch a ad I would watch it where you get one free roll. The only thing you get from these ads are annoyance. Update game freezes after after every ad now.

  34. Laura A dice:

    I havent been playing long. At 1st when I started, I only saw ads at the end of a game but now I see ads after a few turns during a game for a total of like 4 or more ads per game. Also, it seems like when men start games with me, they seem to only want to chat instead of finishing games. I have like 20 games in queue where the only player took their 1st turn after challenging me. I am here to play yahtzee, not chat. If you arent interested in finishing a social game, then don’t start 1!

  35. Games fun and addict. But it really knows how to screw you over. One moment your doing really good and winning games back to back. Then the next you are losing and losing and running out of extra turns. Most of the times you re roll and you end up with the same dice you rolled. Game has gotten very glitchy and laggy lately. Crashe randomly as well.

  36. I left a review almost 4 years ago about how the game is intentionally created to be difficult to win without spending money but now there’s ads that interrupt your games on top of it! I will go to click “roll dice” and will be clicking on an opened ad instead! And there’s no way to get rid of the ads!? Some games have it to where any purchase will get rid of ads but there’s nothing like that with this game. Uninstalling again!

  37. Ads much? If you ever wanted a game you couldn’t let your children play because its full of non-stop, VERY intrusive ads..then this is your game. Every other game is met with an Ad that sometimes isn’t clear how you move past it. Once you hit the “X” or the “Close” button, you are met with another ad you have to close. Then you can play a couple more games, then repeat. Shameful, really.

  38. Game is constantly freezing up, so I have to exit out, then start again, and the ad banners at the top of the screen cover up the scores, so a lot of times I can’t tell until the end of the game who won or what moves would be better to make based on the score. There are enough ads as is, the banner is completely unnecessary.

  39. Constantly crashing, or just changing over to another completely different game (usually home escapes) a long with way to many ads that will pop up even in the middle of trying to take a turn. Don’t waste your time or energy attempting to play this game, you’ll only grow frustrated and angry with it… Just install one of the off named versions because this one is a POS!!?!?

  40. The one thing that’s holding this game app back is the glitching caused by ads. I get that you need to cover costs and that’s why there are so many ads but at minimum you should remove ads during launching the app & the home screen. I shouldn’t have to close out & reload multiple times before I can even play. Also, you need to add a delete message option in game cause I have a feeling all those messages adding up is causing issues.

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